Egg Sitter Review – Is This The Best Choice of A Cushion?

///Egg Sitter Review – Is This The Best Choice of A Cushion?
Egg Sitter Review – Is This The Best Choice of A Cushion

Egg Sitter, as per the claims made by manufacturers, is a specially designed seat cushion that can increase the comfort of any regular chair. This special supportive seat cushion is made with soft polymer material. Their official website was launched back in May 2017 and therefore, it is a relatively new product. During the past couple of months, Egg Sitter grabbed considerable attention.

Features of Egg Sitter

Let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with the Egg Sitter.

  • It is made to be soft and comfortable to sit on

  • Egg Sitter is capable of absorbing the pressure from the pressure points

  • It can keep your back cool and dry due to the Honeycomb-style design

  • Highly breathable characteristics

  • Durable finish because of the use of sturdy ultra-flex polymer material

What we like and what we don’t like

Coccyx pain is a common issue among many individuals these days. The causes of coccyx pain (which is commonly regarded as tailbone pain) can vary though. Sitting for extended periods of time, pregnancy, injuries and uncomfortable (too sturdy) seats are among the common causes of coccyx pain according to health experts. Physicians might recommend many treatments and medications to this specific health condition. However, usage of a good seat cushion that distributes weight evenly can bring you instant relief from this pain apart from the treatments. Well, there are plenty of products to consider when you are looking for a good seat cushion that supports your tailbone pain. Egg Sitter is one of such product that is sold in the form of an “As Seen on TV” item. Despite what the manufacturers claim, there are a couple of things we specifically like and don’t like about this Egg Sitter. We have summarized them for you to get a better insight.

What we liked

Egg Sitter can practically convert a regular chair (no matter if it is very rough one), into the most ideal type of seat. The flexible and comfortable polymer material is the secret behind this softness and flexibility. You don’t have to do much when it comes to the ‘installation’ part; all you have to do is to place it on the chair you wish to sit on (use the nonslip cover on it).

They call it Egg Sitter because of a very exciting characteristic associated with it; a user can practically place an egg on this cushion material and press it against the bodyweight without breaking it! The egg will be gently submerged into the cushion (the bodyweight will be equally absorbed into the cushion). In fact, this is a way of expressing how impressive the pressure absorbing feature is. However, there are a couple of other products in the market that claims to have the similar kind of softness.

The honeycomb pattern used in this cushion does the job in terms of making it more breathable and soft. This specific design distributes weight evenly and let the user feel more comfort. Apart from the softness, this special design offers gentle support to avoid descending towards the surface of the chair.

What we don’t like

The nonslip cover of this cushion can attract dust and airborne particles pretty easily due to the gentle stickiness it has. This can be an annoying experience particularly when it comes to the cleanliness.

It is true that the cushion doesn’t retain the heat and it is exceptionally comfortable in summer days. However, when it comes to winter, things can be not that comfortable; it can be too cold for some people.

Should you buy an Egg Sitter?

Well, there is no doubt that an Egg Sitter can become a very good alternative to regular seating options. It is comfortable and supportive. We believe that purchasing an Egg Sitter can be a handy value addition for those who expect comfort.


There are two options to consider when purchasing an Egg Sitter;
-2 X Deluxe Egg Sitter + 2 X Nonslip covers (infused with charcoal) for $84.96
-2 X Egg Sitter + 2 X Nonslip covers for $69.97

Warm Reminder

“Do Not rush to buy before reading more reviews on Amazon. You also might find a better quality product with lower price”

01.ITDay Cool Gel Memory Foam Seat Cushion [Best Choice]

This cushion will be your best option. By writing thousands of reviews on different seat cushions on the market, we have gained the experience on making the best cushions with premium materials. This cushion is made of ultra-premium memory foam combined with a soothing gel to offer exceptional comfort at a very affordable price.

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02.Xtreme Comforts Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

This is definitely among the most popular comfort cushions available in Amazon. This product comes with a wide range of features to support offer maximum support and comfort to the use and still has a very attractive price tag.

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03.FOMI Premium All Gel Orthopedic Seat Cushion Pad

This is made out of medical grade material. It offers a superb comfort on a wide range of seats.

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Things you must consider when choosing a good seat cushion for coccyx pain

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of options to consider when you shop around for a good seat cushion that alleviates your pain. However, you must be wise enough to pick the best product out of the rest. Just purchasing what looks more attractive and has an affordable price tag is not the best approach when you are looking for a good seat cushion. You may consider the following aspects before you purchase your seat cushion.

  • What is the filling they have used?

Seat cushions are available with various fillings. Some cushions come with cotton fillings while others may have somewhat affordable fillings such as foam and gel. If you are looking for a better comfort for a long period of time, you may go for a high quality memory foam material.

  • What shape should it have?

The shape of the body of the seating cushion you select is a very important aspect. It is always better to select a U shaped or a V-shaped cushion seat as it can easily alleviate pain off your tailbone. Such shape will distribute your body weight evenly while leaving the tailbone alone. You will not experience any pain or pressure on the tailbone therefore.

  • Can it be used almost everywhere?

A good seat cushion lets you use it pretty much everywhere you desire. Be it your office, home, yoga class, driving seat or park bench, it should work just fine. Make sure that the cushion seat you purchase has a nonslip back (probably made out of rubber). Such addition can keep the seat in place regardless of your movements.

  • Does it support correct posture?

The seat cushion you use must support correct posture. The shape and the density of the cushion you purchase plays a major role in this case. If a certain product doesn’t help you maintain correct posture, it does more harm than good. So, be sure to end up with a product that can promote natural and healthy posture.

  • Does it absorb heat?

If your purchase a seat cushion made out of a combination of top quality foam and gel, you can experience a significant difference. Such combination will stay cool even if you sit on it for a long period. During summers, such combination is priceless.

Although a tailbone seat cushion is not a medication, it can easily help you overcome the pain instantly. When coupled with the treatments prescribed by the physician, a coccyx cushion pillow can promote the healing process. Even if you don’t have a coccyx pain, you can consider using a seat cushion in order to experience better comfort and maintain better seating posture.



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