Top Best Automatic Gate Opener Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Top Best Automatic Gate Opener Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Top Best Automatic Gate Opener Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

When you enter the market looking for the best automatic gate opener, you come to the surprising realization that there are hundreds of gate openers to choose from. It is better to have an understanding of what you should look for in a quality automatic gate opener. This will make your choice easier. Many people think these tools are mere luxury, but now days a quality gate opening system is a necessary part of safety and security. Whether you use it in your home or at a business facility, the best automatic gate opener provides excellent logistical control.

This gate opener review will help you to understand these motorized devices are and how they make your home or business compound safer. Also, we will review and list the top 6 gate openers that you can buy on Amazon. Our selected products are the best sellers on the Amazon and we tested them for quality and operation.

Top Six Best Automatic Gate Openers Available on Amazon

Mighty Mule

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Mighty Mule M500

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US Automatic

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Mighty Mule FM200

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1. Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Automatic Gate Opener Solar Kit [Solar powered gate opener 

This product is one of those classics that are praised in the solar gate opener reviews. The Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener Solar Kit is a do-it-all device that you need to get freedom from manually operating your gates. It can lift weight up to 550 lbs, that means it is suitable for most residential gates.

No matter what kind of gate you have this automatic gate opener will work just fine.


  • Anybody can install it following instructions in the manual

  • Solar powered gate opener

  • Solar power source saves electricity

  • Affordable pricing

  • Many accessories available to go with it


  • The mounting brackets do not work properly with wooden gates

  • Gate closing and opening operation is not as smooth as expected

2. Mighty Mule FM500 Automatic Gate Opener  

Another quality product from Might Mule, the FM500 is a power beast that is designed for heavy duty operation. The smart design and construction which is both water and weather proof, ensures the longevity of the gate opener.

As a heavy duty swing gate opener it can be used for massive and heavy commercial gates.



  • Battery backup to ensure functioning during power cuts

  • Simple operation and excellent performance

  • Remote controlled

  • Competitive pricing

  • Waterproof design

  • Weather resistant construction

  • High grade features that increase the longevity of this gate opener

  • Heavy gate opener, requires assistance for installation

  • Requires regular maintenance

3. E8 Stainless Steel Automatic Dual [Swing Gate Opener] 

If you do not trust those aluminum automatic gate openers then the E8 Stainless Steel Automatic Dual Swing Gate Opener will get back your trust. This powerful operator is provided with IR beams and can easily operate gates weighing more than 1000 lbs and spanning 22 feet.

For more efficiency it has an AC/DC backup system.


  • Highly accurate and opens & closes at the same spot

  • Installation is easy

  • Remote controlled, works from long range

  • Gate opener’s arms are made from good quality material that makes them sturdy

  • Silent operation


  • There is no warning option for gate movement

  • Arm movement need to be limited using brackets as there are no limit sensors

4. US Automatic 020320 Sentry 300 Automatic Gate Opener  

The best automatic gate opener is the one that offers failsafe operation in any weather and condition. That’s exactly how the US Automatic 020320 Sentry 300 Automatic Gate Opener works so that you don’t have to wrestle with your iron gate during freezing winters.

If you are looking for a commercial grade gate opener then the Sentry 300 is a smart choice. You can power it with an AC supply or a solar panel. Most sliding gate opener reviews term this product as one of the best and affordable.


  • Highly efficient automatic gate opener

  • Even in wet conditions the system of the operator stays dry

  • Powerful motor

  • Solar powered systems make you eligible for 30 percent tax credit


  • Controller is push button type

  • Changing battery is cumbersome

5. ALEKO AC1400 Sliding Gate Opener  

There is no other automatic gate opener in our list that supports over a 100 remotes, but the ALEKO AC1400 Sliding Gate Opener very much does it. Powered by a 1.5HP motor operating on 120V, this light weight operator can support sliding gates weighing up to 1400 lbs and spanning 50 feet.


  • Lightweight gate opener

  • Aluminum chassis is corrosion resistant

  • Smooth operation

  • When obstructed the operator automatically stops and reverses

  • Supports nearly 100 different types of remotes


  • Magnet switches do not have ideal design

6. Mighty Mule FM200 Automatic Gate Opener  

The last inclusion in our best automatic gate opener list is also from Mighty Mule. The Mighty Mule FM200 Automatic Gate is ideal for small swing gates that are as heavy as 300 pounds and span across 12 feet.



  • Closing timer feature allows to set closing time anywhere between 0 – 120 seconds

  • Low powered automatic gate opener operating on 12V

  • Can run on solar power

  • Quality ABS housing makes it weather and water proof

  • Can operate on an automobile battery as well

  • Easy to install

  • Battery drains rapidly

How does an automatic gate opener work?

The swing gate openers have a main body that houses the motor that operates the arms that are attached to the gateposts. The arms are based on motors that swing left or right when you press the remote.

The sliding automatic gate openers work with the help of a motorized gear wheel and chains that move or slide the gate left or right in a straight line. The sliding gate is supported on two wheels usually that run on a track.

How To Choose The Best Automatic Gate Opener

If you have a gate at the entrance then it is worthwhile to consider an automatic gate opener. As the term suggests, automatic gate openers are the devices that make entry and exist through the gate convenient by eliminating the need for manually opening and closing the gate. While any electric gate openers review will suggest you that these devices are powerful and reliable, yet you need to be cautious while choosing one. Furthermore, you also need to take care of proper installation of a gate opener so that the accidents can be avoided.

Here are some factors to consider while choosing a gate opener to ensure its quality.

Type of gate opener needed

Deeping on the operation of your gate you will need either a swing arm opener or one operated with hydraulic pistons or jackscrew. If you have a swing gate, then consider when one piece of the gate swings or both. Automatic operations for single swing gates, work differently than the one designed for dual swing gates. If you have a sliding gate then you have to consider the length of the gate.

Weight of the gate

Every gate opener is designed with some specific operation weight in mind. Therefore, these operators have weight constraints. To choose the best automatic gate opener you have to keep the weight of your gate into account. The slide gate opener reviews clearly state that for sliding doors you need powerful operators.

Operation of the gate opener

You do not need to waste your money on a gate opener that cannot be powered properly. This is why consider the source of energy the gate opener relies on. Most common types of operators are the ones powered by an AC supply or a battery backup, but now days solar panel powered automatic gate openers are getting popular as well. Depending on the location of the powersource near the gate, choose the right kind of automatic gate opener.

Duty Cycle

Another important factor that will affect your choose is the duty cycle of the gate. If the gate is used frequently every day, then you will definitely need a heavy duty gate opener otherwise a secondary duty operator is fine for residential gates.


Automatic gate openers are made from all kinds of materials and usually contain one or more of these materials-wood, aluminum, vinyl and chain links. Depending on your requirement and how powerful gate opener you want, your choice of material will vary. For instance, wooden automatic gate openers are elegant while metal gate openers offer more muscle.


The present day automatic gate openers are high tech devices that come with cutting edge features. While choosing the best automatic gate opener you need to consider all the factors mentioned above. Gate openers are no longer a luxury, but provide convenience, safety and security. The products we have listed in this automatic gate opener review are simply the best.


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