Coleman SaluSpa Portable Inflatable Spa Hot Tub Review

///Coleman SaluSpa Portable Inflatable Spa Hot Tub Review

A portable hot tub is one of the best things you can go for to relax yourself. All you need to do is sit inside and a hot tub will work its magic all over your body. What’s more is that you can enjoy a reliable portable hot tub with your family and friends. A smaller portable hot tub or even inflatable hot tubs for big lots can give you good value for the money if you know how to choose them. The Coleman SaluSpa Hot Tub is regarded as the best portable hot tub. Let’s see why.

Investing in a Hot Tub

A hot tub is a large vessel filled with heated water and other chemicals for relaxation purposes. The heated water works best for hydrotherapy and pleasure. Some have powerful jets for massage purposes and are sometimes known as spa or Jacuzzi. This pretty much sums up the purpose of a bathtub too, but there are slight differences between the two.

Coleman SaluSpa Portable Inflatable Spa Hot Tub Review

Compared to a traditional bathtub, a hot tub is designed in such a way that more than one person can use it at one time. In fact, most models can accommodate up to four people. Hot tubs are usually placed outdoors; however, they can be installed indoors as well.

Also, with each use, the water in a hot tub is not changed but is kept sanitary with the help of such methods that are similar to those used for the sanitation of swimming pools. Another significant difference between the bathtubs and hot tubs is that shampoos and soaps are not used in wet-jetted hot tubs.

Types of hot tub

  • Portable hot tub vinyl-lined: these hot tubs are smaller in size and comparatively cheaper. The required power is also less, e.g. 110-120V/15A household circuits.

  • Roto-molded tubs: in these hot tubs, the surrounding cabinet and the shell makes one unit. They are feature molded seating.

  • Acrylic: in such hot tubs, the frame structure provides support to the acrylic shell. These are typically surrounded by either simulated plastic or cedar. They have a capacity of two people to seven people and even more.

  • Cement: such hot tubs can be made in-ground, for instance, similar to a swimming pool or they can also be built above the ground.

  • Wooden hot tubs: modern methods of construction has replaced these hot tubs. The material usually used for these is cedar or redwood. Metal bands hold the structure together.

  • Stainless steel tubs: these can be molded into any size or shape and are known to be extremely durable.

  • Glass fiber hot tub: GRP hot tubs are made of plastic combined with fine fibers of glass.

  • PVC inflatable hot tubs: these hot tubs are very durable and are commonly used.

We’ll be talking about a portable hot tub by the name Coleman SaluSpa Hot Tub. Investing in a reliable portable hot tub means you can store it easily and use it whenever you want!

Coleman SaluSpa Hot tub – Portable and Comfortable

As discussed above, hot tubs provide maximum relaxation along with other benefits to a person using it. However, a majority of hot tubs are being offered by multiple brands nowadays. The product you should focus on is the Coleman SaluSpa hot tub for outdoor use.

This hot tub is practically the living dream of many people. It provides everything necessary for a person using a Jacuzzi or a hot tub. From its built to its work, all are designed to ensure the much-needed relaxation, massage, and overall pleasure.


The inflatable Coleman SaluSpa hot tub, as the name suggests, is an inflatable tub which can seat 4 people. It is portable so that you can carry it along when you go on vacations. Features include a cushioned floor and massage jets to help you relax and unwind. Inflating this best portable hot tub only takes minutes.

The heating system heats up the water quickly to 104 degrees with surrounding air jets. This temperature is ideal for soothing the sore muscles or lounging after a hectic and long day. The digital control panel allows you to adjust the water temperature without leaving the tub. The walls are made of durable PVC and feature sturdy I-Beam construction. Due to both of these features, you get structural stability and you can sit on the spa’s sides.

The tub has two handles to make transportation easier. This hot tub comes a chemical floater for cleaning the spa, an inflatable cover, a pack of filter cartridges, and a DVD containing setup and maintenance instructions.

Reasons to Choose The Coleman SaluSpa Hot Tub

Here are the reasons why one should opt for the Coleman SaluSpa Hot tub:

Coleman SaluSpa Portable Inflatable Spa Hot Tub Review
  • Construction

    The tub has a solid built with 3-ply reinforced material which provides extreme comfort, durability, and support. With the help of the pump, you can inflate the hot tub within miutes.

  • Capacity

    The Coleman SaluSpa is large enough for accommodating four adults. It is 70 inches wide and 26 inches deep.

  • Filtered water

    It contains an integrated filter installed in it. Hence, keeping the water clean and sanitary. So now you don’t have to get up to empty your tub or apply various methods so the water can remain sanitary and good for use.

  • Massage and relaxation

    This generates bubble jets to massage your body while remaining soaked in. It also contains a thermostat so that the temperature can be controlled or heated up to about 104 degrees, hence providing ultimate relaxation. The control panel is also easy to function so adjusting the temperature according to your need shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Portable

    Now many of the hot tubs come in huge sizes and can’t be enjoyed everywhere. Sometimes you wish to sit and relax in your tub outside, other times you need the same for inside. Coleman’s hot tub is really portable and can easily be carried to your terrace, veranda, garden or wherever it is you prefer.

