Best Automatic Ball Launcher Review – Fetch Machine Buying Guide

///Best Automatic Ball Launcher Review – Fetch Machine Buying Guide
Best Automatic Ball Launcher Review – Fetch Machine Buying Guide

An automatic ball launcher can be a precious for a modern-day dog owner. As a matter of fact, these ball throwing machines (which is often called fetch machine or dog fetch machine), are incredibly fun to use. Using a fetch machine allows you to keep your dog engaged in sporty and dynamic activities when you are outdoors. Besides, a dog fetch machine can be a very effective device that can boost the training of your dog; it helps to develop characteristics like independence and thinking the ability of your dog. Therefore, investing in one of those ball throwing machines is a very wise approach to you are a dog owner.

Top auto fetching ball launchers

When you shop around for an automatic ball launcher, you may come across with a wide array of products. We have picked the best auto fetch machine products from this large collection and reviewed them for you.


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1.iDogmate Ball Launcher automatic dog ball thrower 

We have found that this automatic ball launcher comes with a wide array of features to keep your dog entertained and provide you a great deal of fun. You can set this auto fetch machine to throw the ball at different distances ranging from 10 to 50 feet. In order to make things more exciting, you can program this auto dog fetcher to launch the ball at random distances; your dog will keep guessing and that would help to eliminate any boredom. This auto fetch machine is designed to be compatible with Midi Balls (with 2 1/2 inches diameter) and these balls are gentler with your dog’s teeth. However, if necessary, you can use the standard tennis balls too. This auto dog fetcher can be powered by an AC adapter as well as by rechargeable batteries. Both the adapter and the batteries (which are Li-ion) are included in the package. The battery life of this auto fetching machine is pretty impressive; upon a single charge, you can expect about 1000 launches. Being one of the best auto fetching machines in the market, iDogmate ball launcher comes with a spacious tunnel (as large as 24 X 24 centimeters); it allows the dog to replace the ball more conveniently. iDogmate auto dog fetch machine can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings alike. This automatic dog ball thrower is made to be durable in structure and elegant in appearance. You can either let the dog play alone with this auto dog fetch machine if you prefer so.

Features we like

  • Can be programmed to fetch the ball at different distances

  • Spacious funnel to increase the convenience for dog

  • Matches with standard tennis balls

  • Can be powered either by Li-Ion batteries or AC

  • Long battery life

2.iFetch Too Interactive automatic ball thrower for dogs 

This is another superb automatic ball launcher designed to be really interactive. This special dog fetch machine can practically match full sized tennis balls easily and therefore, you don’t want to worry about finding matching balls at all. This dog fetch machine is powered by a built-in battery which is easily rechargeable. As a value addition, this auto dog ball thrower comes with 3 special tennis balls which are completely safe for your pet dog to play with. This auto dog ball thrower can easily be taken outdoors without having to worry about a power source. You can program this ball throwing machine to fetch the ball at different distances (10, 25 and 40 feet). You can give a good rest to your arm and still make keep your pet entertained if you have this ball throwing machine with you. As an assurance of the quality of this machine, you’ll get a one-year warranty. This automatic ball thrower for dogs machine is designed to last long thanks to the top quality materials used. Overall, a good quality machine that can offer you a good return on the money you invest.

Features we like

  • Perfectly adjustable fetching distance

  • Battery operated (better portability)

  • One year warranty

  • Comes with 3 special, pet-friendly tennis balls

3.PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher 

You may consider this automatic “fetch” machine to be one of the safest in the market today. It comes with a variety of sensors to assure the safety of your pets. For instance, if you or your dog stands in front of this automatic “fetch” machine (within 7 feet range), it will automatically detect it and prevent potential accidents. This automatic fetch toy for dogs is equipped with 9 different distance settings. On top of that, it has 6 angle settings to choose from. The maximum distance it can throw a ball is 30 feet. Adding more value to this superb automatic fetch toy for dogs comes with a one year warranty too. You can use this automatic ball launcher in outdoor settings as well as in indoor settings as long as there is enough space. In the absence of a power outlet, you can power this machine by using 6 D cell batteries and it is a great convenience in terms of portability. Making it more versatile, this ball thrower for dogs is made to be compatible with even the smaller sized balls in addition to the standard tennis balls. It can hold 3 balls at a time. Before each launch, this ball thrower for dogs produces an audible tone; it is a good strategy for your dog to learn how to respond to sounds. Depending on your requirement, you can simply program it. The overall design of the machine is pretty impressive. It is built to last long and therefore, we consider this automatic ball launcher to be one of the best products in the market today.

