A Full List of Best Fish Tanks of Different Sizes Reviews

///A Full List of Best Fish Tanks of Different Sizes Reviews

Having fish as a pet can be a rewarding and exciting experience with a little bit of planning and research. You can enjoy raising fish in the comfort of your residence by creating different biotypes and reaching to endless possibilities. You must have a proper budget to develop this hobby so that you can work according to your financial plan. You can utilize your aesthetics and be more creative with this hobby. The aquarium size and style plus the canopy give you a place to use your artistic and imaginative sense plus the décor inside the aquarium. The colorful fishes will add up to this! The starters usually choose small fish tanks like 2.5 gallon aquarium for their very first pet fish at their homes. This size is perfect especially for a male Betta fish that would live healthy and happy in this recommended tank size. Starters go for Betta fish as they require small heaters, gentle filter and are pretty easy to take care of. However, we will provide you a review of the full list of best fish tanks in different sizes so that you help your fish to live a happy and long life starting from 5 gallon fish tank to 100 gallon fish tank.

Table of Aquarium with different sizes:

A Full List of Best Fish Tanks of Different Sizes

How to Choose a Fish Tank

Not every aquarium is perfect for everyone. You must take into account some factors while choosing the right aquarium for your office or home. Not only this, having a perfect aquarium requires the time spent on research and the right setup of fish chosen. Research the responsibilities required in keeping a fish tank of your own. Only then you will come to know that significance of providing the proper amount of room to your fish. A little space leads to overflowing that may cause the pet fish to suffer needless stress which is detrimental to its health.

The sizes of the fish tank significantly depend on the kind of fish you choose to keep. However, bigger tanks are the best when it comes to housing fish. The filter of your fish tank works to keep the water clean from waste which is harmful to fish. This implies the higher is the quantity of water in the fish tank, the fewer chances are there of toxins inside the tank. So before setting up your fish tank do consider the following factors:

  • Location/Site
  • Size/dimension
  • Construction
  • Fish to water ratio

1.Location of Aquarium

Out of all the factors, while choosing the right aquarium for your fish, location is the most important. We will subdivide other points that come under this heading to help you in choosing the best location for your pet fish house.

Best place for the setup

The place you have selected for the aquarium must be the one where you are spending most of the time. You will be able to enjoy the effects of your endeavor fully in this way. If the aquarium is placed in basement or back room, it will not get the proper attention that is required to raise fishes and will be more vulnerable to filter malfunctions or fish disease. That is why it is advisable to select a space where you are present most of the time for the maintenance purpose and can enjoy the full view of the system. Keep in mind that the moment your system got set up it will weigh ten times more than its original weight, and you will have to disassemble it properly for moving it again. You will have to tear it down that can turn stressful for your fish. Therefore you must select the location vigilantly keeping in mind these considerations.

Space Bubble

The aquarium needs certain space around it the way people require around them. This space bubble is essential for maintenance and cleaning. Choose an area which does not block the accessories you require to access like the top of the aquarium for changing water and back of aquarium for filtration purposes. While choosing a small or enclosed space to keep it mind that it has sufficient space for ventilation. It will help you control the mold, and other beings that live in humidity will ensure the heat buildup is to a minimum. Covering the aquarium also helps to keep the levels of humidity down and reduce the quantity of water you require for replacement due to the process of evaporation.

Outside Entrances or AC/heat vents

You aquarium must be placed in an area void of AC or heat vents plus outside entrances as these places have the tendency to change temperature drastically in the immediate area as well as the aquarium. It is important that the water of the tank is maintained at a stable temperature for a healthier aquarium. That is why always keep your fish tank away from these places. Make sure the aquarium is out of reach from direct sunlight as it prevents the growth of algae and high water temperature.

Electric Outlet and Water Source in Vicinity

The Electric switch or outlet must be situated in the vicinity so that you do not have to use an extra cord to give rise to tripping hazard. Moreover, the closer is the water supply it is easier for you to do water replacements and aquarium maintenance aiding you in keeping a healthy aquarium.

Aquarium Stand

The aquarium must be placed at a stable and leveled surface. If part of the aquarium is on the hardwood and another part is on the soft surface then utilize a shim to take care of small differences. The unleveled aquarium is hazardous as it may tip over plus it is impossible to fill up the aquarium totally.

2.Size of Aquarium

The size you want for your aquarium must be the minimum amount if space you require for your inhabitants to thrive in. In case you are unable to provide the minimum size, it is recommended to pick some other fish species. Large volumes of water dilute the toxins much better and make it forgiving of any mistakes. The Large tank also provides large aquarium cycles making the stress period shorter for fish.

3.Acrylic or Glass Construction

The construction of the fish tank is another important matter to consider before making a purchase. The glass fish tanks are scratch resistant and less expensive while acrylic aquariums are sturdier than glass and are scratch resistant too but their lighter weight is appreciable. The scratches on acrylic also get repaired. The glass is less prone to take any shape than the acrylic so if you wish to consider your aesthetics than going for acrylic for some interesting shapes.

4.Fish to Water Ratio

The appropriate capacity of the water per fish varies according to the type of fish. The length of the fish is used to determine the amount of water required in a fish tank. The fishes of cold water which measure for one inch or more require around 5 liters of water. The tropical fish required lesser quantity such as 3 liters for the same one-inch length of fish. This ratio varies depending on the shape and width of the fish, so these quantities must only be taken as a guide.

Best Fish Tank Reviews for Different Sizes

There are loads of options in fish tanks. The options are more dependent on your location. However, hundreds of online sites and pet stores are offering a wide range of selection of fish tanks at viable prices. The shipping price is another cost that one has to pay in this case. A lot of companies provide great supplies and equipment related to the fish tank with a knowledgeable staff which that provide great suggestions and guidance for choosing equipment and aquarium. Some top class fish tanks and their reviews are described below:


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1 Gallon Fish Tank

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta 1 Gallon Aquarium

For the starters, this 1 gallon fish tank is the best. It comes with the nice and clean look and with the pretty easy setup. The cordless LED lights utilize 3 AA batteries which are included in the equipment list. The lights can be placed over or under the tank that gives out great illumination. The fish truly enjoy these lights as there are not at all overpowering. The lights come with one/off switch. You can easily charge the batteries with micro USB cable. The lid of the aquarium is convenient and has a feeding hole. The dimensions of the tank are 4.875-inch D x 9.5-inch W x 9.875-inch H. This product is from Tetra which is reliable and quiet famous in masses.

