Cat Toys: Choose The Best Interactive Cat Toy For Your Kitty

///Cat Toys: Choose The Best Interactive Cat Toy For Your Kitty

You are a proud cat owner, and want to better your bond with your feline? Well, play time is when you can make cats your companions easily. Whether a kitten or an adult cat, playing is important for these athletic active creatures. Jumping, leaping and dashing is in their blood, felines have amazing agility and strength in their nature. When you pet a kitty, you are bringing home a playful hunter. At home there is no prey to chase but it doesn’t mean your cat should not act out her inner predator. Cat toys are the best developments in feline care segment. These toys are designed to be stimulating to your feline’s inner hunter. Regular playtime with these toys makes your cat not only happy, but healthy as well.

Why cat toys are important?

Playing is important for cats as it is a way for them to channel their energy and satisfy their instinctive hunt drive and at the same time stimulate your feline mentally as well as physically. According to, “Even if your cat never ventures outside your home, this basic instinct to hunt can remain strong, which is why it is important to give our feline family members the opportunity to express this natural behavior through play.”

Now you understand the importance of play for your cat, how about some discussion on what best cat toys should be chosen and why.

When you return home you find your fine furniture marked with claw marks or some other item chewed, all this sign towards a bored kitty. Adopting a feline is easy, but keeping her engaged and happy is a serious commitment. Best cat toys solve this issue by providing your pet with enriching and stimulating experience that discourage him or her from destroyin anything.

Cat toys need to be picked based on their personalities. Try to understand your cats behavior and personality by use of some sample toys like stick toys with dangling fur and laser pen lights. Different cat toys have different features to offer. Important features you need to pay attention to are safety, shape, durability and sound.

Interactive Cat Toys For Indoor Cats

Cats are wild animals by nature. An outdoor environment provides them with enough motivation to keep themselves active and exercised. The chemistry of indoor cats is exactly the same, but the motivation they need is different. You need to provide them with a natural seeming environment to motivate them to exercise. Interactive cat toys are best for encouraging felines to have an interactive playtime.

Interactive cat toys are also useful for training your pet. You can take help of these toys to teach your feline how to be comfortable around others, get playful with kids and how to exercise when she is alone.

Here are the best interactive cat toys that we have handpicked after thoroughly reviewing more than a dozen toys.

Top 10 Must Have Interactive Cat Toys


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Pet Fit For Life

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Pet Zone

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1.Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toy 

Interactive cat toys are a necessity to motivate your cat to let lose her hunter instincts. Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toy is designed to stimulate the natural instincts of your kitty. Consisting of 12 colorful and cute mice shaped small, soft and light weighted; rest assured your cat won’t be disappointed with this toy. To keep your cat engaged for hours, the toy includes catnip.

Why to choose this cat toy?

  • 12 colorful and cute mice toys that naturally attract your feline to chase

  • Perfectly sized for cats of all ages

  • To entice cats to play more it includes catnip

  • This toy naturally encourages your cat to hunt, bat and hide

  • Easy way to promote activity in indoor felines and motivate them to exercise

How to use the toy?

The little mice figures are fluffy and soft on the outside and hard on the inside. There is a rattle inside the hard shell, which makes this toy interactive for cats. You can put the toy around the house where your cats hang out the most.

Bright colors and mouse shape stimulates cats to attack and pounce on the toy.

The function of the toy

Hartz Just For Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toy is designed to naturally appeal to explorative instincts of felines. The hard shell inside covered with fluffy soft skin, entices cats and keeps them engaged for hours. This toy functions as an excellent stimulator to exercise your pet mentally and physically.

Whether you are a parent of a single feline or have more than one cat, this interactive cat toy is guaranteed to offer your cats hours of fun.

2.Curious Cat Cube, Cat House / Cat Condo 

When your cats need cozy comfort and a fun and interactive cat hide-away, the Curious Cat Cube, Cat House / Cat Condo offers the compact package. It comes with a cushioned top bed with stuffed bolsters, hanging plush toys and hide & seek cut outs. How interactively you can use this toy to entice and motivate your feline entirely depends on your creativity. There is no doubt that this is one of the best cat toys, that will soon become your cat’s favorite hide out.

Why to choose this cat toy?

  • A compact cat condo / cat house measuring 15.5″W x 15.5″L x 16.5″H

  • Easy to store when folded

  • Sturdy and strong construction, fully safe for your pet

  • Cat can play all day with hanging plush toys with jingle bells, relax on the top cushioned bed and hide-away in cozy private den

  • A great retreat for cats when hey are anxious, sick or simply want their own time

  • Brown faux suede with synthetic sheepskin makes it cat condo fit for home décor

How to use the toy?

