Micro Mechanic Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?

///Micro Mechanic Review – Is It Really Worth Buying?
Micro Mechanic Review – Is It Really Worth Buying

Micro Mechanic is a smart device that can help reading your vehicle’s diagnostic information. This device functions based on Bluetooth technology and it is easily pluggable to the vehicle’s OBD-II port. It established a connection between your smartphone and the OBD-II port to accomplish this task. This product is promoted through their official website since June 2017.

Features of Micro Mechanic

This product claims to have various features according to the manufacturers. Here are some of the most notable ones.

  • It can be easily plugged into the diagnostic port of the vehicle

  • It works immediately after plugging in

  • This device is compatible with all the vehicles manufactured on or after 1996

  • Utilizes a wireless signal to transmit information

  • The diagnostics are presented in a user-friendlier manner

  • The app works with both iPhones and Android phones

  • Highly portable

  • Can save you a lot of money and time

What we like and what we don’t like

Getting a correct diagnostic report about your vehicle can be really frustrating due to various reasons. You will have to take the vehicle to an expert, spend your valuable time and bear considerable cost each time you get this information. As a solution, you can try a portable, pluggable device that can present all the critical diagnostic information through your own mobile phone. These scanners are becoming popular these days and that is why you find a plethora of such products in the market. Micro Mechanic is yet another product in this market and here’s what we like and what we don’t like about this product.

  • What we like

    The wireless operation is really appreciable. You don’t need to worry about pulling out wires from the engine and connect them with your phone; just pair the device with your smartphone to get the necessary information. Once paired, the information will be presented in a very easier manner to the user. You don’t need a certified professional to read the presented data therefore.

    This device is compatible with all the vehicles (which are manufactured on or after 1996); so, we believe that you don’t need to worry about the compatibility. The sensor is compatible with the OBD-II port of the vehicle and it transmits data to the mobile phone though the app. This app associated with Micro Mechanic is compatible with both Apple and Android devices alike.

    This device can save a considerable amount of money as it can keep you away from expensive diagnostic reports provided by experienced professionals. Also, it is a chance for you to stay away from scammers (who make up false errors).

  • What we don’t like

    We really like the concept of diagnosing own car without taking it to a third-party. The only concern about this product, however, that it is not available in local stores. Therefore, if you purchase this Micro Mechanic, you should be patient enough to tolerate potential delayed shipping.

Should you buy Micro Mechanic?

If you are prepared to accept potential delayed shipment, this is a very good product for you. You can save a considerable amount of money using this device. What you spend on this product can be a long term investment. Since it is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and match all the vehicles made after 1996, this can be a good catch!


This product comes with a total cost of $30.95 ($29.95 + $1 web service fee). If necessary, you can consider the double offer by paying a total of $40.90. This product is not available in the stores at the moment.

Warm reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

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