How To Choose the Right Dog Food

///How To Choose the Right Dog Food
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Taking care of pets is not an easy task by any means. Keeping tabs on their food and nutrition is a job on its own. After all, your pet’s health is majorly based upon what it eats. Being a dog owner, you would always want the best for your pet. Walking into your local pet store and figuring out what type of dog food to buy can turn into a daunting task for many. It must be remembered that there is no “perfect” dog food out there, but many are better than others. Let’s take a look at some guidelines that can help you in choosing the perfect food for your furry friend.

7 Crucial things to Consider while Selecting the Right Dog Food

Pet’s Age: Puppy to Adult

When deciding what to feed your pet, keeping in mind your dog’s age and level of activity is a reliable indicator of your pet’s requirements. Younger puppies and pregnant/ lactating mothers will require greater calorie intake. Puppies need to feed on their mother’s milk till about 8-12 weeks of age, after which they require solid food.

Choose between home cooked and store bought meals

Dog owners are faced with a dilemma when choosing whether to feed their pets with home cooked meals or commercial prepared foods. It all depends upon your dog’s needs, which needs to be consulted with your pet’s vet. A healthy dog is a happy dog so before you select raw meat over processed goods, refer to your vet.

Feed by nature

In the old days, dogs were mostly wild and hence used to prey on live animals. Consumption of organs, tissue and meat was all carried out. Now however, dogs are considered either carnivores or omnivores, feeding on both meat and few plant sources. So before you decide your dog’s fate regarding food, know the difference between a wild dog’s and a domesticated breed’s preference.

It all comes down to health

Health is a crucial element in any individual’s life and dogs are no exception. It’s vital as a pet owner to be aware of your dog’s medical history regarding their condition and any allergies should be noted and consulted with your vet. In these circumstances, your vet might consider a special diet for your dog to remain healthy. While buying dog food, these pointers should always be at the back of your mind.

Take your dog’s preferences and feedback into consideration

The response your dog gives to the food you feed it is vital when choosing what to buy. Some dogs prefer wet canned food over drier options. Some don’t respond well to certain foods and may develop symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea. It’s important to keep a look out and act upon the feedback your pet gives so as to make the right choices regarding food.

Use your dog’s current body condition as an indicator

Believe it or not, the current shape your dog is in can act as a reliable indicator to the amount and kind of food your pet should be consuming. A dog that is underweight will require a unique diet with special nutritional value in comparison to a dog that’s overweight.

Foods to avoid

For dogs, it’s recommended to avoid a certain group of foods that can potentially be toxic. These include foods containing caffeine, chocolates, nuts, garlic, citrus fruits, mushrooms or foods containing seasonings.

A dog is a man’s best friend, and as a pet caretaker, it’s your duty to make wise decisions when choosing to buy dog food. A great diet with good nutritional value will lead to the healthy well being of your furry friend.

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Wet Dog Food versus Dry Dog Food

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Which pet food should I choose for my dog? I think it is one of the most asked questions in the world.

Should I go for turkey or tuna? Beef or the lamb? Dry food or the wet food?

The funniest part is this food is contrived by humans who can never and ever imagine what is in the mind of the dog. This confusion persists when our pet dog won’t go near the food which seems attractive on the package and cost us bucks. It is one big mystery and still continues to exist while we can merely keep guessing as pet owners; If only our pets could somehow inform us about their food choice. *Sigh*

Most people decide to feed their dogs depending on the experience of pets. Some people choose food based on their friend’s choice while some stick to the advice of the breeders. Others stick to the veterinarian recommendation, and some are influenced by hundreds of magazines and television advertisements.
Now, what is your choice? Let’s jot down some brass tacks that would influence your dog food decision.

Benefits of Dry Dog Food

  • Simple to store

  • Lower cost

  • Easy to nosh

  • Offer dental advantages for your pooch

  • Are supplied with a lot of calories

  • Not chaotic

  • Easy to quantify

Dry kibble is the most convenient form of food. It can be abandoned for the dog to let them finish it at their own speed without the fear of decay. Many pet owners love this idea of filling the food bowl for the dogs with enough food for the whole day.

Drawbacks of Dry Dog Food

  • Consist of lot extra grains than printed on the package

  • Consist of large number of additives and preservatives

Being a ‘dry’ food it does not provide enough moisture for the pet which is required when the dog is ill, or it ages, and in hot and dry climates. Dry food also contains fewer amounts of animal proteins which are essential for the growth and development of your pooch.

Now why some people choose wet dog food? Here is why:

Benefits of Wet Dog Food

  • Ease of eating

  • Consist of more proteins and fats

  • Contains fewer preservatives as compared to dry dog food

  • More palatable

Wet dog food is a great source of hydration as not all pets drink water as per their body requirement. It also means your pet enjoys a big portion of meal exclusive of supplements and minerals in their diet.

Drawbacks of Wet Dog Food

  • Cause dog obesity

  • Much costly

When there is a wet dog, there will definitely be a lot of mess. Once the food is opened, it loses its shelf life and must be covered and refrigerated instantly.

Dismiss the Myth

Wet dog food requires you to take dental care of your dog which is a myth. Dry dog food also cause plaque building that is why some dog food manufacturers are introducing dental dietary foods.

Whichever kind of food you choose for your pooch, keep in mind the significance of nutrients. The selected dog food must consist of more fats and proteins as compared to grains. Simply skip the food whose label read any grains. Your dog’s health and your lifestyle must be the priority.

