Choosing the Right Puppy Playpen for Your Pooch

///Choosing the Right Puppy Playpen for Your Pooch

If you have a puppy with high levels of energy, then getting a puppy playpen will be the best solution for you. As the name says it all, a puppy playpen is a place which offers optimal space for your puppy/dog to play around safely. There are a lot of playpens available in the market these days with appealing features and more. They are easily available in materials e plastic, plastic coated wire, wood, steel wire, nylon or combination of wire and wood.

Make sure you choose a puppy playpen that is high enough so that your puppy cannot jump out of the same but at the same time low enough so that you can easily reach out to them when needed. So, in short, a quality puppy pen will keep your pet away from danger when you are not around, provide all that the puppy needs like food, water, toys at one place and keep them under control when they get excited.

Moving forward, let’s know how to choose the best puppy playpen for your darling pooch.

Choosing the Right Puppy Playpen for Your Pooch

How to choose the best puppy playpen

Size of the pen

The size of the pen should be big enough to accommodate your puppy and also have some extra space for them to roam or play around/sleep. So, getting a big pen is always a good idea. Also your puppy will need enough space for eating, sleeping, doing the toilet etc. There are a lot of pens that are available with handles and roofs so that they can serve as a pen and crate in one. We would suggest that you buy a crate separately and have the playpen for your energetic pet.


The playpens are available in a wide variety of materials. The metal pens are good if you will be keeping the pen at mostly one location only and will not be moving it every now and then. But if you think that you have to move the pen more often, then you can have the collapsible pen. These are just like the tents. But the only con is that they are not too big to accommodate the bigger breeds.


Last but the most important factor to keep in mind when choosing a puppy playpen, is its height. The height of the wall should be in sync with the size, breed and activity level of your pet. There are some pets that can jump higher and so getting a portable dog pen that is 30 inches high would be sufficient and safe.

Puppy pen Categories/Types

Play pens are generally portable with sufficient spaces so that your pet can romp around safely. They can be easily used great results irrespective of whether they are placed indoors or outdoors. A lot of playpens provide enough space to accommodate the dog’s water and food bowls, some toys and a dog bed. These pens come in a variety of materials like wire, canvas, wood and plastic being the most popular ones. An indoor dog pen is mostly available in plastic as it is easy to fold, store and transport. The outdoor and indoor pens offer the choice of joining panels together for making larger areas for your dog to play and rest.

Talking about the indoor pens, they are perfect of you are too busy and do not want to leave your puppy unattended. In case your dog romp a lot in the play pen, you can have some heavy object placed outside the playpen so keep it in proper place. As the play pens usually don’t have any floor, accidents might seep into your mats or carpets. And so it is recommended that you place some absorbent mat or padding in the pen to prevent such hassles.

Then comes the outdoor dog pen that are great, when you feel like working or relaxing in the yard without thinking of what you dog must be doing inside. When using the outdoor pens, the pets should not be left under direct sunlight. Fresh water should be there at all times and you should place the pen in a shaded area. As most playpens are without a bottom, you must fasten it to the ground in order to prevent it from sliding or moving when your dog jumps, plays or moves around a lot.

There are expandable play pens as well available easily in the market. You get relaxed knowing where your pooch is when they are in a playpen. Puppy playpen help your pet to feel secure even in the new surroundings.

So, with a lot of products available in the market, you may feel confused as to which playpen to opt for and why. Below we give you an overview of the top/best puppy playpens in the market and which are highly recommended by the dog owners. Customer reviews are the best thing to know whether a product is worth or not as consumes have no incentive or advertising angle. Here we bring to your notice the top 6 puppy playpens and what are their features and benefits. They are in no particular order of rating, all are good to use. Basically which is the “best” play pen is dependent on the dog you have and the amenities he/she needs in the playpen.

Top 6 puppy playpen to choose from


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ESK Collection

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Midwest Pets

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YoYo Moon

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1)Zampa Pet 45’’ Playpen Foldable Portable Dog/Cat/Puppy Exercise Kennel for Small medium Large

This playpen from Zampa looks like a camping tent as it is beautifully made from water resistant fabric. Also it has mesh sections so that it keeps the puppy playpen open and airy and not too enclosed. The shape of the playpen is circular and it has a 24 inch height and 45 inch diameter. This makes it all the more suitable for all sizes of dogs. As it is light in material, the play pen just weighs at 6 pounds. What more, it has the fold flat and also comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.

This Zampa playpen has specially reinforced corners so that your dog doesn’t ripple holes through the material or dismantle the pen. Also, it has a zip top panel which can be easily removed or attached as per the climate and weather conditions or mood of the dog. As it has the feature of getting covered from the top, it can serve as a great place for your dog to take a small nap, especially for the puppies who need secure place to sleep in. Adding more to it is the feature of it being collapsible and can be transported with ease and has additional storage in the form of side pockets.

