Top 6 Best Spice Grinder Review–Ultimate Guide for Buyers

///Top 6 Best Spice Grinder Review–Ultimate Guide for Buyers
Top 6 Best Spice Grinder Review–Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Spices add flavor to our life and not just to our meals and beverages. The real flavor of the spices can be truly tasted when they are freshly grinded and used. It is easy to buy the pre-ground spices and herbs from the market, but the problem is most spices and herbs have deplorable nature. This means pre-grounded spices are not that healthy and if you want to reap the health benefits of the fresh herbs and spices, you need to grind them fresh. You will need a quality spice grinder if you don’t want to get stuck with the Stone Age mortal and pestles.

Using quality spice grinders you can easily improve the quality of the spices you prepare at home. These grinders are designed to be efficient that makes it a lot easier to grind fresh spices and herbs almost instantly which is almost a chore when you use mortar and pestles. That being said, it is necessary to pick a spice grinder only after thorough research of the features and the pros and cons of a product. You can use the buying guide we are sharing here to pick the best herb grinder. If you are not so much of a hustler, then we have listed the best 6 spice grinders available on Amazon.

Top 6 Spice Grinders Available on Amazon

You can broadly categorize the spice grinders as-Manual and Automatic or Electric. The products in our top 6 list are from the both categories. So pick, one based on your preference.


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Chromium Crusher

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Bazaar Anatolia

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Zip Grinders

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1. KRUPS F203 Spice and Coffee Grinder 


Featuring at the top of the best 6 spice grinders list, the KRUPS F203 Spice and Coffee Grinder is the most spacious grinder on the list with a 3 ounce capacity. We included at position one because, even it is one of the most versatile spice and coffee grinder, still it is highly affordable.

This designer product will look great in your kitchen. Stainless steel blades with BPA-free body and a powerful 200-watt motor make KRUPS F203 incredibly efficient. The 3 ounce capacity is enough to grind spices for a very large meal or grind 12 cups of coffee in on go.


  • Safety switch which is activated by the lid

  • 3 ounce capacity

  • Heavy duty powerful motor

  • Stainless steel durable blades


  • Receiving bin is messy

2. Chromium Crusher 1.6 Inch Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder 


We simply loved the portability of this magnificent Chromium Crusher 1.6 Inch Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder. You will fall in love with this grinder instantly once you get to know about its features. This 4-piece grinder is designed to be lightweight and portable, so that you can take it along whenever you travel.

Powered with a simple grinding technology, this manual tool has heavy duty grinding teeth can grind any spice or herb easily. There is a mesh screen below the grinding area to filter the pollen and a storage compartment below the mesh.


  • Made from BPA free parts

  • Slim and compact, designed to be portable

  • Durable aluminum alloy built

  • Durable teeth that are chip and dull resistant

  • Lifetime warranty


  • You cannot grind wet spices

3. Secura Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder 


Secura is known for providing high quality and reliable products and this spice grinder is yet another example of their brand value. If you have a large family and need to grind herbs and spices in large quantities then this is the product for you. You can even grind coffee with this electricity powered tool. Basically, you do not have to do any of the heavy lifting, you can grind spices almost instantly.

An elegantly designed coffee and herb grinder, this product looks good in any kitchen. Stainless steel case keeps the grinder protected.


  • Heavy duty motor

  • Stainless steel heavy duty blades

  • Safety lock for lid

  • Durable and sturdy stainless steel case

  • Smart protection against overheat protection


  • Motor is of low grade

4. Bazaaranatolia Turkish Spice Grinder 


Turkish kitchenware is nothing short of art and true display of craftsmanship and the same is reflecting in this Bazaaranatolia Turkish Grinder. This 4.2” grinder is design with silver theme that makes it look alluring. Not only herbs and spices, you can easily grind pepper, coffee and salt with this manual spice mill.

The high quality blades used in this Turkish Grinder are durable that can easily grind the hardest spice. Stainless steel build and honed edges make them efficient in their job. The impressive feature of the Bazaaranatolia Turkish Herb Grinder is that you can easily adjust the coarseness, which means you can choose to have powdered, medium or smooth herbs.


  • Manual process, easy to handle

  • Brass case is durable

  • Coarseness level can be adjusted

  • Grind even coffee

  • Grinding blades are durable

  • Low maintenance


  • Low internal volume

5. Large Herb Grinder from Zip Grinders  


If you are not willing to spend a lot on spice grinders and want a product at highly affordable price, then the Zip Grinders’ Large Herb Grinder is a product you need to consider. Do not waste your money on some cheap quality herb grinder, but this durable product with diamond teeth and 4-in-1 versatile design.

It is one of the most powerful manual portable spice grinders because of its diamond teeth that can grind almost any spice or herb you out on them.


  • 4-in-1 versatile design

  • Aluminum case makes it durable

  • 49 durable and sturdy diamond teeth

  • Backed with Money back guarantee

  • Large storage chamber

  • Designed to be portable


  • None

6. KitchenAid BCG111OB Spice and Coffee Grinder 


You will enjoy grinding spice and herbs in the KitchenAid BCG111OB oxy blade grinder. You get a clear top to see your spices getting grounded. A one touch button makes operating this herb grinder a play. Speaking of performance and power, this tool is design to grind coffee and can easily grind hardest herbs and spices.

KitchenAid BCG111OB is a power efficient grinder that you can use on daily basis.


  • Power efficient system

  • Powerful motor

  • 4 ounce capacity

  • Stainless steel durable blades

  • Designed to be low maintenance

  • Easy controls


  • Coarseness is not adjustable

What to consider before buying a spice grinder

What seems like a daunting chore to many people, can be easily broken down into step-by-step process. Buying a quality spice and herb grinder is a lot easier if you know what exactly is to look for in a product. You need a reliable marketplace to begin your search, and there is no better shop than the Amazon. Second, you need to have a budget. Now you grinders of what price ranges you can afford. Now move on to the features as listed below:


With their evolution from the basic mortar and pestles design the herb grinders have improved in design. Your primary concern while picking a spice and herb grinder should be whether you want an automatic or a manual design. Both the designs have some consideration. While the automatic grinders are more powerful and efficient they are expensive and high maintenance. On the other hand, manual grinders do not require power to run and are efficient but they are slow, which makes them unfit for high quantity grinding. Choose a product keeping your requirements into account.


As mentioned above you will need to know how much spices you can grind in one go in a grinder. Small grinders are fit for small jobs but if you have a large family, or you prepare meals on large scale you will need a high capacity spice and herb grinder. Again, the small capacity grinders are cheaper and easy to maintain and vice versa.


Blade is the real deal in a spice grinder. If you are not considering the blade design and built of a grinder then you are going to regret. Grinding is a highly demanding job and a grinder is as good as its blade. If you want a product that lasts long in your kitchen, then you will need to choose a product with durable and quality tested blade. Select a grinder with a blade which is corrosion resistant and can easily grind the hardest spices.


Spice grinders are not like other products, you use them to grind ingredients you use in your food. This is why materials used in building the product are important as cheap plastic with substances like phthalates and BPA will seriously harm your health. Check the materials used in building a grinder and how durable they are.


If you are not up for fidgeting a lot with your grinder, it is advised to choose on with low maintenance. Expensive spice grinders with a lot of moving parts demand high maintenance and can also break down easily. It is best in your interest to choose one with easy maintenance.


Spice add flavor to your meals. The best flavors and health benefits of the spices and herbs can only be reaped when they are grounded fresh. This is why you need a quality spice grinder which is powerful as well as safe.


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