Schlage Sense Smart Lock Review

///Schlage Sense Smart Lock Review

Schlage Sense Smart Lock Brief Introduction

Smart phones have not only made people smart but have made everything around us smart. From booking a ticket to buying an aero plane, everything is possible using your smart phone. Another domain of smart products which is essential as well as helping control security of your sweet home is smart locks. These are door locks which can be paired with your smart phone and can be controlled using a mobile application. World is full of smart phones having either android or iOS and most of the applications which are built are for both these operating systems. When it comes to smart locks, Schlage Sense Smart Lock should be one of the best. Before telling my experience with Schlage sense smart lock, it is important to know what Schlage sense smart lock is and how it is different from others. Schlage Sense smart lock is the first apple home kit compatible one. With this home kit you can control this gear using voice commands. It is the first one which can follow your commands through Siri. So by using this lock, you can command your smart lock by using your voice.

Schlage Sense Smart Lock

Schlage Sense Smart Lock Design, Features & App

Schlage Sense Smart Lock is the one of its kind smart lock which is Bluetooth enabled and home kit enabled. It has slick single cylinder deadbolt lock with keypad which is having brilliant design and illumination, apart from this it has beeping mechanism, temper alarm and battery alert though battery of this lock can go up to 12 months. Schlage Sense Smart Lock has an exquisite design and artistic contour. There are 7 major components of this smart lock which are Schlage buttons located inside and outside of the lock, Thumb turn, Cylinder, Bolt, Touch Screen and alarm speaker. The inside button located on the interior home side is used for silencing the alarm. It is not linked to locking or unlocking feature. Thumb turn is used for manually locking and unlocking the door. Touchscreen is having illuminated numbers and uses energy saving mode if not touched. It lights up as soon as any number is pressed on the screen. In case of any emergency, cylinder is used to unlock and speaker is used to sound alarms programmed in the mobile application. Bolt is connected to thumb turn and locks or unlocks automatically as per the given command.

Design includes big bold numbers and simple design, when the correct code is marked, green tick mark shows up and in case of a wrong entry red X shows up. The size of the numbers if good and is helpful to old age couples also. You can define access code length, delete an access code, enable and disable beeper. Schlage Sense app can be used to record and track access codes used in the smart lock. Company also provides an emergency key override which can be used in case of dead battery or some other glitch.

Schlage Sense Smart Lock comes with lifetime warranty limited to mechanical and finish issues. 3-year electronic warranty is a plus. It can be paired with apple iPhone, iPad and iPods. There are two trims available in Schlage sense smart lock, one is century trim and the other is Camelot trim. Both of these trims are available in Satin Nickel and Matte Black finish. Camelot trim is also available in aged bronze finish. So in total this product offers 5 variants. It is a great example of internet of things when you can control the lock of your home from even 40 miles away but you need to have connectivity with apple TV installed in the home. Sense is one of the latest keyless entry locks and is in demand.

Schlage Sense Smart Lock Price, Usability & Performance

A good product always has a price and same is true in the case of Schlage sense smart lock also. The product is available in market and is available in the price range of 180$ TO 300$ and is available online and at almost all leading hardware stores. It is usable with all apple products and also incorporates Siri voice control which makes it first product where Siri can understand and perform the lock.

The touchscreen is responsive and doesn`t miss a touch, overall responsiveness of the lock is also good and users have rated the product high on usage. Only concern shown by users is the relatively high pricing of the product. The application is good and user friendly and has many features. It lets you add various access codes which you can share with anyone through share feature. The best part about Schlage sense smart lock is that it can be installed in minutes and the only tool required is a screw driver. It has a beautiful touch screen with possibility of control while you are away but the lock should be in 40 feet radius of apple TV. It alerts you when battery is low and it has a memory to support 30 Access codes, it can sense any trespassing and can also alert you. It is possible to program the same using your smartphone. This is one time buy installation and all the upgrades etc. will be free so you don`t need to subscribe for anything or buy incremental packs. Sense gives you flexibility to connect with apple home kit and it is an intelligent system which can identify different users and can protect home from any kind of trespassing.

