August Smart Lock Review – One of Top Rated Smart Locks

///August Smart Lock Review – One of Top Rated Smart Locks

August Smart Lock

There are a lot of things that have changed since the beginning of the advanced era. Smart phone, tablets, advanced computers, there is a load of technology out there for us geeks. But why just stop at that? Doesn’t it feel a bit odd that we are in such a modern time and are still using the old style of locking and unlocking doors? Well that’s nothing to worry about now, we have the August Smart Lock to care of that part. August smart lock is one of the best smart locks that you are going to find in the market. It makes your smartphone act as a key. Now you don’t have to worry about losing keys all the time. Using it, you can unlock and lock your door through the mobile application. You can grant access to the guests by giving them virtual keys. You can also keep an eye on the people that visit your home. You can use it with Siri, Amazon Alexa, Android, IOS.

August Smart Lock


The august smart lock has a very beautiful design. There are a lot of locks that you can select from in the market. But there are very few that have a beautiful design since the locks that you are going to find are going to be big and may cover up a lot of space on the door. The August Smart Lock is one of the locks that go perfectly with the door. It doesn’t take up much space and is a very beautiful piece of equipment.

You can see the tech when you notice that a thing this small pack’s so many features inside it. It has a beautiful round design and just goes to your door. It isn’t too big, and that makes it good to handle. You can see a pattern on the device that has lights to show the current state of the lock.

The amazing design makes it very easy for us to install the lock on the door. You don’t need a professional for the job. You can do it yourself. There are just two things that you need to install the lock on your door, a screw driver and a smart phone to pair it with. That’s all.


This little thing packs a lot of features in it. The features make it one of the best smart lock ever.

Grant Virtual Access

One of the best features on this lock is that you can grant access to anybody for a limited period. It means that you are the lock master. You can grant access to the guests for a week, a day, or even a few minutes. You can even set dates on which the access is granted, the other days the door will stay locked. As well you can delete the access of any guest at any moment you want.

Automatic Functionality

This feature truly makes it a modern piece of tech. A lot of people like the August Smart Lock because it has the feature of locking and unlocking itself automatically upon your arrival or departure. It makes a lot of impact on your daily work since a person is already stressed out enough to bother looking for the keys and selecting the right one. You can turn the automatic feature on or off any time you want.

You don’t need to change anything

You don’t have to change the hardware at all. The exterior of your door and the deadbolt will remain the same. You just have to change the internals of the hardware. This makes the work very neat and makes the installation very easy.


This smart lock works with its app. The smart lock app lets you operate the lock using your mobile phone. It makes things go easy at a whole new level. You can use it with a lot of devices like IOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant to operate the lock.

The August Home App

You can get the August Home app which is free on a lot of mobile platforms. You can use the app to use almost all of the features of it. You can use the app to create new keys, grant virtual access, view activity history and a lot more stuff.

You can even use your Apple watch to open the lock to receive instant notifications on the lock and check out the activity log.

August Smart Lock Homekit

Using the ultra-easy August Smart Lock Homekit, you can operate it using Siri on your iPad, iPhone, or even your iPod.

The Apple Homekit allows you to use a lot of features with less hustle. You can check the status of your lock and do many other things with it. You get everything that you love in the Lock, combined with the features of the Homekit.


When you head out to the market or try to look for the best smart lock on the online stores, you can come across a lot of ones that cost too much. You can also come across many that cost less but aren’t that good.

August Smart Lock

You can find locks with a load of features and beautiful designs. But what does that matter if you don’t have the budget for it. Selecting the right lock can be a huge deal.

You can also end up selecting a low-quality lock just because you saw a good deal and a lower price. It’s actually your loss. You’re not saving anything by making the wrong choice here.

August Smart Lock is one of the best and the most affordable smart lock. There are a lot of features that you are getting from this thing at just $229. There aren’t many one that offer this much at this price. That is why it is one of the best choices that you can make when buying a lock for your house.


