Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

///Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review
Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

A portable hot tub is something you should invest in for a relaxing life. The best portable hot tub is always there to give your body the treatment it needs. Furthermore, you can even use it with your family, and friends to get the most out of the experience. Whether it’s inflatable hot tub for big lots or even a smaller hot tub, you’re sure to enjoy it. If you’ve been looking for the best portable hot tub, then the Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub could be the right one for you!

The Lay Z Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

This inflatable hot tub has a water capacity of 254 gallons, and the water flow is 320 Gal/h. This reliable portable inflatable hot tub can easily fit 4-6 adults. When inflated, this portable hot tub measures 77 by 28 inches. The maximum heat capacity that this tub can handle is 40 degrees Celsius. The product is ETC approved.


It contains many features that will make you more comfortable and relaxed. It contains a control panel which has an automatic stop and start heating system that is controlled with a timer. You can adjust the temperature to what you want and switch on the massage system to experience a relaxing spa.

It has superior strength as well as durability as its leatheroid and the exterior which is puncture resistant is composed of Tri-Tech reinforced material which involves a core made of polyester mesh encased in between layers of PVC. Thus, providing this reliable portable hot tub with additional durability and strength.

The other important feature of this portable hot tub is that it has the sturdy I-beam construction. The walls are constructed with I-beam construction which allows you to sit on the inflatable hot tub’s sides without worrying about the spa buckling or bending, making this hot tub a superior product as compared to other inflatable hot tubs available in the market. It also contains a separate cushioned air pad placed below the spa hot tub.

This aids in insulation and minimizes the heat lost through the tub’s base due to additional comfort under the foot and the backside. In addition to these, it also includes a DVD which outlines the spa set up and maintenance, an insulated cover, an efficient heating system, a filtration system along with a filter cartridge, an inflation hose, a ground cloth, a chemical floater to maintain the pH of water, and a repair patch.

There are many astonishing features of this Lay Z Inflatable Hot Tub. For example, it is easy to operate thanks to its digital control panel. By using this hot tub, you will pamper yourself in a relaxing hot water surrounded by soothing bubbles jet giving you a soothing and relaxing effect.

It has a capacity of 4-6 persons at a time. So if you’ve been looking for inflatable hot tubs for big lots, this one can be it. Furthermore, its inflated walls are made of Tri-tech material making it more durable and comfortable. It has a fast and easy setup and inflates using the pump so no tools or professional help are required get your spa ready.

Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Benefits of Hot Tubs:

There are many therapeutic benefits of such a spa-experience inflatable hot tub. It will provide relief from physical as well as emotional stress and can alleviate muscle stress too. Following are some important benefits of relaxing in this hot tub:

  • Decreased levels of stress and anxiety

    By making your mind feel relaxed in a hot tub, the soothing massage significantly decreases both your physical as well as mental stress and reduces anxiety. Stress and anxiety are roots of numerous diseases so by reducing these two; you can live a healthy life.

  • Healthy sleep:

    You will observe that after having a bath in this portable hot tub at night, you will fall asleep quickly. When your body is cold, your sleep is highly disturbed. On the other hand, when your body is warm, you tend to fall asleep very quickly, and you will get a healthy sleep every night.

    When you get a healthy sleep every day, it will impose multiple positive effects on your physical as well as psychological behavior and activity – from your mood to your mental health and even your metabolism. If you want to improve your everyday sleep, then try spending some time in this hot tub before getting in bed.

  • Hypoglycemic activity/reduced blood sugar:

    Studies reveal that bathing or spending some time in a hot tub actually lowers your blood sugar level especially of people who have type 2 diabetes. In a research paper published in the England Journal of Medicine, it has been revealed that individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes spent a half hour every 6 days in one week for at least 3 weeks observed an average drop in their blood glucose levels from 182 mg/dl to 159 mg/dl. The hot temperature of the hot tub simulates the effects of physical exercise which seems to be an effective form of treatment for patients who have type 2 diabetes.

  • Effective for arthritis and chronic pain:

    Taking a bath in a hot tub is also effective for people who are suffering from skeletal or bone problems like arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and other types of body pains. Spending some time in the hot tub will typically provide relief from these pains. As blood circulation increases with the heat and bubbles created by jets of hot tub create buoyancy, we feel our own weight become light or disappear. Consequently, the muscle tissues become relaxed. Swelling or inflammation of the joints is also reduced by spending some time in this hot tub.

  • Reduced blood pressure:

    In addition to reducing or lowering the blood sugar levels, getting a massage in this hot tub can also lower your blood pressure. Within the tub, the temperature is hot, and your heart works more in a warm environment so that your body can disperse that temperature or heat. As a result, your blood flow produces extra oxygen and revitalizes your body cells. As a result, the warmth causes the cells to dilate, hence decreasing resistance against your heart and reducing your blood pressure.

