How to Relax Yourself When You Are Tired

///How to Relax Yourself When You Are Tired
How to Relax Yourself When You Are Tired

A significant percentage of the modern-day society tends to complain about excessive tiredness throughout the day. In fact, tiredness and fatigue have become remarkably common among us due to various reasons. Although tiredness is not a medical issue, it can change the way you live your life pretty badly. Your family life, the overall productivity at work and relationships with the others around you will be under serious threat if you continue to live a life full of tiredness. More importantly, this state can become the main cause of a series of health issues; in most of the occasions, even the doctors might find it pretty difficult to investigate the issues caused by tiredness.

Feeling tired all the time is often called fatigue. The obvious signs of fatigue are

  • Exhausted feeling (either physically or mentally or both)

  • Lack of energy to perform day-to-day tasks

  • No motivated feelings

  • Lack of interest on everything

Common reasons for tiredness

Here are some of the commonest aspects that can cause tiredness.

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Medical conditions such as diabetes and cancer

  • Inadequate sleep

  • Intense physical exercises

  • Pregnancy

  • Emotional stress and boredom

Apart from that, junk food, too much of alcohol and continuous consumption of caffeine can be strong causes of tiredness. Depending on the lifestyle they live, some people are more vulnerable to fatigue.

To get rid of tiredness, you should relax mentally and physically. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

Relax mentally

Undoubtedly, the most important thing you should do in order to get rid of tiredness is gaining mental relaxation. We know that there are plenty of reasons around us to cause mental depression. It can be our job, our family life, our social life or some medical condition bothering us. As a result of these causes, you will start to feel disturbed, demoralized, lack of energy and lack of interest. Such situation can become really dangerous since it can affect your entire life; your professional life, social life and family life will be under a serious threat. Therefore, it is important to know how to relax mentally if you really want to regain your normal life back.

How to relax your mind?

Here are 10 techniques that might help you to relax your mind and experience significantly less tiredness.

Start to meditate

01.Start to meditate

Undoubtedly, mediation is the easiest, most effective and affordable way to relax your mind. There are plenty of meditation techniques to try and most of them are pretty easy. Interestingly, some of these meditation techniques can be practiced almost anywhere. A good meditation program will help you to release your stress and regain the energy you need to focus on mental and physical activities. Your entire system will start to feel so relaxed and refreshed soon after you start to meditate. If not, you can use some relaxation music to slow down your mind and reduce the clutter.

02.Practice YogaPractice Yoga

Yoga is another type of meditation. However, it involves some physical activities too. Such practice allows you to develop concentration, boost mental stability and refresh the overall system.

03.Take a very short napTake a very short nap

You should get a very short nap every day. This doesn’t mean that you have to sleep for a couple of hours; all you have to do is to find 10 minutes (use a timer) and a silent place; you can do this even at your workplace with the permission of your boss. As long as it makes you more productive and energized, the 10 minutes you spend on a nap is a good investment.

Draw something freely04.Draw something freely

You don’t have to be a talented artist to practice this tip. Just take a paper and a pencil and start draw freely. It doesn’t need to be meaningful; even a scrambled set of lines would be fine. This practice might help you to alleviate stress significantly.

Spend some time with a pet05.Spend some time with a pet

Spending some time with a pet everyday delivers significant mental relaxation; just play with them, cuddle them and spend some time. if you don’t have space to have pets like dogs, you can at least consider to get a fish and look the way it moves.

Be a nature lover06.Be a nature lover

Try to spend some time outdoors. Just find somewhere clean and beautiful and spend some time at least once in a week. If not, you can consider maintaining a small garden (at least a couple of potted plants).

Get connected with your friends

07.Get connected with your friends

By any means, this doesn’t your social media network. Instead, you can consider meeting your closest friends at least once a week and share your thoughts with them. You can consider doing some activities with your friends; watching a movie, fishing, playing a game of tennis, dining out and birdwatching are some of the things you can consider.

08.Watch comedy moviesWatch comedy movies

One of the best ways to get rid of unwanted stress and gain inner relaxation is to watch comedy movies. There are plenty of comedy movies that don’t have confusing plots. Stay away from too confusing stories. Just find something humorous that can make you laugh. If not, you may consider some standup comedy shows (which are available in YouTube).


You can close the door of your room and start signing anything that comes to your mind. If possible, choose a couple of karaoke tracks to sing alone. If not, you may sing while you are having a shower. Don’t worry about the pitch, tone or the melody; just sing and see how relaxed it is.

10.Have some time for yourselfHave some time for yourself

Every day, you need to spare some time for yourself; about half an hour is fine. Just be somewhere quiet and undisturbed. Think of something good that has happened to you during the day. Don’t try to do anything serious; just let yourself relax and pump goodness into your mind.

