Top 6 Best Pizzelle Maker Review – Top Chef’s Choices

///Top 6 Best Pizzelle Maker Review – Top Chef’s Choices
Top 6 Best Pizzelle maker Review – Top Chef’s Choices

Pizzelle is a traditional Italian cookie variety that has won the hearts of many dessert lovers. As of today, Pizzelle has crossed seas and this delicious cookie has become a very popular among many nations across the globe. The main ingredients used to make this mouthwatering cookie are flour, sugar, butter, eggs and oil (vegetable oil). Usually, Pizzelle cookies become a common sight particularly during special occasions such as Easter and Christmas. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until the next Easter or Christmas to enjoy a Pizzelle; if you have the right kind of Pizzelle maker, you can easily make these delicious cookies at home and let your family members be pleasantly surprised. To make your Pizzelle easily and deliciously, it is important that you purchase the correct product out of the rest. Read this review and get an idea about the best Pizzelle maker products in the market today.

Best Pizzelle Cookie Maker Review

Let’s take a look at the most promising Pizzelle maker products available on Amazon, the largest online market place. These products are handpicked considering their features, ease of use, durability, price and many other important aspects.


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01.CucinaPro Non-Stick Pizzelle maker 220-05NS 

This is an excellent choice if you need to make best Pizzelle at home and make your family members overwhelmed. It is made with convenient non-stick characteristics. As a measure to assure the safety of the user, this product is manufactured with a steam guard feature. It can practically protect your hands from potential burns when removing the Pizzelle. The extra thick backing plates integrated in this Pizzelle maker ensures that the heat is distributed evenly to bake your Pizzelle perfectly. It is designed to be cleaned easily; you don’t want to spend hours cleaning it. And that is one reason for the increasing popularity of this useful kitchen tool. You can make 5” cookies at once because of its handy design. This 5” cookie is the perfect size that ensures a good bite. It is manufactured with finest materials to ensure a longer lifespan. When it comes to cleaning, it can be cleaned only by using hands; it is not a dishwasher friendly unit, you should remember. This Pizzelle baker delivers a beautiful, intricate texture which is capable of adding more delight to your tea table.

Main features

  • Makes Pizzelle cookies in no time

  • Extra thick backing plates to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly

  • Creates 5” cookies


  • Can make two Pizzelle cookies at once

  • Easy to clean

  • Nonstick characteristics

  • Intricate texture


  • It doesn’t have an indicator light

  • Finishing time might vary

02.VillaWare V3850 Quattro Pizzelle Baker 

This is an express Pizzelle baker that can produce delicious, well baked Pizzelle cookies within 30 seconds. It can make Pizzelle cookies with the size of 3 ¼”. Because of the specially designed grind hinge technology, you can expect ultra-thin Pizzelle from this wonderful device. It is equipped with 4 plates in order to make the device more user-friendly. Thanks to the special Xylan coating applied on the plates, this device features an excellent nonstick characteristics. This nonstick coating increases the accuracy of the Pizzelle you make while making it easy to clean. You don’t need to use any abrasives to clean this Pizzelle baker. As a protective measure to keep the user’s hands safe from steam, it comes with a dedicated steam guard. It has an indicator light to let you know when the Pizzelle is ready. In terms of appearance, this baker comes with a superb intricate texture. You can convert the pizzelles into cones if necessary (before they gets cold).

Main features

  • Creates super thin pizzelle cookies with 3 ¼” diameter

  • Makes 4 pizzelle cookies at once

  • Protects your hand from steam

  • Special Xylan coating on the plates


  • Nonstick characteristics for better user experience

  • Indicator light

  • Can create cones


  • Sometimes, you might feel that it bakes too fast

03.Palmer Pizzelle maker Classic 

If you are looking for a basic pizzelle maker design made with finest quality materials, this can be a product to consider. It is manufactured with super strong, durable aluminum plates for a precise baking process. It has a five-year warranty period and that explains the quality of the product. The body of this cookie maker is manufactured with cast iron material in order to assure the strength and the durability of the product. It can make two 5” pizzelles at once. Although it is considered to be a basic pizzelle making unit, it can ensure that you make your pizzelles within a very short period (without compromising the taste) compared to the traditional bakers. The traditional looking, intricate texture of the plates increases the value of this product.

Main features

  • It is capable of making two cookies at once

  • Comes with a basic design

  • No complex features


  • Can produce crisp cookies

  • Easy to operate

  • Durable and strong in design

  • 5 years warranty to assure the quality


  • Can be sticky

  • Cookies can be too thick

04.Chef’s Choice 839 Krumkake Express 

This is a highly efficient product that comes with a couple of advance features to make the pizzelle making process easier. It comes with an instant temperature recovery feature so that the unit is ready to make pizzelle cookies all the time. It has a traditional looking, intricate design to allow you to make the best pizzelle cookies. Using the plastic shaper given with this pizzelle baker, you can roll the pizzelles into corn shapes effortlessly. It comes as a nonstick device facilitating you to make good looking pizzelles. The nonstick feature also makes the cleaning process easier. In order to assure a better usability, this device comes with a handy indicator light to notify you when the baking is finished. It carries a convenient and compact design with a special compartment to store the power code that can save considerable amount of space and eliminate clutter. The color select dial (from gold to brown) assures you bake the perfect cookie with excellent accuracy. It comes with one-year warranty.

