Top 6 Best Mini Microwave Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

///Top 6 Best Mini Microwave Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers
Top 6 Best Mini microwave Review – Guide to Choose

Microwave ovens are among the most useful and safe kitchen appliances available around. All the modern households own these handy appliances particularly because of the immense convenience they deliver. However, when you have limited space in your kitchen and need to give preference to the portability, the size of the oven might become a decisive factor. In that case, you will have to opt to a mini microwave oven instead of a standard sized oven. As a consumer, it is possible for you to see that there are a large number of mini microwave ovens in the market; it can be a challenging task to tell the best products apart. Take a look at this mini microwave review before you shop around; it will give you an idea about the best products available on Amazon.

Best mini microwave Review

We have listed down the top six products available in the Amazon; these products are hand picked determining their usability, features, size and customer reviews. This information can be a very useful guideline for you when selecting the best mini microwave oven.


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01.Westinghouse WCM660B 600 Watt Counter Top Rotary Microwave Oven 

A very user-friendly design that comes with six cooking levels to select (from high to low). These six levels permit you to pick the best mode for the respective preparation. It is associated with a timer (you can schedule it for 30 minutes at max) which gives you an audible notification once the cooking is done. It doesn’t come with complex mechanism; the mechanical rotary dial offers you a basic but very convenient operation. It has a cooking power of 600 watts and has up to 0.6 cubic feet capacity. This compact sizes Microwave oven can be a superb choice for those who are living in limited spaces such as apartments and dorms. Perfectly suitable to prepare a meal, defrost, heat leftovers and several other ‘food-related’ tasks essentially for an individual. The design is simple and straightforward. The grip of the handle is perfect and comfortable; no sharp or pointy edges are present in the body of the oven. Depending on your personal interest, you can go for black or white design.

Main features

  • It comes with a capacity of 0.6 cubic feet (which is adequate for individual use)

  • 30 minutes timer

  • Six heating levels to match different purposes

  • Mechanical rotary dial


  • Audible notification at the end of cooking

  • Very convenient to use

  • Smooth edges and comfortable grip of the handle

  • Affordable


  • Turntable may make some noise after some time

02.Whirlpool WMC20005YB 0.5 Cu. Ft. Black Countertop Microwave 

This is a small microwave oven comes under the renowned brand Whirlpool. It has a very compact design. It has a capacity of 0.5 cubic feet in total and therefore, it is perfect for an individual who lives in a small apartment, studio house or a dorm where limited space is available. The sleek design it has makes it more suitable for smaller residences. The rounded back of this oven ensures that this product matches to the cornered perfectly without utilizing the precious space available. No matter how small your kitchen is, this special compact sized microwave oven can fit it. Although it has a very small and sleek design, it can accommodate even a full dinner plate without any trouble particularly because of the large glass turntable. Going beyond the mechanical operations, this small microwave oven offers you a comprehensive blue LED display and a touch control for precise and easy cooking process. It is modern in design and really compact in size. Adding more value to its functionality, this small microwave oven comes with 10 cooking power levels. You can make popcorn pretty easily with this oven using the special ‘Quick Touch Popcorn Button’.

Main features

  • Sleek and compact design for better space utilization

  • LED display with touch controls

  • 0.5 cubic feet capacity ideal for an individual


  • Larger table turner to accommodate even a full dinner plate

  • 10 power cooking levels

  • Quick touch popcorn buttons for added convenience


  • The touch controls of the oven may be too sensitive at times

03.Bella 700-Watt Compact Microwave Oven 

If you are looking for a stylish, elegant and modern small microwave oven, this might be an excellent match for you. It has a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet. To make it possible to cook and heat many food and beverages with great accuracy, it comes with 10 cooking power levels. It is made with advanced features, going beyond the basic features; the digital control with LED display gives a perfect convenience to the user when preparing and heating different food varieties. It also has a 6 cooking presets (Popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage and dinner plate) that can be activated with one-touch operation. Thanks to the 10” turntable, this microwave oven can accommodate most of the standard sized dinner plates. Making it more user-friendly, it can store custom heat settings that match custom different foods and snacks. It also has a keyboard lock function which can be useful if you need to prevent unauthorized access.

