Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Reviews – Tested & Reviewed

///Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Reviews – Tested & Reviewed
Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Reviews – Tested & Reviewed

Outdoor motion sensor lights are a great addition to your residence or commercial property due to various reasons. The best outdoor motion sensor lights in the modern-day market can necessarily act at a lightning speed as soon as it detects a trespasser. The high-end sensors integrated to these units can detect unusual movements and activate an intense spotlight; while this bewildering light can alert you about the potential intruder, it can definitely scare the intruder away before he or she does something bad. On the other hand, using best outdoor security lights are a great way of reducing your overall energy bills; it is pure common sense to understand that occasional spotlights are cost effective than keeping the property lit up throughout the night!

Top 6 Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

There are plenty of options to consider before shopping around for the best outdoor motion sensor lights. We have gone through the long list of best outdoor motion sensor lights and handpicked the best out of the best to review them. Here are the 6 best outdoor security lights we tested and reviewed.


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 01.MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight

If your preference is to install the best outdoor security lights to protect your property regardless of the price, MAXSA 40218 can be a perfect fit. This is a versatile motion sensor that can ideally match all the areas ranging from entryways to farm sheds in other words, these outdoor motion sensor lights can cover any area you prefer. This unit works as a dual head LED spotlight and it is capable of delivering an exceptionally powerful light (exceeding 160 lumens to be precise). The effectiveness of this security spotlight is guaranteed with the integration of the superb motion sensor. This high-end motion sensor can detect movements that take place up to 40 feet away. It also can cover a large angle (almost an area of 1800). Thanks to the dual adjustable heads included in this impressive security unit, it can cover two different areas simultaneously. There are 4 LED bulbs included (each comes with 0.5 Watt Capacity). Because this device is operated by solar energy, things are more cost effective and easy; you don’t need an electrician or an expert knowledge to get this device installed in your property. It comes with 3 batteries (which are rechargeable of course). Upon the full charge, these batteries are powerful enough to perform 90 activation cycles (each cycle lasts one minute). It is durable and versatile. We find the product to be very handy and effective in terms of a security feature to any property.

Features we like

  • Solar charge

  • Detects any motion up to 40 feet

  • 1800 angle

  • Powerful LED lights

  • Matches all the areas in a property

02.Frostfire Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light 

The second item on our best outdoor security lights reviews is Frostfire. This is another solar powered device that doesn’t need any intense attention in terms of maintenance. We have included this unit in our list of best outdoor motion sensor light considering the impressive features it delivers in addition to the affordability. This is operated with a powerful LED light which is completely resistant to the water and heat. In fact, such resistance becomes really handy when for an outdoor security light. The brightness of the LED light is good enough to light up a considerable area. Compared to the previous model, this best outdoor motion sensor light has a less powerful sensor; it can detect anything within a range of 3 meters only. However, even the 3-meter distance is good enough for a residential property. Thanks to the smart design of this superb motion sensor light, it doesn’t need any battery or cables to operate. Frostfire Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light solely operates using the solar power. When it comes to installation, things are impressively easier; just take it out of the box and place it on the desired place. Just like the functionality of this device, it features a superb durability as per the claims made by manufactures. Being among the best outdoor motion sensor light products in the market, the solar panel features a 5-year lifetime and the LED comes with 50,000 hr. lifespan.

Features we like

  • Affordable product

  • Long lifespan

  • Detects motions within 3 meters

  • Solar powered

  • Easy to install

03.Sunforce 82156 60-LED Solar Motion Light 

This is another versatile and affordable product reached our best outdoor security lights reviews. This is an ideal product to be installed on a variety of areas ranging from urban houses to country cottages. Being one of the best outdoor motion-sensing security light products in the modern-day market, this light comes as a combination of 60 LEDs. It is powered by solar and also comes with a Li-Ion rechargeable batterer. Thanks to the amorphous solar panel that powers this best outdoor motion-sensing security light is a worry-free product. The product comes as a package that includes a 15 ft wire and other necessary hardware to mount the system easily. The lumen output of this solar powered light system reads a value of 850. The powerful sensor integrated to this unit is capable of monitoring the motions that take place within a distance of 30 feet. Making it more useful, the sensor can identify the motions within an angle of 180 degrees. The amorphous solar panel included in this security system, can work even during poor daylight conditions (when the sky is covered with clouds). We find the overall design of the unit to be a highly weatherproof one. Installation is pretty simple as it doesn’t require any wiring.

