Top 6 Best Electric Can Opener Review

///Top 6 Best Electric Can Opener Review
Top 6 Best Electric can opener Review

Canned food has taken the society by storm. The list of canned foods is a very long one and it keeps growing day by day. The main reason for the popularity of canned food is the convenience. This review is not written about the canned food though; it is about best electric can opener products that makes it possible for you to open your favorite canned food easily and safely. Over the past years, can openers have evolved significantly and as of now, there are tens of thousands of can-openers in the market. No matter what the design, shape and the size, can openers are used for the purpose of opening cans. That being said, this review emphasizes the products that opens cans smoothly and effectively while assuring the safety.

Best electric can opener Review

Let’s have a look at the 6 best electric can opener products in the market today. These products are available on Amazon, the biggest online market place in the world today. All these products we have selected come with a superb level of functionality, ease of use, safety and beautiful design. When you are shopping around for a can opener, this information will be precious for you.


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01.BLACK+DECKER Spacemaker Multi-Purpose Electric can opener 

This is a top-of-the-line product with several impressive features. It has a power pierce cutter to remove the can lids quicker to the delight of can food enthusiasts. Apart from playing the role of a perfect can opener, it can perform many other tasks such cutting bags, opening bottles and sharpening knives. The multi purpose characteristic has made this electric can opener a very popular tool among the households. More importantly, as a measure of preserving space, this can opener can be mounted underside of the kitchen cabinets. It also facilitates convenient access. You don’t have to worry about the installation process as the manufacturers have made it extremely easier. All the instructions are clearly mentioned in the mounting template itself. A compact appearance is assured thanks to the swing-open door design. Although it comes with multiple features and supreme performances, it comes with a notably small size. It is made with durable material to assure a longer lifespan and give the best value for the money you spend. In terms of appearance, it matches any kitchen setting; the sleek modern look and black color are admirable.

Main features

  • Power pierce cutter for quick, safe and effective can opening process

  • Can be mounted underside of the cabinet

  • Comes with bottle opener, bag cutter, and a knife sharpener


  • Sleek design

  • Saves a lot of space

  • User-friendly operation

  • Multi-features


  • May not compatible with some cabinets (still it is installable with some modifications though)

  • Requires some effort to install it

02.Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener 

This is a smoothly functioning can opener that can open food and beverage cans of many sizes. It can open even the pop-top cans. Thanks to the side cutting technology associated with this special electric can opener, it can remove the tops of the cans creating a smooth edge; it is a great feature in terms of the safety of the user. This mechanism also ensures that the food or beverage in the can doesn’t spill until you lift the lid manually. Excellent user-friendliness is another remarkable feature associated with this can opener; large ergonomic lever makes it extremely easy for the user to experience an effortless operation. The design of this can opener is impressive. It matches each and every kitchen setting and existing countertops pretty easily. When installed, it reads dimensions of 5 X 4 X 9 inches only.

Main features

  • Smooth and effective can opening, including the pop top cans

  • Side cutting technology that leaves no sharp edges for the safety of the user

  • Beautiful design to match any kitchen setting and existing kitchen appliances


  • Super easy operation thanks to the large ergonomic lever design

  • No spills are caused during the opening process

  • Matches with any food or beverage can

  • Easy installation


  • It may leave tiny metal shavings

03.West Bend 77203 Electric can opener 

This is a modern can opener with a sleek design. It can appear nicely on any counter top thanks to this elegant design that matches existing kitchen appliances. Because of its compact design, it needs a very little space from your kitchen. Despite the compactness of the design, this can opener is capable of opening even the taller cans without any trouble. In addition to the seamless bottle opener, this modern gadget comes with a very handy knife sharpener adding more value to the product. It is made with durable materials in order to assure faultless functionality and longer lifespan. This special can opener is a great gift idea particularly if you have any plans to visit a friend or a relative who has recently moved to a new house. Anyone will be more than happy to receive a gift like this.

Main features:

  • Sleek design that can open even the taller cans easily

  • Integrated knife opener as a useful value addition


  • Easy to use design

  • Compact design that takes very less space

  • Matches almost any kitchen setup

  • Beautiful appearance


  • The plastic body gives a lightweight feeling (but it doesn’t compromise the beauty)

04.Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric can opener 

If you are looking for a can opener with a stylish design, perfect user-friendliness, and superb power, this should be among you preference list. Because of the beautiful design it carries, it matches perfectly with the other countertop appliances effortlessly. Thanks to the most convenient, single-touch operation, you can open all the standard sized cans with the opener effortlessly. The combination of the Precision Power Cut Blade and the magnetic lid holder makes it extremely easy for you to perform a safe and effective open. The lever can be effortlessly removed when you need to clean the opener. Although the overall design is pretty compact, it has a wide base and strongly built to assure a great deal of stability; no tipping or sliding is experienced.