Tetra 209040 LED Betta Tank 1 Gallon Aquarium

This 1 gallon fish tank is a lot bigger than you can think of and is a perfect size for betta fish. Your betta will live happily and enjoy the roominess. This 1 gallon aquarium is nicely manufactured and pretty modern. You can easily feed your fish and clean it up more easily. The base lighting is bright white and is four in number. The lid comes with extremely convenient fish feeding hole. The batteries are easily chargeable with micro USB. Being a Tetra product this 1 gallon fish tank has a good quality and sturdy built. The dimensions of this tank are 7.25-inch D 9.5-inch W x 8.5-inch H. The habitats will constantly swim through in this 1 gallon aquarium and will enjoy its new home.

Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium 1.1 Gallon Aquarium

This stylish half-moon 1.1 gallon fish tank provides a lot of room for your pet Betta. The LED that comes with the tank can be placed below or above the tank. The size of this small gallon fish tank is perfect to put on the desktop or any room. The lights are repositionable and are 4 in number. They can be switch on and off according to the need.The lid has a very convenient feeding fish hole for your ease of feeding the pet fish. The batteries are 3AA that can be easily charged with a micro USB cable. The1.1 gallon fish tank is made by Tetra, so it is reliable and of very good quality. The dimensions of this fish tank are 4.875-inch D x 9.5-inch W x 9.875-inch H.

API Betta Kit 360 Degree 1.5 Gallon Fish Tank

This 1.5 gallon fish tank betta kit is perfect for offices, dorms, and homes. It is stylish and compact 1.5 gallon aquarium that is 360 degree round and comes with impact and seamless resistant construction. It provides a beautiful panoramic view with no unsightly and unsightly silicon seams. It is perfectly sized for your kid’s bedroom, home. Office and is completely energy efficient. The LED lighting has seven vibrant colors of white, red, purple, green, blue, aqua and amber. These beautiful shades bring the aquarium to new life. The 1.5 gallon fish tank is easy to setup and pretty simple to maintain. You also get free samples of API Stress coat and API Betta food with this kit.

2.5-3 Gallon Fish Tank

API Aquaview Corner 2.5-3 Gallon Aquarium

Make your fish live in a new light of fish aquarium with API Aquaview corner aquarium kit manufactured from KollerCraft. This 2.5 gallon fish tank is featured with a LED lighting effect that is beautifully built in multi-colors. It is ideally sized for desktops and is 2.5 gallon in capacity. It is perfect for offices, dorms, and homes. The filter works at awesome speed and the rate of 45 gallons per 60 minutes. The high-tech Bio-Chem Zorb 10 resin-carbon filter cartridge placed in this 2.5 gallon fish tank removes aquarium pollutants plus toxic gases, colors, heavy metals, and odors. This 2.5 gallon aquarium is perfect for both hobbyist and beginners. The desktop tank is a great relaxing beauty that comes at a reasonable price. You do not have the hassle of maintaining a huge aquarium at high expense. The LED lighting in place in the full hood that offers seven shades and brightly lighten up the fish tank without transferring heat and light to the aquarium inhabitants. The dimensions of this trendy fish tank are 9.25 x 11.25 x 8.3 LxHxW.

Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube 2.5-3 Gallon Aquarium

This 3 gallon fish tank is a modern looking cubic shaped aquarium that comes with a vibrant LED lights. The hood is the main attraction which is very smooth and sleek. This 3 gallon fish tank is integrated with three independent time channels of 24 hours timer having sparkling blue, bright white and color enhancing LEDs. The best part is the automatic 60 minutes moon rise and 30 minutes sunrise to replicate the natural day round cycle. It is easy to maintain and setup. Built with customizable and compact filtration features Coralife aquarium makes it an enjoyment to raise fish at your home. The nozzle is adjustable of the pump that has submersible and has dual intakes. The filtration plant is built in and is placed at the back of the fish tank. The 3 gallon aquarium us 2” taller than standard BioCube Aquariums and has a larger view that comes in 32 and 16 sizes. It is compatible with all BioCube accessories.

Penn-Plax Desktop Aquarium 2.5-3 Gallon Aquarium

This fish tank is small that can be placed on the desk or the end table giving kids a lot of room to play. It is best for the Betta lovers as it is perfect for your Betta. It is very roomy, stylish and modern. There are no leaks with this fish tank as it is very sturdy and has quiet little distortion. The lid fits perfectly over the 3 gallon aquarium and provides convenience in feeding your fish. All its working parts are hidden beautifully plus the heater. The water stays clean inside the fish tank, and you can easily forget to exchange water. The fish loves it as it is an ideal stress reliever. It is styled and designed perfectly combined with great features, functions and a beautiful kit. Its dimensions are 11×7.5×10.5 LxWxH. Red and Grey color options are available in this fish tank.

Tetra 29095 Cube 2.5-3 Gallon Aquarium

The starters would love this 3 gallon aquarium as it is an ideal starter aquarium for offices, classrooms, kitchens, and dorms. This 3 gallon aquarium would fit anywhere. The tank is sleek and seamless like a transparent glass which provides exciting and unique panoramic view of your pet fish under water. The kit comes with a Tetra® 3i fish which keeps your tank clean and gives a perfect environment for the fish. The LED light is featured in the tank that has a convenient hole for feeding. The aquarium kits from Tetra are reliable and safe, and you can enjoy it for years. The cover of the 3 gallon aquarium is built from clear plastic that resists shattering and cracking. The base is pedestal made. It has a low voltage adapter for power. It comes with a setup guide for the user’s convenience.