Schlage Sense Smart Lock

Once installed, this smart wireless door lock is easy to operate with guaranteed security. One app can add as many locks are there in your home and you can command Siri to `lock all the doors.’ This takes away the pain to buy the best key ring to multiple keys as your phone is the only key you need to carry and that too you can just command Siri even without taking the phone out of your pocket, just use `Hey Siri! ` but in a friendly voice. Schlage sense is the latest Bluetooth enabled lock by the company. It is better than Wi-Fi smart locks since it is using Bluetooth technology. These smart locks for doors are booming because of ease of access and if you are holding something in your hand, your unlocking process from finding the key to unlocking the door becomes totally hassle free. This app controlled door lock not only gives you advanced security and feature but also gives you a feel of luxury over conventional locks.

The Goods & Bads

The Schlage Sense Smart lock has its own pros and cons and a person having “Which is the Best Smart Lock?” should certainly go through these goods and bad. Firstly, we will talk about the positive points of the smart lock, which are:

1.Schlage sense lock is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod which makes it a reliable smart lock as apple`s iOS is pretty much secure than android system so its system is better than locks synced with android in terms of security.

2.Another positive point about Schlage sense is the company who has made this. The manufacturer Schlage has around 100 years of experience as it started in 1920, which makes the construction of lock an evolved model. Users have rated Schlage sense high on security of the lock. It can detect if anyone is using a wrong key to open the lock which is not a common feature in others. It not only alerts you of any trespassing but also scares away intruder with its effective alarm system. This lock has got ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified which is the highest grade of security for deadbolt lock.

3.Another feather in the cap for Schlage Sense is easy to use mobile application which allows you to add up to 30 codes, which can be shared with guests over text or mail and guests can be added and deleted. These guests need not download application which is good for the guest. Apart from this there is auto lock feature which ranges from 15 seconds to 4 minutes.

4.Number of variants is also a plus for Schlage Sense as 5 variants gives buyer a good option to choose from.

5.Schlage sense is the first smart lock which is well connected with Siri and can take voice commands through Siri, this is another positive. Apart from this, this lock is also compatible with apple home kit making it more usable with apple users.

6.Schlage sense offers good warranty of 3 years for electronic components and lifetime warranty on mechanical and finish component.

Above are the major positives of Schlage Sense Smart Lock. Now we will talk about the negative points of the smart lock.

1.First and foremost, issue of this lock is its compatibility, it is not compatible with android devices which is booming so if you are owning Samsung, this lock will demand an iPhone too. Though this helps in enhanced security but still could be a deal breaker. This smart lock is compatible with Apple Home Kit but not with other platforms like Z-Wave and Nest.

2.Another problem with is a complete Schlage sense setup which needs you to replace your current deadbolt. In case you don`t want the complete set, It won`t help you much and apart from this Schlage Sense is costlier than other products in same league.

3.Schlage sense cannot be controlled from far without installing Apple TV at home and that too in 40 feet radius.

4.It might be a small thing but needs to be in the eyes of reader, which is that this lock doesn`t have an auto unlock feature. No doubt this feature helps the lock become more secure due to absence of this feature but can be required art times.

Schlage sense lock is a Bluetooth encrypted lock and is good to use and has got high review rating by other reviewers also. The finish is luxurious and is liked by the users.


The Schlage Sense Smart Lock is a very secure smart lock with classy finish, user friendly app and comes with good warranty. The major drawback is no-android compatibility and price of the product. It is a great buy since it is having high score on security and finish, both of which are crucial for any others. More over ease of use and install makes it more favorable amongst buyers.

If you are an iPhone owner and looking for a good smart lock for your home, Schlage sense can be the end to your search. The high price of the product can be justified with the latest technology and its amalgamation with the Siri. Overall the positives of Schlage sense are more than the negatives in terms of numbers as well as magnitude of the issue. It is a combination of sleek design, security and alarms combined with mobile application making this lock a smart lock. The high rating amongst buyers make it one of the best smart locks available in the market and to buy one the buyer needs to be smart enough to understand their needs.


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