New Air AI-215R Portable Ice Maker Review

///New Air AI-215R Portable Ice Maker Review

The world is now revolving in a jet state with time. Most of the home appliances we use are now replaced by easier, shorter and faster one to match the sand of time. It’s not anyone’s fault but the generation and age we live in. Many appliances are time consuming with respect to our work rate and time frame. A typical example is our portable ice maker used in kitchen. They served as great preservatives for all our foods, fruits and beverages. The added advantage is the freezing point where ice can be made – but the drawback to this appliance is the amount of time it consumes. One may invest considerable amount of days creating an ice cube in your refrigerator which can be a tedious exercise let alone getting an ice-cube that can be used for mini get-together or larger party of some kind. It consumes a lot of time.

In the same vein, buying viable luggage of ice will be a great option, but considering the carriage and packing systems brings a lot of limitations to this choice. That’s why many folks go through a lot of hassles before successful party commenced.

New Air AI-215R Portable Ice Maker

Portable Ice Maker: The solution to Problem

A portable ice maker is the only solution to get an ice within minutes. They vary in their make ups and can produce at least 20 or more pounds per day at the comfort of your home. Most machines produce numerous amount of ice at a point in time and some can even salvage melt ice into fresh ice-cubes.

They are called counter-top appliances because they produce supplemental ice which can be used anywhere there is availability of electricity – either at a small bar of your home or in the kitchen without any stress of installation. It can be used in RV’s, boats and camping’s or for tailgating purposes. All you have to do is to get a small power bank that can power it for several hours because they have ridiculously low voltage.

A lot of newer model of portable ice maker bombard the market today with great features and unending specifications which makes them great but care must be taken before exchanging your hard earned money for the best one out there.

Some of the newest ones have a long list of features which makes the process easy and fantastic to use. They give different ice sizes and shapes to choose from; like large cubes, medium, small and even crushed ice cubes. The latest model we’ll be looking at today is: New Air AI 215R.

NEWAIR 215R Overview

New Air AI 215R Red portable ice maker is an environmental-friendly product that protects damage to the ozone layer thereby preventing greenhouse effect. It’s a countertop stainless steel machine that has the capacity of producing 12 pieces of ice within minutes with a removable ice in for easy ice distribution with a self-cleaning function.

This machine is built in such a way that even a 10-year-old kid can operate it successfully because of the soft touch button provided on the ice machine with an LCD display to show indications of the program like addition of water, full ice bucket indicator etc. An icecoop is provided along with the product that serves as value added services. One of the unique features that make NewAir outstanding is the Auto shut off options for safety purpose after the water has been melted if the operator is not around. That ice produced by the machine is in bullet shape.

Swift introduction of new air company.

NewAir Company is one of the leading authorities in home appliances in market today. Their product is always second to none in makeup, textures, styles and quality. They have the reputation of producing quality products with a lot of integrity to their brand. Their products are made with latest technology, advanced design and high performance. Some of their products include but not limited to: Wine coolers, cigar coolers, water dispensers and ice makers.

The products made by NewAir are always efficient, effective and second to none which meets the demand of consumers and beat their competing products hands down. Little wonder they enjoy competitive advantage a lot.

Out of this product I’ll like to talk about their portable ice maker features today

New Air AI-215R Portable Ice Maker

Basic Features of New Air AI-215R.

Ice Cube Size and storage:

New air portable ice maker offers three different sizes of ice cubes which are: small, medium and large ice cubes. Depending on your purpose, you can select your required size by just a touch of a button embedded on the machine. It also has a storage bin that store the ice after successful completion of the ice. The machine does all the work for you by producing the ice and storing it in the bin until it’s full.

LCD display led light:

This is one of the features that make the successful operation of the machine extremely easy and automated. The machine comes equipped with an easy to use push button LED indicator light that keeps the track of activities which enable you to monitor the operation – just hit the start button and pick up your ice when it’s done.

