Top Best Portable Hot Tub Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

///Top Best Portable Hot Tub Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers
Best Portable Hot Tubs on the Market

How to choose the right Portable Hot Tub

Soaking in a hot bath has been a common practice for centuries. Hot tubs have evolved from plain ceramic tubs into artistic pieces with an array of designs, shapes, colors, and aesthetics. More and more people are choosing to go ahead and install hot tubs in their houses, and because these are a significant relaxing accessory for people’s lifestyle. The market has branched into the provision of portable hot tub as well. If you are unfamiliar with the term, these tubs are exactly what they claim to be: a spa tub which can be set up and taken apart at will, and will serve you whenever you would like a good warm soak, and function as your personal spa tub for a special pampering session. When it comes to deciding which to buy, a number of factors can motivate you to go for a portable one instead of a permanent hot tub.

Installation of a portable tub is not as complicated and time-consuming as that of a permanent one. A lot of freedom of placement is available with a portable item: you can place the tub in your backyard or take it on a plane, in comparison to the permanent hot tub that is inconvenient to drag even outside the bathroom. One of the main reasons why permanent tubs are forgone in sight of portable ones is that the permanent ones are mostly an investment feature, and require a lot more budget than the portable ones. The portable tubs are thus easy to erect and use anytime and at a variety of different places. These two features have especially increased the demand and popularity of portable hot tubs and more customers are gravitating towards this idea instead of fixing up permanent hot tubs in their spa/bathrooms.

With the widespread access to the World Wide Web, it has become very easy for customers to do in-depth research about the products they want to purchase, especially if they need items with certain specifications. Online shops offer a wide range of products, and the facility to read customer reviews makes it easier for one to find the best products available in the market. Employing the same criteria to find the best portable hot tub available in the marketplace, the following 5 brands occupy the top charts and are widely regarded to offer the best portable hot tub to buy if you’re looking for a non-permanent hot tub unit.

Best Portable Hot Tub Review – Top Five Brands

Given below are the highly ranked spa tub provision brands. These are the brands you should know about when looking for the best portable hot tub.

Intex 77

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Bestway Coleman

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Bestway SaluSpa

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  • This best portable hot tub has a seating capacity for 4 people

  • Water capacity: 210 gallons

  • Jets: 120 high-powered bubble jets

  • The Intex Hot Tub has a built in hard water treatment system

  • The reliable Intex hot tub features Fiber-Tech construction with puncture-resistance

  • Three-ply laminated material used which is comfortable, durable and easy to clean

  • The Intex Hot Tub features a cover (with lock) included for protection and insulation

  • Carry bag provided to transport the hot tub around with ease

  • The Intex Hot Tub offers a water Temperature range of up to104 Fahrenheit

  • Size (upon inflation): 77 inches (outer diameter), 57 inches (inner diameter), 28 inches high

Here’s a video providing details about what to expect from an Intex portable hot tub:


  • Built in hard water system; allows for a more refreshing experience

  • Enhanced heat retention provided with insulated base cloth

  • Easy to clean with common household disinfectants

  • Digital control panel is very easy to understand and get used to


  • Higher energy consumption

  • No built-in saltwater system; need to purchase and maintain chlorination system separately

  • Comes with only one filter cartridge; replacements need to be purchased separately


  • This other best portable hot tub has a seating capacity for 4 to 6 people

  • Water Capacity: 254 Gallons

  • Size (upon inflation): 77 inches x 28 inches

  • Weight (when filled with water): 1225 kg

  • Accessory spa pump included to facilitate inflation/deflation of the hot tub at will

  • Digital Control Panel with automated start/stop timer to control the heating mechanism

  • The maximum heat capability of this best portable hot tub is 104 degrees Celsius

  • Tri-Tech material used in manufacturing to enhance longevity and durability of this best portable hot tub

  • Comes with Instructional DVDs, Insulation Cover, Filtration System and Inflation Hose

  • Heavy-duty repair patch also included with the product package


  • Digital Control Panel allows easy control of the hot tub parameters

  • Automated Start/Stop feature allows a timed heating system to conserve electricity and prevent water from overheating (which may cause burns)

  • Tri-Tech reinforced material composed of a polyester mesh core with 2 external PVC layers for extra strength and durability

  • Sturdy I-beam used to construct the tub walls so users can sit on the sides of the tub without bending or breaking the spa walls

  • Cushioned air pad flooring on the spa base to enhance comfort and relaxation for hind limbs and back side

  • Extra cushioning reduces heat loss through the ground, thereby preventing more heat loss


  • Leaks can occur after a few months of use


  • This best portable hot tub can be inflated using the pump in the hot spa package; no additional pumping tools required

  • Has a rapid-heating system; water volume heats up to the maximum temperature in under 30 minutes with no overheating.

  • Maximum heat capability: 104 Fahrenheit degrees.

