Best Fluid Evacuator Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Fluid Evacuator Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Fluid Evacuator Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

Owning a fluid evacuator is a major point of interest these days; it has almost become a trend among the garage owners to own a fluid extractor due to various benefits it is associated with. In fact, a fluid extractor is capable of reducing a substantial amount of manual work in a regular garage. An evacuator pump is can remove the salvaged oil from cars or motorbikes effectively and this is a huge benefit upon refilling new oil. If you run a service center, an evacuator pump can help you to serve your customers faster and efficiently. Usually, these oil extractors function based on the sucking motor to extract the oil out of the machine. Parallel to the massive demand in the market, oil extractors exist in many brands and models.

Top 5 motor oil extractor brands

Due to a large number of options, it can be a pretty challenging task for someone to pick the best oil extractor. However, we have handpicked and reviewed the best oil extractor products in the market for you. Read this oil extractor review before you shop around for your next motor oil extractor.

Airpower America

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Mityvac 7201

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Mityvac 7300

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Mityvac 7400

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 01.Air Power America 2000LV LiquiVac engine oil vacuum extractor

In our oil extractor review, we highlight Air Power America 2000LV. This product is particularly designed for larger oil tanks. One of the most notable features associated with this fluid evacuator is its user-friendliness. Apart from that, this oil extractor pump is associated with dominant performance. The overall quality of this oil extractor pump is impressively durable. This pump doesn’t require any external power source as it is designed to be a manual fluid extractor. Even though it is a manual fluid extractor, pumping oil out of the tank is super easy. If you try to clean and refill a small engine, this manual fluid extractor will be able to clean it within a minute’s time. All you have to do is to pump the convenient handle for 40 times. However, when it comes to a larger engine, it will take relatively more time. Thanks to the larger container, this respective oil evacuator is capable of storing up to 7.5 liters of oil. This oil evacuator is designed to be one of the most portable designs in the industry. The plastic used to manufacture this machine is highly durable. Overall, a nice product that gives the best value for the money you spend.

Features we like

  • Durable and strong finish

  • No need of electricity (manually pumped)

  • Spacious storage tank

  • Highly portable design

  • Very efficient

02.Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus 

Mityvac 7201, indeed, is an exceptionally popular product among the professionals. In fact, Mityvac offers several other fluid evacuator products other than the Mityvac 7201 and all of those products have become highly popular among the public. However, Mityvac 7201 fluid evacuator plus is received notable attention compared to the other products in terms of recommendations. Mityvac 7201 fluid evacuator plus is a handy, effective and highly portable machine that comes with all the features you expect from a good fluid evacuator. This product can be recommended for daily use; it functions perfectly without giving you any troubles. One of the most notable features associated with this mityvac oil extractor is its large storage capacity; it can store up to 8.8 liters. In addition to that, this mityvac oil extractor comes with a 5ft extraction hose. This hose can tolerate any machine-related oil. The durability of the product is impressive. The overall performance of this fluid evacuator is excellent.

Features we like

  • Hand operated pump with no requirement of electricity

  • 5ft long hose with durability

  • Automatic flow control valve

  • Large storage tank

  • Quickly pumps oil

03.Mityvac 7300 PneumatiVac Air-Operated Fluid Evacuator 

The third item on our oil extraction pump reviews is another mityvac fluid extractor. This product too comes with the uncompromised quality of the Mityvac products. If you are a professional, you will like this mutyvac fluid extractor considering many reasons. This mighty vac fluid extractor is admired by a large number of users and it is proven to be a highly robust and durable product. In order to assure its quality, mighty vac fluid evacuator is made using high-quality materials. Particularly, the high-density polyurethane material makes the difference for this product. This is a tougher and corrosion-free material that increases the overall durability of the product. The plastic hose comes with this fluid extractor pump is very flexible and it makes this product more usable. The design of the fluid extractor pump is ergonomic and portable. Making it a more valuable product, this machine comes with a spacious storage tank; it can store up to 8.8 liters in total. This is a pneumatic oil extractor that can control the air pumping process seamlessly. This pneumatic oil extractor supports both manual operation and air compressor.