Automatic shut off:

This feature, as said earlier makes it unique and be the most preferred ice maker in market. Once the ice is produced, the machine shuts off automatically. It controls the internal activities by putting itself off when there’s no need for its usage. It’s the better form of thermostat and energy saving for anyone. Instead of consuming more electricity by continuous working, it shuts off automatically.
This unit is completely independent. It’ll shut itself off when the water level gets low or the ice basket fills up.

See through Window:

This portable ice maker includes a see through window to know how well it’s been working. This unit ensures credibility of the device. Instead of shutting off and opening the lid which make some ice to escape, you simply see the amount of ice produced through the windows.

Removable Ice Bin:

As mentioned earlier, this device comes with a removable ice bin along with a scoop.

Portability: Another great feature about this product is the portability. It requires zero installation to get it up and running. Just add water and press the start button, then you have fresh ice in 7 minutes. It’s portable and easy to use.

New Air AI-215R Portable Ice Maker

50 Pounds of ice produced Everyday:

Most of the ice maker I’ve reviewed over time produces nothing more than 25 pounds of ice per day but New Air consolidate their machine to produce twice as others in market at almost the same price value. This particular model produces up to 50 pounds of ice everyday which is equivalent to 10 bags of ice every single day at the comfort of your home. There’s no cause for alarm if you have this device and you are throwing up a big party or hosting a get together especially in the summer, the machine will get you covered throughout the day.

Environmentally friendly:

New Air AI-215R uses R-134A refrigerant which scientist confirms to protect the ozone layer depletion. Therefore, if you are using this ice maker, you are adding to the environment by protecting the ozone layer.

Self-Cleaning Mode Activation:

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, regular cleaning and maintenance of any device makes it last longer, but cleaning sometimes might be an egregious exercise when you have a lot priority task in front of you. Worrying about cleaning this device? Don’t panic, it has an automated cleaning unit. Just use the self-cleaning mode and the whole device is done making it easier to keep your portable ice maker fresh and clean for future use. The most interesting part is, the automatic cleaning mode is more convenient and neater than using your hand.


The machine can be placed anywhere, that’s why it’s called countertop ice maker. It can be placed on table top or desk far away from children reach. It should be noted that this device should not be placed on any other appliances to avoid heating and breakage. So far it doesn’t occupy much space; placing it on a countertop will not take all the space in your kitchen. Also, no extension cord is needed to avoid overheating and fire outbreak. Have a separate fuse for it with high amphere. The power chord should not be run over a heat insulator like carpet, linoleum. As specified on the device, no other liquid must be used for ice making other than clean and potable water.


  • The specified temperature of the machine ranges between 45-90. The temperature should not be lesser or higher than that.

  • The device has what is called ‘AUTOMATIC OVERFLOW PROTECTION’ which makes it stand out among other products

  • The auto shut off options turns on when accidental change occurs


  • It can produce 12 pieces of ice within 7 minutes & 50 lbs in a day.

  • It’s portable and look stylish on any platform

  • The self-cleaning features makes it unique

  • For easy transfer of ice, removable ice basket is embedded.

  • The LCD unit makes its operation easy

  • The installation of the machine is easy and simple.

  • A manufacturing warranty of 12 months is available from the date of purchase


  • It may not be used for outdoor purposes

  • Reversible door is currently not available.

  • A bit of noise is generated because of the compressor cooling fan.

Health and Safety Measures

To avoid risk of shock that may arise from using this ice maker, the following point should be noted:

  • Place the device on a dry surface to avoid malfunctioning and shock.

  • Water reservoir should not be filled with hot water to avoid damaging the icemaker compartment

  • Avoid using detergent, flammable or abrasive fluids for cleaning the ice machine.

  • Before cleaning of any kind, disconnect the power plug completely from the power outlet

  • Clean the outside of the device regularly with warm water, mild detergent and soft cloth/foam.


Ice is one of the unavoidable ingredients needed to chill your drink and keep your beverage tasty. A portable ice maker is the best solution to get a considerable amount of ice for your upcoming event or everyday uses to reduce your expenditure – of course when you have it, there’s no need to earmark certain percentage for ice and the best ice machine in market today produces sufficient amount of ice in very few minutes based on our research. Try to make a good choice by going for the best.


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