Main features

  • Instant temperature recovery feature

  • Color select dial for precise baking

  • Compact design to save space

  • Inbuilt compartment to store the code inside


  • Indicator light to notify when the baking is done

  • Ease of use

  • Nonstick

  • Added plastic shaper to make cones easier

  • Intricate, traditional looking texture


  • Makes one pizzelle at a time

  • Plastic shaper is not that strong

  • Warranty is limited to one year

05.Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press 

Take a look at this impressive pizzelle baker; it is manufactured to bake two pizzelles at once. It can make pizzelles with the size of 4”. This special pizzelle press is designed just for the modern families; it comes with the convenience of an indicator light. This handy light can let you know when your pizzelle cookies are baked and ready. You don’t need to be a professional pastry maker to get the best use of this smart device; it is all about experiencing the user-friendliness of the modern technology. Once the baking is done, you can perfectly store it in a very small space) just wrap the cord around the base of this pizzelle maker and ensure that no clutter in your kitchen. You can store it upright making it more space efficient. The locking lid of this baker makes sure that the heat is evenly spread and the pizzelle gets an even brown color. As a value addition, this product comes with a measuring spoon and rolling dowel. It has traditional intricate decorations as patterns.

Main features

  • It makes two pizzelles at once (each with the size of 4”)

  • Smart indicator light to notify when the baking is done

  • Locking lid to assure even heat


  • Compact design with upright storage position to save space

  • Comes with a measuring spoon a rolling dowel

  • Intricate, traditional texture


  • Overheat after extended use

  • Some users have complained about occasional errors in the indicator light

06.Chef’s Choice 835 Pizzelle Pro Express Bake 

This is an express pizzelle maker that can make 3 pizzelles (with a diameter of 3”) at once. To make 3 pizzelles it takes less than 60 seconds. It has nonstick plates to bake precisely and ensure that it is easy to clean. Can store upright saving more space. Thanks to the electronic controls, you will find this pizzelle baker more user-friendly. As value additions, it comes with a batter spoon, wooden cannoli-dowel and pizzelle recipes. Since you can wrap the cord around the unit, you can reduce clutter.

Main features

  • Makes three pizzelles at once (with a diameter of 3”)

  • Electronic controls for better pizzelle making

  • Upright storage to save space


  • Nonstick design

  • Makes 3 pizzelles within 60 seconds

  • Instant heat recover

  • Indicator light

  • Added batter spoon and cannoli dowel


  • It can get sticky

  • Not the most durable product in the market

What to consider before buying the right pizzelle maker

Here are some of the important factors should consider before purchasing a pizzelle maker.

Do you make pizzelle cookies regularly?

If you make pizzelle occasionally, it is always better to go for an electric pizzelle making machine. You must know that electrical pizzelle making devices are not that durable compared to the regular, traditional ones. However, electrical machines are better in the context of user-friendliness.

Are you an expert in pizzelle making?

Well, if you possess enough experience in pizzelle making, you can just go with a traditional pizzelle making machine. However, if you are a novice, it is better to go for an electric product. Modern pizzelle making machines come with several indicators and controllers to guide you towards the process, which is a great benefit for any beginner level user.

Are you in hurry?

If you prefer a fast, instant pizzelle making process, you should go for an electric machine instead of a traditional one. However, if you are willing to accept the slowness of the traditional pizzelle making process and enjoy the authentic pizzelle, you may opt to a cast iron (old-school) maker.

The space left to hold overflown batter

If your pizzelle making machine has enough space to hold the overflown batter substances, that is a great benefit particularly if you are a beginner (as you lack of control when pouring). Otherwise, you are likely to spill the batter over the place.

How to use the pizzelle maker?

If you haven’t use a pizzelle maker yet, here’s how to use such machine.

Find a spacious place to start your process. In general, you will have to spend about 30 minutes making pizzelle (it may vary depending on the number if pizzelle you make). You can even choose an open area.

Once you are ready with the surrounding, you should open the top lid of the machine before plugging it in and apply some oil inside the plates (on the texture). This is becomes helpful when it comes to taking the baked pizzelle out as well as during cleaning.

Plug the device in and wait until it heats (the indicator will let you know that depending on the model). Once it is ready, apply the batter on the center of each texture (if you have multiple plates inside).

You will get a notification when the pizzelle is ready; open the lid and use a spatula to take off the cookie. Don’t use any sharp points on the pizzelle maker (as it may damage the nonstick coating).


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