Top 6 Best Cup Holder Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

///Top 6 Best Cup Holder Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers
Top 6 Best Cup Holder Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Have you ever spilled over your clothes or someone else did, just because there is no cup holder in your ride? We know that feeling and like hundreds of people facing the same problem, we understand that a cup holder is the solution. Not only can it save you from untimely spills, but can also prove to be an incredible tool for your vehicle.

Most car and truck manufacturers do not feel the need of providing cup holders in their rides so it is on you to buy one on your own. While it may not look that difficult to choose an auto drink holder, but in reality it is one of the most tedious tasks. Fortunately, we did most of the heavy lifting for our readers and came up with the best cup holders available on Amazon. We reviewed over 20 cup holders and sorted the top 6 for you.

Let’s review the best of them.

Top 6 Cup Holders on Amazon


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1. KMMOTORS Coin Side Pocket Car Organizer Cup Holder 

We can bet that you have never seen a beverage holder as versatile as the KMMOTORS Coin Side Pocket Car Organizer Cup Holder. Not only it securely places your coffee mugs and cups, there is additional storage space in this holder that you can use in any way you want. This holder is placed between the passenger seat and the front console, where it sits comfortably. There is a coin slot and a storage pocket in this drink holder that makes it spacious.

We were impressed by the mechanism to install this holder in place. You do not need to clip or stick it, just slide it in its place and you are done. Furthermore, this holder is available in various configurations on Amazon and you can choose one that fits your car or truck the best. KMMOTORS Coin Side Pocket Car Organizer Holder is on the top of our list, because it has gained almost 100% positive reviews from customers on Amazon.

2. Rubbermaid Mobile Organization Cup Holder Organizer 

Many manufacturers are coming with innovative designs in their cup organizers and holders, Rubbermaid has done the same with its Mobile Organization Cup Holder. We strongly recommend you this drink holder if you already own a cup holder that is too small for large cups and cans. If you do not want to spend more money on buying a new drink holder to store larger cups, the Rubbermaid Mobile Organization Holder is an affordable option.

This holder basically fits your existing beverage holder and upgrades its space to hold larger cups and cans. Additionally, there are two side compartments to hold your phone and coins. These compartments have open sides that allow you to pass power or USB cord through them. This comes handy if you put your phone in any of the compartments while it is connected to the charger.

Although it is a one-size-fits-most drink holder, some users complain that it is too big for their vehicle.

3. Smart Kup Car Cup Holder  

Now for those of you who love to carry large beverage cans and cups with them during their rides, the Smart Kup Car Cup Drink Holder is the product. The designed of this holder is made to hold large cups and cans including the 40-ounce ones.

Impressively, this cup holder is not a standalone unit, but more of an upgrade to your existing car drink holder. You can put it in the existing beverage holder easily and it magically increases its size to hold large cups. The secret is the base design of this holder, which is sized such that it can easily fit any standard drink holder providing you with larger holding space.

This holder is for you, if you are looking for a convenient and affordable product that holds larger cups. Although there are no additional features in this holder like additional storage space, but it is a convenient option and simply the best beverage holder available on Amazon.

4. Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder 

Another unique and one of its kinds drink holder, the Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder can be attached directly to the car window that makes it fit for every vehicle you can possibly think of. The holder attaches to the window of a car or a truck using a suction cup at the end of its stem. All it needs it a little window space and if you are placing it on the windshield then it is even better.

Most other cup and drink holders with a suction container mechanism often fail to securely attach to the window of the car or the truck. However, the Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Drink Holder is provided with a fixing lever to ensure that it securely fits to the window and holds even when faced with bumps. There are no flaws at all that can stop you from using this holder, only few people have complained about it holding to the window that blocks their view. However, it is an inconvenience that is entirely dependent on the design of the vehicle.

Overall, it is one of the best car cup holders that you can buy on Amazon.

5. Bimmer Black 2-Cup Holder  

This holder fits between the center console and the first passenger seat of the vehicle which makes it suitable for most cars and trucks. If you are looking for beverage holder that can accommodate two cups or cans the Bimmer Black Seat Wedge Car Universal Mount is an ideal product for you. You can easily fit small and medium sized cans into its two cup holders. However, in our review, we found that the holders can hold larger cups than the holders of standard size, and you can easily fit larger cups and cans in them. There is additional storage space available between the cup holders that you can use to hold your phone and coins.

We liked the exterior design of this cup holder the most because of its leather lining that gives it a premium look. It is a premium looking cup holder that looks nice in your vehicle. Altogether for a lower price, you are getting a drink holder with two cup holders along with classier looks.

6. Aumo-mate Portable Black Clip-on Car Truck AC Mount Cup Holder 

We recommend the Aumo-mate Portable Black Clip-on Car Truck AC Mount holder because it is one of those rare one sizes fits all type of drink holders that can be used in any car or truck. The clip-on mechanism makes it easy to attach this holder to the front mess of your ride’s AC unit. I like the idea behind providing this holder with a clip. You can keep whatever beverage you put in this holder cool when you are running your car’s AC.

The material used in its construction is ABS plastic which is highly durable. It will last for years and you won’t need any other beverage holder for long. It measures 10cm x 8cm x 6cm with a base size of 2.75” which makes it suitable for smaller cups. This is the only flaw in its design, that it is not suitable to be used with big mugs. Another problem is, if your ride has one of those ACs with angled vents then this holder will not clip to it.

If you can forego the size problem, then this drink holder is a durable product that you can consider.

What to consider before buying a cup holder

It might seem like a simple decision but there are a number of factors to consider before buying a cup holder for your vehicle.

Type of beverage holders is an important consideration as they are available in many designs, styles and shapes. Speaking of style, you can find following types of beverage holders on the market:

  • Window cup holders

  • USB charger cup holders

  • Cup holder caddies

  • Cup holder adapters

  • Multi-function cup holders

These are some of the types, but if you are considering a simple holder, then think about the cup size you will be using it with matters. Also, the place where you will keep the holder is also an important factor to choose the right design of the beverage holder. For instance, there are cup holders that you can attach to your car’s window, then there are others that are designed to be fixed to the dashboard.

Some people worry about the car model, but most of the cup holders are designed to be universal and it is not that big of a concern. The beverage holders we have listed can easily fit in any car or truck.


A cup holder is a very useful utility for your vehicle. Here we listed the best cup holders on Amazon that are trusted by customers for their quality and usefulness.


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