Talking about the design, it has 8 panels, reinforced corners and protected seams. The updated version also comes with an attached mat for the floor so that your pets are safe.

  • MEASUREMENTS: Playpen Size: 45″
  • Diameter- 24″ H
  • Panel Size: 19-1/4″ W x 24″ H
  • Door Size: 13″ W x 14-1/2″ H
  • Mesh Cover Diameter: 40″
  • Bottom Diameter: 43-1/2″

The amazing part is that the manufacturer also provides 1 year money back guarantee to the customers.

Features of the Zampa playpen include:

  • Attached flooring mat

  • Durable and water resistant material

  • High grade quality

  • Reinforced corners

  • Spacious area

  • Easily folds flat

  • Easy to transport

  • Protected seams

  • 4 steaks for taking it outdoors

2)ESK COLLECTION Blue 45″ Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel 600d Oxford Cloth

This 8 panel designed playpen is simple to use and install and allows for simple set up as well as take down without wasting much time. It is made from the waterproof 600D oxford Cloth and is highly comfortable and durable. Adding more, the material makes it breathable, mesh material and allows for maximum airflow so that your pet doesn’t feel confined in it. 100 percent washable and easy to clean material along with security screen makes this playpen a true choice for the dog owners. The top and bottom mesh panels are zippers so that you don’t have to worry about your pet escaping the pen.

Convenient spacing design also means that it can be stored and transported easy. Your furry friend will surely love being in this playpen, running around, having a fun time in a secure environment while you keep a tab on them from the mesh screen on its top and sides.

With the travel tote included in it, you can easily bring it with you on your trips and keep your pet safe while you are on the move. The storage spaces on sides permit you to manage the pet supplies and toys and keep them within reach as and when needed. The material is highly simple to clean and can be removed for washing as well. So, what are you waiting for? Treat your pooch in the best way possible by getting this puppy playpen for them.

Dimensions: 45″ (Diameter) x 24″ (Height)

Features of ESK COLLECTION Blue 45″ Pet Puppy Dog Playpen:

  • Easy to wash

  • Breathable and durable material

  • 8 panel design

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to transport

3)Iris Pet Playpen with Door, 24-Inch

A lot of consumers reported that the lock system of the pen is somewhat tricky but if you follow the directions properly, it is simple to use. The IRIS playpen is highly safe and so it is surely worth every penny spent. The IRIS puppy pen becomes perfect for exercise, training, play, sleep both indoor and outdoor. Made in the USA with heavy duty, molded plastic, the playpen will last for a long time and will not ever rust. It is recommended for small to medium sized puppies and dogs.

The panels of the playpen interlock safely with connecting rods and the pen can be placed at different locations as per your space. Easy to install and light in weight are the plus points of this playpen. It is further easy to store and transport. Every panel has the feet with non skid rubber that protect your floor with ease.

  • Dimensions: 35.25″L x 35.25″W x 24″H
  • Panel measurement: 33.6″W x 24″H
  • Door measurement: 14.5”W x 16.5”H

Features of the IRIS Exercise 4-Panel Pet Playpen:

  • IRIS24’’ exercise 4 panel pet playpen can be used indoor and outdoor as per your requirements

  • It is portable and gives 8 sq ft area for your pets

  • Made with heavy duty, durable molded plastic

  • Doesn’t rust

  • You can add on panel and playpen roof for extra space and security

4)Richell Convertible High Pet Playpen

This is a 3 in 1 playpen that can easily convert into a pet gate as well as a room divider. It is highly water resistant and allows the pen to be used outdoor or indoor. It is multi functional and stylish and is made using durable plastic. The playpen is a great one for your darling furry friend. You can use the puppy playpen outdoors when you have a family gathering or party and want to keep a tab of your pet along with attending to your guests. As the playpen has a lockable door, your pooch has easy access both in and out of the pen. When you use the pen as the room or gate divider, this then allows you to easily move your pet from one space to another without shuffling the whole unit.

Features of Richell Convertible High Pet Playpen:

  • Special design caps

  • Customized panels

  • Lockable gate door

  • Convertible pet comfort mat and floor tray

  • Add on mat that can be used as roof as well

  • Easy to install and uninstall

  • Easy for storage and has the fold up flat design

  • Easy to transport

  • Sturdiest model around

5)MidWest Exercise Pen

The MidWest Exercise pen is a great product that can be folded easily and is easy to store. The double step through door has an easy access and is secure for your pets. It provides 16 sq ft enclosed space for your pooch. The 8 ground anchors are great for outdoor use and the 4 thumb snaps are good for easy installation.

