Five Fun Ways To Combine Woodworking And Technology

///Five Fun Ways To Combine Woodworking And Technology

Woodworking and technology go together for a couple different reasons. The first step in any job is finding the right technology to build your new furniture, and you must use technology to plan the thing you want to build. You must remember that you could build anything, and it is smart for you to use technology to make the build easier. Look below to learn what happens when you mix your Porter Cable circular saw with your next woodworking project.

1. Measurements Are More Accurate

Technology makes it much easier for you to plan the job, measure everything, and make the furniture level. You could use a laser level that shoots a beam to both sides. You can see how the furniture would line up with the rest of the room, and you could use a distant sensor that tells you how far away you are from a wall.

The circular saw has a laser pointer that shows you where the blade goes, and the furniture is built much more precisely. There are circular saws that tell you how far you have cut on a digital display, and these laser devices even count down a distance while you cut.

2. Clean Cuts

New technology has created the laser pointer that guides your cuts, and new technology has built a blade that cuts much more cleanly than a traditional circular saw blade. New blades are much thinner, and they do not waste as much material.

You are cutting much more safely with a laser guide, and extra material does not fly in your face. Clean cuts allow for pieces to fit together well, and you could cut out something in the dovetail pattern. It is pretty easy for you to cut out slats that allow you to slide two pieces together, and the pieces do not chaff one another as assembly begins.

3. Wireless Batteries

Wireless and rechargeable batteries have made woodworking much simpler and safer. You cut anything in any position or angle you like.

The batteries that are attached to your device can be charged quickly, and it is simple for you to keep the saw running for hours at a time. You can alternate the batteries, and you are not bound by elevation in the room. You could cut a section out of the ceiling, or you could cut something on a short workbench. Wireless batteries are far more reliable than a long cord that anyone could trip over.

The devices you purchase might all use the same battery because they were made by the same company, and it is pretty simple for you to move around from place to place in the house.

4. Quick Cutting

There are many images in popular culture about a man cutting a woodworking project over the course of several days, but you could cut off all the pieces you need in a few minutes. Preparing your job is much faster, and you could ready yourself in the morning for an afternoon build.

Quick cuts are helpful when you begin woodworking because they look cleaner. You do not spend hours sanding your projects, and you will not pick up any splinters when moving the pieces around.

5. Easier Repairs

Woodworking is a tedious process, and you must keep your tools in the best condition possible. There are many people who see their tools break down in the middle of a job, and they cannot finish. A brand new piece of hardware will last for years, and it could be repaired in moments. There are fewer moving parts than ever, and you could learn how to fix your own tools online.

You are saving yourself time, and you are saving money at the same time. Repairs extend to your woodworking projects. You could cut out something new for a repair, and it only takes a moment with a powerful circular saw.


The woodworking that you love must be done with help from the best technology that is available. You could purchase a new saw today, and it becomes the centerpiece in your many jobs. Be certain you have chosen a saw that does everything you need, grab a few new woodworking tools, and get started on your next project.


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