Fluval Spec III 2.5-3 Gallon Aquarium

If you are looking for a unique and contemporary design, then Fluval Spec III is just the right aquarium for you. It is designed for countertops and desktops plus small areas. This etched-glass aquarium is unique in its functionality and style that is fashioned in aluminum trim. The size is small, yet the stature of Fluval is big. The sleek-designed fish tank is featured with an overhanging light system that has 31 LED lamps high on power. The brilliant illumination is provided by the arches above aquarium for décor and plants. It has powerful cleaning and circulation pump that has an adjustable nozzle with large 3 stage filtration system for ultra-clear and clean water. The filtration is more than enough for the aquarium. The filter media is also provided with this fish tank that includes a block of porous foam that is convenient to handle plus BioMax efficient bio rings are there for thorough and effective mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. The filtration and pump system is located separately and conveniently to simplify the maintenance process.

5 Gallon Fish Tank

Marineland ML90609 5 Gallon Aquarium

This curved glass 5 gallon fish tank has amazing properties. The kit includes hidden filtration plant with Rite Size Z cartridge which is 3 stage hidden. The filter pump is adjustable and is Marineland Bio-Foam which is quite high in quality. The LED light placed inside the tank is efficient and in bright blue and white color that is hinged for easy accessibility. The switch is 3-way that is toggled between blue, white and off or blue only settings. The white LED is designed in a way that it shimmers light in water creating an effect of underwater sunlight rays. The blue light produces relaxing moonlight radiance. The unique glass canopy and base in included in the package. Canopy easily gets the slide to the side for easy water dosing and feeding. Marineland 5 gallon aquarium is splendidly designed and quiet east to maintain.

Tetra Crescent Acrylic 5 Gallon Aquarium

What an aquarium this one is! Tetra Crescent fish tank is a desktop 5 gallon aquarium that has a contemporary, seamless look and unique LED lighting. This tank is virtually unbreakable and provides you a beautiful underwater view and scenic environment. The filtration kit of this 5 gallon aquarium is easily replaceable while Bio-bag cartridges are efficient water cleaner that keep water crystal clear. The environment-friendly light gives a soft shimmer that gets reflected in water and produces a beautiful ambiance. The water plant is easy to use, and durable that is from Whisper. It keeps water healthy and crystal clear while gives an ease of use. The fronts are curved that add much depth and beauty to the aquarium. The Led lights are 16 in number and are environment-friendly. This seamless tank comes with a plastic cover which is clear and sturdy.

GloFish 29045 5 Gallon Aquarium

If you want to add colors to your surroundings, then buy this Tetra GloFish Aquarium. This 5 gallon fish tank is built with sturdy plastic and can brighten any place. The special features like a plastic canopy and florescent colors give a perfect backdrop to your GloFish aquarium. The unique color of your fish gets highlight with this ideal backdrop in this exquisite 5 gallon fish tank. The best part is the LED light that highlights the aquarium plus the interior décor of the aquarium. The aquarist would love to have this tank as it is perfect for the fish raisers. The filtration plant used in this 5 gallon aquarium is Bio-Bag filter that is of optimal quality. This beautiful fish tank will definitely add color to your home, office or dorm.

Fluval Spec V 5 Gallon Aquarium

Fluval Spec V is a high-quality fish tank that is specifically designed for small places like countertops and desktops. The 5 gallon aquarium is trimmed with aluminum and crystal clear glass gives a unique and beautiful look. You get the perfect combination of functionality and style in this in one package. Although the size is small but the features are big. The sleek design has an overhanging light system that consists of 37 powerful LED lamps. The arches on the aquarium provide a brilliant illumination for the interior décor and plants. It comes with a high power circulation pump combined with adjustable nozzle. The filtration is 3-stage which provides quite enough filtration for ultra clear and clean water. All the essential filter media are also provided within the package.

Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube 5 Gallon Aquarium

The lighting system is the best part of this 5 gallon fish tank. The design of this tank is unique and modern. It comes with a cooling fan and pump. The lid is easy to lift and the maintenance f this tank is pretty easy. Your fish would love to swim in this 5 gallon aquarium. It can be used as a salt-water tank as well as a fresh-water tank with some tropical fish. The LED lighting makes it more vibrant combined with sleek and modern hood. The timer comes with three channels including LED’s for color enhancing, sparkling blue and bright white. The automatic 60-minute moonset/moonrise and 30 minutes sunset/sunrise function is the best of all. It replicates the natural cycle of the day for fish to enjoy the natural environment. It is really easy to setup and convenient to maintain. The filtration system is built-in which is customizable and compact. The pump is quiet submersible with dual intakes and easy to adjust return nozzle.

10 Gallon Fish Tank

Tetra 2934 Half Moon 10 Gallon Aquarium

What a lovely shape this 10 gallon fish tank has! It is completely round with a sturdy and solid base. It is a gorgeous 10 gallon aquarium, and your beta will swim happily inside it as it has lots of space. The light is very bright, and you can easily see to the bottom of the fish tank with it. It lights everything up. The heater works very well yet small in size. It can be easily submerged in the aquarium and is hidden nicely. You will not face any issues with cracks or leaks. The top is made of plastic which makes it unbreakable. The glass tops can be accidentally dropped on the floor and broken, and one has to spend money on it for replacement. Its unique shape makes it stand alone in the market. The edges are frameless allowing obstruction of views. The filtration is cartridge based. The filtration is from Whisper that keeps the water clean and crystal clear. The heater is 50 watt, and the lid is clear for the viewers.

Aqueon 10 Gallon Aquarium

This 10 gallon aquarium is from Aqueon which is worth buying a fish tank. It comes with LED kit that is used to bring light to the habitats of the fish tank. LED is energy saver that comes with a low-profile cover or hood with white LEDs for brightening illumination. The feeding door is at the front in breakout sections while at the back is the place for accessories. It is a complete aquarium kit that has high-quality components required for healthy aquatic atmosphere including heater, thermometer, fish net, water conditioner, fish food, power filtration and quite flow of LED. For setting up the company has also provided a complete guide for the users. The quiet flow LED is a pro water filter that makes the filtration process and maintenance quite easy. The pending light which is patent is placed at the top of the filter which starts flashing when it is time to replace the cartridge, so you do not have to guess. The ammonia filter pad keeps aquarium water healthy and clean.