Main features

  • Precision Power Cut Blade and Magnetic lid holder

  • Press and release lever

  • Large base that prevents sliding and tipping


  • Beautiful design that matches any modern countertop appliance

  • Convenient operation with precise opening

  • Removable activation lever to make the cleaning process easier


  • It may cause metal shavings and may rip off the paper some times

05.Proctor Silex Plus 76370P Extra-Tall Can Opener 

This is a great product that opens all the food and beverage cans without making using much effort. It is designed to be an extra-tall can opener that allows you to experience a quick and silent operation. Thanks to the superb functionality of the magnetic lid holder attached with this opener and super strong blade, the functionality of this opener are precise. It is capable of opening any can with a single try (with one rotation). In order to eliminate potential mess that may cause when opening food and beverage cans, magnetic holder keeps the lid in place so no food or beverage spills over. It matches with cans of many different heights; even the extra tall cans can be opened easily thanks to the versatility. When you need to clean the opener, you can easily remove the cutting lever. It also comes with a knife sharpener in order to make this tool more useful as a kitchen tool.

Main features

  • Magnetic lid holder to keep the lid in place

  • Strong blade to make the cutting process smoother

  • Added knife sharpener to increase the usefulness


  • Excellent design that matches modern kitchen appliances

  • Onetime operation to cut the lids off (opens the can within a single rotation)

  • Better stability

  • Great value for the price


  • This opener may cause metal shavings

06.Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener 

This is another top quality electric can opener from Hamilton Beach. This heavyweight can opener is capable of handling larger cans (which are categorized as family-sized or jumbo size). No matter if it is beverage, juices, vegetable, fruit, fish, meat or anything else, this heavyweight can opener can open it effortlessly with a single rotation on the first try. Making the operation more convenient and user-friendly, it comes with an auto shut-off feature; as soon as the can is opened, the motor stops! This cutter is made to be a dishwasher-friendly tool; you can remove the chrome cutting device and wash it perfectly. Thanks to the slim and compact design, it can fit any kitchen setup without necessarily taking much space on your countertop. Apart from that, this opener comes with a knife sharpener as a handy value addition.

Main features

  • Dishwasher-friendly design for easy cleaning process

  • Single rotation (opens the can with a single rotation)

  • Compact and sleek design to save space

  • Removable chrome cutting device


  • Convenient operation

  • Compatible with all the family-size cans (as a heavy duty can opener)

  • Inbuilt knife sharpener as a handy value addition for a kitchen setting


  • It comes with a relatively poor grip (it may prone to fall)

How to use an Electric can opener

Now that you have an idea about the top can openers in the market, let’s see how to use an electric can opener correctly. The way you operate and electric opener will be different from what you do with a manual can opener.

  • As the initial step, you should select a spacious, flat and solid surface to place your electric can opener. Since you are going to use it in the kitchen, you can use a surface like a table top or counter top as reliable surfaces. However, if it is an opener made to mount underside the countertops, you should find a suitable place.

  • Then, you should either raise or rotate the lever (handle) of the opener. This might vary from model to another, however. Once the handle is shifted, you will get an open space to place the can under the sharp and strong cutter. Place the can on the disk available. This disk will start to rotate during the opening process.

  • Now, it is time to lower the cutting disk down to the lid of the can. This can be done using the lever you shifter at the previous step. When the cutting disk is lowered, it will start to cut open the lid of the can. To start the cutting process, you should lower the handle completely on to the lid. You will notice that the serrated disk starts to rotate the can at this stage simultaneously to the rotation of the cutting disk. This disk will make the cut along the raised, solid metal rim you find on the top of the lid. You can finish the process by lifting the lever again.

You should always remember that one electric can opener may differ from another product in terms of appearance, size and functionality (some openers automatically stop once the cutting is done, some openers hold the lid solidly with the magnetic holder and some models require more effort than the others). Therefore, despite the instructions provided above, you should make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Be sure that you purchase a product from a reputed manufacturer and also read the reviews left by those who have already used the product. Don’t forget to have a good idea about the budget you are willing to spend.


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