Best Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder Review – How to Use an Automatic Fish Feeder

///Best Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder Review – How to Use an Automatic Fish Feeder
Best Aquarium Automatic fish feeders reviews – how to use an automatic fish feeder

Fish keeping is not just a hobby, but it adds a new dimension to your life and gives you the same pleasure as keeping any other pet. Due to their maintenance, keeping fish is not a favorite hobby of most people. However, low maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Feeding the fish is a very delicate and cumbersome job that requires your complete attention. Feeding too much, your aquatic creatures die, feeding too little they starve. This is a common problem faced by every new aquarium owner. Not only the right amount of food should be given to the fish, but also at the right time. It might seem like a trouble, but the new age aquarium automatic fish feeder has solved the problem.

These smart devices may not look like much, but when you take into account the ease of feeding the fish they provide for the owners you get to understand the real worth of a high quality aquarium automatic fish feeder.

Working of the aquarium automatic fish feeder

These electronic devices are the automatic feeding machines with their own timer and food holder. You can mount the aquarium automatic fish feeder either on the top (mostly) or can stick it to the inside of the glass of the aquarium. These devices are calibrated to release the right amount of fish food at the set time interval. You can buy an aquarium automatic fish feeder which is battery operated or powered by electricity. There are some fish feeders that have both the features.

Most fish feeders have some container to hold the food which is divided into a number of cells. Usually, the aquarium automatic fish feeder has 8-28 cells, but customized fish feeders with advanced technologies can have even more cells. Availability of number of cells provides you the freedom to add a variety of food to the feeder that further allows you to provide a nourishing meal to your fish. Not only for feeding, you can also use the aquarium automatic fish feeder to provide medications to animals in the aquarium. You can automatically set the time on the device as per your preference as most modern day fish feeders are there with LCD screens that allow setting timer and also displays the amount of fish food left in the feeder.

If you are wondering about the applicability of the aquarium automatic fish feeder then be assured that your fish will get their daily diet on the right time and in the right amount. Most of the fish feeders can feed your fish anywhere between four to eight times a day. What’s even more interesting is that some of the high quality fish feeders can feed your fish up to a month without any human intervention.

With the manual fish feeders, the problem is that they are prone to clumping. When the food stored in the aquarium automatic fish feeder comes in contact with cool air it dampens and sticks to the walls of the cells. Instead of falling into the fish tank it clumps to the feeder opening, thereby blocking the machine. However, automatic fish feeders have a stir bar that prevents clumping of food. With the aquarium automatic fish feeder by your side you don’t have to worry about feeding your fish on time ever again. Even you get freedom from that guilt that bangs inside your head for not feeding your fish on time and leaving them to die.

Top five products on Amazon

Not that we have told you what an aquarium automatic fish feeder can do for you, it definitely got you curious. We understand that you want to get your hands on an automatic fish feeder as soon as you can but the problem is not every sold product in the market is worth your consideration. We took the challenge of finding the best aquarium automatic fish feeders for you. We can list products from anywhere but that will be kind of counter productive for this review. Here we are with the best aquarium automatic fish feeders on Amazon. We have picked on the best products that we found to be reliable and can be trusted with the delicate task of feeding your fish.


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1.Eheim Battery Operated Auto Fish Feeder

Eheim is a sought after name in the fish feeder market as it is known to provide the best products. You can use this aquarium automatic fish feeder to feed your fish eight times a day. Easy to program using the LCD screen you will never need any other feeder.

Its drum can hold up to 100 ml food and you can use it to feed not only fish but also frogs, turtles and newts. To set the amount of food released you can set the slider, but you are not limited to use it only for set times. With a manual release button you can feed your fish anytime you want.

Eheim Auto Fish Feeder Features:

  • An ideal fish feeder for every household

  • Failsafe timer that feeds fish everyday on time

  • Healthy fish with convenient and easy to use feeder

  • Intergrated set up to keep food dry

  • Easy set up with start guide

The fish feeder is designed to be reliable and durable. It comes with splash proof buttons and operates on 2 AA batteries. For warning you against low battery power it comes with a 2-stage battery level indicator.

2.GenLed Digital Aquarium Fish Feeder

If you own an aquarium with lots of fish to feed, we recommend the GenLed Digital Aquarium Fish Feeder. It is one of the heavy duty products that can be programmed to feed fish multiple times a day. To ensure that the food inside the dispenser remains dry and clump free, it is provided with an integrated system to keep moisture out.

We were amazed to find out that it can keep feeding the fish for days, even when you are out on vacations. Truly a reliable aquarium automatic fish feeder, you can will not be making a wrong choice with this fish feeder.

