DashMaps Review – Is It The Best Choice of A GPS?

///DashMaps Review – Is It The Best Choice of A GPS?
DashMaps Review – Is It The Best Choice of A GPS

In simplest terms, DashMaps is a GPS projection device. This device is made to utilize GPS directions that are available on your smartphone and display them for you to get clear directions while you are on the car. It is designed to be attached to car’s dashboard and play the role of a road assistant. This product is promoted via the website buyDashMaps.com. This product was introduced via their website in August 2017.

Features of DashMaps

  • Designed to work like a heads-up display

  • Clear view of the directions due to anti-glare screen

  • It offers clear and precise, stepwise directions

  • Detailed images

  • No wiring or installation required

  • No batteries are required

  • Installed on a non-slip mat for better usability

  • Non-slip mat matches the size of any smartphone

What we like and what we don’t like

Here is a summary of what we liked and we didn’t like. You can consider this information as a guidance too if you intend to purchase DashMaps.

What we liked

This is an easily installable on the car’s dashboard. You don’t need to engage in complex wiring or buying additional batteries to make this product work. All you have to do is to place the nonslip base on the dashboard and place it your phone against it. This screen will display what is available on your GPS app. Although it is relatively inexpensive compared to the conventional HUD products, you are likely to experience a quality images with this transparent reflector.

DashMaps allows you to see the maps right in front of you; it can effectively minimize your disturbances and find the directions very easily.

The nonslip base used to hold the phone is compatible with all the smartphones and it is capable of keeping your phone solidly in place. Because of this nonslip pad, you can use it even if you rent out a car.

It does the job for the price you pay. You must be practical enough to realize that you get a slightly low image quality.

On top of all those features, we highly appreciate the warranty they offer; after all, 10-year money back guarantee is a huge relief when you purchase anything.

What we don’t like

Although it displays GPS information, it doesn’t have an own app; either you have to use the existing app on your phone or take the trouble of downloading a new app. However, there is no shortage of Heads-up display apps in the industry, even the free ones. If you don’t use a specific HUD app, the details on the screen may appear mirrored.

The reflective screen is not crystal clear (compared to the ones you find built-in with latest car models). However, for the price you pay, you get a decent output.

There are some complaints about the reflecting sunshine particularly during sunny days. During such days, the images will not be 100% clear.

Should you buy DashMaps

In fact, DashMaps can be recommended for those who look for an affordable solution in terms of a GPS projector for the car. If you are not prepared to invest in a high end HUD GPS for your car and want to settle for an inexpensive, yet very useful product to find the right directions while you drive. On top of the affordability, DashMaps is easy to use and easy to use.


The total price of DashMaps is $29.97. For this price, you get 2 X displays, 2 X Nonslip mats.

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

01.Bysameyee Head-up Display GPS Navigation

This HUD GPS matches all the cars and mobile phones in the market. Decent quality for the price you pay.

02.Techstick Universal 6-inch Max Car HUD

This HUD matches all the smartphones that don’t exceed the size of 5.5”. Reflects clear images under poor light conditions.

03.BZseed Head Up Display

Despite some of the negative reviews, this Heads Up Display is a budget friendly, decent product with GPS.


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