What you must do for a safe driving

///What you must do for a safe driving
What you must do for a safe driving

It is needless to mention the importance of obtaining a driving license before you drive a vehicle on the road. Although a valid driving license proves your eligibility to drive a vehicle, there are several other things to focus on if you intend to drive safely on the road. This article discusses the things you should do for a safe driving.

  1. Clear view is significantly important

It is true that your vision will be checked by the respective authorities before permitting you to drive a vehicle. Regardless how sharp your natural vision, you must know the following before you hit the road.

  • Make sure your seat is positioned perfectly at a convenient height; it must permit you to see at least a distance of 10ft in front of your vehicle.
  • Never wear regular sunshades while you are driving at night
  • Make sure your windshields are perfectly clear before you start driving
  • Be sure that the headlights of the car are working and aligned precisely
  • If you wear lenses, you must ensure that they are repaired and updated accordingly

Upgrade to a rear view mirror dash cam:

Purchasing a good rear view mirror dash cam is a very wise approach in order to enhance your view while driving. Modern rear view mirror dash cameras come in the form of pretty small devices and they have many advanced features to offer better clarity of the images. Apart from that, such product can practically do the job of a surveillance camera when it comes to parking and reversing thanks to the wide-angle view. In general, these camera systems do a significantly better job compared to the conventional rear mirrors.

  1. Never sit on the driving seat unless you are 100% well

Don’t even think about driving a vehicle if you are not well. Even a severe headache can make you do a terrible mistake while driving.

  • If you have taken medicines that cause drowsiness or reduces your reaction time, you should stay away from driving until the effects are totally gone
  • If you have problems with consciousness, suffer from stress, anxiety or feel terribly exhausted, stay away from the driving seat until you are fully recovered
  • Muscle strains, severe neck pains and blurred vision are drivers’ enemies
  • If you suffer from heart issues, high blood pressure or have undergone serious surgeries lately, don’t drive

Never drive if you are drunk

One of the most dangerous things you would ever imagine is a drunk driver. When you are drunk, your instincts don’t work well, your reaction time slows down significantly, you will be easily distracted, you lose control easily, your vision will be disturbed and in a nutshell, a drunk driver is nothing but a disaster.

  1. Good observation is important

You need to observe your surroundings and act accordingly if you intend to stay away from danger.

  • While driving at a decent, controllable speed, you need to maintain a 3-second gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.
  • No matter if you are in the middle of a traffic jam, you should stay away from performing other tasks that can distract you from driving (reading, putting makeup, eating etc.).
  • Read the weather conditions correctly and adjust your driving accordingly.
  • Adhere to the speed limits mentioned alongside the road
  • Adjust the mirrors of the vehicle accordingly

Stay away from mobile phones while you drive

Mobile phones can distract you significantly. Unless you wear a hands-free set with the auto-answering option turned on, you shouldn’t call or text while driving; it is deadly dangerous!

In addition to that, it is compulsory to check if your vehicle is in perfect condition before you start driving. Check the essentials like brakes and lights work. If the tires are worn off, replace them immediately with new ones. Check the dashboard carefully to see if there are any critical warnings. Service the vehicle in a timely manner to avoid potential mechanical failures. If you ever feel drowsy or tired during a middle of a long trip, pull the vehicle over and sleep for about 15-20 minutes instead of trying to drive constantly.

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