Marina LED 10 Gallon Aquarium

The starters will love this product as it is ideal for beginners. The Marina LED 10 gallon aquarium is equipped with almost everything that is required to make your new fish hobbyist’s venture a wonderful experience. You will see that the fish keeping is an amazing experience which is easy and enjoyable. The al glass 10 gallon aquarium is long-lasting and sturdy. It comes with natural daylight feature that is decorated with LED lighting module. The LED is incorporated in the canopy of the fish tank. This glass box is filled with everything you require for getting started with raising fish. The kit has the fish food that keeps your fish healthy plus the water conditioner from aqua plus that makes the tap water safe for your pet fish. The Cyclic Biological Supplement is also incorporated to create a healthy and well-balanced environment. The aquarium and net guide are also provided to users in this package so that they get advice on how to maintain and set up their aquarium. Now it is your turn to choose a fish of your choice.

All Glass Aquarium AAG09009 Tank and Eco Hood Combo 10 Gallon Aquarium

The All Glass 10 gallon Aquarium produces the AAG09009 tank and Eco Hood Combo for the starters. It is a small aquarium that comes with all essentials of the fish tank and a complete economical starter kit. Every combo has a black trim that is high in quality. The glass box is sleek and designed in an incandescent fully hooded fashion which is the best introduction for the hobbyists of fish keepers. The seals of this tank are pretty well done plus the lid fits perfectly. There is easy breakaway divisions of the heater and the filter in the tank. The 10 gallon fish tank has the spot for everything you need to add in. Just buy to bulbs to get them fit on the lid which is cheap, and you can get it from any pet store or hardware shop.

Penn Plax Curved Corner 10 Gallon Aquarium

You will love it when the package delivers at your doorstep. It will include light cascade 300 internal filter, cover for correct right and left hinges, plastic hood or cover, rubber mat and the glass 10 gallon fish tank. This 10 gallon aquarium is simply perfect. The silicon is applied evenly without any excess. The bottom is aligned with main glass smoothly. The rubber mat is made larger than the tank so it can be placed to set the access which is at the back. The lid serves the purpose, and the light is made right for the tank habitat. The cascade internal filter works amazing. It comes with two chambers that can be customized like make the bottom chamber for the sponge and the middle chamber for carbon cartridge.

Fluval Edge Fish Tank with LED Light

The most trendy fish tank on the market is Fluval Edge fish tank. The reason being it’s stylish, contemporary, breathtaking, trendy and cool look. The 3D design of this tank is refreshing and revolutionary. It is one eye-catching showpiece that is a standout no matter where you put it. The LED of this aquarium is a splendid substitute for lamps of tabletops. The two main components make the Edge a spectacular choice; the crystal clear glass aquarium is nestled inside a beautiful pedestal. It seems as the pedestal is clasping fish tank and making it appear like it is suspended in the midair. The top cover is sealed that enables you to fill the tank to the brim creating a breathtaking look. The wiring is concealed neatly to give a perfect and clean look. This model is available in 6 and 12 gallons.

20 Gallon Fish Tank

Aqueon Aquarium Fish Tank Starter Kit 20 Gallon Fish Tank

An amazing 20 gallon fish tank for the starters! It will brighten up your underwater environment and helps to bring your habitat and pet fish come to life. The 20 gallon fish tank glass is 20H that is combined with a low profile LED which is fully hooded. The Pro Power filter has a quiet flow LED with the medium cartridge. The heater is 100 W that is preset. Fish food of premium quality also comes with the kit. The thermometer enables you to check the temperature of your underwater habitat, and the fishnet is there for your needs. Water conditioner will help the tank water to become clear and clean. The LED filter will indicate the time to change the cartridge by flashing red LED light flashes. The preset heater keeps the temperature of the aquarium at 78 degrees consistently which is appropriate for tropical fish. The setup guide is there for the users’ help.

Marina LED 20 Gallon Fish Tank

Marina manufactured an outstanding aquarium in its 20 gallon fish tank package. The glass is sturdy and very smooth. It is ideal for the beginners’ aquarists. It has all the essentials for the novice fish for their long and healthy life. Not only the fish will enjoy, but the hobbyist will also love this new experience of fish-keeping that is enjoyable and easy. The 20 gallon fish tank is coupled with long lasting and features including the natural daylight LED lighting module placed in the aquarium canopy. This package has everything you require to get started with this venture. The healthy fish food is there for your healthy pet fish. The conditioner keeps the water crystal clear and makes the tap water safe for fish. To have a balanced and healthy aquarium, environment Cycle Biological Supplement has been added. The guide for the users will help them set up the aquarium and in its maintenance.

GloFish Tetra 20 Gallon Fish Tank

With GloFish Tetra 20 Gallon kit you only need to have gravel, care items, and fish. Beginning with the 20 gallon aquarium is a daunting task as you have to choose from the décor and you are more prone to feel overwhelmed. The proper equipment, conditioners, and the food are required plus the décor matching with your personal style. That is why Tetra has manufactured three different kits to suit yourself. It will enable you to jump-start the aquarium of your life. The 20 gallon aquarium kit is perfect for those who are new to fish raising or avid aquarists. This kit is a perfect mix of beauty and utility. It has one Tetra Whisper 20 filter, 100w heater, Led hood, glass 20 gallon fish tank, Boxwood Plant Mat plus plant multipacks. The glass is scratch resistant which is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. The natural daytime effect is perfect for the healthy fish upbringing. The heater will provide the temperature perfect for the well-being of fish. The accessories include 4-inch fish net, adapter, 37″ frame hinge, digital thermometer, TetraCare Brochure, TetraMIn Sachet and AquaSafe Sachet.

Elive Aqua Duo 20 Gallon Fish Tank

The Elive Aqua Duo 20 gallon fish tank is one marvelous product. This 20 gallon fish tank can fit into any room of the house including kid’s room, office or kitchen. You are provided with options in the filter so you can select between aquaponics filtration and standard cartridge. The aquaponics filtration is built to filter aquarium naturally with live plants. The LED lighting is integrated and is hidden perfectly. It also comes with media bag and hydro corn Bio media. The setup guide is included in the package for the ease of users.