  • Durability

    The SaluSpa has been designed to provide excellent durability and longevity. The patented TriTech 3-ply material features a polyester mesh core which has been covered laminated PVC. The walls of the spa are puncture resistant and contain I-beam support. This allows you to put weight on the spa’s side without it buckling. One drawback of portable spas is that they are not very nice to look at. However, the Coleman SaluSpa is very eye-catching with attractive colors and patterns.

Benefits of a Portable Hot Tub

There are various advantages of using a portable hot tub that we know: it is relaxing. However, you may be unaware that relaxing in a hot tub provides many other benefits to the body and general health. Mentioned below are a few benefits of sitting in a hot tub:

Coleman SaluSpa Portable Inflatable Spa Hot Tub Review
  • Improved sleep patterns

    When the body feels cold, your regular sleeping pattern is disturbed. On the contrary, when the body feels warm, you fall asleep in a much shorter time and you sleep throughout the night with lesser disruptions. It is understood that getting a good sleep has multiple benefits on everything like your mood, mental alertness level, and how the food is metabolized by your body. To increase the chances of sleeping well, try spending a few minutes the hot tub prior to going to bed.

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

    Apart from making you relaxed temporarily, research suggests that a combination of hot water, massage jets. Moreover, the weightlessness can substantially reduce stress along with decreasing anxiety. This is quite necessary for people of age because they tend to scowl at teenagers and are usually quite grumpy. The reason is stress; soaking in the bath tub relieves a lot of tension hence the chances of getting annoyed reduces from 90 to 50 percent according to experts.

  • Reduces chronic and arthritic pain

    For patients of skeletal illnesses including arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other aches, spending a few minutes in the tub will provide extreme relief. The buoyancy made by the jets lifts off the weight we feel. The circulation of blood increases with heat, the taut muscles are relaxed, and the inflammation in the tender joints is lowered.

    In such a state, the body experiences increased flexibility, greater strength, as well as a versatile range of motions. Thus, a majority of people get vital benefits during hydrotherapy treatment when they are recovering from knee, back, or joint problems.

  • Reduces blood sugar

    More research is still required, some research suggests that spending some minutes in the tub can reduce the level of blood sugar of those who have diabetes.

    In a study that has been published in The New England Journal of Medicine, individuals with diabetes spent thirty minutes, six days a week for around three weeks in the hot tub. After the weeks were over, they reported a drop in the levels of blood glucose from to 159 mg/dl from 182 mg/dl. The warm environment of the tub creates a few effects that physical exercise also has – which is an excellent treatment option for people with diabetes.

  • Reduces blood pressure

    Apart from lowering blood sugar, relaxing and unwinding in the tub can bring down the blood pressure levels. When you sit in a hot tub, and water temperature is high, the heart starts to work harder and at a faster rate so that the body can dissipate the extra heat. During this process, the blood flow produces additional oxygen, and the cells are revitalized. There might be a rise in the blood pressure; however, the additional warmth will lead to cell dilation thus, decreasing the resistance directed towards the heart. This consequently, lowers the blood pressure.

    However, people with high levels of blood pressure shouldn’t continuously go between the pool and the hot tub since this can increase the blood pressure.

  • Promotes younger looking and healthier skin

    If you want your skin to be fresh and healthy, then relaxing in a hot tub is not what one thinks of first. You might not have thought about a few effects of a hot tub that can influence the appearance as well as the health of the skin. As stated previously, frequently using the hot tub has proven to reduce anxiety and stress which are primary reasons of premature aging. This implies that a hot tub has the ability help fight premature aging.

    Moreover, the circulation increases and oxygen and vital nutrients are delivered to the skin more effectively. Thus, the skin gets a youthful, natural, and healthy glow.

  • Decreased occurrence of migraines

    When you are a victim of chronic headaches, such as migraines, then you don’t have many treatment options available, so getting rid of pain is tough. Fortunately, some evidence suggests that using the tub on regular basis can prevent particular kinds of headaches.

    The question is, how does relaxing in a hot tub help reduce the headaches? Well, think about a few common triggers of a headache such as tension.

    People suffering from migraines report experiencing tension headaches before a migraine. When sitting in a hot tub, your muscles are relaxed, the pain subsides, and you feel overall relaxed therefore eliminating the chance of experiencing a migraine triggered by tension.

    Moreover, people suffering from sinus headaches and cluster headaches also experience occasions when they feel stuffed up. In such cases, spending some time in a toasty hot tub apart from using drops and taking in fluids effective in getting rid of congestion, thus, preventing such headaches.


  • Pump which is digitally controlled

  • Control panel responds to soft-touch

  • External walls of the pool are made using material coated with fabric

  • Two handles to easily life the tub

  • Rapid heat system

  • Equipped with an integrated filter system

  • Durable


  • Heater might always read the temperature correctly

  • Pump sometimes shuts periodically

Final verdict

From all of the information mentioned above, you cans see that the Coleman SaluSpa Hot Tub is a classy product with a lot of benefits. It can be used for a long period of time with the pure intention of relaxation and pleasure.

When looking for a hot tub, ensure that you’ve read some best portable hot tub reviews. You need to make an informed buying decision, and here’s to hoping the information above helps you with that.

So whenever you have trouble sleeping or simply need to relax then, by all means, try soaking in a Coleman SaluSpa hot tub which will provide you the ultimate pleasure without having to go through any complications. It can thus be said that this product won’t disappoint at all.


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