The Curious Cat Cube, Cat House / Cat Condo is an easy to assemble interactive cat toy. You can put this toy anywhere in the house as it goes well with any décor because of its synthetic sheep skin and soft faux suede.

If your cat likes to sit on higher ground, you can use the cushioned bed topper that comes with the toy to provide your cat an elevated lounging spot. Cats are solitary by nature and need their personal space that makes them feel safer, the hide-away cube of this cat toy comes with large entry making it suitable for any age or size of cat. To motivate your cat to jump and hunt there are hanging toys with jingle bells that will keep your cat engaged when they are not in a mood to rest. Hide and seek cutouts in the cube make for additional fun activities.

The function of the toy

Cats are prey to many hunters, and they are biologically evolved to hide out in places where they can keep an eye on their surroundings without feeling threatened. The Curious Cat Cube, Cat House / Cat Condo is an interactive toy that fulfills the very basic need of security of the felines. You can use this interactive cat toy to provide your pet with her personal space. Hanging plush toy with jingle bells entices your kitty to jump, bat and hunt keeping her exercised and healthy. Hide & seek cutouts provide ample opportunity to bond with your pet while having a fun playtime.

3.SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat Toys Catnip Mice

We already included a cat toy that uses the magic of catnip to entice your pet into play. The Catnip Mice from SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat Toys is a pack of tantalizing three mice figures designed to spark fun and enthusiasm in your kitty. This toy brings in the best of innovation, interaction and environment responsibility. The fluffy fiberfill skin of the toy is made from 100% recycled plastic and the SmartyKat catnip included in the toy is produced without use of any pesticides or chemicals.

How to use this toy?

The SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Cat Toy packs all the things that a kitty loves-strings, mice and catnip. The catnip cat toy is designed keeping the psychology of felines into account. The soft texture of the outer fluffy fiberfill skin feels enticing to a cat’s claw and teeth, keeping her to chew and bite more. If your cat has the annoying habit of scratching and biting furniture, this cat toy is best to discourage your feline from that habit. Use of potent catnip sparks instant fun in cats without posing any danger to your cat’s well being. The pack of 3 mice is ok if you have only one cat but for more cats you need to buy SmartyKat’s Skitter Critters pack of 12 mice or more.

Why chose this cat toy?

  • Adorable, cure and right sized mice

  • Spiked with pure catnip

  • Small sized and light weight-eazy to bite and carry

  • Catnip in the toy causes a fun spark in cats after a mellow period

  • Pure catnip used is produced without any chemicals or pesticides

  • 100% recycled plastic fiberfill used

The function of the toy

You can use this cat toy to keep your pet engaged and away from teething or scratching furniture. The catnip used in the toy causes a sudden burst of excitement in your kitty. The mice figures are soft and feel good to chew, bite and bat.

4.Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser and Exerciser 

Playtime is a necessity for cats and not to mention how important it is for their health. We already mentioned how playtime is an ample opportunity for you to bond with your feline, the Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser and Exerciser Cat Wand is a product that is designed to enhance your interaction with your cat.

Why to choose this cat you?

  • Soft, durable and fine grip handle

  • Two feathers included for more fun, you can buy 6 piece interchangeable feather pack to go with the cat wand

  • Long 33 inched wand, suitable to play with

  • Informative pdf on exercising cats tips emailed with each order

How to use this cat toy?

This is one of those cat toys that demand exclusive interactions of humans. To set up this toy for play, you need to assemble the 2 pieces of the wand and mount one of the 2 feathers included with the toy. You need to keep a few considerations into account while using this toy. If your cat is overweight then start slow and take frequent breaks. Too much pouncing or jumping can affect her health adversely. As Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser and Exerciser is a dangly cat toy you need to be careful using it around furniture or sharp objects.

The function of the toy

Cats are biologically evolved to engage in hunting for their survival. Pouncing, jumping and chasing is a way for them to flex their muscles and remain healthy. Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser and Exerciser is designed to bring out the hunter in your cat.

The feather is a colorful and enticing prey for your feline to chase and exercise her body and mind. Not only for cats this toy is also a fun way to teach your kids to respect their pet and understand their personality.

5.Easyology Pets Premium Cat Tunnel Toy Maze With Fun Crinkle Chute

Hiding and preying from an isolated spot is biologically embedded in a cat’s personality over the years of evolution. The Easyology Pets Premium Cat Tunnel Toy Maze With Fun Crinkle Chute activates that very instinct in your cat and provides a way to channel her energy.

Lack of motivation to play can leave your cat frustrated resulting in troubling characteristics like racing around in the middle of the night, scratching furniture and chewing on small household items. Your furry friend needs playtime not only to exercise her mind and body, but also to stay young and healthy. If you are training your cat to better her behavior, then this cat tunnel will prove to be instrumental.