Introduction to Different categories of Dog Food and Top 3 Recommendations for each

dog food

Food is the most significant factor in the life of your dog!

A nutritious diet is a MUST for your dog. From retaining energy for ball chases, to make cellular process working and keeping every tissue of its body active, it needs a healthy and balanced diet. Too little or too many nutrients can cause a problem in your dog and cause upsets. Nutrient-enriched food is the main factor that affects the length and quality of your puppy’s life.

You need to make an effort in providing your puppy healthy food so do not fret, we are here to guide you.

for Active Dogs

  • see detail

for Puppy

  • see detail

for Adult Dog

  • see detail

for your Bud

  • see detail

for your Champ

  • see detail

Pet Food for Active Dogs

dog food

Dogs that are super active have different food requirements and nutritional needs as compared to other dogs. A healthy dog is a blessing as obesity causes health problems not only in humans but dogs as well. However, it is equally important to maintain the active lifestyle of your dog and make sure it maintains a healthy weight.

What to look for in Dog food for Active ones?

A dog food with higher nutritional benefits and ingredients is what is required for an active dog. The high-quality food will keep your pup from weighing down when he is doing exercises. When it comes to carbohydrates, corn and rice are two main ingredients that possess minor soluble fibers as compared to other sources of carbohydrates.

Some of the famous dog foods for active pups are available on the market as described below:

Taste of the Wild Canine Formula

For those who wish to provide highly digestible food and energy to their dogs, it is their first choice. The peas and sweet potatoes with grain formula are just the right food for active dogs. To give your dog a healthy lifestyle, this product contains fruits and vegetables that deliver antioxidants required for the growth of your dog.

Wellness Core RawRev Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This dog food is a perfect combination of grain free and raw revolution. Grain free balances nutrition of your dog regularly while raw revolution is a safe method to introduce raw in the diet of your pup.

Purina One SmartBlend Dry Dog Food

This product caters whole body wellness and health of your dog which is a combination of high-quality omega-6 and high-quality proteins. Omega gives a radiant coat to your dog while Glucosamine substantially supports joints.

Dog Food for Puppy

dog food

Feeding your puppy in first weeks is paramount because he is growing 20 times faster than an adult dog. By feeding him right, he will get everything that it requires for a healthy ling life.

What to Check in a Pup’s Dog Food?

Your little buddy wants healthy grains and whole animal product. The diet must also include natural oils and fats with essential minerals and vitamins. Your priority at this time must be protein.

Some popular pet food products for puppies are:

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Puppy Food

This dog food is high in proteins and includes real chicken. It is grain-free and is high in protein. It contains a perfect blend of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for Puppy

A digestible energy and grain free food product that provides excellent nutrition for the growth of your puppy. This hearty formula is great in taste and gives a perfect blend of protein.

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Lamb Meal and Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Give your puppy controlled joint and bone growth. It also contains amino acids, minerals, and vitamin with antioxidants benefits which are clinically proven.

Pet Food for Adult Dog

dog food

Adopting an adult dog can be a nuisance if you are unaware of its health and diet benefits. It takes the time to adjust him to the kind of food you are providing to him. However, it is better to do your homework first and check which ingredients will play a vital role in the health and fitness of your adult dog.

What to seek for an Adult Dog’s food?

Give your dog real ingredients that boost up its energy and give it wellness and fitness. Go for dry food that is specially formulated for adult maintenance. The food product must contain more than 30% of protein to provide above-average protein content to your dog.

Some of the high-quality adult dog food is:


It is a perfect dog food that contains fish which is high in protein and omega-3. It also includes eggs that are high in biological value and got loads of proteins. It is most favorite food for many adult dogs.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Duck Meal and Turkey Meal

It contains some of the finest ingredients essential for the growth of adult dog. Canola oil, tapioca, and alfalfa make it a promoter of growth and the prebiotic used take care of the healthy bacteria found in the digestive tract of bacteria.

Natural Balance Synergy 

It is best for blood sugar and intestinal health benefits. Salmon oil makes it naturally rich and provides omega-3.

Organic Food for your Best Bud

dog food

When we humans are switching towards organic food then why not our dogs should too! Organic food gives the dog what actually is required by their system to functional properly and healthy throughout their life. While buying organic food always look for chicken and rice which is what you must look for while buying organic food.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit Meal

Chicken fat, salmon meal and rabbit meal make it super organic, and a must have food meal for your dog.

Dr. Tim’s Kinesis

Oat flour, Brown rice flour, and chicken meal are all perfect ingredients for organic diet. It improves coat health and energy levels with superior digestibility.

Nutro Natural Choice High Endurance

Chicken and brown rice balanced in this food product to build strong immune system and promotes skin.

Raw Food for your Champ

dog food

Raw food for the dogs is designed to satisfy their concept of feeding on raw food. It contains higher protein portion which is more than 50% with essential fats and carbohydrates.

Answers Detailed Dog Food

It is made with chicken heart, liver, eggs and chicken bones with the vital amount of meat which provides the vital source of animal proteins.

BARF Dog Food

dog food

Chicken with ground bones and broccoli, celery and spinach are the combined in this food product. It provides a protein-boosting result.

OC Raw Dog Food

Turkey is the main content of this raw dog meal consisting of bones and gizzards. Some essential vegetable and fruits are also included to give this meal a healthy boost.

Give your Dog the best food in his lifetime

A healthy and happy pet must be kept at the right weight in its life. To make this possible give your dog the appropriate food which is essential for the proper weight and fitness.


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