Features we like

  • Very user-friendly design with better portability

  • Spacious tank to store more oil

  • Can extract oil within a minute

  • 5-Feet Hose

  • Base-mounted Venturi for better stability

04.Mityvac 7400 Fluid Evacuator 

The third consecutive Mityvac product on our oil extraction pump reviews is Mityvac 7400. When it comes to the quality of the product and the overall usability, Mityvac 7400 is not that different from the other Mityvac products. The storage tank of this mityvac fluid evacuator comes with a 7.3 liter capacity. Being one of the best automotive fluid extractors in the market, this mityvac fluid evacuator gives excellent value for the money you spend. Using these automotive fluid extractors, you will be able to pump out the oil from engines within minutes (even from the larger ones). We still recommend this machine to be used with manual force. Thanks to its smart mechanism, it can offer better productivity with less effort. The newly integrated drain pour sprout of this fluid evacuator makes the overall pumping and emptying process easier. It also comes with a 5ft hose in order to facilitate a better operation. The smooth transferring of fluid is an obvious result of this pump. No matter with what type of oil you are dealing with, this hose can tolerate it without any trouble. This pump can resist corrosions perfectly assuring a better lifespan.

Features we like

  • Durable finish with strong structure

  • Easy to use operation

  • Efficient and productive operation

  • Comes with a 5ft hose

  • Tolerates all types of oil

  • Portable design

 05.EWK Pneumatic / Manual Vacuum Fluid Extractor

We consider this fluid extractor pump probably to be the best on our list. This engine oil extractor can be used as a pneumatic or manual machine depending on your requirement. This particular fluid extractor pump has become one of the most popular products in the modern market due to many obvious reasons. The performance of this engine oil extractor is truly admirable and that is the key reason for many professionals to love it. Since this engine oil extractor can be operated with two modes of power sources, it is more usable in different conditions. Once it is easily connected to the air compressor, it will extract the oil. If not, you may use manual pumping option. Adding more value to this product, EWK extractor comes with a negative pressure exhaust valve (in the air inlet unit). The storage capacity of the attached tank is 6.5 liters and it is spacious enough to store oil of about three small-sized engines. Thanks to the top quality, high-density polyurethane used, corrosions will not a threat to this machine. The durability and the strength of this machine are highly appreciated by professionals. This oil extractor supports all the fluid types without any trouble.

Features we like

  • Highly impressive operation

  • No corrosion or rust due to the top quality polyurethane material

  • Capacity of 6.5 liters

  • Works perfectly with all the engine-related oils

  • Supports both pneumatic and manual operation

  • Highly portable

  • Comes with a negative pressure exhaust valve

How to choose the best fluid evacuator

Choosing the right kind of fluid evacuator can be a challenging task for many of you because of the availability of a large number of products. However, as a general guideline, we can offer you the following tips to consider when purchasing such machine. These tips will help you to end up with the best product in the market.

  • The mode of power
    Usually, the fluid evacuators available in the market can be operated using two options. They can be operated either using manual force or pneumatic. Therefore, you must be smart enough to pick the most appropriate mode of operation for you. Pneumatic machines demand the presence of an air compressor. Nevertheless, manually operated pumps too can offer you excellent results. Opting for a product that offers both the options (manual and pneumatic operation) is a very smart option in this case (if you can afford).

  • The storage capacity of the tank
    Storage capacity is a vital fact to consider when purchasing an extractor. A good pump must come with a 6.5-liter tank AT THE LEAST! Smaller tanks will force you to dispose of the oil quite regularly and it can be pretty intimidating for a professional. So, always consider products with larger tanks.

In addition to that, make sure that the fluid extractor you purchase has a flexible hose; it also should tolerate all the fluid types without any issue.


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