How to control your feelings and stay in good mood?

///How to control your feelings and stay in good mood?
How to control your feelings and stay in good mood

Becoming emotional is very common among humans. For most of the people, it is pretty difficult to stay calm particularly because of the enormous amount of stress they feel during their day-to-day lives. However, coping up with life’s challenges and achieving goals can be incredibly difficult if you let feelings or emotions take you over. Emotions like jealousy, anger, sadness, greediness etc. can cause significant damages to your professional and personal life if you don’t control them properly. Therefore, it is vital for every person to know how to have a good control over the feelings and maintain a good mood.

01.Engage in some exercise

One of the best mood stabilizers you would ever come across is exercising. Apart from helping you to fade out aggressiveness, anger and temper, exercises open you a gate to be connected to the outer world. Such approach would definitely help you to control emotions related to anxiety and depression (physical exercises is a great way of lessening depression and anxiety). Cycling, jogging, swimming, playing a couple of games of tennis, running, workouts etc. are great ways of controlling human emotions.

02.Meditation can help you a lot

Meditation is a long known remedy for a large number of psychological issues you face. Surprisingly, you can gain notable control over your emotions just by closing your eyes and taking deep breaths for about 15 minutes; that gives you an idea about the potential of a well-planned meditation program. Apart from allowing you to gain control over the emotions, meditation can improve your cognitive functionality, rational thinking and problem solving ability. Such meditation program can help you overcome emotional hardships pretty easily and if you can make it a habit, you might experience a significant difference in your life.

03.Breath fresh air

According to the claims made by health experts globally, fresh air can help you attain good mood very quickly. When you are outside in a place where fresh air exists, you get a good chance to be connected with the nature. When you get adequate amount of oxygen, your body and mind will start to feel refreshed apart from the joy you experience by being a part of the beautiful nature. To make it more effective, you can take a walk or ride a bicycle; it will improve your blood circulation. While spending some time blending with the nature, you can freshen up your thoughts while calming down the body.

04.Sit correctly and comfortably

Due to various reasons, most of us stay seated on a chair for a considerable amount of time. However, only some of us are considerate about maintaining the correct posture and enough level of comfort. If you don’t maintain your posture correctly or sit uncomfortably throughout the day, you are less likely to experience positive emotions. Your productivity will go down and subsequently, you will start to feel aggressiveness, negativity, sadness, anger etc. Therefore, it is really important to make yourself comfortable and adhere to a correct seating posture. One of the best ways to increase comfort and rectify your position is using a good seat cushion like egg sitter. You will be surprised to see the difference such seat cushion can do in terms of controlling your emotions.

05.Get a good leg massage

Most of the people experience emotional issues when they lack of relaxation. If you can make yourself relaxed at the end of each day, you are likely to start the following day with an improved mood. Getting a good leg massage at the end of a tiresome, exhausted day is an exceptional relief for any person. However, you don’t have to visit a massage therapist every day to get your legs massaged; thanks to the modern-day technology, you may consider purchasing a good leg massager. A leg massage session might help you relieve fatigue, excessive tiredness and achieve a revitalized feeling when you wake up in the following morning.

06.Do something hilarious

Whenever you feel something bad, negative and restricted, you may try integrating that feeling into a hilarious act. For instance, when you feel sad or negative about something, you can consider talking to yourself in a hilarious voice, sing alone with a funny voice or draw something funny about the feeling you experience. You can also consider recording what you sing or act and play it later to see how hilarious it is. This can be a good way to stop your emotions and gain control over them.

07.Don’t try to restrict bodily reactions

When you become emotional, your body will express them. You shouldn’t force stop them. For instance, if you feel anxious on a particular situation, you will start to sweat, show anxious facial expressions and experience increased heartbeat. In this case, you will have to let the bodily reactions take place. Just go somewhere quiet and spacious and let the reactions happen. If you try to restrict your reactions, the pressure will buildup and things can become worse. So, take a break and let your body calm down automatically.

08.No caffeine or smoking

Caffeine-based drinks and smoking can cause you no good. In the long run, they can make things worse and cause various health issues (such as lack of sleep). So, keep in mind that caffeine and smoking are not mood stabilizers. Instead, you may focus on getting good sleep at night.

Listening to your favorite music, dancing (even alone is ok), arranging occasional picnics with your close ones and cooking a meal together with your loved one are other activities that can help increase your mood and stay away from being too emotional.

In addition to the points we mentioned above, you may consider studying what others do. You can talk to your friends and colleagues to get to know what they do when they are emotionally disturbed. What you must remember, however, is that you cannot be emotionless no matter how strong you are. All you can do is to manage the emotions you experience and minimize their effects.


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