Carolina Biological Supply Company Marine Deluxe 20 Gallon Aquarium Kit

With this beautiful 20 gallon fish tank, you can enjoy the fish raising hobby at full. The products of this company are guaranteed unconditionally. You can easily return the items or replace them in case you are unsatisfied with them. So this is Carolina’s pledge for is customers. You will get the following items in the package such as 20 gallon fish tank; Marine Animal set that includes 16 marine invertebrates plus Carolina Aquaria Booklet. The tank size is 24x12x16 inches. The marine animals will come according to the availability at the order time.

30 Gallon Fish Tank

Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube 30 Gallon Aquarium

A beautiful design on Coralife LED 30 gallon aquarium is perfect to brighten up any place in your house. You can pace it in your study, reception, kid’s room or even in the kitchen. The sleek design makes it a center of attention no matter where it is placed. The vibrant LED lighting makes this 30 gallon aquarium more charming. A 24-hour timer is integrated into the aquarium having three independent and smooth channels; the color enhancing, sparkling blue and bright white LEDs. The fish enjoy their natural day cycle due to the integrated and automatic 60-minute moonset/moonrise and 30-minute sunset/sunrise that completely replicates the natural cycle of the day. The maintenance is pretty easy plus the setup of the aquarium. Filtration is built-in which is customizable and compact. The pump is submersible with adjustable nozzle and dual intakes.

SeaClear Bowfront Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set 30 Gallon Aquarium

When you are looking for the quality, then the choice is all clear with SeaClear. Its quality is unmatchable with invisible seams that are backed up by the extensive warranty. The discerning aquarists would love this 30 gallon aquarium as it will do the best for them. Hobbyist’s most extreme and beautiful aquatic dreams will come true with this 30 gallon fish tank. The fish and the décor of the aquarium will pop up anywhere you place it. Acrylic made fish tank is clearer than glass, and the convex enhances the fish view. The glass will not chip or crack making it safe around pets and children.

Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Aquarium

This 29 gallon aquarium is the best combination of style and innovation. It is all in one setup that comes with filter pump, light filter, top, tank and a guide for the user. The tank is pretty easy to setup, and you can place it anywhere in your residence. Wherever you place it the environment will become more profound and intense. The LED is fixed in the form of a light bar in the hood of the fish tank. It is powerful and compact with a scenic view of the plants and fish underwater. The biological filtration is integrated dry or wet in the aquarium.

SeaClear 30 Gallon Fish Tank Show Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

Simply stunning! The SeaClear fish tank makes the raising fish hobby all more fun. The 3 gallon aquarium comes with a combination of the light fixture, reflector and fish tank. Being acrylic aquarium the fish tank is clearer than the glass. It is 17 times stronger than glass and is half of its weight. The 30 gallon fish tank is impact resistant that makes it less prone to cracking or chipping as compared to glass. You children and pets can safely play around it as it is safer than glass. You can use t for both freshwater and saltwater fish.

40-50 Gallon Fish Tank

SeaClear Show Acrylic 40 gallon Aquarium Junior Executive Kit

This 40 gallon fish tank is economical and efficient to run. It is fully hooded with 24” fluorescent lighting fixture installed. The bulbs are not included in the package. Those who are new to the fish raising hobby would love to have this 40 gallon aquarium as it is one executive junior aquarium with all the essential ingredients. You can put both saltwater and freshwater fish in this 40 gallon aquarium. The kit includes hood, acrylic aquarium, fluorescent fixtures, water conditioner, fish food, fish net, plastic plants, power filter and a how-to guidance book. Acrylic is way better than glass fish tanks as it is much safe and weighs 17 times less than the glass tank.

SeaClear 50 Gallon Aquarium Acrylic System II

The filtration system of this 50 gallon aquarium is the best one. It offers a dry/wet biological system of filtration which is built-in and situated at the back of the tank. The chambers are also incorporated to accommodate chemical, mechanical and biological filter media. Also, the heater and the optional skimmer can be placed in the chambers. The tank is fully hooded and has the 24” fluorescent fixture to light the LEDs. The bulbs are to be bought separately as they do not come in the package. The aquarium is quite economical and efficient to run. Acrylic aquariums are the best as they are stronger and much durable. Also, they weigh less as compared to glass. The filters make the cleaning process simple due to pre-filter that has a nozzle which is air-injected.

SeaClear 50 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

The starters and the experienced ones both will love this beauty. This 50 gallon fish tank is modern and is fully packed with essentials. You will receive reflector, fish tank and electrical light fixture of 24” in the package. The 50 gallon aquarium is best for the hobbyists as it has all the required ingredients for raising fish. Moreover, it is economical and gets delivered quickly. You can grow both freshwater and saltwater fish in this aquarium. The SeaClear 50 gallon fish tank is so clear that the décor and the fish will pop up when you view the aquarium. The accessories that come with this 50 gallon fish tank are long-lasting and of high quality.

SCA Starfire Glass Complete Package 50 Gallon Aquarium

A beautiful tank to raise fishes in; this is best for both hobbyists and starters. It has a Starfire rimless tank with the dimensions 24x24x20. The three holes are drilled inside overflow box for the safety purpose. The cabinet is a heavy duty that has two opening doors. The dimensions of the doors are 24x24x31. The sump is made in the size of 19-3/4 x 16-1/2 x 13. The Atmen PH2500 return pump and the SCA-301 skimmer is included in the package. The accessories that come with the fish tank are bio media, filter media, tubing, bulkheads, Return T-pipe, and Durso Stand Pipe.

55-60 Gallon Fish Tank

Hubbard Scientific 35155 Oceanic Saltwater 55 Gallon Aquarium

You will get everything in this package except for the marine life and water. It is easily maintained and self-contained system which features a balanced system of operations. The system of heating, filtration, aeration, and circulation all are integrated into this 55 gallon aquarium. The 55 gallon fish tank is durable and coated with a baked-on finish that offers corrosion resistance between saltwater and the metal. You can stock a wide variety of cool water animals and marines inside this well-constructed environment. You will get powered drain hose, thermometer/hydrometer, and filter bags 6 in number, filter media, and marine salts. You will need to feed it 7amp power source, 60 Hertz, and 115 volts.

