Yale Real Living Smart Lock Review – Pick the Best Smart Lock

///Yale Real Living Smart Lock Review – Pick the Best Smart Lock

Yale Real Living Smart Lock combines elegant design with high-tech features to deliver enhanced home security solutions. It is a sophisticated ensemble of stylish keypad and automated home monitoring integration. It’s like most other high grade security systems having Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA rating.

As a security device, you’d expect the security features to be top of the line and Yale Real Living Smart Lock do not disappoint. The alarm feature is one of a kind in that it goes off if there’s a kick on the door. This particular feature is rare for most smart lock systems in the market.

The keypad and home system integration is another powerful feature. Setting up a network hub between the Yale real living and your home security system sets up a wifi door lock setup that offers convenience and total control. However, the expenses associated with the setup are a major drawback for the Yale real living. If you do have a preexisting home security system, then getting it is a no brainer.


  • Easy Installation –
    Compared with other security systems, Yale Real Living smart lock is easy to install. The system package comes with a template to make proper cuts on your door during installation. The instructions in the installation guide are clear, concise and easy to understand. The system package also comes with full mounting hardware and four AA batteries.

  • Straight Forward Programming Process –
    The programming process for the Yale Real Living smart lock system is relatively easy and straightforward. The voice guided programming setup gets you up and running in the shortest possible time.

  • Large Code Capacity –
    You can create up to 25 personalized codes or up to 250 (with Network module installed). The system also has a master code feature which allows you to disable all other codes except the master code. Useful feature when you fear some codes may have been compromised. The Yale Real Living’s systems stores more code than any other system.

  • Compatible with several home security systems –
    The Yale Real Living smart lock is compatible with both Z-Wave and ZigBee networks. It is also compatible with popular home security systems like Honeywell, Home seer and Elk.


  • Requires 3rd Party app –
    The system does not come with its own dedicated app for phone or PC. It requires a 3rd party app and a network module like Z-Wave or ZigBee to control the smart lock system remotely.

  • Expensive –
    At almost $200, the Yale Real Living Smart Lock’s system is expensive. It also requires additional $125 to set up a network hub for remote monitoring and control.

  • Features vary –
    Features of the Yale Real Living‘s system vary with network. May of the features do not work without network hub integration.

Yale Real Living Smart Lock Review


The Yale Real Living smart lock comes with built-in siren alarm that goes off when the system detects any bit of tampering. So whether it’s a kick on the door, or the wrong code being entered repeatedly, the alarm will sound.

It also features an illuminated keypad for easy and convenient night time entry. No need trying to get a flashlight or struggling with your phone to turn on the flashlight feature so you can enter your code in the keypad panel. The smart lock keypad has excellent backlight making entering your home at night simple and effortless. The metallic backlight finish on the keypad also evokes a sense of the futuristic. Makes your home look like a fort. The interface of the touchscreen panel is user friendly. The touchscreen is weather resistant and durable.

There is also the option of using a regular good old-fashioned key as backup with the keyhole feature on the smart lock assembly. This feature is particularly useful for emergency situations especially if its system batteries are dead or the lock is experiencing some malfunction.

The Yale Real Living Smart Lock can be integrated with Z-Wave and ZigBee networks. Its hardware comes with a radio module to connect to connect to several compatible home security systems. Network Hub setup allows for robust remote control options. It can be integrated with several home security systems like Homeseer, Elk and Honeywell. It also works with Amazon Alexa so you use Alexa voice commands to check lock and unlock status using home alarm systems like SmartThings and Wink.

It is available in three unique colors; oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass or satin nickel.


  • I installed the lock with very little issues and everything is working pretty well; locking and unlocking. I found the installation guide to be very detailed. After setting up, I noticed something wrong with the servo that moves the deadbolt. It was turning in the opposite direction. I went back to the installation guide and I found out that apparently, upon installing and powering up the locking system, the device tries to identify which way it will function. I realized that Yale real living is designed to work with either right hand or left hand doors. The instruction manual has this exact problem and the steps to troubleshoot it. I did a complete factory reset, which took a few minutes and the issue was solved.

  • This cool smart lock from the guys at Yale makes life so much easier. It’s easy to install and works very fine. I enjoy not having to carry keys around. I love my wifi door.

  • Been using the Yale real living for five months now and it works like a champ. The design is solid, built like a tank. Makes me feel like my home is some top secret bunker. It truly is a class 2 security device. The installation was easy and I particularly love the voice instructions during programming. The sound effects are also quite nice. Before purchase I did see a lot of talk about not being able to enjoy the product without a network module. I did not install the Z-wave module; I may do so in future though. The keypad disappears when not in use and the illuminated keypad makes it very easy to use at night.

  • Installed the Yale real living and was using it for months without any battery issues. Upon installing the Z-Wave module, battery no longer lasts as long.

  • The Yale smart lock does have its fair share of issues but I believe the positives far outweigh the negatives. The ease of installation and the voice programming guide is quite remarkable. It makes the entire installation process very easy and straight forward. Not to mention, it is a rather cool feature. It is bit on the pricey side, but considering the full range of functionality (especially when your setup a hub with via Z-Wave); it is well worth the price. My only problem is the abysmal battery life. Using non-rechargeable batteries does help in this regard though.

  • I have the Yale Real Living Smart Lock installed in my house. I’ve even integrated it via Z-Wave with my home security system. It offers everything advertised and more. I set up a SmartThings hub. The only two issues I have are with the battery life and the sensitivity of the locks. The first issue has an easy solution though. Use non-rechargeable batteries. But for the second issue, it can be a nightmare especially if you have curious and active little kids like me. The locks automatically engage when you put your hands near them. My two twin toddler daughters have a field day doing it over and over again. Perhaps this issue can be looked at for future models.

Yale Real Living Smart Lock Review


If you are searching for best smart lock, then Yale Real Living Smart Lock is definitely worth being considered. The design of the it is elegant and stylish giving that truly great sense of aesthetic appeal. Your door is completely transformed just by installing a Yale smart lock. The user interface is easy to use and the illuminated, backlight touchpad offers convenience.

Yale real living aren’t just about aesthetics; there is a great deal of substance to them. Easy to install and program with detailed instructional guide in both written and audio forms. There’s also the nifty master lock control to override all other codes and the ability to create codes for family and friends which can be sent via email or text messages. The addition of the Z-Wave modules gives it more functionality, when connected to a network hub. Your door automatically becomes a wifi door. Connect the Yale real living Smart Lock to your home security system and get full access to remote monitoring and control of your door.

Compared with similar smart locks available in the market, the Yale real living Smart Lock is pretty decent. The built-in siren feature isn’t common to many others and it is a good feature. It is a lot more expensive than many regular ones on the market but its unique set of functions and features makes it worth every penny. The keypad is weather protected offering long lasting durable service.


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