Top Best Self Closing Toilet Seat Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Top Best Self Closing Toilet Seat Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Top Best Self Closing Toilet Seat Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

It is really disgusting to touch those toilet seats. Not only its gross to think about, but also because there are over 50 different kinds of bacteria on the bathroom toilet seats. These bacteria can be really dangerous and cause severe illness. It is a concern for adults as well as a severe threat to kids who usually grab the seat. You definitely don’t want your kids or family to suffer from such a condition that can be easily fixed with the use of self closing toilet seat.

On the market there are several kinds of self close toilet seats available that make your toilet a lot more hygienic and easy to use. It’s high time you modify your traditional toilet with the automatic toilet seat closer. However, the choice of the auto toilet can be really tricky if you do not know what to look for. In this review, we will be detailing all the factors that are necessary to consider in a best self closing toilet seat. Also, we will list the top six self closing toilet seats that are automatic or half automatic with light touch functions available on Amazon, which are positively reviewed and best selling products.

Top Six Self Closing Toilet Seats Available On Amazon


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Flush Down

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1. Brondell S300-EW Toilet Seat – BEST CHOICE

If you always thought that the automatic self closing toilet seat can be availed only in a particular design then the Brondell S300-EW Toilet Seat is here to change your views. This marvelous self closing toilet seat has a bidet design that you may find unorthodox but highly comfortable. Slightly on the expensive scale the Brondell S300-EW Toilet Seat is one of the best automatic closing toilet seats in our list of top six.

It is provided with advanced features like heated seat, automatic toiler closer and a wireless controller. You should be ready to get surprised with the new bidet cleansing system of this product if you relied on toilet paper use till now.


  • Very easy to install, can be put up in less than an hour

  • Highly durable and reliable

  • High grade material

  • Excellent pressure and temperature adjustments

  • Dual nozzles

  • Energy saving eco mode


  • Some users may find the bidet design unorthodox

  • Seat size is small

2. TOTO Washlet C100 Toilet Seat  

The TOTO Washlet C100 Toilet Seat is one of those rare self closing toilet seats that simply make you sit on the toilet entire day. The ergonomic design and comfortable warm seat is something every person wants in his toilet. If you are ready for the next generation of automatic closing toilet seat then the TOTO Washlet C100 Toilet Seat is for you.

It features automatic closing and a wireless controller that controls temperature, spray pressure, water volume and bidet arm. The toilet seat closer is silent. You will give up on toilet paper use once you use the bidet system.


  • Bidet cleaning system entirely eliminates the toilet paper

  • Heated seat feature for comfort during winters

  • Highly intuitive controls for bidet arm, temperature, spray pressure and water volume

  • For energy savings there is smart energy feature

  • Automatic deodorizer and dryer


  • Need professional help for installation

  • Vent blower is noisy

3. TOSHIBA SCS-T160 toilet seat  

TOSHIBA SCS-T160 toilet seat is a true representation of Japanese advanced technology in consumer goods. Designed specifically for winter use, if you live in a cold climate then you will like this self closing toilet seat. The warm water setting automatically keeps the water warm. The number of infrared sensors embedded into this auto closing toilet seat, auto start the deodorizer to ensure your bathroom smells nice every time.

The self close toilet seats have to be absolutely touch free and the TOSHIBA SCS-T160 is exactly that with an attached remote. You can control all its features with the remote without touching the seat.


  • Installation is easy

  • Cleaning is also easy

  • Heated seat designed for harsh winter climates

  • Multiple sensor control

  • Automatic opening and closing

  • Hygienic washing feature

  • Remote is attached


  • Usage instructions are in Japanese

4. Flush Down Automatic Toilet Seat 

Open toilet is a fairy ground for young kids and pets to play. We adults are disgusted by it but not kids or our pets. The Flush Down Automatic Toilet Seat is an ideal solution to keep pets and kids away from the open toilet. This automatic toilet seat closer operated mechanically. Once you flush it silently closes itself. Designed to fit most standard toilets this automatic self closing toilet seat is made from durable plastic and is easy to install.


  • Slow close technology

  • Mechanical auto toilet, needs no batteries or power supply

  • Easy to install reading instructions

  • Designed to fit most standard toilets


  • Not fit for larger people

5. KOHLER K-4636-0 Elongated Toilet Seat – HOT CHOICE

KOHLER is known to be the leader of the bathroom supplies. This self closing toilet seat from the brand lives up to its reputation of being simply the best. The KOHLER K-4636-0 Elongated Toilet Seat is not only ergonomic designed and functional but it is also highly affordable. This auto closing toilet seat is powered with the Quiet Close technology that means you don’t have to hear any banging toilet seat noises any more. Having the auto toilet seat closer gives you all the benefits of not getting germs on your hand anymore.


  • Designed to be compatible with all toilet designs

  • Can be easily installed, removed and cleaned

  • Made from solid polypropylene material

  • Resistant to chipping,fading, peeling and staining

  • Enabled with quiet close technology to avoid noisily operation

  • Ergonomic design


  • The bolts are reported by some users to be not sturdy enough

6. Lotus ATS-909 Advanced Smart Toilet Seat  

All the automatic closing toilet seats is our list so far have been somewhat similar in terms of features but the Lotus ATS-909 Advanced Smart Toilet Seat comes with an addition of Purestream Function Heated Seat for Constipation Relief function that is truly remarkable. This self closing toilet seat is provided with all the smart features like temperature controlled wash, bidet design and warm air dryer.

With a five year warranty you can use this auto toilet seat closer to your heart’s content without worrying about any damages. The Lotus Hygiene ATS-909’s PureStream function releases a soothing stream of focused water at ambient temperature that relaxes the bowels.


  • Purestream Constipation Relief Function

  • Push-button rear wash

  • Massage feature

  • Warm air dryer

  • Temperature control

  • Carbon deodorizer

  • Warm seat with temperature control

  • Self cleansing nozzle


  • Fan is too loud

What to consider before buying a self closing toilet seat

Those days are far gone when you selected the toilet seats just based on their softness. Now you no longer select a toilet seat closer based on its size such as if it is round or elongated, but you need to be more informed than the size of the seats these days. The modern day toilets have more to offer and you need to consider the factors you will want in an ideal self closing toilet seat.

First of all you need to look for a seat that closes softly. An automatic closing toilet seat may be convenient, but there is no point in buying one that bangs hard while closing or opening. You will not want to awake at the disturbing sound of the toilet seat in the middle of the night. The products we have listed above have a controlled soft closing so that there is no noise in operating it.

You may also want to consider how advanced features you want in your automatic closing toilet seat. There are self closing toilet seats that open automatically as you walk closer to them, which means you don’t even have to push a button to open them. The self closing functionality ensures that you never have an open lid when your partner walks in. Interestingly, studies show that the self closing toilet seat is actually affecting relationships positively.

Then there are some toilet seats, which arms that make them safer for kids and elders. While you may not necessarily need one with this kind of arrangement, but if you have elders in your home it can be useful.

Toilet Lid Vs Seat

Another important consideration is to know the difference between a toilet lid and a seat. The toilet lid covers the toilet bowl and it is part that prevents the entire hole from showing. On the other hand the toilet seat is the one on which you sit to be comfortable and this is why it is usually padded.


Self closing toilet seat saves you a great deal. It protects you from germs, keeps kids and pets safe and not to mention avoids germ infection. Consider the best automatic seat closers we reviewed here.


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