GenLed Digital Aquarium Fish Feeder Features:

  • High quality reliable fish feeder with simple operations

  • Mini sized, easy to install and convenient for small aquariums

  • Adjustable slider to increase or decrease the amount of food

  • Programmable digital timer

  • LCD screen warns about low battery power with a “Lo” display on screen

  • Smart design to prevent clumping and moisturization of food

Batteries that accompany the automatic fish feeder are long lasting. Still, you are provided with a power adaptor in case you run out of batteries. An easy to set up and use fish feeder altogether.

3.eBoTrade 900EB Automatic Fish Feeder

When you want something majestic to feed your fish, you choose the eBoTrade 900EB Automatic Fish Feeder. We were a little skeptical of all the hype surrounding this aquarium automatic fish feeder, but on reviewing we found it to be well deserving of all the praise.

Easy to use, operated on 2 AAA batteries and stylishly designed, this feeder can be used to provide meals 1 to 8 times a day. And when we say meal, we don’t imply only regular food but even flakes.

eBoTrade 900EB Automatic Fish Feeder Features:

  • Easily provide 1 to 8 feeds per day

  • Can even dispense flakes easily

  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries

  • Easy to adjust feed lever to control the amount of feed

  • Internal ventilation system with a fan to keep food dry

  • A moisture resistant hopper that can accommodate not only fish food, but flakes and crumbles

The power management in this automatic fish feeder is very efficient that means, you can rely on it to keep feeding your fish even when you are out for days. Only, thing is if you are not willing to spend little over on fish feeder this product may not be for you.

4.Heneng Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder

Heneng is one of the aquarium automatic fish feeders that have got the attention of the fish lovers, in spite of getting some low reviews from the users. The reality is you need to read the manual carefully to understand how this fish feeder works. This is the reason why the Heneng Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder is one of the top selling products on Amazon.

Operating on 2 AA batteries this fish feeder can store food that can last for about 3 weeks. It means you are free to go on vacations for weeks without worrying about your fish dying of starvation.

Heneng Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder Features:

  • Programmable timer to adjust the feeding times as per your requirements

  • A quantitative fish feeder that gives you the freedom to control the amount of food it dispenses

  • Easy to set up with the use of the installation manual

  • Can be stuck to the tank or mounted on the rim of the aquarium

  • Moisture resistant design to protect food from spoilage

  • Automatic and manual feeding options

If you are looking for a quality fish feeder, but do not require to feed your fish more than thrice a day, then the Heneng Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder is the most budget friendly fish feeders to invest in.

5.Amicc Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Tank Feeder

What most reviews have is most incompetent product for the last place in their list, but as we promised you we will only include the best selling aquarium automatic fish feeders in our review. The last product in our list is also a best seller on Amazon.

The Amicc Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Tank Feeder is another safe and convenient device which is simple to operate.

Amicc Aquarium Automatic Fish Food Tank Feeder Features:

  • Mini sized, ideal for small aquariums but can also be used with large ones

  • Increase or decrease the amount of food dispensed with a simple slider

  • Feed your fish up to 4 times a day

  • Smart LCD screen that indicated low operating power with a “Lo”

  • Operates on 2 AAA batteries

The only drawback we found in this aquarium automatic fish feeder is that there is no separate system to keep the food dry. It comes with a warning to keep the fish feeder above the tank to avoid dampening of food.

Benefits of automatic fish feeder

Automatic fish feeders are very useful for people who love to keep fish, but don’t have much time to take care of their aquatic pets. Feeding your fish with the right amount of food at the right time is very important. An aquarium automatic fish feeder is your best bet to take care of the nourishment needs of your aquatic pets without causing any trouble to their health. If you think why you should consider an aquarium automatic fish feeder, here the benefits to look forward to.

Variety in fish feed

Automatic fish feeders are the best devices to add variety to your fish food. Now if you maintain an aquarium with different species of the aquatic pets, you need to provide them with varied nutrition based on their nourishment requirements. Pellet is the most common fish food, but not every aquatic creature likes it. Also, in some cases you may need to provide some customized diet or medication to your fish, an automatic fish feeder is an excellent tool for feeding your fish with variety with no work on your part.

Convenient to schedule

How many times a week do you forget to feed the fish? I know the number is much greater than you admit, but I am not judging you. It is easy to forget to feed your fish when there are hundreds of other things to remember and your brain can retain only that much. The aquarium automatic fish feeder is a simple machine that allows you to set up a timer, to schedule the feeding time and you are done. What else remains to be done on your part is to check the fish feeder for battery life. In short a quality fish feeder makes it immensely easy and convenient for you to pet a high quality and stable aquatic habitat in your home.


