Best Grill Mats – Top Grill Mat Reviews

///Best Grill Mats – Top Grill Mat Reviews
Best Grill Mats – Top Grill Mat Reviews

Locating the best grill mats can be a chore. We went out of our comfort zone and got into talks with some chefs and hobbyist cooks to know how to get the best grilling mats. Following out grilling (no pun intended) search for the best grill mats, we came up with this review that details every secret of choosing a quality and reliable grill mat. If you are running short on time, we have listed the best six grill mats that you can pick with trust.

How to choose the right Grill Mat

First, you need to be aware of products that are advertised on TV. The grill mats have gone to be one of the best selling products, that have gained popularity in no time. Don’t fall in the trap of modern day advertising and stick to what chefs and experienced cooks recommend. That is why we are here with these tips to choose the best grill mat.

For someone like me, who is unaware of the subtle intricacies of grill mats, all products in the market seem to be same. But the experts have a different view. According to them, all grill mats are designed and made with the aim of providing a nonstick and flexible black rectangle that people can usually use to ease their BBQ cooking experience. However, not every brand succeeds to provide a grill mat that fits your need. When shopping for one, you need to look beyond the universal black rectangle design of these BBQ grill mats.

Almost every grill mat has the same construction and building material. They are made of fiberglass cloth that is uniquely treated with PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene. Don’t be mistaken to think that fiberglass and fiberglass cloth are the same. The grill mats are made from the cloth that has no actual fiberglass. The PTFE is a nonstick coating that is a must for any useful grill mat. Based on the quality and brands, the PTFE coating thickness differs. This actually makes the difference in the quality of a grill mat.

PTFE is not Teflon

If some brand is selling you a grill mat claiming it to be Teflon coated, then it’s a marketing scam. Teflon is a DuPont owned brand name and only DuPont can sell any cookware that is said to have a nonstick Teflon coating. This is just to make you aware of a quick to use trick to find illegitimate grill mat brands.

Best Grill Mats-Not All are Same

How on earth can you see the difference between best grill mats and non-brand cheap grill mats when they all looking like similar flat black rectangles? Well, the secret lies in the technicality of the manufacturing process. Here are the main factors that differentiate best grill mats from cheaper ones-

How much PTFE is used

PTFE coating is most important part of manufacturing the best grill mats. Have you ever wondered why there is a large difference between the pricing of top notch grill mats and cheaper ones? The difference is in the PTFE coating. Also, it is the most expensive process in the manufacturing of the grill mats. Therefore, brands offering lower quality products will always compromise on the amount of PTFE.

Size of the grill mat

Chefs we interviewed told us to always choose the best grill mats that are large sized. We asked, why the large sized grill mats are better than small sized ones. Here are the benefits that large sized best grill mats have:

Thickness of the grill mat

The biggest differentiating factor that BBQ grill mats have is their thickness. The thicker, the better. Thickness of the best grill mats decides how durable and non-stick they are. You can almost instantly tell the quality of a grill mat by observing its thickness.

The proper thickness ensures even cooking with the grill mats. A 0.35mm thickness of grill mats ensure the entire cooking surface gets heated in moderate time. Too thick grill mats won’t heat properly and also the heat will not be distributed on the surface evenly, resulting in unpredictable results when you BBQ. Contrary to it, a thin grill mat will absorb heat too fast, most likely to burn the food.

You might not agree that such subtle details can be decisive for finding the best grill mats, but these factors are the ones that decide how much heat can the grill mat withstand, how durable it is, how easily can it be cleaned and how slick or friction free the grill mat is.

Grill Mat Review – Top Six Brand Products

Where else can be the better marketplace than Amazon to buy the best grill mats offered by the top brands. Here are the top 6 brands that chefs trust.


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My Cozy Home

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KONA Best BBQ Grill Mat – Heavy Duty 600 Degree Non-Stick Mats

Kona best BBQ grill mat is one the best selling product in its category on Amazon. We recommend this product because it is covered under hassle free seven years warranty from Kona, that means whether you are an experienced chef or a novice getting started with BBQ, you don’t have to worry about accidentally overheating your grill mat.

A large size grill mat, this Kona product measure 16×13 inches, gives you enough work space to cook the juiciest steaks, sautee and chicken easily. At 0.35mm thickness the Kona best BBQ grill mat is sturdy and durable and can support heavy meat pieces of up to 10 ounces. You can put this grill mat on heat without worrying about overheating as it supports heat up to 600 degrees.

KONA Best BBQ Grill Mat Benefits:

  • Fantastic temperature support for up to 600 degrees

  • PFOA free healthy and quality assured BBQ grill mat

  • Superior than any other grill mat at 0.39mm thickness better than Miracle or Yoshi grill mats

  • Use for 50 times more than regular grilling mats

  • Can be used for over 1,000 times per side

  • Make grill cooking easy and mess free

  • Kona 7 year warranty

Chefs prefer this grill mat also because of the grill style texture that leaves a nice grill mark on the food. Due to its big size it keeps food irrespective of its size from falling through grates. We don’t think you will need any other grill mat for the next 10 years once you buy this best grill mat.