  • Contains an inbuilt water-filtration system, so you don’t need to manually monitor the spa every day.

  • Person Capacity: 2-4 people

  • Has a digital control panel with an automated timer controlled heating mechanism; Water doesn’t over heat nor does the spa draw more power than is required.

  • Size upon full inflation: 71 inches by 26 inches

  • When full, this best portable hot tub has a water capacity of 177 Gallons


  • Great quality for the cost of the product. Can be considered the best portable hot tub for the money.

  • Cover does a great job of preventing dust from settling into the water and conserving the heat

  • Is very easy to set up and operate by yourself; there are no complicated features to get used to, just the classic ‘fill, heat and relax’ routine


  • No seats for children or otherwise; you might have to purchase them separately if seats are essential to your experience


  • This best portable hot tub, the fourth on this list, is manufactured by Bestway

  • Shipping weight (of the entire package): 84 pounds

  • Product Size and Dimensions: 34 inches x 19 inches x 24 inches

  • Person Capacity: 4-5 people

  • 60 surrounding air jets present in the spa system

  • This best portable hot tub comes with a digital control panel, so it is easy for users to alter controls without getting out of the tub

  • Tub made of durable material (3-ply PVC) to allow for greater structural stability

  • Sturdy I-Beam construction allows the walls of this best portable hot tub to bear more weight without losing shape and structure

  • Built in handles for easy transportation; also serve as firm grip for the users to step in and out of the spa tub without slipping or losing balance

  • The package of this best portable hot tub contains a chemical floater and a twin pack of filter cartridges to keep the spa clean

  • Package includes a portable hot tub cover as well which insulates the tub when you are not using it


  • Great value for the price

  • Very easy to blow and set up; almost all customers report easy installation within 30 minutes

  • Has a padded bottom so you can sit in without any seats and still feel comfortable


  • Heater takes longer than claimed to heat the water to the right temperature

  • The controls might take a few seconds longer to read commands


  • The walls of this best portable hot tub are made from Tri-tech material (widely regarded as the best choice if you need a comfortable and durable hot tub)

  • This best portable hot tub, the last on this list, is suited to hold 2 people

  • Very easy to clean because of compact size

  • This best portable hot tub comes with the company’s own pump to inflate the tub in less than average time

  • Dimensions and Size: 58 inches x 26 inches x 98 inches (rounded off figures)

  • Take not that this best portable hot tub contains 120 all surrounding massage jets to create a relaxing environment

  • Adheres to a maximum water heat capacity at 104 Fahrenheit

  • Package comes with an inflatable insulation top cover, a filter cartridge, a pressure gauge, a chemical floater and a beverage table (the last one is a luxurious addition meant to enhance the quality of your relaxing session)

  • This best portable hot tub is manufactured by Bestway

  • Shipping weight: 96 pounds (for the whole package)


  • Is equipped with the Salu massage system to accord for a heavenly and relaxing time

  • Has an automatic start and stop sensor system which shuts down the pump once the water is hot enough

  • Has a unique seating system for two people; the compact design makes it easy enough to be carried around on holidays and trips


  • Can take a while to heat up thereby increasing energy costs

  • Does not contain an instruction manual or a DVD instructional, which might create confusion on how to install the tub

Buying the Best Portable Hot Tub? Things to Consider!

With increased popularity and demand, however, the hot tub market is saturated with a wide variety of the product. For a beginner, or someone who has never actually owned a hot tub, navigating among all the choices to find the best portable hot tub can be overwhelming.

There are many factors to consider before making your final purchase. Buying the best portable hot tub means you look at your budget, your lifestyle, your aesthetic in purchases, the size and specific features of the tubs etc.

These are elaborated upon in the paragraphs below to help you find the best portable hot tub.

Best Portable Hot Tubs on the Market

Best Portable Hot Tub Buying Guide


By nature of design and functionality, portable units are smaller than permanent hot tubs. The majority of portable hot tubs are made to fit two adults; however, the largest units for some models can accommodate up to six people. This count is inclusive of children as well, and many hot tubs include special raised seats so children can sit in the units without being too deep in the water.

Most sellers specify the number of people their models can accommodate, but it is a good practice to personally gauge the size of the tub when making the purchase. For this purpose, just knowing the size of the tub is not important; you must also note the thickness of the walls of the unit when it is installed.

Only after knowing how big the unit is once established should you take down the measurements and compare it to the space you want to install it in. Also, remember to leave enough space for people to enter and exit the unit safely without injuring themselves.

So, as you can see size matter when looking for the best portable hot tub.


In the range of pricing, portable hot tub units are definitely less expensive than permanent ones. This may be attributed to the use of cheaper (and different) materials, but a cheaper product does not always mean you have compromise on quality.

Many portable units available on the market will last you anywhere from 10-15 years with proper maintenance and cleaning, and that constitutes a great return on the purchase value for the product.