Relax physically

Depending on the workload you have to handle and the amount of your tolerance, you may experience physical stress at various occasions. Apart from that, certain medical conditions (such as obesity) can be strong reasons to make you physically exhausted. Although occasional physical tiredness is completely natural, increased physical stress and strain can cause variety of health issues. Therefore, it is important to know how to relax yourself when physical exhausted.

How to relax your body?

You may follow these tips to achieve better physical relaxation and stay away from a variety of health conditions.

01.Treat yourself with a foot massageTreat yourself with a foot massage

Undoubtedly, a foot massage is among the most effective ways to relax your body after an exhausted day. Thanks to the modern technology, you don’t have to visit a massage therapist to get your daily dose of massage; you can get a good foot massager without costing a fortune if you search a little. Such foot massager can target the pressure points of the feet and give you an incredibly relaxed feeling. Many health experts have emphasized the difference a good foot massage can bring.

02.Your legs deserve a rest at the end of each dayYour legs deserve a rest at the end of each day

Issues like back pain, restless legs, knee pain etc. can make you incredibly exhausted every day. By addressing this issue directly, you can expect to alleviate tiredness pretty quickly and effectively. You can achieve this simply by using a comfortable leg rest pillow. Such pillow can practically elevate your legs and minimize the pressure on the lower part of the body. The eventual result of this approach is a relaxed body.

03.Rectify your posture when seatedRectify your posture when seated

If your work demands you to sit throughout the day, it is compulsory to maintain a good position with better comfort. In correct seating positions can cause lot worse damages than you imagine. If you sit on an uncomfortable chair for long hours, you will obviously be a victim of tiredness. You can address this situation using a good seat cushion on your regular chair. Such addition can make you more comfortable and productive throughout the day and make you more relaxed at the end of each day.

04.Don’t smokeDon’t smoke

Some people claim that they feel so relaxed after smoking a cigarette after a tiresome task. However, it is up to you to think if inhaling a poisonous smoke can really make you feel great. So, if you want to stay fresh and reduce tiredness, you must stop smoking.

05.Eat healthy foodEat healthy food

You should avoid junk food as much as you can if you need to alleviate tiredness. Additives found in junk food can cause significant changes to your metabolism and digestive system. It is not practical to think that an imperfect metabolism will make you feel any good.

06.Sleep tightSleep tight

This is a mandatory fact. If you don’t get enough sleep, your system will get confused and that will affect your productivity throughout the following day. Therefore, you should take all the measures to get tight sleep at night. Switch off your phone and laptop before you go to bed; make sure your bedroom is free of disturbances. Avoid caffeine before you go to bed.

07.Ventilate your room properlyVentilate your room properly

If the space you spend time mostly doesn’t have enough ventilation, that can be a serious cause to constant fatigue. Lack of oxygen in the workplace or the bedroom might make things pretty bad for you.

08.Drink plenty of waterDrink plenty of water

If you don’t drink enough water, your metabolism will malfunction. In that case, your body will not have a proper system to detoxify. So, you should drink plenty of pure water every day from the morning. Replace all the other drinks with water whenever it is possible. Try to stay away from energy drinks and sweetened artificial drinks as much as you can. A well detoxified body can withstand against tiredness more effectively.

09.Treat obesityTreat obesity

If you are overweight, issues like tiredness and fatigue may be well known to you. In fact, health experts identify obesity as one of the commonest causes of tiredness. Therefore, you must take a serious weight loss program if you are already experiencing obesity.

10.Maintain personal hygieneMaintain personal hygiene

Yes, you heard it right; your personal hygiene has a role to play in this case. If you upkeep a good personal hygiene, you are likely to feel fresh all the time. Clean skin, well brushed teeth, nicely ironed clothes, clean undergarments and perfectly combed hair can give you a revitalized feeling no matter how bad are the things around you. Don’t forget to wear a decent perfume too.

Extra advices

One of the main reasons for us to feel tiredness is boredom. Most of us live a very restricted life; vast majority of people live in a work-home-work routing. By nature, humans love the fact of versatility and as soon as we get restricted ourselves to a boring schedule, we start to show the signs of tiredness. A good way to skip this boredom and find some hope is to plan a vacation every year.

A well planned vacation will give you a different hope in addition to the regular office work. Just pick a good location at the beginning of the year and plan it ahead with your loved one. Save some money every month to spend on your vacation at the end of the year. Go somewhere totally different to the place you live usually.

Apart from that, you should learn to live a simple life as much as possible. If you learn to be happy with what you have at the moment, less stress will be on you. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your career and personal goals; it is about accepting the things with a positive mindset.

You also should stay away from worries as much as possible. Don’t worry about the past too much; let the bad memories be gone; think of something good all the time and be thankful to you for what you have done so far to survive. Eventually, the life will be a more pleasant experience for you and you will start to feel less tiredness as a result of that.


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