Vepotek Full Acrylic Rectangular Bow Front & Back 60 Gallons Aquarium Kit

This is one exquisite 60 gallon aquarium that has all the style and modern look desired by the masses of this time. It is manufactured with high potency acrylic and is quite durable and sturdy. You will receive the complete aquarium essentials with canopy and stand. You do not have to feed the fish by removing the canopy as this aquarium has a built-in feeding tube. The aquarium light is power compact that will illuminate the tank and the fish beautifully. The package includes an air pump, Bio ball, water filtration pump and system. It has a perfect black glossy finish and is pleasing to the eye.

Vepotek Full Acrylic 360 Cylinder Aquarium Tank with Stainless Steel Trim 55 Gallon Tall Base Version

An amazing tank to place at your home or in any commercial area! It has the stainless steel finish which is brushed beautifully to enhance the look. The air pump and bio ball help to keep the fish healthy and stable in a perfect underwater environment. The water filtration pump and the system are the best out there. You will get the crystal clear water with this powerful filtration system. The aquarium light is compact and is fixed on the canopy. It illuminates the internal decor of the fish tank and the fishes. The stand comes with the aquarium with the canopy. You will not have to open the canopy for feeding your fish rather the feeding tube which is built-in will serve this purpose. You will only have to put fish food in the feeding tube. This 55 gallon aquarium is sturdily inbuilt as it is manufactured with high strength acrylic.

Midwest Tropical Octagon AquaTower 55 Gallon Aquarium Set

You can say it is a magical underwater wand. It is a stunning aqua tower that is made with seamless and modern acrylic best for freshwater, marine life. The acrylic is 40% clearer than the glass and is much safe and strong. The height of the tower is 80 inches that have a powerful filter, air pump, under-gravel filtration system, long plants, and lighting. You will have everything you require except for the fish in this 55 gallon aquarium. The design is dramatic and takes less floor space. The filtration is concealed in a self-contained entity. The tower is acrylic and crystal clear with a black acrylic base. Everything is included like a pump, plants, lighting, and filter. The seamless acrylic is safer, stronger and much brighter than glass.

75 Gallon Fish Tank

Seapora 56217 Edge Series Aquarium Reef Ready 75 Gallon fish tank

A product of US, this 75 gallon fish tank is durable and sturdy. It is all ready for keeping all kinds of marine animals including fish, crabs, and jellyfish. It also comes with a divider that isolates compartments from each other so that you can raise different species at one single place. The fish tank maintains the obstructed filtration and heat circulation throughout the tank. You also get LED lighting with the tank that can be fixed on the top side of the tank. The power adaptor works on low voltage, and you get to enjoy raising fish at less cost. The feeding hole at the lid is convenient for you to feed your fish. The lid is also included in the accessories that come with the aquarium.

Seapora 56218 Edge Series 75 Gallon Aquarium

If you are a beginner and want to buy a product which is easy to use then go for this 75 gallon fish tank. It is perfect for the beginners. The fish tank is sturdy and strong with added value. It is manufactured in the US and has the highest quality in fish tank available in the market. It comes with feeding hole in the lid/cover of the fish tank to provide you convenience in feeding your pet fish. The power adaptor required by this 75 gallon fish tank is low in voltage so you can save the energy and it costs you less electricity bill. The LED lighting is fixed above the tank in the canopy to illuminate the décor and fish inside the tank. This fish tanks easily maintains the unobstructed filtration and heat circulation of the aquarium. It also comes with the divider so that you can divide the tanks in different compartments for raising different kinds of marine life.

SC Aquarium Starfire with Center Overflow

This is the bestselling fish tank in the market. When you wish to have your personal cabinet, then you must buy this aquarium. It is rimless and manufactured with Starfire glass. The drain is predrilled, so you are saved from the hassle of drilling a hole in the fish tank. You can also get the sump with the cabinet if you wish to buy both. The dimensions of the tank are 32 x 24 x 24. It is 10mm 2/5” thick. The overflow box contains the return holes with the pre-drilled holes for the drain. It also includes ½” return bulkhead and 1” drain bulkhead. The Durso Stand Pipe, Loc Lines, and return T pipe are also included in the package.

100 Gallon Fish Tank

Crystal Dynamic Easy Reef Rimless 100 Gallon Aquarium Set

What an aquarium this one is! The manufacturer of this 100 gallon aquarium is Crystal Dynamic which is an Oceanside-based company situated in Calif. It is customized in making glass tanks and steel/wood aquarium cabinetry that contain most quoted products and are built to meet the needs of the customers. The quality is same as their every product. This tank is rimless made from 1 /2” thick glass. The dimensions of the tank are 48 x 24 x 20”. The back is painted with three panels for viewing. It is a patented Starphire from PPG. The panels are all diamond-edged. The bottom pad is PVC made. The overflow box is black acrylic situated in the center back. There are total three drains of 1” and 1” is split in two return nozzles of 3 / 4” size. The doors are push-latch that is a tall Baltic stand of birch. You are given the choice of two paints that so black and white or you can preserve the visibility of wood grain. The sump/refugium has four chambers. You can also upgrade it to a turnkey system with pump, light, and skimmer of your choice.

CAD Lights 100 Gallon Artisan II Aquarium

This 100 gallon fish tank is easy to install and offers exceptional durability. You can see the aquatic display at the height of 56” that will include the pet fish of your choice and the décor underwater. The performance of this fish aquarium is bolstered by advanced DC flow control pumps, return systems, silent drain virtually and energy efficient electrical system. This fish aquarium is perfected by more than 20 years of cabinetry and equipment expertise. These aquariums are fully resistant to warping and swelling due to salt, vapor or moisture. The cabinets remain stunning in the end also being marine grade cabinets in the industry. You can choose from two colors of the cabinet that are piano black and gloss white. The design is cutting edge with the latest equipment and top-notch quality. You will receive everything you wished for in this package.

Special Recommendation for having different sizes of fish tank

The most important thing while choosing an aquarium is its size. Like a known adage in real estate, “location is everything” when it comes to choosing the aquarium tank, size is everything. In old times the thumb of the rule was a correlation between the tank size and number of fish in the water. The traditionalist would state that a fish requires a gallon water per inch in case you are counting the adult fish and not counting the length of the fish tail. However, this phenomenon is no ideal in these times due to many reasons.

Size of fish

All fish are not always of the same thickness. Also, the length does not indicate the ecological concerns that the fish impacts on the surroundings. Some fish are pudgy while others are slender. So it cannot be considered as it does not explain how fish grows to affect its surroundings.

