Best Automatic Toilet Flusher Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Automatic Toilet Flusher Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Automatic Toilet Flusher Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

If you intend to add a useful difference to your regular toilet without engaging in daunting repair work, an automatic toilet flusher is a superb option to consider. Installing an auto flush toilet for home is a matter of spending less than 15 minutes in most of the cases; you don’t need to have to be a specialist or have toolkits to get such device installed. The purpose of installing an auto flush toilet for home is to bring more convenience; such system is capable of activating the flushing automatically soon after the user moves away from the toilet. In fact, an automatic flush toilet is a smart way of ensuring better hygiene, considering the fact that the user doesn’t have to touch the flushing handle.

5 Best Toilet Auto Flusher Products

We have selected the best automatic flush toilet options available in the modern day market and reviewed them for your reference.


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01.TECHO Touchless Toilet automatic flush 

One of the most popular toilet auto flusher products in the market today. If you are looking to upgrade your conventional toilet into a self flushing toilet without spending a fortune, this can be a prominent option to consider. You don’t need to replace the existing toilet seat or engage in complex construction work at all to install this self-flushing toilet; it is easier to install than most of the other products on the market. You will need only 10 minutes to install this automatic flush device. Once installed, this automatic flush system works according to the motions; you can flush the toilet just with a wave of your hand. You can completely eliminate the risk of getting germs on your hand. The secret behind the efficiency of the self-flush toilet is its highly reliable motion sensor technology. Thanks to the smartness of this self-flush toilet, it hardly generates phantom flush; the functionality is not affected by the external forces. In order to assure an easier battery replacement process, auto toilet flusher comes with an external battery pack. The battery life of this auto toilet flusher is impressive; 4 AA batteries will last at least one year even if you flush 100 times a day! However, this automatic toilet flush is applicable only with flapper and canister model toilets. Therefore, it is better to check with the seller for the compatibility before purchasing.

Features we like

  • Highly sensitive motion detector

  • Durable lifespan

  • Long battery life

  • External battery pack

  • Easy to install

  • Accurate sensors

02.Rubbermaid Commercial FG750831 Automatic flusher for toilet 

This is another automatic toilet flush device that can assure a great deal of convenience to the users. Being one of the most effective self flushing toilets on the market today, Rubbermaid Commercial FG750831 comes with very handy features. This automatic flushing toilet from Rubbermaid Commercial comes as an easy to mount design. The motor of this automatic flushing toilet can be mounted in the tank and the installation of the sensor is a breeze! Once the batteries are installed, it is ready to go. These self flushing toilets are designed with a sophisticated wireless flushing system. Getting this automatic toilet flusher installed in your toilet is a way of stopping the spread of the germs; it is completely touch-free. The size of this automatic flush toilet for home is very compact and yet the performance is impressive. The product is made in the USA using durable, strong and top quality materials. Overall, this automatic flush toilet for home is a good investment for those who consider hygiene and convenience in the first place.

Features we like

  • Easy to install design

  • Wireless operation

  • Durable and strong finish

  • Minimizes the spread of germs

  • Touch-free operation

  • Ideal for any toilet setup

03.KOHLER K-1954-0 Touchless automatic toilet flush system  

When you are in the hunt for an automatic flushing toilet home, this is a product you shouldn’t miss out. This toilet auto flush kit is designed to be compact in size and yet to perform precisely. Installation of this automatic flushing toilet home is a very easy process; it takes less than 20 minutes to get this toilet auto flush kit installed if you follow the given instructions. This automatic flush toilet home is activated with the help of the sophisticated sensor integrated. The sensor is capable of identifying the existence of the user and activating the flush system as soon as the user leaves the toilet. This sensor is designed to be placed inside the tank and you don’t have to physically touch the sensor of this automatic flush toilet home. This auto flush toilet home is powered by 4 AA batteries and therefore, you don’t need to worry about wiring or finding power outlets. This auto flush toilet home is designed to be compatible with most of the canister and flapper type toilets. It doesn’t work with the models like dual flush, ballcock etc. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to verify the compatibility with the seller before making the purchase.

Features we like

  • Easy to install system

  • Replaceable batteries

  • Durable product

  • Better battery life

  • Highly accurate

  • Prevents the spread of germs

04.Rubbermaid wireless automatic toilet flushing system 

This is another impressive automatic toilet flusher from Rubbermaid. This machine comes with a flush valve Retrofit Kit and that is applicable to your tank toilet easier. This auto flush toilet sensor is powered by replaceable batteries and these batteries are easily installable whenever necessary. Usually, this auto flush toilet sensor features a better battery life; one set of batteries can support up to 100,000 flushes as per the manufacturers. Therefore, you don’t have to change the batteries frequently. This compact auto flush toilet sensor can be mounted on the wall easily preserving the available space. Thanks to this innovative design, auto flush toilet conversion is not a big deal anymore; it is affordable and easy. It is completely operated with the assistance of sensors. It is capable of maintaining a sensor range within 12 to 48 inches. This auto flush toilet conversion is made out of top quality plastic to assure better lifespan. On top of all these features, this toilet flushing sensor comes with a 3-year limited warranty as an assurance of the quality. This toilet flushing sensor comes as a complete unit (including the batteries).

Features we like

  • Easy to install design

  • Accurate motion detection

  • Long lifespan (up to 100,000 flushes)

  • Replaceable batteries

05.FlushMinder Dual-Flush Auto toilet flushing system 

If you are looking for a really sophisticated automatic flushing toilets, FlushMinder is a good option to consider. This machine comes with an advanced motor for better user experience. These automatic flushing toilets come with a dual-flush system and they are compatible with most of the standard lever-based toilets. The sensor integrated to this device is pretty smart; it determines the time you spent at the toilet and deploys “half” or “full” flush accordingly. Installation of this automatic toilet flusher is really easy; there is no expert knowledge required. The durability of this touch-less automatic flusher is impressive. This is an ideal upgrade for your toilet particularly if you have little kids or elderly individuals at home. The overall design and the functionality of this device is excellent.

Features we like

  • Dual flush system that saves water

  • Smart sensor

  • Easy to install

  • Matches most of the standard lever-based toilets

  • Ideal for kids and elderly individuals

How to choose the best automatic toilet flusher

Before purchasing your auto toilet flusher, you may have to pay attention to the following facts.

  • Ease of installation
    The installation process shouldn’t be complicated. Most of the best products in the modern market need less than 20 minutes to be installed.

  • Battery life
    Most of the time, these flushers are powered by replaceable batteries. So, you must expect a large number of flushes from each set of batteries.

  • Warranty
    It is better to give preference to the products that have a warranty. A warranty is a sign of the quality of the respective product.

  • Durability
    The lifespan of the product must be a vital fact to consider. The product you purchase must be able to perform hundreds of thousands of flushes before it goes off; this must be assured by the manufacturer in their product description in a reliable way.

  • Customer reviews
    It is always worth reading the reviews left by the previous customers. Such reviews will give you a clear insight about the pros and cons of the respective product as if you tried it by yourself.

  • Compatibility
    You must ensure that your toilet model support the automatic toilet flusher you are purchasing. Some models aren’t supported by these flushers, you should remember.


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