All cat toys are designed with one goal in mind-to channelize your feline’s energy with acceptable diversions.

Why to choose this cat toy?

  • Super durable, made from premium material

  • Connect 2 or more tunnels that can be purchased separately

  • Chic colors compliment every home décor

  • Easy to store

How to use this cat toy?

The Easyology Pets Premium Cat Tunnel Toy Maze With Fun Crinkle Chute is designed to be a simple yet entertaining and fun cat toy. You can easily create a maze of cat tunnels by putting together tunnels using the clips. Material is highly durable so you won’t have to worry about your cat running through the tunnels.

You can set the maze near the place your cat loves to hangout, but it is advised you place this cat toy in a spacious area. This cat toy naturally captures a cat’s attention and drives her to explore it. Your cat will happily run in and out and peek through the hole provided in the tunnel.

The function of the toy

Like every other toy, the Easyology Pets Premium Cat Tunnel Toy Maze With Fun Crinkle Chute is designed to naturally appeal to your cat and motivate her to explore, play and exercise. The tunnel design of the toy activates the explorative and hunting instincts in your feline motivating her to run, hide and peek.

6.Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Interactive Cat Toy 

By far all the interactive cat toys we have included in the list are manual or require some degree of human intervention. But if your cat spends a lot time alone, then the Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Interactive Cat Toy is a serious consideration for you to make. Automatically operating on AAA batteries this cat toy masks the natural flying action of an outdoor butterfly, enticing your cat to chase and hunt.

This is one of the best cat toys to keep your cat on her toes.

Why to choose this cat toy?

  • Highly interactive toy replicating the flying movement of a butterfly

  • Keeps your cat guessing with its unpredictable vibrations and patterns

  • Automatic cat toy running on AAA batteries, ideal for independent playtime for cats

  • Spinning action with sound naturally activates the cat’s preying instincts

  • Excellent for physical and mental stimulation

How to use this cat toy?

There is not much for you to do, the Pet Zone Fly By Spinner Interactive Cat Toy works on its own. Your participation is limited to one switching this cat toy on/off. You can use this toy to provide independent playtime to your kitty or to bond with her. Once you get your cat this interactive cat toy, we assure you her anxiety, boredom and stress will be easily relieved.

The Pet Zone Fly is a cat toy that allows your feline to stalk and hunt in the safe environment of the home.

The function of the toy

Mental stimulation is as important for your cat as physical exercise. The boredom is dangerous for a cat’s health and this cat toy is an excellent tool to keep your cat mentally stimulated by random patterns and vibrations that keep her guessing.

The physical activity involved keeps your pet healthy and enriches her quality of life.

7.PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy 

We all know how much cats love to chase the light dot. The BOLT is a cat toy that exploits this liking of your feline excellently. It operates on AAA batteries and generates random laser patterns that your cat will love to chase all across the room. All you have to do is to keep this toy on a flat surface and turn it on. Your kitty will be pouncing, chasing and batting the laser light in no time.

Why to choose this cat toy?

  • A quality interactive cat toy tested for safety and health

  • Safe laser light-Class IIIa laser product with power output of 5mW

  • Random laser patterns keep your cat engaged automatically, no human intervention required

  • Power Savvy with auto shutdown

  • Can be operated in manual mode

How to use this cat toy?

The PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy is a performance driven product that can operate on its own. When using the automatic mode, place the toy on a flat surface and see your pet pouncing and chasing all across the room. The randomly generated keep your feline guessing. You can also choose to manually use the cat toy. Hold it in your hand when set in manual mode and make your cat, bat and chase the light as you want.

See the toy in action in this video

The function of the toy

It is one of the best cat toys, making use of visual perception of the pets to encourage them. Laser pattern mimics the movement of the an insect activating the hunting instincts in cat.

8.Red Pot Exercise Chaser Toy Pet Scratching Training Tool By Ruri’s 

Laser cat toys are recommended by vets to mentally and physically engage felines and that is why we thought of including another interactive cat toy on our list. If the PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy seems a little over budget, then the Red Pot Exercise Chaser Toy Pet Scratching Training Tool By Ruri’s makes an excellent alternative.

Why to choose this cat toy?

  • Exclusive paw shape button design

  • Option for blinking and steady laser light

  • Comfortable shape makes playing with toy convenient for you

  • Available for a cheaper price compared to other laser cat toys

How to use this cat toy?

Red Pot Exercise Chaser Toy Pet Scratching Training Tool By Ruri’s is an interactive laser cat toy which is designed to improve interaction between you and your pet through an entertaining tool. There is no automatic function so you will have to play with your kitty without any excuse. There are two options available for controlling the laser dot-a single click on the button for a blinking dot and a double press on the button for a steady-on laser dot.

Pressing the button 3 times turns off the cat toy. The paw design makes way for 5 buttons in this cat toy, you can use any of these buttons to operate the toy.