It is not easy to pet aquatic animals as they require your unflickering devotion and care. Forget them even for a day, and you will realize that your wonderful and fantastic aquatic habitat is almost about to go extinct. I am not exaggerating the situation, but it is what it takes to own a healthy and flourishing aquatic life. A quality aquarium automatic fish feeder makes it easier for you to take care of your aquatic pets without any support from family and friends.

It means you get the freedom to go on vacations and holidays without mind boggling over who is going to take care of your aquarium and fish feeding. Even if you are not going out for days, but live in a house with kids not old enough to take care of feeding the fish, an automatic fish feeder will make your life a lot easier. All you have to do is to set the time, fill the cells with the fish food and forget about it. Your kids get to adore their own Nemo and Dory, without having to take the responsibility to feed them three or four times a day.

These are the few major benefits that make it inevitable for every aquarium owner to buy an automatic fish feeder. These smart devices will make taking care of your aquatic pets a lot simpler and easier.

Best Aquarium Automatic fish feeders reviews – how to use an automatic fish feeder

How to use an aquarium automatic fish feeder

Now that you have understood how beneficial it can be for you to invest in an aquarium automatic fish feeder, here is a simple guide on how to use these devices.

Preparing the feeder

Before you proceed with preparing and assembling the automatic fish feeder for installation and use, you should inspect the device for any loose or damaged components. Often cheap fish feeders have broken cells that store food. You need to thoroughly inspect the cells. The fish feeders we have listed in our review are the best products. Additionally, as they are Amazon assured you need not to worry about any damages.

After unpacking the fish feeder you need to connect it to a power source if it is electrically powered. For battery operated devices, insert 2 AA batteries that will activate the display screen. The automatic fish feeder as a dispensing door that opens when the food from the cells is dispensed by the device. You can adjust the setting of the dispensing door. Most manufacturers advise to use the dispensing doors at the maximum setting.

Do not use the hopper to fill the food in the cells before you clean the hopper. This step should be carried out with care. If the hopper is not clean it can pollute the fish food that can result in spoilage and harm the pets.

Adjusting the feed amount

There are two ways to adjust the feed amount in the automatic fish feeders. Most of these devices have an adjustable dispensing door that controls the amount of food released at each feeding cycle. But, there are some aquarium automatic fish feeders that require you to fill measured food amount into the cells.

Pro tip-Commonly, most aquarium fish require only 1-3 feeding a day. As a rule it is advised to set the amount of food to the limit that fish can consume within 5 to 10 seconds. This will prevent any cloudiness or ammonia problem that can cause imbalance deadly to aquatic life.

Fish lover’s Testimonials

There is no better way to conclude this aquarium automatic fish feeder review than to include the testimonials from some of the fish lovers who tried these devices. We ensure you that we are not in any way connected to these reviewers and these are unbiased testimonials.

“Nobody can ever convince me to buy any supplies related to fish care online. I so much love my aquarium and the healthy habitat I have nurtured over the years, but it became difficult to feed the fish as I got the job. It was then I decided to invest in an aquarium automatic fish feeder. Mind you, I am very skeptic towards using anything automatic to take care of my aquarium, so I supervised its working for a whole week…… long story short, you will be too naïve to not get automatic fish feeders even if you live with your pets 24x7.”

– Melissa—Delaware

“Another smart device! This was my first reaction when I got to see automatic fish feeders while shopping for Tetra from my fish. Weird as it may sound, but I ordered one of the automatic feeders without thinking (am a serious shopaholic), an Amazon service is the feeder and Tetra arrived within 24 hours. I must say I was thrilled to see the manual and how easy it is to use an aquarium automatic fish feeder. There are many things to be told about these devices, but the one I want to focus on is it’s a REAL DEAL FOR FISH LOVERS.”

– T.P.- Illinois

“Everyone must have read about the fish feeders, am not going to waste my testimonial on what they are or whether you buy them or not. Instead, I am going to keep it short, and tell you how exactly an aquarium automatic fish feeder is the most elegant and simple fish care product ever. You insert 2 AA batteries in the feeder and make the device sit on the glass canopy of the aquarium. You pull out the cell tray and fill the food or medication. Set the timer and forget about it.

However, I want to warn you my fish feeder never came with any alarm mechanism to notify you about batteries or food if it runs out of any. This requires your attention and you need to periodically check your fish feeder for these issues.”

– Loco – Austin


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