Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker Review

///Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker Review

Product Description

Producing ice cubes at a phenomenal rate of 9 every 6 to 8 minutes, the Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker is your ideal companion for those warm days when you want to enjoy some chilled refreshment with friends and family. It allows you a choice of two ice cube sizes, and it is built to produce maximum output with very little noise. You might not even realize that it is on until you notice that one of its three inbuilt LED indicators is on, indicating current operation. The other two lights are there to show you when the output basket is full and when you need to refill the water reservoir. Depending on how often you choose to refill the 2.5-liter reservoir, you can make up to 11.3kg of ice everyday, and the easy-use touch buttons on the device will ensure that it does not end up feeling like a chore. Its shiny Black finish also ensures that in terms of style and décor, you can’t go wrong. More importantly, for the busy homemaker, in addition to looking and acting pretty, it stays pretty, with a reputation for having a long lifespan and consistent performance. The easy-clean steel and plastic shell too is a blessing for users who have no time or desire to spend a lot of time cleaning stuff. All you have to do is run a wet napkin over it and there you have it – looks like new.

Unique Features

  • 3 distinct LED indicators for output basket, water reservoir refill and device-in-use notifications

  • Easy-use push button panel for stress-free operation

  • Output of 9 ice cubes in approximately 6 – 8 minutes

  • Produces up to 11.3kg (25lbs) of ice per day

  • Super-silent operation

  • High capacity compressor

  • 2.5-liter water reservoir capacity

  • Approximately 1kg (2lbs) ice cube storage capacity

  • Easy-clean plastic and steel body

  • Two choices of ice cube size

Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker


The price at which you can get the Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker will depend heavily on where you get it from. It is available at WalMart.com for $129.99 and on eBay for $139.99. It is also listed at between $139.99 and $231.86 across different sellers on Amazon.com, so generally it is a good idea to shop around for a good deal before you make a purchase.


Designed to look sleek and saucy on your mantle top, this portable ice maker takes up a minimal amount of space, covering an area of just 16 x 12 x 15 inches. Its black finish enhances the aesthetic of your kitchen or fades into the background, depending on your décor. Weighing just 24lbs, you can literally carry it with you in your backpack if you’re going ruck sacking or camping, and you’ll hardly realize it’s there. The easy-wipe steel and plastic body also makes it easy to clean. None of this takes away from its performance though, as it is designed with a powerful and efficient compressor that works very quickly and silently. There are three LED lights on it to tell you when it is making ice, when the ice basket is full, and when you need to put more water into the reservoir. Operating it is very simple too, with touch-sensitive buttons controlling all its functions.

In the main, the value you will get from this little beauty lies in its quiet, understated sexiness and its reliability. It is engineered to produce surprising results with little fuss. Several user reviews specifically mention how it “stays out of your way”, which is a nod to its reliability and its small size. You want ice? You put in water, touch a button, and 8 minutes later, voila! You have ice. Nice and simple.


Pumping out as much as 9 cubes in 6 minutes, the Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker makes it totally unnecessary to buy freezer bags of ice to use for entertaining or domestically. Just fill the 2.5-liter water reservoir and hit the touch button to start operation, and within 6 to 8 minutes, the 2lb capacity ice basket will begin to fill up. As already noted, its operation is quiet to the point of surprise – you will hardly realize that it is on until one of the three LEDs lights up to tell you to empty the basket or refill. Unlike many of its contemporaries, Hamilton Beach built this portable ice maker specifically to maintain its performance and have a long lifespan. The vast majority of existing user reviews report that many months after purchasing a Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker, it is still producing ice at the same rate.

Hamilton Beach’s design ingenuity is responsible for this heightened performance, packing a powerful compressor into the deceptively small steel and plastic package. Working on a relatively small internal surface area, the compressor’s cooling effect is amplified, and the result is that ice is consistently created in record time. The engineering is so intricately thorough that even the texture of the ice cubes produced is deliberate. Many users report that the Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker’s output has a chewable texture, which gives you the option of firming up the ice cubes in a freezer if you need to, or dunking them straight into a nice mid-afternoon cocktail where they can melt quickly or be chewed.


As is standard on all Hamilton Beach devices, the Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker comes with a comprehensive manufacturer warranty covering factory defect and product malfunction. It also comes with full UL, ETL, CSA and CE certifications.

Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker


Users have come back with overwhelmingly positive reviews about the Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker. Most responses focus on the functionality of the device, stressing how surprising it was for a portable ice maker this small to work so quickly and so quietly. A large number of users report that they purchased it as a stand-in ice maker in lieu of a freezer, but several months later, they have never got around to replacing it because it still works. A few users did report some issues, mainly having to do with their products malfunctioning after a few months, or not working at all, likely due to a factory malfunction. Such users were covered by the manufacturer warranty and received full refunds. Some also complained that their portable ice maker took longer to create ice than they expected. In some cases, this was because the vents were not properly unobstructed, putting more strain on the compressor and making the cooling process slower.


Model name: PIM-1-2B
Surface area: 16.00 x 12.00 x 15.00 Inches
Weight: 11.2kg (24lbs)

Why You Should Get It

This portable ice maker is one heck of a looker. Its sleek, shiny black finish makes it look like a cross between a kitchen appliance and a spaceship. No matter what your styling and décor is, it will look great, and that’s important for those cookouts and get-togethers where you will entertain guests in your home. Of course it’s more than just a good looking gadget. It packs some serious functionality into its 24lbs, with a surprisingly powerful compressor and quick ice cube output. The fact is that it has LED indicators to tell you exactly when it is in operation, when it is done, and when you need to refill is a handy feature as well.

Perhaps the best thing about this beauty is how quietly and easily it works – it makes nothing more than a soft hum, and its touch-sensitive buttons make operating it a breeze. It doesn’t hurt that its steel and plastic body makes it easy to wipe too, which is great for when you are cleaning up after having a cookout or going camping, and you are too tired to start scrubbing and dabbing away at stuff. Just wipe it with a tissue and it’s good as new! As the name implies, it is truly portable, measuring just 16 x 12 x 15 inches and weighing only 11kg, so in addition to being powerful and easy to use, it really does stay out of way and do exactly what you want it to.

Users even report that the ice that comes out has that delightful soft-chewy texture loved by everyone, especially kids. You can simply pop these nice and soft cubes into your drink on a warm day to melt instantly, so you will not have to end up with solid ice sloshing around at the bottom of your glass afterward. If you want your ice cubes to be a little bit firmer, for example when you are hosting a formal cocktail event or filling a freezer bag, you can just stick them into a freezer for few minutes to harden up. You can even adjust the size of your cubes to match the kind of entertaining you are doing. This nifty feature also helps to ensure that any kids will not accidentally choke on an ice cube, as you can select a smaller cube size to go into kids’ drinks.


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