The August smart lock has the simplest usage of all. It has a wide range of options and a very simple usage. You don’t even have to use it at all if you have the automatic unlock and lock feature on, it’s that simple.

There are a lot of ways you can operate the smart lock.

Through Mobile Phone

You can use it with your phone. When you have an iPhone, you can use it through the app. It has a very easy and user-friendly interface. Through the app you can control all of the features.

Other Android Devices – Tablets, etc.

You can use it through your Android devices. You can get the free app and use all of the features through your phone. You can use the Google assistant to open the lock and even close it.

Vast Customization of Controls

The vast features allow not only you but your guests to gain access to your approval. You can send the details to a friend and let them in your house. You can set the time of the access that they have. It can be as much as weeks and as less as a few minutes.

No Hustle of Wiring

There is no need of connecting the lock to other power supplies. The lock has batteries inside it. Whenever your smart door lock is about to lose battery, it will inform you by a notification on your phone.


The device performs amazingly. Users that have installed August Smart Lock are very happy with the performance. It has a lot of features, yet it runs on just two tiny batteries. This makes it have a high score on the performance bar.

The device is small in size; this makes sure that it gets damaged less. When the devices are of a bigger size, they tend to get damaged more.

It has a very good texture to it. The color rarely fades, and you can’t see it getting dull pretty soon.

You can connect your phone to it using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth used in the device is very energy conserving and can work for long periods without needing a change of batteries. The connection to your phone is secure and cannot be breached at all.

Overall it is okay to say that the device of august smart lock has a good performance capability.


August Smart Lock
  • The device is extremely easy to install. Where you may need experts in the installation of other devices, this one can be installed just by your hand. And it doesn’t even need a lot of setup after the installation. You can start using it only in just about 5 minutes of the installation.

  • The design is amazing. It isn’t that big, and is very neat and beautiful. It is one of the devices that are better in the design as well as the performance.

  • The Bluetooth saves a lot of its battery life. You don’t have to go through wiring to get it start working. You just have to plug in the batteries, and you are good to go.

  • You can grant access to the visitors anywhere you are and allow people to access your house and terminate the access whenever you want.


  • The alignment of the deadbolt can cause problems. There can be misalignments anytime. The misalignments can be of even a millimeter. This can be the result of a wrong installation of the deadbolt. It can also be the result of addition of a door insulation after you install the door lock. If you are using a key, you can see the problem while opening the door and pushing it to and fro.

  • The alignment of this smart lock can be very irritating. Even a little misalignment can be problematic. The wrong alignment can result in the lock to not work at all. In conditions like this, it may try again and again to succeed, which can result in the depletion of the battery even faster. There isn’t even a sound alarm to inform us about this.

  • No Wi-Fi. It would be very good if you could connect the device to the internet. If it was connected to the internet, you could know if the door is locked or unlocked even if you are away.

  • The wireless smart lock isn’t much faster than the physical key. That is because it works with Bluetooth. To save battery, Bluetooth stays turned off and turns on when you approach the door. Hence it takes time to turn the Bluetooth on and then unlock the door. You can fix this bit by using the auto unlock feature. But still, it isn’t as reliable as the physical keys that we are used to.

  • It has a lot of features, but there is no notification if anybody accesses the door using a key. This is something that is very important, and yet it is absent.

Final verdict

Going through the information that has been provided above, you can clearly sense that August Smart lock is a great product. It has amazing usability and features that let you operate it with extreme ease. There are many ways to customize the usage of the product, which makes it much more user friendly and easy to handle.

Just a few things about this smart lock aren’t appreciated by the customers. For example, there are times when the lock isn’t giving a quick response. This is mostly because of its Bluetooth connectivity. The range of the lock isn’t very much either. The lock does not have a permanent power source, so you have to change the batteries every time they run out.

Everybody has their own choice; you shouldn’t make your final decision before you try the product out. Give it a go, maybe it has the certain features that you are looking for.


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