How to make relaxation a habit?

///How to make relaxation a habit?
How to make relaxation a habit

Vast majority among us live a very busy life and experience at least a small amount of stress and anxiety. If stress and anxiety are not addressed properly, life will start to become pretty difficult for you. If stress and anxiety left unaddressed, the levels of your bodily toxins might rise and higher toxin levels are major contributors to a variety of major health issues. Therefore, each one of us should know how to de-stress our minds and give our body and mind to be refreshed.

In fact, relaxation is something you can practice easier than you think. All you have to do is to make simple adjustments to your daily life. Just because these steps are pretty simple, you will find it pretty easy to make them habits.

01.Consider doing breathing exercises

Did you know that breathing exercises can relax your mind and body very effectively? In fact, taking deep breaths can be a very effective remedy than many medicines. All you have to do is to find a quiet, comfortable place and a fixed time of the day. Then, just close the eyes and let all the muscles of the body relax. Be sure to relax all the muscles including your face before you start the breathing exercise. Then, you should start to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply thru the nose (don’t breathe thru mouth). You can begin this exercise with 5-minute session per day as a start. Within a couple of days, you can develop this into 10-minute sessions. Once you do this for about a week at a fixed time slot, it will become a habit. Such exercise can do a significant difference to your lifestyle. However, to experience the best of these exercises, you need to have your nasal paths clear. This is when you may need the assistance of a sinus rinse. A good sinus irrigation system can make your nasal paths free from dust and other natural buildup and let you breathe easier.

02.Listen to music

Another practice you can consider is listening to relaxing music. There are plenty of options to consider if you want relaxation music (they are available in YouTube too). Many experts suggest that it is best to do this exercise after work every day. All you have to do is to find a comfortable and quiet place (probably your bedroom) and start listening to these relaxation music tracks while your eyes are closed. While listening to these tracks, you should breathe deeply and heavily; that will help you winding up the day’s activities in a more relaxed manner and eliminate potential stress. Again, you will have to do this in a specifically allocated time slot if you intend to make it a habit. This practice might deliver you immediate results (from the very first track).

03.Sit comfortably

If your work infrastructure doesn’t support you to relax, you should immediately rectify the situation. In particular, if the chair you sit is an uncomfortable one, you will definitely find it exhausted at the end of each day. This is when you should try a good seat cushion like egg sitter; egg sitter can convert your ordinary chair into a very comfortable, ergonomic one. Apart from using it on your office chair, this cushion can be used on any seat you use. With a good seating position and increased comfort, you will be able to stay more relaxed even when you are at work.

04.Engage in exercises

Yes, if you need to relax your body and mind, you need to engage in some systematic physical activities. Regular exercising allows you to release tension and relax your body. In fact, you can consider using a home exercise machine if you are unable to go out every day. In this case, a vertical climber can help you a lot; maxi climber is one good vertical climber worth mentioning. A vertical climber like maxi climber can make your entire body work at the same time; upper body, lower body and core muscles. After a specific session (whatever fits you) of exercises, you will feel so relaxed and you should always imagine that sweat flushes away your bad mood.

05.Hangout with your special one

Spending some time together with your loved one makes you feel so relaxed, doesn’t it? You should share your day with her/him and ask her/his opinion to overcome the potential burdens you faced. You can take a walk down the street, sit together, watch a movie, dine together, have a cup of coffee etc. and that will make your day. Although this opinion sounds like an obvious one, a surprising number of individuals fail to meet their loved one frequently (because of bad time management). You are not too busy ever to meet your loved one; no matter what.

06.Get a massage

One of the most effective relaxation techniques you would ever come across is getting an occasional massage. This can probably be among the oldest relaxation methods. The common problem most of us face, however, is that we have to take the trouble of visiting the spa. If you don’t have a nearby spa, you may consider hiring a home visited massage therapist. That would save you a considerable amount of time despite the potential extra amount they charge for home visited massages.

07.Have some time to spend with your friends

In addition to the loved ones, you must have some time to spend with your friends. When you hang out with your friends, you have a great chance to be express your emotions and relax your mind. These precious times might make you revitalized.

Besides, it is important to adhere to a good meal plan and drink plenty of water throughout the day if you want to attain true relaxation. Try to spend some time with your pet (in this case dogs are the best) every day; playing with them and cuddling them makes you so relaxed.


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