  • Healthier, glowing, and younger looking skin:

    If you want your skin to look the best, then taking a bath in this inflatable hot tub is an ideal way. The more you feel relaxed and tension free, the more younger and healthier your skin will be. Taking a bath in this hot tub has a direct influence on your skin. It will reduce your anxiety and stress as these factors are associated with premature aging so hot tubs help you to combat premature aging and help you to maintain younger looking skin. Moreover, the blood circulation increases when you unwind in a hot tub. As a result, your blood supplies more oxygen and nutrients to your skin and gives you a healthier and glowing skin.

  • Reduction in migraines and tension headaches:

    Sitting for some time in a hot tub makes you relaxed and tension free, and it will help you to relieve the pain of migraines and other headaches. Regular dips in this hot tub help you to prevent headaches and other types of body aches. As tension is one of the biggest reasons of headaches, by making yourself relaxed and stress-free, you will be able to rid yourself of headaches and migraines. Taking a bath in this inflatable hot tub is the beat treatment for individuals suffering from a migraine as it will dilate your muscles and make you feel very light and relaxed.

Why should you choose this product?

A hot tub is basically a large tub or a small pool that is full of heated or warm water and is mostly used for hydrotherapy, relaxation, pleasure, and massage purposes. A hot tub can be used by more than one person at a time in contrast to ordinary bathtubs. This tub can be set up outside as well as can be installed indoors. So you can fix it wherever you prefer.

The soothing warmth of the water raises your body temperature and dilates your blood vessels which increase your blood circulation. When blood flow increases, more amount of oxygen will reach your body parts making them more efficient and healthier. It is a type of water exercise which is excellent for people who are unable to do other exercises for some reason. It will cheer you up, and you will feel happy too.

Hot water always makes you feel more relaxed as it reduces your muscle spasm and dilates your muscles and cells too. So, the more relaxed you are, the more you will feel happy and tension free. In addition to making you relaxed, a hot tub provides you a healthy life too by reducing blood pressure, removing tension, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, relieving muscles and joints pain, and providing a healthy, glowing, and younger skin.

So you should make it a routine to spend some time in this hot tub at least once a week. You will definitely become addicted to it, and it feels better and comfortable that going to a masseuse or a massage parlor.

We spend hundreds of dollars on many things, but we tend to neglect ourselves. Do give some time to yourself too and concentrate on your mental and physical health by sitting in this hot tub which will surely give you a healthy routine life by reducing your worries and tensions. Doctors always suggest their patients that to get rid of their daily life tensions and feel relaxed so that they live a healthy, charming life, the best method and treatment for reducing your tension and stress is to get a relaxing massage.

Sitting in a hot tub daily for about half an hour gives you a good sleep, and in the morning you will feel more fresh, active, and concentrated on your work. Stress and tension are the primary reasons for numerous diseases. Both of them are the roots of a majority of problems so try to eliminate these problematic roots from your daily life by spending some time in a hot tub and feeling relaxed. Many of the problems are solved only by giving yourself a little time. Taking a bath in this hot tub, especially in winters, is very much effective as in winters, you need more heat energy to keep your body warm.

Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Some precautions

It should be kept in mind that you should not increase the temperature of water for children, especially so the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. A temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius is considered as healthy and safe for adults as it matches our body temperature.

There are many benefits of sitting in an inflatable hot tub but safe use is recommended as sitting in an inflatable hot tub for too long can increase the body temperature which may lead to problems in children and pregnant women. When you sit and relax in a hot tub, it will decrease your blood pressure so you may feel dizzy and lightheaded.

When you are drunk, try to avoid using the inflatable hot tub as these effects can be amplified in a hot tub. If you have sores, burns or irritation to skin then avoid the use of this hot tub as it will only hurt you more.


  • Durable

  • Easy to Use

  • Portable

  • For up to 6 people


  • Not for people with small spaces

Final Verdict

As this product has a capacity of about 4-6 persons, you can enjoy relaxing with your friends and family while having fun too! In simple words, this is the best remedy for reducing your everyday tensions and making you more relaxed.

After working the entire day, you feel tired and sometimes very exhausted. So at night when you take a bath or sit for an hour or less in a portable hot tub you will surely get rid of such tiredness. This will help you fall asleep too. Proper sleep will help you to concentrate more on your everyday work or task and make your brain work more attentively.

You can use this hot tub for feeling better and relaxed. It will not only relax your muscles but will also make you relax mentally. If you’re in the market for hot tubs, do make sure that you go over best portable hot tub reviews to find the best one for yourself.


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