Also, there are no tools required to install the playpen. The durable e-coat finish on this pen offers longer lasting protection, providing no rust or other disturbances from outdoor elements. Just unfold the various panels and attach them together with the help of the clips. You can make the pen in square or round shape. For extra protection and safety, there are pen tops available as well. You can get the sunscreen or wire mesh tops as you want. The 16 sq ft space allows for play and stretch area for your pet while keeping the fur babies safe at the same time.

Features of MidWest Exercise Pen:

  • Bigger space for play area

  • Comes with additional playpen top cover options

  • Easy to install and uninstall

  • Different panels available

  • Can be used indoor or outdoor

6)YoYo Moon 46″ D X 30″ H Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Puppy Pen Kennel 600d Oxford Cloth

With almost 46’’ in diameter as well as 30’’ in height, this playpen is large and spacious enough for your bigger dogs as well. Your pet will surely love it and will get accustomed to it in no time. The playpen is easy to install and the 8 panel design further allows for simple set up and uninstalling. The mesh material also allows for the pet to get easy airflow while keeping the bugs out. The two door design of the pen allows for easy entry and exit.

Made of waterproof, durable material, the playpen is light in weight and easy to use. The zippers included in the pen ensure that your pooch will be secure at all times. The top and bottom mesh panels are zippers, leaving no space for your pet to escape. The versatile and portable pen is easy to transport.

Features of YoYo Moon 46″ D X 30″ H Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Puppy Pen Kennel 600d Oxford Cloth:

  • Folds flat

  • Light in weight and durable

  • Easy to install

  • Sturdy steel frame

  • Waterproof, easy to wash or clean

  • Storage pockets at sides

  • Zippered doors

  • Zippered bottom preventing the pet from escaping

  • Waterproof bottom; easy to take outdoors

  • Mesh on every side for easy air flow

  • Zipped half mesh cover, offering shade

Choosing the Right Puppy Playpen for Your Pooch

You need to remember that this is only a guide to buy the best playpen for your fur baby. We have gathered this information from reviews from customers who have used these for their puppies and dogs. These are excellent playpens you can consider buying for your pooch. Buy the right playpen and experience for yourself which product is actually the best for your pets.

Benefits of puppy playpen

The play pen may turn out to be your pooch’s best friend and even yours in some time. Giving a safe area for your pooch to play around, the indoor dog pen allows you to complete your chores without worrying about your fur friend destroying half of your home items like furniture, shoes etc.

Also, a play pen can be a good management tool for the times when you need to keep your pet away from the guests, other pets and children.

One of the best benefits of these playpens is that these can be used as the dog crates. But as the playpens offer more area and freedom to the dog, pens can be a superb alternative for the dogs that are not fond of using the crates. The outdoor dog pen is also useful when there are no fences in the yard.

What should be considered before buying a puppy playpen?

Here we bring to you some important things to consider when buying or planning buying a playpen:

  • Make sure that the material from which the playpen is made is easy to clean, wash and your dog cannot chew it.

  • Look for the expandable, foldable, portable and convertible playpens with high sides to keep your pup from escaping the area. There are different sizes of playpens available and so choose the one that is right for your dog’s size.

  • Playpens can be kept indoor or outdoor but make sure that you keep an eye on the environment as well. Never leave the pet outdoor alone or under direct sunlight.

  • As per the age and size of your dog, a lot of pens can be easily climbed over so keep a tab of it that you get a bigger sized playpen.

  • In case your pet is a climber, you may also need to have a play pen cover.

  • If you wish to have the playpen for outdoors, get the ones that are made with sturdy materials like plastic or wire.

  • Always choose a playpen which is sufficient enough to keep your pet, his water, food vessels, toys, bed etc.

Usage of the puppy playpen

Growing up involves getting thirsty and so your pet will need easy access to drinking water at all times. Remember that when they are in puppy playpen, they cannot move out of it and so they need water and food. Make sure that you put a container of fresh water in the indoor dog pen so that your fur baby stays hydrated while they run around, play or sleep in the pen.

Further, it is a nice idea if you feed the puppy in the pen. This will in turn give them peaceful space to eat without getting distracted by children or other pets at home. You will also want your pooch to enjoy their time when in the playpen and so you can keep dog toys inside it. Puppies will explore these toys and stay away from chewing your furniture and other precious items. The safe chew dog toys will further help the puppies to have strong teeth when they get old and will burn off the puppy energy, getting a peaceful and calm nap or sleep afterwards in the playpen.


So if you too want safe and sufficient space for your pets to enjoy their time, getting the top puppy playpen is the best option.


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