Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock Review

///Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock Review

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Brief Introduction

Smart locks are increasing their pace in terms of features, availability and design. Not everyone is looking for a smart lock but neither everyone was looking for smart phones few years back. The concept of it has changed the way you control security. Now you can control your lock with a smart phone and gone are the days you used to have a keyring set having avatar of your favorite cartoon character. There are a lot of smart locks available in terms of finish, functionality, integration with technologies and price. Few examples are August, Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock,  Schlage Sense Bluetooth Deadbolt, Kwikset Kevo etc. All of these come in variety with respect to the kind of technology used, platform and security of the code. It is important to read the review before finalizing the product as it is directly linked with security of themselves. Not all locks are giving remote access to the users but there are some which can be controlled remotely. Some of it are usually integrated with Bluetooth, wifi or z-wave technology. When it comes to Z-Wave technology, you should know that there are more than 400 products which can be integrated on Z-Wave platform making it easier for them to interact. Poly-control Danalock Smart Lock is a name which is the most common name when it comes to Z-Wave compatibility.

Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock

I will be taking you through the design and features of the lock which is absolutely a deciding factor. While choosing a smart lock, one should not forget the maximum interaction one will do and will be with the app.so we will talk about performance of the mobile application, platform compatibility with android etc. Everything we expect from a product is also related to the price and quality of the result which we are offered post buying of the lock. After all everyone is looking for performance of the product which is of prime importance because a feature is only useful if it is giving desired results and the usage is user friendly.

Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock Design, Features, and App

Poly-control Danalock Smart Lock has a stylish design which does not have a touchpad. It is a knob lock type design which lets the person ponder over it at first look as everyone wants to know how this lock works. Personally I liked the design, the design is compact, has a classy feel. It comes in silver color with anodized aluminum finish which gives this lock a compact and stylish look. The latest model of this smart lock is Danalock V3 which is available in the market and hosts a lot of features. While talking about the previous version, i.e. Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock V2, it is also available in the market and comes in variants with connectivity to Bluetooth, wi-fi, Z-Wave ZigBee. When we talk about features of Danalock, it hosts some of the basic features like it has a functional application, it also has geo fencing and it also allows guest access. It allows push notifications. But when compared to its competitor locks, it does not have some of the features like it does not support tamper alarm, it does not have voice activation. It might or might not affect the readers but it does not have a touch pad but touch pad is required to key in the passcode, if in case you don’t have your smartphone along with you. The best feature of Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock is auto unlock feature which means that whenever my smartphone is in the vicinity of the Danalock, it recognizes me and unlocks the bolt. I was excited to use this feature and on the manual it read that the range is usually around 30 feet radius. On the mobile application I could toggle on and off between auto unlock and ‘knock to unlock’ feature. Out of both the features, auto unlock still managed to give results with 80% accuracy but I was not happy with knock to unlock feature as the results were not that good. I tried to search for more reviews on Danalock and found out that a lot of users faced the similar problem.

It has a user friendly mobile application with black background and has green and red buttons for locking and unlocking which worked well but I found the speed to be little slow, around 2-3 seconds and sometimes it responded well. In case phone is not available, the lock can be enabled by pushing the button on the lock.

All the available features are enlisted in settings. It has three options under settings tab which are “none” which is also the setting at the time of buying this smart lock. The other two options are “auto unlock” & “knock to unlock” which can be selected where Knocking option doesn`t respond well.

Price, Usability and Performance

The price is a factor which gives an edge to Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock over other products as the price of this lock is approximately 80$ less than its next competitor i.e. August Smart lock. You can buy Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock starting from around 130$. The price is less though but still it is not very less. Anytime you buy a product, you seek low price product but with quality. Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock somewhere doesn`t give 100% results which is a matter of concern. First of all, the features are not much, it just caters to basic requirements of a smart lock and still not able to give 100% results effectively with full efficiency. There are websites which offer heavy discounts and promotional offers since the product is new and is exploring horizons.

While talking about usability of Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock, the installation is easy and took no time. I am happy with the installation part of Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock as the instructions were clear and you just have to remove your present knob and replace by this smart lock. One the screws are tightened in its place; your door lock is ready to use. The only thing which is then required is pairing your smart phone with lock through your application. The performance of the lock can be gauged from the security perspective of the lock, as per the manufacturers, Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock V3 is the most secure lock ever as it uses the most advanced method for data transferring which is AES 256. The speed was not very high but manageable. In terms of variants, danalock Bluetooth only or z wave only model have a price difference of 20$ from danalock model which supports both Bluetooth and z wave model. It entirely depends on the user which variant is required, for a small price difference, one should go for a model having dual compatibility as there are a lot of products which can be connected through z wave and Bluetooth is a technology which will still remain in smartphones, both these technologies are of use.

If it has to be given a rating, I would give 6/10 considering all aspects of speed and crash.

Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock

The good, the bad, and the bottom line of Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock

Like everything in this world, there are good and not so good sides of Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock as well. While talking about the good points of the smart lock, it`s price, easy installation and user friendly application are few pros of the lock which are making it stand in the market. But these few pros are not enough to let customer fall for the product. While talking about the cons of the lock, first and foremost thing is performance lag, as it`s knock to unlock feature is not working and causes frustration in users only. Apart from this, the application takes time and this lag pushes user to use key which makes this smart lock completely useless. Another major drawback of this lock is that it does not have any capacity to raise a tamper alarm or make accurate log of number of times the lock was used. Apart from this user have felt that there is a problem in complete locking of the deadbolt. This puts the security of the user at risk and puts use of smart lock under question. Other users have also found this lock to be little inconsistent which makes it less poplar. So in total cons of Danalock exceed pros of the product, but if price is a major concern then this can be turning point while choosing this lock.


While there are a lot of locks available in the market, Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock is one of the lower price segment locks in the market. Overall the rating of Danalock is less which shows that the product does not cater to major portion of smart lock buyers. One should be careful while buying a smart lock since it is not only a device but is responsible for your and your family’s security.

Poly-Control Danalock Smart Lock has fewer pros which makes us re think while buying this new age lock. There are a lot of smart locks from other makers also which can be compared with the Danalock before finalizing one because the utilization of locks is only possible if there are more than one s incorporated in the home/office since your smartphone has the capability to control more than one lock for bringing the complete security of your home to palm size and just a touch away. While going for a smart lock, you should be preferred locks which have capability to raise alarm and notify the user in case of any kind of trespassing. Still, the decision to buy depends completely on the requirements of the buyer which may be matched with the features and performance of the lock while keeping the budget in mind. Wish you smart shopping!

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