Best Trenching Shovel Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Trenching Shovel Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Trenching Shovel Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

A trenching shovel is a tool that becomes incredibly handy when you need to clean soil out of the bottom of a trench. A trench shovel is specifically designed to deal with loose soil and not for digging purposes. The basic design of a trench shovel adheres to a pointed blade with square-shaped sides. Just like the regular shovels you see every day, trenching shovels too come with a long handle. However, because of the narrower blade they come with, trenching shovels are not the best to dig deeper trenches on hard soil; but they are the best to clean up loosened soil in already dug trenches and even dig trenches in loose soil. In professional work sites, trenching spade is a tool often used right after the use of a power spade; basically, a trenching spade can “fine tune” the soil cleanup work in trenches.

Top 5 trench spade products in the market

Since there are a large number of trench shovels in the market today, it can be a challenging task for someone to select the best trenching shovel out of the rest. We have, however, handpicked and reviewed the best trench shovels on the market today. The information emphasized in this review will be beneficial for you when shopping around for the next product.


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01.Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Trenching spade 

This trench spade can be the perfect choice when it comes to digging small holes and even deeper holes in the relatively loose soil. Apart from using this trench shovel to dig holes, it can be a pretty handy tool when you need to dig up bulbs and handling various gardening tasks at both commercial and residential level. When it comes to the construction of this trench shovel, it comes with a perfectly welded 14 gauge steel blade. The shaft if this ditch shovel is made with 18 gauge steel shaft. Such construction assures better strength in this ditch shovel in addition to the durability and better performance. Being among the best trench shovel products in the market, this product outclasses almost all the other products that have wooden or fiberglass handles. Thanks to the extra-large D shaped handle, this best trench shovel offers you a better control and security particularly when you dig with good force. This convenient shape of the handle will support better control even when you wear gloves. The shaft of this narrow shovel is made with a shape of a tear drop; this respective shape will let you experience better efficiency with your motion; the comfort and the control will be impressed with this narrow shovel. On top of all those excellent features, this trenching shovel might come with a lifetime warranty and that simply explains the quality of this tool.

Features we like

  • 18 gauge solid steel shaft

  • 14 gauge steel blade with seamless welding

  • Extra-large handle with D shape

  • Convenient handling with better control

  • Durable finish

  • Helps to increase efficiency

  • Lifetime warranty

02.Union Tools LHRP Razorback trenching shovel with Fiberglass Handle 

If you are looking for an LHRP (Long Handle Round Point) trenching shovel with an affordable price tag, this can be a good tool to consider. We have rated this product as one of the best shovels for digging; this LHRP shovel comes with a 48 inch long handle and the grip is made with a cushion in order to assure better user convenience when digging. However, unlike the previous model, the handle of this product is made of fiberglass material and yet they have not compromised the strength. All the users expect longer lifespan from the best shovels for digging and this trenching shovel doesn’t disappoint any users. The tab socket of this product comes with an extended mode and that is capable of providing additional strength when combined with the seamlessly crimped steel collar. The perfect integration of steel collar with the handle assures a perfect make. It comes with a secure foot placement option and therefore, you don’t need to worry about your safety when using this tool. The steel blade of this special tool is made with an open-back industrial gauge; this steel blade assures better efficiency and better power when trenching in addition to the durability.

Features we like

  • Handle end grip comes with cushion for added convenience

  • Perfectly crimped steel collar with the handle

  • 48” long handle

  • Durable finish

  • Corrosion resistant handle

 03.Truper 33107 Tru Pro 3 inch trenching shovel with Ash-Wood Handle

A 3 trenching shovel can be pretty handy when it comes to handling narrower trenches. The experts that know how to use a trenching shovel correctly know the efficiency of smaller blades in certain tasks. Generally, by using a 3 trenching shovel, you can accomplish finer work be it your garden or anywhere. The handle of this trenching shovel is made to be 47 inches long. This handle is made of Ash wood and that is a very strong material. The white ash wood ensures better flexibility and resistance compared to other wooden materials. When you are in search of best shovel for digging, you must be able to find a product that has better solidness in the handle as well as in the blade. We consider Truper 33107 Tru Pro as the best shovel for digging because it meets most of those requirements. The blade of this shovel is made of heavy duty 14 gauge steel and it gives better efficiency while assuring sturdiness. The wooden handle of this shovel is seamlessly connected to the blade via a heavy-duty socket. This socket has an extended length to assure more solidness and reliability. Since this 3 inch trenching shovel is made to match all the industry standard, it is ideal for professional use. The overall quality of this product is appreciable.

Features we like

  • Extended socket with reverts to assure more solidness

  • 3 inch blade to accomplish finer tasks

  • Ash-wood handle

  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel blade

04.Corona SS 64104 General Purpose Trench Shovel 

This is a trenching shovel with a 4 inch blade. The overall quality of this product is to our satisfaction and that is why we identified it to be among the best shovel for digging. This special product is compatible with a wide array of digging tasks, be it professional or residential level. We consider this to be the best shovel for digging particularly because of its sharp head that comes with a V shape. This special shape ensures that you force through a wide soil varieties utilizing less force. Each side of this shovel is mad to be one inch in size and that helps you to pick and retain more amount of soil and dirt with every stroke you make. The handle of this trenching shovel is made with hardwood ash and that gives it better durability and lets you experience better leverage; it comes with a length of 48”. On top of all these good features, this product comes with a very useful limited lifetime warranty.

Features we like

  • Can be among best shovel for digging a trench

  • Blade with V shape to penetrate through a variety of surfaces

  • Solid build with durability

  • Better leverage with ash wood handle

05.Seymour S702 48-Inch Fiberglass Handle Trenching Shovel 

This is another exceptional tool on our list and this is a very good option to consider when you are in the hunt for the best shovel for digging a trench. Like most of the best shovel tools do, Seymour S702 comes with a 48-inch handle. As a measure of assuring better shoveling experience, this shovel comes with a turn step in front. This specific shovel can be exceptionally handy when handling both digging and cleaning. However, we don’t want to highlight this tool as the best shovel when digging larger areas. Compared to most of the other designs we reviewed, this product comes with a wider blade; the blade has a width of a 5 inches. Despite its inability to handle larger trenching work, we consider this tool as one of the best. Those who know how to use a trenching shovel correctly will benefit from this tool impressively. It also comes with a PermaGrip Collar and Cushion grip.

Features we like

  • Durable finish with sturdiness

  • Large blade

  • Comes with turn step in front

How to choose the best trenching shovel

Selecting the best trenching shovel is not that difficult if you know the following things.

  • Know the right size of blade for your job. If you need to handle finer trenches and miniature digging work, go for a small blade.

  • The strength of the handle should be impressive. Weaker materials may not last long. Metal, ash wood, and strong fiberglass are better options in this case.

  • If the product is offered with a warranty, that is a sign of its good quality.

  • Select the shape of the head wisely. It should penetrate the soil easily

In addition to that, a trenching shovel with a comfortable grip (perhaps with cushioned grip) will be a great option to consider.


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