The real meaning of living a good life

///The real meaning of living a good life
The real meaning of living a good life

Although the real meaning of good life can differ from one person to another drastically, there are some common elements among those who live good lives. Still, different people tend to approach these elements differently and that creates our society a more exciting one. So, emphasizing a cut and clear answer with a single sentence to describe the meaning of real life is a challenging task. Therefore, let’s take a look at the most common elements you will find in a good life.

  • A good life has more good days than bad days
    If you are living a good life, you will be able to differentiate a large number of good days and times from very few bad days. You feel life as an easygoing aspect and you have hardly any challenge in it. Everything appears to be very smooth and you consider your life as a blessing in general rather than considering it as a burden. However, the “badness” of the day may depend on how you generally take it; a bad day for one may not be that bad for another person and that depends on the experiences you have gained.

  • Laughter and joy is common in your daily life
    If you live a happy life, you will experience more laughter and joy during your normal day. You will try to make other people laugh as well. What is funny for you may not be that funny for someone else; when your life is good, you tend to realize this fact very well and make appropriate pranks and jokes to keep others happy as well. You will

  • You start to invest wisely for your wellbeing and joy
    Although it is common for people to buy many stuff they see, a person who lives a good life tends to invest wisely on the stuff that can improve their wellbeing and help them live a joyful life. These stuff you buy can help you achieve more happiness and goodness in life. In other words, when you live a good life, you tend to search for everything that makes you even better. For instance, purchasing a manual foot massager is such approach; a good manual foot massager can necessarily help you to relax at the end of a tiresome day and restore the blood supply to make you feel better. Another example we can mention is an enail kit; although it is not an essential part of your life, a good enail kit can help you to get a good aromatherapy (probably with medical marijuana) and help you achieve mental relaxation.

  • You start to help others
    Once you start to feel good about your life, you are likely to feel good about others too. You will then start to be more empathetic about the others’ lives and you feel like helping them out at your best. Subsequently, you are likely to understand others’ problems and assist them friendlily to overcome their hardships.

  • You care concerned about the environment you live
    When you feel good about you and the way you live, you start to be concerned about the environment too. You tend to prefer environmental friendly consumables as you need to do something better for the world. in a nutshell, you will try to live a very eco-friendly life.

  • You care about your health
    One of the most easily noticeable signs of living a good life is the care you render towards your personal health. If you live a good life, you start to search for better living habits, healthy food, workout schedules, weight loss programs and become keen about maintaining a healthy figure. You try to stay away from bad health habits as much as possible (without any hesitation) and you tend to encourage the others around you to follow the good things you do.

  • You do what you love more frequently
    If you really live a good life, you have a chance to do what you love more frequently. For instance, if you love to travel and live a good life, nothing will prevent you from travelling to your most favorite destinations. If you are an outdoor enthusiast who lives a good life, events like camping, fishing and hiking will occur more often than not. You have enough time to spend on doing what you love.

Things you should avoid if you want to live a good life

Now that you know some of the most significant elements you will come across when living a good life, it is important to know what prevents you from achieving good life too.

  • Negative people
    This is a compulsory aspect if you intend to live a happy life. If you hang around with people that emits negative impressions, thoughts and acts, it is a clear burden for you. Instead, you should meet and mingle with positive people and absorb their energy and thoughts.

  • Being late
    If you are not punctual (even with the simplest tasks you perform), happiness is beyond your reach. Try to be present at least 10 minutes early at the venue if you are about to meet someone regardless of the importance of the matter.

  • Being unorganized
    If you are unorganized, even the simplest tasks might become too complicated for you. therefore, you should do everything according to a plan. If you practice it for about three months, it will become a habit and that will do miracles for you in terms of achieving a good life. Prioritize your tasks (make a list) and prepare a simple time table to attend them.

On top of those elements, you must cut down unnecessary expenses from your life and save some money. Although money cannot buy happiness, it plays a considerable role in achieving certain aspects of life. Therefore, you should start saving some money right now and limit your expenses. The outcome of such commitment is very sweet; once you achieve financial stability and made saving a habit, most of the things will be under control.


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