Some portable units are pricier than others because they offer value services, like covers and additional jets, so if you have budget constraints, you can choose to ignore these additional features and buy a standard version of the product.

Most of these features can be purchased separately over time, or you can DIY them at home for a fraction of the price, especially raised seats for children and hot tub covers.

When buying the best portable hot tub, ensure that it gives you good value for the price tag.


Hot tubs may also have a different selection of chemicals than each other. Some may use industrial grade solvents while others have a natural selection. These chemicals differ in terms of safety if they are leaked, and the compatibility with the operation of the tub itself.

As a future hot tub owner, you should know what fluids reside inside your units, which will help you make a better choice in terms of the kind of best portable hot tub you want to go for.


Portable hot tub units are either inflatable or solid. Solid units are more expensive and difficult to maintain than the inflatable ones. Solid/hard units are often made from a material commonly known as perma-flex which awards the unit a rigid structure as well as the ability to hold in more heat.

Inflatable units are made from multi-layered vinyl, but a different blend of polymers may also be used. Inflatable units may thus need an extra layer of insulation to retain more heat.

In selecting a portable unit thus, you should be wary of the insulation provided and the temperatures that the unit under consideration can endure. Commonly, the more long-lasting the material is, the pricier the unit would be. So, keep that in mind when looking for the best portable hot tub.

Safety Features:

A portable hot tub with a larger capacity usually come with built in raised seats, which means that children can safely sit in the hot tubs without any danger of drowning in the deep water. No-skid seats and non-slip flooring are also additional features which will make the tub safe for both children and adults alike.

Of course, these features may be absent in many large hot tubs, and you may choose to go with separate seats instead of built-in ones to accommodate to your preference.

Other safety features that might be included in the best portable hot tub are: child-proof lids (to stop children and pets getting into the tub without adult supervision), maximum heat capacity sensors (which will stop the water in the hot tub from heating beyond a certain temperature, so the skin doesn’t get scalded or scorched), and filtration systems (to filter unwanted particles away from the tub).

Digital Features:

Modern portable hot tubs are mostly digitally operated. This means that the best portable hot tub has a separate panel from where all controls can be regulated. This reduces a disorganized array of overlapping wires, and in case of a fault, it becomes easier to find the anomaly and do the repairs.

Manually controlled hot tubs are very rare to find these days, but quite a large number of brands provide a combination of manual and digital controls for their hot tub units so that the tub is able to retain its most basic functions even if there is no access to a power supply. Commonly, the more digitally operational a model is, the more expensive it will be, even though it may be easier to maintain and work with.

Energy Use:

The energy use of your portable hot tub will be directly dependent upon how much heat it is built to retain. With thick insulation units, the heating mechanism will not have to continuously work to retain the heat in the water, thus cutting down on the energy consumption.

With a similar ideology, powerful motors will use up more energy than the regular motors and thus cost more. This invokes a contradiction between the provision of quality and its cost. Most brands have found a way around this dilemma, by relying on green power/ solar power batteries to power the best portable hot tub they offer.

This way there will be no compromise on the efficiency of the product’s features, and yet the electricity usage and bill will be significantly reduced. Go for the best portable hot tub that is energy efficient.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The cleaning and maintenance processes for all brands will vary from each other, and depend upon the materials and size of the unit. In this regard, it would be wise to pay attention to the details given in the unit description so you can figure out the cleaning rituals for the prospective units.

If a unit is harder to clean and too difficult to maintain, it would be prudent to let it go and look for a replacement. Most units come with self-cleaning systems (which may add to the unit cost), but almost all units will demand a manual cleaning regime as well. This would include wiping and scrubbing the walls and surfaces with a disinfectant to keep the unit clean.

The choice of the disinfectant/cleaning solution will depend upon the unit materials of course. Most companies, which sell hot tubs that are difficult to clean and maintain, offer exclusive cleaning and maintenance services for their customers. So, the best portable hot tub you’re interested in should be easy to clean.


To have a certain number of jets in your best portable hot tub is definitely a matter of personal preference, although it does depend on the size and volume of the hot tub. Most companies produce a range of hot tubs with a variation of the number and type of jets so that customers can find the perfect fit for themselves.

Single jet provides a mild turbulence, while multiple jets (four or more) are associated with a stronger turbulence. Jets may come with a preset speed or contain a variable knob to adjust the speed accordingly. The stronger the turbulence desired, the more power your motor should be able to generate.

So you should factor in the horsepower of your motor in comparison with the number of jets in your tub and the jet speed to arrive at a suitable combination of all three.


A cover or a lid, preferably with a lock, is a necessary accessory for a hot tub. It will not only prevent kids and pets from getting into the tub on their own, but also guard the tub water against dirt settling on the surface as well as debris, especially if the tub is placed in an outdoor setting.

