Best Dog Clippers for Poodles: Why Is It Important to Find the Best Clippers for Your Poodle?

///Best Dog Clippers for Poodles: Why Is It Important to Find the Best Clippers for Your Poodle?

So you have a new pup. Now what? Have questions on what to do with your new pup? we are here to help!

The benefits of having a small breed pup like a poodle are countless. Cute, hypoallergenic, intelligent and friendly. They also require special handling when it comes to food, grooming and training. Small breeds such a Miniature and Toy Poodles can be the perfect addition to your growing family.

Finding the best clippers for the poodle in your life is essential for maintaining proper care of your pet. Dog clippers are designed differently than human clippers, as they are intended to groom thick animal fur, as opposed to lighter human hair.

As poodle owners know well, a poodle’s hair is easily tangled but not so easily tamed. This means our furry friends require unique clippers to tackle their thick locks if you’re interested in maintaining a grooming regimen at home.

The Different Types of Dog Clippers Explained

The sheer number of dog clippers on the market can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding what works best for your pet.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the correct pair of clippers, as not all sets are made alike.

What to Look for in Dog Clippers for Poodles

What it all comes down to is maximum cutting power and maximum comfort for your dog during the grooming experience. You want clippers that cut efficiently and cause your dog the least amount of discomfort. This means considering SPM (strokes per minute), or the speed of the blades, and torque, or the force behind the blades. You need both working well together when clipping your dog’s hair.

Other factors to consider are sharpness of the blades, whether to choose corded or cordless clippers, and ergonomics. If you’re working with dull blades, the grooming experience can become significantly longer. This means sharp blades are critical.

It is also recommended to choose corded clippers when working with poodle fur, as they have enough power to correctly groom your pet. Keep in mind, however, some pet owners opt for cordless clippers because they serve as a more versatile grooming tool.

Always remember to utilize the clipper’s various Strokes Per Minute (SPM) settings and multiple blade lengths to personalize your clippers to your precious pet.

Lastly is ergonomics. This refers to the lightness and efficiency of the clippers, as well as how long they can withstand continual use. Choosing an ergonomic set of clippers translates to an efficient, durable tool you can use for grooming your pet for years to come.

Blades Heating Up

Something you might have noticed when using clippers in the past is the blades heat up over time. This happens as a result of friction during the clipping experience, because greater SPM means greater friction, which causes hot blades. This can be helped, although not totally avoided, by using a clipper with adjustable speeds as well as clipper oil for the blades during each grooming session. When in doubt, take breaks when grooming your poodle to give the blades time to cool down.

What Type of Clippers Should I Use On My Poodle with Matted Fur?

When your poodle’s beachy waves remain unbrushed for a while, this can lead to a difficult grooming experience. The same goes for poodles with matted fur: use corded clippers with extra torque and adjustable SPM to handle those tough tresses.

Tips for Safely Grooming a Poodle

It is important to prepare for the grooming experience, as it can make clipping your pet easier.

First, loosen up the fur by bathing, brushing, and drying your dog. This ensures that the coat is easier and faster to groom, and cuts down on the friction caused by excess dirt and oils.

Next, find a comfortable spot for the grooming process. Get your dog nice and comfortable, provide lots of treats, and settle in for your dog’s next beauty session.

Just in case of any emergencies that might crop up during grooming, keep a dog first aid kit with some most commonly used medicines, bandages and plaster ready by your side.


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