The Essentials in Achieving a Sophisticated Style

///The Essentials in Achieving a Sophisticated Style

Our style icons have always had one thing in common – a cool, sophisticated, effortless elan. On-trends come and go, but the classics are timeless. If you’ve ever wondered what goes in to achieving the suave grace of a Steve McQueen or any James Bond, we’ve covered some vital elements in the article below. The devil is in the detail.

Follow this guide for the essentials in achieving a sophisticated style.

The Clothing

First up is your clothing. You might get street-cred for wearing some torn-up jeans and an oversized jersey, but sophisticated it is not. Wearing well fitting or tailored clothing will always make your outfit look sharper and more considered. You want to invest in quality attire that accentuates your best features, and obscures those you’re not so proud of.

One size doesn’t necessarily fit all, so get to know your size. Learn about what cuts work best for you and compliment your body type. Take time to discover which colors work with your complexion and which materials boost your confidence. Make sure that you dress appropriately for every occasion.

It’s also important to know how to properly look after your clothing. Read the labels to ensure you dry clean, hand wash, and launder where appropriate. Invest in the proper products designed to care for and maintain the quality of your belongings, like shoe polish, lint rollers, and protective treatments.

The Accessories

One thing that lends itself to effortless sophistication is preparation. You should always be ready for whatever you might face on any given day, and never be caught out. Make sure you’re covered for sudden changes in the weather – carry a great pair of sunglasses in your pocket to avoid that sunset glare. If it’s forecast to rain then make sure you accessorize with a smart, practical umbrella, or quality rain coat.

If you’re heading to a business lunch or getting after work drinks, you’ll want to make sure you can cover the bill. Get yourself a wallet that will hold your cash and cash but won’t look bulky in your suit jacket and spoil your silhouette. have published some brilliant reviews of the best minimalist wallets available for 2018. Head over there for some tips on what you should be on the lookout for.

This can also cover being mentally prepared. Make sure you study up so you know what you’re talking about when the important subjects come up. If you carry documents or a computer for business, make sure you keep your items organized in a stylish, durable carryall or briefcase.

The Hair

Attitudes towards hair and grooming have shifted so much in recent times. Once you’d have been expected to have a modest haircut that didn’t stand out, and always be clean shaven. Today we are fortunate enough to be able to express ourselves in whatever way we feel comfortable. That said, you should make sure you bathe regularly, and groom yourself daily to look your best. Visit your stylist every six to eight weeks for a haircut that compliments your face. If you have stubble then make sure you keep it short. If you have a beard then maintain it using shampoo and beard oil. Always trim stray hairs – that includes unsightly nose and ear hair, and wild eyebrows.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask professional questions about your hair, or anything else. They’re there to help. These days everybody experiments with styles, products, and even cosmetics, so always ask for advice if you need it.

Carry Yourself Well

You should always stick to a good exercise routine. Exercise is not only beneficial for your physical health, but also your appearance and mental health too. If you look and feel good, you will notice a positive change in your self-esteem and self-confidence. Work on improving your posture if you slouch, this can also be improved through exercise and activities like yoga. Look after yourself further by treating yourself to spa treatments and massages.

Of course, sophistication is more than just the clothes on your back and the money in your wallet. There’s no point having all the superficial tools at hand if you don’t put into practice being a good person and a gentleman. You should always be respectful, well-mannered, and confident. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and stand up for yourself, and others.





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