The function of the toy

The bright red laser dot appeals to the natural instincts of your kitty, stimulating her mentally to chase, bat and hunt. This is an excellent cat toy to exercise your cat physically as well.

9.Tumbler Kitten Toys Balls Interactive Cat Toys Teaser Wands with Feathers

Automatic and battery operated toys are one of the best cat toys, but what if you want a mechanical toy that stimulates your kitty as efficiently as automatic powered toys? The Tumbler Kitten Toys Balls Interactive Cat Toys Teaser Wands with Feathers is such a cat toy that is designed to uniquely use the wobble motion of the weight based to encourage healthy activity in your pet.

Why to choose this cat toy?

  • An interactive and mentally stimulating cat toy

  • Encourages healthy activity

  • Smell bell in the tumbler ball keeps cat engaged

  • The motion of the feather keeps feeding cat’s curiosity

How to use this cat toy?

In the package you get a ball (tumbler), a wand and a feather. First mount the feathers on the wand. Then snap the wand to top of the tumbler. Your interactive cat toy is ready for play. This is one of those mentally stimulating cat toys that use mechanical motions instead of a power supply to entice cats. Your cat will find the motion of the toy not only interactive and entertaining but also highly stimulating. If you have a single cat, we highly recommend getting this cat toy for encouraging movement, especially in younger cats.

The function of the toy

The wobble motion of the cat toy provides a unique motion to the feathers that naturally activates your cat’s hunter instinct and forces her to pounce and chase. The bell ringing sound retains the attention of your kitty.

10.Tail Spin Rat Electric Interactive Cat Toy

Our last pick for the best cat toys list is unique for a number of reasons. First up it masks the natural movement of a mouse’s tail as closely as possible. Furthermore, the record squeak sound impersonates a mouse’s voice exactly. The Tail Spin Rat Electric Interactive Cat Toy is one of the best products you can include in your cat care list.

Why to choose this cat toy?

  • Mouse tail simulation creates natural seeming environment for cats

  • Recorded squeak grabs cat’s attention instantly

  • 5 speed options available

  • Can be stuck to the wall

  • Auto-off feature to save battery

How to use this cat toy?

The cat toy has two mouse tails that move upward and sideward respectively. When you switch on the toy it starts to spin and the tails hide and come out alternately, keeping your cat engaged and stimulated. You can set the speed of the toy to slow, medium, fast, random or random with a squeak. The toy stops automatically after 15 minutes of spinning to avoid exhausting your pet.

The function of the toy

The Tail Spin Rat Electric Interactive Cat Toy is designed to create the natural seeming hunting experience for cats within the safety of indoors. Tail movement is visually appealing to cats while the squeak mouse voice instantly grabs their attention.

What Should Be Considered Before Buying A Cat Toy?

Before you rush to get any interactive cat toy for your feline, it is necessary to consider some important things.

Cat toy you buy should be fun not only for your pet, but for you as well

Sounds weird, but it is a fact. As we mentioned earlier, playing improves bonding between you and your cat. Purchase the best cat toys that not only entices your cat, but also kicks out fun of you as much. If you cannot imagine yourself enjoying time playing with the toy you bought, how can you imagine your cat having fun with the same. Cats are solitary animals, but they make excellent companions when motivated enough.


Cats are hunters, we told you that already. These pets love to tear, bite and chew on everything they can get their hands, well jaws on. While selecting a cat toy ensure that it has not many small parts that can easily dislodge and swallowed. Also, the cat toys you buy for your feline should be checked periodically for any wear and tear. Simply dumb the toys that you are doubtful about that can cause choking.


Just like human babies, cats don’t go easy on the toys. You need to choose a cat toys that are not too fragile for daily use by your cat. Ensure that the interactive cat toy you buy is worth the money based on its durability. Best cat toys we have listed above are reviewed for their durability by hundreds of cat owners.


The whole point of buying cat toys is to stimulate your feline’s natural instincts. It is important to provide your cat with an environment where it can fully exploit its hunting craves. An interactive cat toy should be chosen on the basis of how stimulating and encouraging it is for the cat. The cat toys that allow your cat to jump, pounce and hunt are the best as they make your cat feel like a cat.


Most interactive cat toys make use of visual perception of the cats, but sounds can be equally intriguing for felines. This is why we have included some cat toys that make sounds while pleasing your cat visually in our list of the best cat toys.


Play is important for cats not just to engage and keep them happy, but also to make them healthier. Interactive cat toys provide an easy opportunity for cat owners to create a natural seeming environment at home. If you want to bond better with your feline then cat toys are effective tools to get started. Before you bring home your cat make sure you have bought the interactive cat toys listed here to start bonding with your feline immediately.


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