Features we like

  • 1800 angle motion detection

  • Covers a distance of 30 feet

  • Easy to install

  • Solar powered

  • Weatherproof design

04.Heathco HZ-4132-MW White Bayside Mission Style Motion Activated Lantern  

This unit is somewhat different from the previous outdoor motion sensor lights we mentioned in the review. In fact, this is not a spotlight; it is more of a lantern. Those who prefer more aesthetic value from a motion light can consider installing this unit. It reached our list of best motion sensor light products particularly because of the elegant design and the reliability. The affordable price of this device is another strong reasons for us to like it. The design of this lantern resembles a Bayside Mission Style. It is designed to be a highly versatile product and therefore, you can use this light even as a coach light if required. This product, however, covers a relatively smaller angle compared to the previous models we highlighted; the sensor can cover an angle of 1500. Also, it doesn’t come with LED lights; instead, it uses an incandescent bulb in order to maintain its classic look. A notable downside we should mention is that it requires hardwiring. Other models, however, have rechargeable batteries and therefore, you may need to put some effort when installing this device. Once installed, this security lantern might deliver a good aesthetic appearance. Even though the brightness of this lantern is not as powerful as LEDs, sudden lighting of this lantern can scare away an intruder.

Features we like

  • Aesthetically appealing design

  • Durable

  • Affordable price

  • Can select either in white or black

05.RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth 360 Sensor  

If you are looking for a security light that comes with the ability of detecting motions take place around 3600 angle, this can be a superb option for you. We have recognized this product as a best motion light sensor product because of the excellent protection it provides. This unit supports a 150 watt lamps. However, the lamps are not supplied with this product (you need to purchase them separately). Thanks to the efficient design of these outdoor motion sensor lights, it can work even under wet weather conditions. The dual head mode is the secret behind the ability of 3600 coverage. It is also made to be resistant against high amount of voltages (it can withstand about 6000 volts). Depending on the requirement, you can configure the times from 5 sec. to 12-minute intervals. Thanks to the photoelectric control of this unit, it can be used for 24 hour operations successfully. Because of the advance detection logic it features, these outdoor motion sensor lights deliver minimal false triggers. The installation process, as you expected from best outdoor motion-sensing security light, is easy. The sensitivity can be configured and controlled according to the requirement. The motion sensor will be activated until the dawn when it is switched on at the dust. To improve the accuracy of this security light, there are 3 LEDs to do perfect scanning.

Features we like

  • Can cover up all 3600

  • Dual head mode

  • Can use under wet conditions

  • Bright light

  • Accurate motion sensor

  • Minimum false alarms

06.Sengled Smartsense LED Security Floodlight with Built-In Motion Detector

These outdoor motion sensor lights are designed to be simple yet highly effective. We have included this product in our list of best motion sensor light products mainly because of the superb simplicity. It comes with a highly advanced infrared sensor (passive). However, it is capable of monitoring an area within an angle of 1000. It is also capable of detecting motions that take place within a distance of 30 feet. Thanks to the highly advanced infrared technology, the device features an impressively low amount of false alerts. Once the light is activated by a motion that takes place within the 30-feet range, it will be kept switched on for 1 ½ minutes. The installation process is almost nothing; all you have to do is to screw the light into the socket (it is compatible with E26 socket). You don’t need to worry about wiring because of such approach. The LED lights of these outdoor motion sensor lights come with a very long lifespan and they obviously require significantly less energy to operate. You can use this light even under really wet conditions thanks to its weatherproof design.

Features we like

  • Detects motions within a distance of 30 feet

  • Weatherproof design

  • Accurate motion sensors

  • Extremely easy to install

  • Long lifespan for LED

What to consider before buying outdoor motion sensor lights

  • Be sure to select a product that has a wider sensor angle. Some products (with dual heads) can monitor 3600. The greater the angle, the better.

  • Must be easy to install. Products that require no wiring should be on your preference list.

  • It must have a reliable power source; solar powered lights must have rechargeable batteries in them.

  • Low false alarm rate is another important fact. Such accuracy adds more value to the product.


Why motion-activated lights are important?

To scare away the intruders and to find your way when you are back at night.

Do all security lights need direct power supply?

No. Most of the lights are powered by solar energy these days.

Is it difficult to install security lights?

Most of the lights are plug and play devices.

Are they expensive?

Some products are expensive. However, there are plenty of products at affordable prices.

Do they consume a lot of power?

No. Most of the security lights come with LEDs. They are impressively energy efficient.

Can they be under bad weather?

Outdoor motions sensor lights are designed to tolerate harsh weather conditions (such as rain and heat).

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