Looch Grill Mat Set

The size of the Looch grill mat is large enough at 15.75×13 inch that prevents small and large food particles from falling through the grates of the grill. This also keeps your grill mess free, shiny and clean. With high temperature tolerance, there is no chance that you will burn this grill mat accidentally. You can cook any kind of food like shrimp, veggies, grill meat, eggs, pizzas, bacons or anything you can think of. It doesn’t matter what kind of grill you are using, you can always use the Looch Grill Mat. Due to their large size, high temperature resistance and easy cleaning, these grill mats are ideal for park and campground cookouts.

Looch Grill Mat Set Benefits:

  • 100% non-stick that lets you cook without any oil or grease

  • Peak temperature of 500 degree that allow you to cook the densest meat

  • Made from PFOA and silicone free and FDA approved material

  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe grill mat

  • Can be used with porcelain, Char-Broil, infrared, Weber and charcoal grills

What makes the Looch grill mat one of the best grill mats is its FDA approved premium PTFE coated fiberglass cloth material. It produces no toxic fumes or smoke, making grilling easy. Cleaning up the grill mats is also easy as they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. If you are using grill for the first time, we recommend that you buy this quality Looch Grill Mat Set to make grilling an easy experience for you.

Aoocan Grill Mat Set of 5

Next in the list is the product from Aoocan. A set of 5 high quality premium made grill mats that are silicone and PFOA free. These non-stick grill mats are large enough to support big and small foods. At 15.75 x 13 inch, you get enough work space to cook multiple small foods like shrimp, veggies and burgers at once.

Aoocan Grill Mat Benefits:

  • 100% non-stick grill mats that allow you to cook juicy meat and steaks without any oil

  • PFOA and silicone free, PTFE coated fiberglass material build

  • Can withstand the peak temperature of up to 500 degrees

  • Easy to clean grill mat, dishwasher safe and reusable

Think enough, the Aoocan grill mat can be used with any type of grill including porcelain, gas, electric, charcoal, Weber and infrared. The large sized grill mats are sturdy and durable and support heavy meat slices easily. You get clean grill cooking as it prevents morsels from falling through the grates. This keeps your grill looking new and clean. Cleaning grills is a cumbersome chore that no one wants to do. But if you love grilled food, you have no other option but to use best grill mats like the one from Aoocan to keep your grill mess free.

Also, these grill mats are dishwasher compatible that makes them a lot easier to clean. Even you can clean them by running warm water over them. With FDA building material and lifetime warranty, you don’t have a reason to not consider Aoocan grill mats.

Grillaholics Grill Mat

Grillaholics Grill Mat is one of the best grill mats that is high quality and low priced product. As we detailed that there are three main factors that make an ideal grill mat, the Grillaholics Grill Mat fulfills all the criteria of a quality grill mat. It is provided with thick non-stick PTFE layer that makes it easy to cook meat, veggies, eggs and bacons without any oil or grease. It can withstand the high heat up to 500 degrees. You can cook small and large foods like shrimp, steak and chicken on these grill mats evenly. It can be used with charcoal, porcelain or electric grills. Made from premium fiberglass material with PTFE coating, you do not have to worry about the grill mat melting or burning.

Grillaholics Grill Mat Benefits:

  • Appropriate thickness to get heated quickly and heat dissipates equally providing for even cooking

  • Durable and high heat resistant, up to 500 degrees

  • Covered under lifetime replacement guarantee

  • Can be used with any sort of barbecue grill-gas, electric or charcoal

  • Large size keeps food from falling through the grate, makes cooking on grills mess free

  • Easy to clean, dishwasher friendly

We recommend the Grillaholics Grill Mat for any kind of cooking. Whether barbeques or pancakes, you can easily use it for all kinds of versatile cooking. You won’t need to look for best grill mats again, because this grill mat is provided with the lifetime replacement guarantee.

Smaid – Gold Grill Mat Set

The next best grill mat is from the Smaid. Another best selling product on Amazon, the Smaid Gold Grill Mat Set is an ideal product if you want a stylish grill mat to go well with your grills. This grill mat can be used with any type of grill like infrared, charcoal or Weber. At a reasonable price you get a grill mat that can withstand high cooking temperature of 500 degrees. Fitting it for use with small cookware and pans is easy. You can cut it with scissors to any size. A common problem with most grill mats is that they slip, but the Smaid Gold Grill Mat Set has a slip resistant coating that prevents it from slipping when you are grilling.