Features we like

  • Compatible with both standard and smaller sized tennis balls

  • Can be powered by batteries as well as by AC

  • 9 throwing distances to select from

  • Sensors to provide protection for your dog

  • Audible sounds before each throw

4.SmartPult Programmable Ball Launcher for dogs 

If you are looking for hi-end fetch machines for dogs, SmartPult should be a prominent option for you. However, this automatic dog fetching machine is best suits for small to medium sized dog breeds because of the smaller size balls it can carry; it supports smaller balls that has a diameter of 2 inches. This unique automatic dog fetching machine can hold up to 5 balls at once. This automatic ball launcher can throw the loaded balls at three different distances; 3, 6 and 8 meters. You can switch between the distances depending on the amount of activity you expect. One of the most notable differences between SmartPult and other fetch machines for dogs is that its integration with phone. You can download the app on your smartphone and control this auto fetch even from distance. If not, you can program this auto fetch unit and let the dog play as long as he likes. The connectivity can be established even with the Wi-Fi technology at home. The indicators of this auto fetch machine for dogs are pretty handy; they notify you every vital information for a better control.

Features we like

  • Controllable using the smartphone (through a mobile app)

  • Programmable machine

  • Can throw the ball at three difference distances

  • Easy to use

  • Can hold dog food

  • Can contain 5 balls at once

5.Playball Automatic Ball Launcher For Dogs 

This is another handy auto fetch machine for dogs and it is considered to be a very easy to use machine. This automatic ball thrower is capable of throwing the ball at three different distances; your dog can learn how to fetch the ball and place it again at the correct place without any fuzz. If you have a small dog, this automatic ball thrower should be among your preference list; this machine is made to throw smaller sized balls (that have diameter of 1.5 inches only). This auto dog ball thrower can be used in both indoors and outdoors alike; when you need it to use outdoors, you can power it simply by using 6 X “C” batteries. As a bonus, each auto dog ball thrower comes with three play balls which are resistant to saliva. These balls are better than the standard tennis balls in terms of the safety of your pet’s teeth. You may adjust the throwing distance depending on the availability of the space; there are three different distance settings to switch. This automatic dog ball launcher is made to be elegant in design and durable enough to sever your dog a long time. It is a highly portable machine. You may also consider this automatic dog ball launcher as a good gift idea too.

Features we like

  • Highly portable machine with elegant design

  • Easy to use

  • Ideal for small dogs

  • Three throwing distances to use

  • Comes with three saliva resistant balls

  • Battery operated

6.AFP Interactive automatic ball Launcher for Dogs

This is a relatively new automatic tennis ball launcher in the market and yet comes with a great set of features for your dog. This special ball fetch machine can help you to train your dog and provide him a lot of entertainment with interaction. The distances of this automatic tennis ball launcher can be adjusted between three main settings (between 10, 20 and 30 feet). You will find that this ball fetch machine suits most of the dogs regardless of their age. This automatic ball launcher is designed to work with the standard tennis balls in the market. This automatic fetch toy for dogs can be powered using either AC or 6 X C-sized batteries depending on your requirement. Since it can be powered by the batteries too, you don’t have to worry about its portability even when you travel with your dog. One of the most notable features we like about this machine is that is comes with a money back guarantee. This automatic ball Launcher is easier to use than most of the other products in the market. Moreover, the indication lights it has makes things easier for you.

Features we like

  • Adjustable distance levels (between 10, 20 and 30 feet)

  • Can be powered by batteries as well as by AC

  • Matches standard tennis balls

  • Suitable for both young and older dogs

  • Highly portable design

How to choose an automatic ball launcher

Choosing a good ball fetcher for your dog can be challenging as we mentioned at the beginning. Despite the large range of products with variety of features available, you can pick the best out of the rest if you do couple of basics right.

First, you should consider a machine that suits the size of the dog. If your dog is of a large breed, machines that throw smaller balls are not suitable for them; smaller balls will cause choking hazard for larger dogs.

If you intend to operate the machine outdoors mainly, it is always better to go for a machine that has a good battery life. Otherwise, you will have to recharge the machine constantly. The products offered with rechargeable batteries are more beneficial in this case.

Some machines come with additional features like sensors and audible notifications; this can be a real bonus for you to consider. Be smart enough to give prominence to the products that offer a guarantee. Before you purchase the automatic ball launcher, just go through the reviews left by the existing customers. Such approach might give you a clear idea about the standard of the product.


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