Gotham Steel Better Boiler Review – Never Boils Over?

///Gotham Steel Better Boiler Review – Never Boils Over?
Gotham Steel Better Boiler Review – Never Boils Over

Gotham Steel Better Boiler is an innovative pot that allows you to boil food and liquid without experiencing annoying spills. Gotham Steel Better Boiler has a capacity of 5 quarts. According to the manufacturers, it is made with nonstick characteristics to make your cooking experience a better one. This product is advertised on; it was launched November 2017. During the past couple of months, this product has received notable attention from cooking enthusiasts particularly due to the advertising campaigns they carried out.

Features of Gotham Steel Better Boiler

Here are some of the most significant features we noticed in Gotham Steel Better Boiler.

  • It is capable of preventing potential boil overs and splitting

  • An expanded and broader rim to cool the liquids quickly

  • Made with titanium that are resistant to scratches

  • Ideal to make stuff like mash potatoes

  • Made with nonstick characteristics

  • Comes with a capacity of 5 quarts

What we like and what we don’t like

In this section, we summarize what we liked and didn’t like about Gotham Steel Better Boiler. This can be highly useful for you to shop with good sense.

What we like

The extended rim of this Gotham Steel Better Boiler is the most significant aspect we liked. Just like they have advertised, the broader rim can practically prevent the potential splits that occur during most of the boiling tasks. That gives a great deal of freedom to the person who cooks.

The nonstick characteristic is a common aspect we see today from many cooking pans. Thus, we are glad that Gotham Steel Better Boiler comes with a nonstick body. As per the claims made by manufacturers, this product comes with an exceptional scratch resistance too. In fact, scratch resistance and nonstick aspects maximize the value of this product pretty significantly.

Although the idea of placing a cooling rim-like cover around a boiling pot is been here for a while, this can probably be the first ever product that comes with a built-in rim. So, this is something unique for any kitchen, we should say. Since we have seen convincing results from the installable rims to cool down the splatter, we don’t disbelief the functionality of this pot.

The capacity of 5 quarts is good enough to carry out most of the boiling jobs for an average sized kitchen. Something less than this size wouldn’t do any better.

What we don’t like

Although we believe that Gotham Steel Better Boiler has good scratch resistant characteristics, we believe that manufacturers boast too much about it. They say that it can tolerate the impact of pointy metal surfaces; however, we believe that practically they can stand up against mild scratches instead. As long as you don’t intensely dry heat this pot, it will retain its characteristics.

Should you buy Gotham Steel Better Boiler?
We should say yes! Having considered all the pros and cons, we believe that this is a handy value addition to your kitchen equipment set. It can help you boil stuff with more freedom and more versatility. We find that 5 quarts’ capacity to be a pretty handy one.


The complete package (with a 9 ½ inches square pan) comes with a price of $37.94. However, Gotham Steel Better Boiler alone costs only $29.99.

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

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This is intended to boil stuff like pasta. It also has nonstick characteristics and a capacity of 5 quarts just like the Gotham Steel Better Boiler we mentioned.

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This product comes with a very durable stainless steel boiler inside. It is made to be highly user friendly when boiling and cooking.

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