The Surface Area

While considering the gallon per inch ruling the surface area is not taken into consideration. The fish respiration system involves removing the oxygen dissolved in water from the tank and expiring CO2 back into the water. The capability of water to contain both carbon dioxide and oxygen is vital that is why the surface area is quite significant, and you cannot overlook it.

Carbon dioxide and Oxygen

The surface area is important as the oxygen enters from the surface of aquarium and carbon dioxide is also released out from there. The more is the surface area of the aquarium the more carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged permitting more fish to live comfortably.

Cold water or warm water

The coldwater fish and tropical fish are both raised differently. This difference should be considered while choosing aquarium. So the rule of thumb can be modified as 25 square inches of the surface area must be provided per inch of an adult fish without including tail. For the tropical fish choose 30 square inches of the surface area per inch of cold water fish as they require greater oxygen and have a high mass of the body.

Select Aquarium based on the Surface Area

You can select any shape for your aquarium but make sure the selection is based on the surface area that is the most significant deciding factor. Take aquarium as a little pond or lake of your pet fish. The bigger the pond is, the higher number of fishes it can take and the smaller the pond is, the lesser fishes it can support.

Kinds of Fish Tanks

There are three types of fish tanks; show, long and regular.

Show Tanks

These tanks are mostly found in TV shows. These are typically narrow and tall. Show tanks are built to support a smaller number of fish.

Regular Tanks

These include many units of fish tanks such as hexagonal aquariums or round fishbowls. They look good on the shelf and also please the eyes of the viewer. However, keep in mind the surface area is much more important than the physical shape of the aquarium.

Long Tanks

These tanks are shallower than the show tanks yet have a high score in surface area. More room is required for their installation purpose. The long tanks support faster and smaller kinds of fish.

A Full List of Best Fish Tanks of Different Sizes

Frequently Asked Questions on Fish Tanks

Why aquarium water gets cloudy?

There are many reasons for aquarium water to become cloudy. First of all, you have to examine the color of the water. If it is green, it means that algae started growing in your tank and it makes your aquarium water green. To get rid of these annoying algae you need to keep your tank away from sunlight as algae only need sunlight to grow. UV filter can also be used to avoid this problem. Most importantly change the water regularly.

If you find the cloudy or milky appearance of water, it is because of the bacteria bloom. The condition is mostly seen in newly set up tanks, but it will fade away after few weeks as nitrogen cycle stabilizes. This might be due to the increase of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphates in the water. Excessive feeding and over stocking also cause an increase in nutrients which result in bacteria bloom. Try not to do these things and change the water in the aquarium after short intervals of time. 10-15% water change weekly won’t let the bacteria grow. Good tank maintenance is necessary to prevent bacteria blooms.

Why are there too many algae in the aquarium?

Sooner or later every single fish tank owner will face algae. Overgrowth of algae is unattractive and can be risky to fish and plants. So you have to dig into the reasons what causes algae to grow too much.

Algae need three essential necessities to grow water, sunlight, and nutrients. An overabundance of any of these will cause algae to grow like wildfire. It’s quite obvious that you can’t manage without water in your aquarium. However, you can control the measure of light and supplements in the water. Having not enough fertilizers and co2 will also lead to algae growth. Lights shouldn’t be left on for too long. Location of the aquarium is also important to direct exposure to sunlight can cause algae to grow rapidly. Try not to put the tank where it is exposed to direct sunlight. If you are using artificial light make sure that is not on more than around eight hours every day. You can use a timer for this purpose.

Don’t overfeed your fish as it will increase the level of nitrogen and phosphate in the water. Feed in small portions and always remove the leftovers of the food properly. Keeping Siamese Flying Fox, even the basic Plecostomus or Otocinclus will help decrease a portion of the growth in the tank.

How long should tank Lights Be Left On?

The ideal time for which aquarium lights should be kept on is around 8 to 12 hours a day. It primarily depends on your aquarium setup. You always need to check the condition of the aquarium and set the time of light accordingly.

If you find too many algae growth in your tank, reduce the light time to 8 hours or a bit less. Also, some fish like cichlids and tetra family species want lower light. Live plants in your water tank also require light to grow. In this scenario, the light period should be as much as 12 hours. It is additionally great to leave the aquarium lights on longer in the winter, when sunlight is less because of the season, for the best development of the aquarium plants.

Why do all of my fishes keep dying?

It can be really shocking for the beginners when you do not find a single sign of illness and you fishes start dying one by one. There could be numerous reasons for the death of fishes.

Unclean water leads to dead fishes so you must keep an eye on the hygienic conditions of your aquarium. Another important thing to know is fish cannot survive in untreated tap water as it contains chlorine and chloramines. To solve this problem use aquarium water conditioner. It will help chlorine content to neutralize.

Ammonia and Nitrite Poisoning could be another reason for fish deaths. To avoid this, you must have a filter. For small sized tanks use aqua clear power filter and for large tanks, I would recommend canister filters. They are quite reliable and efficient. Now the question arises why is it necessary to use filters? First ammonia is produced in the natural waste of fish. Unlike rivers and lakes, ammonia gets concentrated in a closed system. High concentration of ammonia will burn the fish gills. Within two or three weeks the amount of ammonia reaches to a level which is sufficient to kill the fishes. There are a lot of bacteria who live on ammonia as food. Many of these bacteria are present on filter media. Nitrate can also cause harm to aqua life at high concentrations.

Can I set up a low cost planted tank?

Yes, it is not necessary to follow the convention of highlights and facts, not everyone has enough time and money to build such an expensive tank. You must choose the plants which grow slowly like microsorum Pteropus, Amazon swords, Cryptocoryne sp, Java fern and Echinodorus spp. These plants do really well in low light conditions. Aquatic potting soil should be used as a substrate. It will take care of the nutritional needs of the plants.

How many fishes can I keep in my water tank?

There are some factors and calculating methods to determine the number of fishes your aquarium can hold. The most common method used for the calculation of fishes is one inch per gallon of water rule. You can use this type of calculation for the rough estimation, but the chances of error become high in this calculation. This rule does not consider the modern filtration system, proper lighting, and live plants. It mainly depends on the size of fish you want to keep in your aquarium. Not all the fishes have same size and shape. Also, large fishes make more waste and require more water to survive.