Main features

  • 700 watt small microwave oven with 0.7 cubic feet capacity

  • Digital display with touch controls for an easy operation

  • 10” turntable to accommodate most of the standard dinner plates


  • 10 power cooking levels

  • Can save custom cooking settings

  • 6 cooking presets to access with one-touch functionality

  • Keypad lock to prevent unauthorized access


  • Cannot accommodate a large bag of popcorn

  • Some users have noticed over sensitiveness in the touchpad

04.Danby DMW7700BLDB 0.7 cu. ft. Microwave Oven 

This is a stylish small microwave oven with an excellent design. The outer appearance itself has a simplified design and yet the oven comes with excellent features to make your life easier. It generates a cooking power of 700 watts despite the compact size. 6 cooking presets are integrated with this handy small microwave oven and these settings can be accessed with a single touch operation. These presets includes (Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Frozen Vegetable, Beverage and Dinner Plate) that can make your busy life easier. Thanks to the compact size of this microwave oven, it can perfectly match your small kitchen, cottage, dorm or any other place that has limited space. The touch pad is easy to use and looks elegant. It also comes with three specialty programs that allow you to cook by weight, defrost by weight and speed defrost. It is a good match for those who prefer compactness and convenient functionality together.

Main features

  • 700 watt operation

  • Small microwave oven with 0.7 cubic feet capacity

  • Digital display with touch controls that ensures an easy operation


  • Six presets (Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Frozen Vegetable, Beverage and Dinner Plate) to facilitate an easy operation

  • Three specialty programs to cook depending on the type of the food

  • Beautiful design


  • Some users complain about a noise in the turntable operation

05.RCA RMW733-BLACK Microwave Oven 

This product comes with the reputation of the RCA brand. It has an electronic touchpad to ensure a better usability and convenience. This mini microwave oven has a cooking power of 700 watts which is good enough for an individual or a couple to heat, defrost and prepare a regular meal. Because of the compact size, it gives you the opportunity to save some valuable space from your kitchen. It delivers 10 power levels permitting you a precise cooking process. As an added safety feature, it comes with child lock functionality too. There are 6 preset cooking options integrated with this oven; these presets can be accessed with a single touch to the delight of busy users. The price is pretty reasonable compared to many other expensive small microwave owns in the market.

Main features

  • 700 watt cooking power

  • It has a 0.7 cubic feet capacity, which is adequate for an individual or a couple

  • Digital display with touch controls for a better and user-friendly operation


  • Six useful heat presets (Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Frozen Vegetable, Beverage and Dinner Plate)

  • Three specialty programs

  • Affordable price tag


  • Cannot accommodate a large popcorn bag

  • No 30 second button

06.Magic Chef Mcm990B 0.9 Cubic Feet 900-Watt Microwave with Digital Touch 

This is a relatively larger microwave oven compared to the other items on this list; this mini microwave oven has a capacity of 0.9 cubic feet and comes with a cooking power of 900 watts. This small microwave is designed with a black cabinet and a black front so it matches all the interior settings. It has 10 power levels and a kitchen times to ensure that you prepare your food precisely. In order to increase the safety of this small microwave oven, manufacturers have included a Child Safety Lock. The control panel is conveniently designed with 6 preset options (you can activate them with a single touch. Compared to many products in the market, this mini microwave oven comes with a pretty affordable price tag too.

Main features

  • 0.9 cubic feet capacity and 900 watt cooking power

  • 10 power levels to facilitate better cooking

  • Child safety lock


  • Convenient control panel for easy operation

  • Affordable price

  • 6 presets with easy one-touch operation


  • Slightly larger in design (because of the 0.9 cubic feet capacity)

What to consider before buying a mini microwave

Although there are plenty of small microwave ovens in the market, not every one of them will suit your purpose. Each mini microwave oven might differ to another on at least one front. Therefore, before you purchase your next small microwave oven, you must know what to consider.

  • Does it cook well?
    Undoubtedly the most important thing you should look for when purchasing a small microwave oven is its functionality (how well it cooks). Also, you must know how effective (how long it takes to cook or heat a specified food or beverage). If the potential mini microwave oven has a 30 second button that will be highly beneficial in the context of saving your time.

  • Does it have enough space?
    It is true that you are looking for compactness when opting to a mini microwave oven. However, the small microwave oven you purchase should be spacious enough at least to place your dinner plate in it.

  • Does it have heating presets?
    Modern small microwaves come with preset heat settings; these presets can save you a considerable amount of time and ensure precise heating process. However, if you prefer to stick with a basic mini microwave oven and you can manage the heating process with your experience, you can go for a more budget-friendly mini microwave oven.

  • What is the amount you expect to spend?
    Have a good idea about the price of the small microwave oven you are going to purchase. Depending on the features available, the price will vary; the ones with advanced features are costly than the basic ones. If you prefer a model with basic features, you can buy it for about $60 and if you prefer sophisticated features, you must be prepared to spend over $100.

Besides, you should see if the size of the mini microwave oven is compact. It should match your countertop perfectly without taking too much of space. There are some designs to match even the corners of the countertops; such designs can save a lot of space and deliver you the true benefits of a mini microwave oven.


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