Seatbelt Xtender Review – Is It Worth Buying?

///Seatbelt Xtender Review – Is It Worth Buying?
Seatbelt Xtender Review – Is It Worth Buying

Seatbelt Xtender, just like the name suggests, is a handy gadget that can extend the original length of your car’s seatbelt. It comes with a very convenient design that is easy to install and comfortable to use. This product is promoted since October 2017 through their official website, This product can be highly useful for those who prefer better assistance and comfort when fastening the seatbelt.

Features of Seatbelt Xtender

Here is a list of features associated with the Seatbelt Xtender.

  • You can install this gadget with very less effort

  • Matches with all the vehicles

  • It is compact in size and highly portable in design

  • Same reliability as the standard seatbelts

  • Functions like the original seatbelt

  • Applicable for both front and rear seats

  • Great solution for older kids

  • Comes with E4 certification

What we like and what we don’t like

As we saw, there are several notable advantages associated with Seatbelt Xtender. We have summarized them for your consideration.

What we like

Seatbelt Xtender is really easy to use; all you have to do is to insert the device to the seatbelt and that’s it! This gadget is manufactured to be really simple but effective. In fact, the total installation process may take only a couple of seconds (there is no any installation process though).

When it comes to the strength, Seatbelt Xtender is strong enough to offer the same reliability as the original seatbelt you have in the car already.

Once the Seatbelt Xtender is installed, you will experience a greater comfort when fastening the seatbelt. You will find that the seatbelt has a couple of more inches making it easier for you. In fact, this is a very innovative solution to an everyday problem particularly for physically large people.

In addition to providing additional length to the seatbelt, Seatbelt Xtender can necessarily increase the functionality of a ‘difficult-to-retrieve’ buckle; this extender comes with a very smooth functionality compared to some of the regular buckles. Once installed, this product can be used even by the kids without any difficulty. Also, this product can be ideal to use when you wear large coats.

Because of the simplicity of the device and the type of the mechanism they have used, Seatbelt Xtender has very limited chances to fail. The overall construction of the product is impressive and we like the fact that they provide 2 X units for the price you pay.

What we don’t like

We don’t have any complaints or doubts about the functionality or product quality of Seatbelt Xtender. However, we believe that it would be better if they are available in local stores too so the customers don’t have to wait until the product is being shipped.

Should you buy Seatbelt Xtender?

This product can be recommended to any person who wishes more length and convenience with the car seatbelts used every day. Even if you are not a large person, this extender can become highly useful when you get into the car with a large coat. So, buying a Seatbelt Xtender is a wise investment.


At present, Seatbelt Xtender is priced for an amount of &24.98 ($19.99 + $4.99 P&H). However, for the price you pay, you get 2 X extenders and that assures a better value for the price you pay. As of now, you can get an additional set (2 X extenders) for an extra cost of $ 9.99

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

01.Seat Belt Extender Pros 5” Rigid Seat Belt Extender

This is a 5” long extender that comes with a metal tongue. It is incredibly easy to install.

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02.Seat Belt Extender Pros 8” Rigid Seat Belt Extender

This product is from the previous supplier and this model comes with a length of 8 inches. The strength, reliability and ease of use are up to the standards.

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03.Universal Car Seat Belt Extender

An affordable and highly dependable seatbelt extender.

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    Xtenders took my money and never sent me anything. No way to contact by email and phone number is just a robot.

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