For unusually shaped aquariums surface area rule is quite applicable, you can find the surface area of water my multiplying the length and width of your tank. If the surface area of water is larger, there is more oxygen exchange, and your aquarium can accommodate more fishes.

A Full List of Best Fish Tanks of Different Sizes

How long should I wait for the water tank to cycle?

It took about 2-8 weeks if you have set up a new aquarium also depends on the size of aquarium and the way of cycling. Cycling can be done with pure ammonia and fish flakes. Smaller tanks take 3-4 weeks to whereas larger tanks need about six weeks to cycle. Remove the nitrite spike and wait until nitrates appear. Do not add fishes at this stage if you do so it will result in killing your fishes.

Do fishes sleep at night?

Yes, fishes do sleep as normal human being does but the sleep patterns of every aquarium specie vary. For example, some fishes like catfish sleep during the day and up all night on the other hand goldfish tend to sleep during the night to their own specific spots.

Most importantly check the requirement of light for every fish. Goldfish would lose its color if it didn’t get enough light other fishes eat less or become lethargic without light. So there should be enough darkness in the aquarium at night to give them natural environment. You can use moonlights at night as well.

Does tank size affect the growth of the fish?

This statement is partially true, but other factors are more important in the growth process of fishes like proper lighting, genetics, diet, quality of the water in which they brought up, etc. research shows there is a strong link between space of environment and growth of fishes. If you wish that your fish grow up naturally, you need to offer them sufficient space. Many of fishes are called indeterminate growers which mean they grow until death, unlike human beings. Improper care will not let them grow.

Don’t keep them in small bowls with no proper filtration and infrequent water changes, your fish will suffer and eventually die at a young age or will not grow to their full potential. Also, try to keep a balance between volume of water and population in the tank. Fish needs space. Overpopulation may lead to the unhappy aquarium.

How to take care for your aquarium when you are away?

Keeping an aquarium doesn’t mean you have to remain prisoned at your place or shut down your social life completely. Also, it is practically impossible to take your fishes with you if you are going on vacation. So what to do with the poor little specie? Well, numerous things can be done to keep your fish alive. If your fishes are in good health, you just don’t need to do anything. Many fishes like goldfish and Oscars can withstand starve for about 2 to 3 days. But some fishes need to be fed once a day also fish in poor health won’t survive this way. For this, you need a favor from your friend or someone who lives nearby to come over and look after your fish tank for few days. It really helps to reduce the problems. The third best is to buy automatic feeder which feeds the fishes after regular interval of time.

Do fish have feelings?

Fishes have emotions too like any living specie. Modern researches show that they aren’t dumb and small brained as we always thought of them. In Spain and UK, research is conducted in which behavior of zebrafish has been observed under stressful situations. They observed 2–4 ºC increase in body temperature of fishes; they termed it as emotional fever. It has been seen in other animals too. Other researchers show that fishes can recognize a human face. Sharks and rays have the ability to detect an electrical signal from different species that is why they are sometimes called Electroreceptive.

What are the prudent steps to prevent my fish from getting sick?

To keep your fish from getting sick, you need to take the following precautionary measures

1. Perform regular water changes. 10-15% of water should be changed once in a week at least.

2. Maintain your filter properly. Poor cleaning media and maintaining pumps cannot filter the water properly, and it will cause serious health issues.

3. Maintain a proper temperature of water in the aquarium. Fishes are temperature sensitive as they are cold blooded. If water is too warm or too cold, it might damage their immune system, and with poor immune system, fish is unable to fight against the disease. So water temperature should be given special attention.

4. Decorate your tank it will help to relieve the stress of fishes. Place rocks and more hiding places in the aquarium, so they feel safe and less exposed.

5. Don’t overpopulate your water tank. Over populated tanks tend to have less oxygen and more waste content, and the Probability of getting sick is increased considerably.

6. Provide your fishes with food as per their requirement. Excessive food will make them sick and the aquarium water filthy.

How can I spot and cure my fish of Fur coat syndrome?

Fur coat syndrome is a bacterial infection which turns out to be fatal. It is almost impossible to recover after 30 hours when first sign shows up. The most common symptoms are listlessness, white salt like spots appears on the skin, the color of fins changed to dark brown or black, brown fur can also be seen over the body. The disease mostly strikes to stress fish under temperature and PH fluctuations. Fur coat syndrome can be recoverable if you start the treatment at the right time.

Betta fish is most likely to trap in this syndrome. If you know that your Betta caught this disease provide them with a good diet and warm water. Don’t put them in a vase or bowl they need space. Usually, Betta is kept in an antibiotic solution of green color to decrease the death rate.

End Note

Fish, maintenance, experience, and space are main factors that must be considered while choosing an aquarium yet there are other factors involved as well. When you move from small fish tanks towards larger ones, there is a considerable amount of price increment you will observe. In case, spending lots of money on fish tank is an issue then you may buy a starter kit of the aquarium that will include tank decorations and some other important equipment. That will save you some money. Also think ahead while choosing your pet fish tank. In case you are a starter but want to give some space to your hobby then it is advisable to pick a tank larger from the average beginner tank. If you want to start with a small community of fish like Swordtails and Guppies yet wish to move on to big fish like Gourami, then you must select the tank size of 30 gallons as compared to 20 gallons.

After purchasing the aquarium of your choice, it is time to choose the location most suitable to place your fish tank. Check the space between the wall and aquarium. You require space for the overflow boxes, dry/wet filter, wiring, hoses and hang-on filters. In case you have kids or pets at your home then it is possible that they may climb the aquarium, so it is important that you fasten the fish tank mechanically. Leveling of the fish tank is also important. Primary ties must also be screwed or nailed to the wall to provide necessary stability.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help you to become a successful hobbyist of keeping fish. The new gallon aquarium at your home must be an educational and enjoyable experience for the family. It is advisable to do a lot of research on different kinds of aquariums, lighting, equipment and marine life that you have chosen to keep because the more planning you will do earlier the more you and your family will enjoy this hobby.


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