Smaid Gold Grill Mat Benefits

  • Thick grill mat, high heat resistant up to 500 degrees

  • 100% non-stick for easy and oil free cooking

  • Premium PTFE coated fiberglass material, PFOA free and FDA approved

  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean, reusable grill mats

  • Lifetime guarantee

As we have mentioned before, thicker does not always mean better. This grill mat is kept at an optimum thickness to get even heated without burning the food. You can easily cook sauces, eggs, marinades, pizzas and bring BBQ experience to your kitchen. You don’t need to use oil as its PTFE non-stick coating lets you grill juicy food without any mess.

If you are buying a grill mat for the first time, we strongly recommend this product as it is covered under lifetime guarantee. Also, if you are not satisfied with Smaid Gold Grill Mat Set you get your money back.

My Cozy Home Grilling Mat

Last inclusion in our best grill mats on Amazon is the My Cozy Home Grilling Mat. Available for a reasonable price this grill mat is what you need for an easy and clean BBQ experience. Grill meats, veggies, burgers, pizzas or kabobs on this non-stick grill mat without using any oil or grease, for a healthy cooking. At 16×13 inches the grill mat is big enough to let you cook meat and your veggies together. Even thickness ensures your food remains juicy and healthy without burning.

My Cozy Home Grilling Mat Benefits

  • 100% non-stick PTFE coated layer

  • Large size to ensure food does not fall through the grate

  • Made from heat resistant fiberglass material that can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees

  • Durable, reusable and dishwasher safe grill mat

  • Healthy cooking with no need to use oil or grease

  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Like other best grill mats in the list, the My Cozy Home Grilling Mat is also dishwasher safe that you clean easily. Use it with any kind of grills or with pans and ovens, you will not need any other grill mat. Even it can be hand cleaned with a simple wash hot water.

What should be considered before buying a Grill Mat

We will keep it short. Don’t get lured by the flashy ads and aggressive claims that many brands make to sell their grill mats. Consider following factors to buy the best mat.

Analyze the thickness of PTFE coating

As we mentioned, cheap grill mats will compromise on the PTFE amount, you can easily know which one is substandard. The fiberglass cloth used in grill mats has a boxed rough texture. The best grill mats have thick PTFE coating, that makes their surface plain and texture free. In cheap quality grill mats you will find tiny square texture protruding in the PTFE coating. You need to observe the mat under good lighting or move your fingers to feel the surface of the grill mat.

Choose bigger grill mats

Large sized grill mats can always be resized to meet the requirements of nonstick applications. For instance, you can cut the best grill mats to act as stove top liners, baking sheet covers, pan protectors and dehydrator sheets. In simple words, grill mats are not only for BBQ, but can be used for any medium heat applications you can think of.

Thickness of 0.25-0.35mm

Chefs suggest that the best grill mats that are ideal for BBQ should have a thickness of around 0.25mm. At this thickness a grill mat gets heated up quickly and the heat dissipates to the surface evenly. This ensures that there is even cooking results. You may want to ignore the grill mats that are thicker than 0.25-0.35mm because even though they will last longer, but the heat in these grill mats won’t dissipate over the cooking surface evenly leaving cool spots. This can be a nightmare as the food will not be cooked evenly. Nobody likes unpredictable cooking results, that is why best grill mats are always around 0.25-0.35mm thick.

Usage of a Grill Mat

Now that you know what grill mats are and how to pick the best grill mats, why not know a little about the uses of a grill mat. Here are some creative ways of using your grill mat other than tradition barbecue cooking.

Best Grill Mats – Top Grill Mat Reviews

Ideal Cooking Surface

Sometimes when you don’t have a cooking surface for making pancakes or similar stuff, you can use your grill mat directly over the stove top. You will be surprised for sure to see how well they work as cooking surfaces. You can easily grill pizzas and cook small foods like shrimp and veggies using a grill mat.

Kitchenware Liner

You can use the best grill mats as burner liners to keep your stove and kitchen top mess free. You can also use these mats to protect your pans from messy crusts that settle on them when you make dishes. Just cut the grill mat as use it as the pan liner to make it nonstick. You can also use the best grill mats as microwave liner, stove top liner, Paninin press liner and for any heat application you can think of.

Excellent parchment substitute

If you have ever worked your way around caramel and chocolate, then you must be aware of the use of parchment paper. It makes it easy to use chocolate and caramel in dishes as it is a non-stick paper that peels off from chocolate and caramel easily. Well, grill mat can be a reusable substitute for parchment paper as it is non-stick. You can use it again and again, as all it takes is a simple wash to clean the surface.

Mat For Art Work

This one is not exactly related to cooking on grill mats but if you are into crafts, then you must know how cumbersome it is to work with adhesives, but not with grill mats. You can use them to work with hot glue and sticky craft without worry about any mess.


Best grill mats can be located easily if you are aware of a few simple things. This review details what makes an excellent BBQ grill mat. You have to look for the best grill mats that are large sized, have enough amount of PTFE coating and are thick enough to cook evenly. Just don’t let the price factor be the sole factor to decide which grill mat is a fit for you.


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