Top 6 Best Can Crusher Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

///Top 6 Best Can Crusher Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers
Top 6 Best Can Crusher Review

A can crusher can be very useful for those who use canned beverages such as soda and fruit juices regularly. Can crushers encourage you to concern more about the concept of recycling and become an eco-friendly person. Also, such tool helps you to reduce the clutter in your place and make the best use of the available space. That being said, can crushers are available in many different brands and models today. Each product will differ from another on many fronts such as functionality, appearance, and prices. This review is composed to provide you a clear insight about the best products in the market today.

Best Aluminum can crusher Review

The information offered in this review can be considered as a guideline when you make the next purchase.

Green Culture

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Basic Industries 77703

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Basic Industries 77702

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Pit Bull

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01.Green Culture ez can crusher multi position can recycler smasher 

This is a high-quality crusher that is built to last. This particular product is manufactured to be compatible with all the 12 oz aluminum cans used in America. You can use it either as a vertical or a horizontal device thanks to its versatile design. Also, if you like to have it loose on the countertop, you can do so. Depending on your necessity you can mount this crusher using screws. The material used to manufacture this product is super tough plastic. It can also be used to compress the plastic bottle. Thanks to the stainless rods included in this crusher, you can expect a very long lifespan. When it comes to cleaning, you can put that in a dishwasher and clean it without any trouble.

Main features

  • It can be used to crush aluminum cans of many sizes.

  • It also can be used to compress plastic bottles


  • Can be mounted both horizontally and vertically

  • Can be used without mounting too

  • Very long lifespan

  • Easy to clean (dishwasher friendly)

  • Easy to operate

  • Compact size


  • Works only with 12 oz Cans

02.MasterCrush Aluminum Can Crusher Recycler 

If you are looking for a super strong crusher that can crush aluminum cans of many different sizes, this product can be an excellent choice. It can crush cans of sizes 12oz, 16oz, 24oz and 32oz perfectly. Apart from crushing the aluminum cans, it can effectively be used to crush plastic water bottles and help you protect the environment. The durability of the product is assured thanks to the stainless steel rods and brass inserts. You cannot use it without mounting though; you can fix it to a solid surface either vertically or horizontally. Installation is pretty easy particularly because of the instructions provided. It comes powder coated.

Main features

  • Can crush aluminum cans and water bottles effectively

  • Designed to mount either vertically or horizontally


  • This product is compatible with all the can sizes ranging from 12oz to 32oz.

  • Better lifespan because of the powder coated steel

  • Easy installation and easy use


  • You must mount it before using

03.Basic Industries International 77703 Multi Crush Aluminum crusher 

If you prefer a multi crush product, this can be an effective solution to consider. It can compress 12 ounce cans perfectly with significantly less effort. Because of the all-steel construction, this crusher has a very long lifespan. It is perfectly resistant to rust. This equipment comes with a simple but smart mechanism that ejects cans into the container. More importantly, this crusher is can accommodate 6 aluminum cans (12 oz) at once. It helps to save your time and experience more fun while crushing cans.

Main features

  • This crusher has automatic ejection feature

  • Can contain up to 6 cans at once and crush them one by one


  • Sturdy construction to last long

  • Requires very less effort

  • Saves a considerable amount of time


  • Works for 12 oz cans only

04.Basic Industries International 77702 Easy Crush Aluminum Can Crusher 

This is another product that can crush 12 ounce cans perfectly. It can practically compress the aluminum cans up to 1 inch and help you to save a considerable amount of space. This unit is manufactured with sturdy steel and therefore it lasts exceptionally long. You will enjoy the sound of crushing when using this product while becoming an environmental friendly citizen. It is manufactured to be an easy to operate machine. It makes you reduce clutter from your house effectively. It can be mounted on a solid surface (either vertically or horizontally) to match your convenience.

Main features

  • Can be used to crush aluminum cans of 12 ounce

  • Compresses soda cans up to 1 inch and preserve space


  • Easy to use design

  • Easy to install

  • Durable finish because of the super strong steel material


  • Functionality is limited to 12 oz cans only

05.Pit Bull Can crusher – 16 oz 

If you are looking for a super sturdy crusher that can accommodate 16 oz soda cans (which are 6 ½ inches tall). This special product is a practical solution to the clutter created by the soda cans you consume. It comes as a wall-mountable design which requires relatively less effort to crush the cans to the smallest sizes. You can mount it to the wall using the screws and assure a solid base. Thanks to the heavy gauge steel combined with the soft grip, you can expect a smooth operation. Apart from that, this unique product comes with a very handy bottle opener.

Main features

  • Can crush soda cans of 16 oz (6 1/2 inches tall)

  • Heavy gauge steel with soft grip

  • Mountable on the wall for space preservation


  • Exceptionally sturdy because of the heavy gauge steel

  • Safe and easy to operate

  • Handy bottle opener as an added feature


  • Cannot be used without mounting

06.Heavy Duty STEEL Construction Single Aluminum crusher 

This product is considered to be one of the sturdiest crushers in the market. Just like the name suggests, this crusher is made to be a heavy-duty item that weighs almost 5lbs. It is capable of compressing both 12oz and 16oz cans. Thanks to the powder coated steel material, it is perfectly resistant to the weather conditions; no rust or corrosions! Because of the long handle, the compression process is effortless. The grip of the handle comes with a comfortable rubber pad. It can be mounted to the wall easily using the screws. This machine encourages you to become an eco-friendly citizen while earning some extra bucks by recycling the soda cans.

Main features

  • It can crush both 12 oz and 16 oz cans

  • Long handle for effortless operation

  • Wall mounted design for added convenience


  • Can compress cans up to 3/4″ inches

  • Durable and sturdy make with pressed steel

  • Easy to use operation with less effort


  • Cannot be used without mounting

How to choose the best can crusher?

The most effective way to select the best can crusher is by reading reviews. You can read what past customers say about the potential product and get a good insight into the overall functionality. Have a good idea about the size of the cans you use mostly and purchase the product accordingly. Be sure to give prominence to sturdy materials (such as steel) if you expect a longer lifespan.

If you collect large amounts of cans at once, it is better to go for a multi crusher. On the other hand, if you get a small number of cans, regular crushers will serve your purpose well. Purchase the machine to match the size of the cans you need to crush. It is always good to opt for a product that has a long handle; such handles makes it possible to crush cans with significantly less effort. You should also determine whether you need a mounted machine or not. Don’t go for the cheapest; ultimately, you get what you pay for!

Why should we buy a can crusher?

The main intention of purchasing a can crusher is to reduce the clutter at home or workplace. Empty soda cans demand a considerable amount of space and make the place untidy. However, by crushing the cans, you can compress the physical size of the cans effectively.

Also, a can crusher helps you to implement an environmentally friendly approach; you can compress the soda cans you use and take them to a recycling center. In addition to that, it gives you an opportunity to earn a couple of bucks (by recycling the used cans). Well, it is time for you to enjoy the satisfying sound of crushing a can and many other benefits by purchasing a can crusher today.


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