The longer the water stays clean, the lesser you’ll need to change it, thus reducing power consumption for the appliance. Most modern hot tubs, portable or permanent, come with covers, but if yours does not have one, you could buy one separately or DIY it. Either way, it is a useful complement to any portable hot spa set.

Additional Features:

If you are investing in the best portable hot tub with an intention to splurge and obtain a truly luxurious product, the possibilities for customization might just be endless. A lot of brands offer plenty of cosmetic alterations to the design, size, and style of the hot tub to create a truly personalized product.

You can add underwater lights, faux tiles, color-changing led or fairy lights, mini waterfalls, food and drink holders, and many other features. You can even purchase a longer warranty and overtime repair services from the same brand that you purchase your hot tub from, which will reduce the hassle if you ever run into any issues with your product.

The number of custom details will only be subject to your imagination and the amount of money you choose to spend.

Best Portable Hot Tubs on the Market

Using the Best Portable Hot Tub

Hot tubs are popularly connected to the relaxation regime. In the world of today with our busy lifestyle and struggle to stay alert 24/7, our physical health has come to a point where there is nothing but decline beyond.

In situations such as this, it is a luxury that we take out time for ourselves and spend an hour or two relaxing properly at the end of a busy week. Buying the best portable hot tub is a great way to make such an experience happen and inside your very own home, in a setting that you personally enjoy.
Mentioned below are some of the ways you can get more use out of your hot tub than just the occasional hot spa and get your money’s worth to make a positive difference in your health.

1.Hot Spa/ Intense Relaxation Therapy:

Most hot tubs come with the specification to heat their volume of water to at least 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is mild enough to not scorch your skin or cause third-degree burns, but it is hot enough to make your body relax.

Sitting in a warm bath or inside the warm water body of the hot spa directly affects your body by relaxing your blood vessels, and increasing the blood flow throughout your entire body. This will improve the blood circulation to all the muscles and parts of your body, especially those that you neglect to care about.
The heat from the water soothes the aching joints and muscles, providing instant relief. Hot spas are thus considered a great lifestyle accessory for those living with chronic pain of any kind, or people whose lives involve intense physical activity because a hot tub can serve as the perfect boost to their physical health without having any direct chemical effect on their body.

Over the past couple of years, hot tubs have evolved as the go-to self-care routine for people who want to take some time off to calm themselves. Aromatherapy candles and scents, combined with a calm, background music can do wonders for your stress levels when combined with a session of epic relaxation inside a hot tub.

Modern hot tubs also come equipped with a number of additional features to improve your relaxation experience: massaging jets, for instance, are the best-suited example for this. These are especially directed at the sole purpose to provide the equivalent of a hot massage session while you are resting inside the hot tub.

Some of the portable hot tubs allow you to create your very own desensitization experience by immersing your body in the hypertonic environment. This rids you of all sensation for a while and is a life saver for people who experience chronic pain or have conditions like fibromyalgia or depression, etc., with which it is hard to find instant relief.

In many cases, doctors themselves prescribe regular hot tub sessions to their patients for pain management, because they have evidence of that the regimen works.

2.A Means to Socialize:

Since portable hot tubs come with a capacity to accommodate more than just one person, they can be used in many creative ways to make the most out of a social gathering.

A hot tub party in winters can be a very soothing event, allowing close friends to come together for a night free of distractions and just enjoy each other’s honest company. Hot spas are also the perfect respite for a date with your significant other if you want a break from going out to public places and just want to spend some quality time alone with each other.

The calming atmosphere of the hot tub relieves your body of all the accumulated tension and provides a very soothing aesthetic for you to share with the people you care about the most.

If you have kids, hot tub parties could also be a great way to let your kids have a ton of fun with their friends under supervision. A large number of hot tub customers are actually parents who consistently report how much their children love the hot spas.

In cold months especially, hot tub baths serve as instant relief for colds and dry coughs, restoring the body to a peaceful state, and will be a wonderful substitute to a rough night, for your entire family.


The best portable hot tub is ideal for people who move around frequently or prefer to live in rented apartments. It is especially ideal for couples who love traveling and live in trailers and vans, etc. Permanent hot tubs are an inconvenience and impossibility under such conditions, so finding the best portable hot tub with a long life is a great buying decision.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best portable hot tub so you must not rush your shopping decisions, and keep narrowing down your preferences until you arrive at the possible option that fits your budgeting requirements as well.

In such cases, it is also wise to question the product specifications from the sellers directly until you are satisfied with what the unit offers and have faith in the product guarantee. The best portable hot tub reviews which have been mentioned above lists a diverse range of the top market choices.

All of them have been carefully selected to reduce your hassle when researching for the best portable hot tub to buy. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor hot tub or an indoor one, the information above will help you. Also, be on the lookout for the best deals on hot tubs to get your money’s worth.


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