A Guide to Choose the Best Foot Massager that Fits for Different Purposes

///A Guide to Choose the Best Foot Massager that Fits for Different Purposes
A Guide to Choosing the Best Foot Massager that Fits for Different Purposes

Every individual deserves quality time for themselves to relax and unwind after a long hard day of work. A foot massager is an ideal method of providing soothing relief to sore and tired feet. It’s all about targeting those particular pressure point areas, giving you the luxury feel of a spa from the comfort of your home. A lot of emphasis is usually put on massagers for the feet as it’s a known fact that your feet are gateways to a healthier mind, body and soul.

Foot massagers can be of several different types, the most common ones being the electrical and non-electrical massagers. Let’s take a closer in depth look at everything you need to know about foot massagers and how you can pick out the best one to buy for a more relaxing and enjoyable life.

How to choose the right foot massager?

Choosing the right massager can be a daunting task, considering the great amount of varieties available in the market today. Just like buying any other product, a few things should be ticked before purchasing a massager in order to make the best buy. This includes the following characteristics:

1.Mode of operation- Manual or Automatic machine

Foot massagers can be categorized on the basis of their mode of operation. You choose what you prefer, as both options are widely popular. Manual foot massagers work on the basis of being controlled directly through the hands of the operator. This means the user has to physically keep their foot on the roller massager and perform circular or back and forth movements. The movements performed depend on the massager’s shape. Despite what it may seem, these massagers don’t require a ton of effort and energy and are greatly effective for muscles that are sore. Automatic foot massagers on the other hand are not considered as portable as their manual counterparts, but have greater attention to detail with features that provide more comfort.

2.Source of power- Electrical or Non-electrical

Foot massagers can be divided on the basis of their source of power. You can have those that derive their power from an electrical source. On the other hand, you can have massagers that don’t use electrical sources for power. These are your manual foot massagers where the user manipulates the device manually, usually made of natural materials.

3.Mechanism of action- Vibrating, Pressure, Kneading and Shiatsu

Foot massagers work to provide relief through a number of different mechanisms. Vibrating massagers, as the name suggests work by placing your feet on a vibrating panel, which loosens up tense and sore muscles, giving you instant relief. Pressure foot massagers require the user to place their foot in an area that is enclosed, which places pressure and provides relief. Kneading foot massagers work on the basis of mimicking hand movements, giving you the unrealistic presence of human hands delivering the massage to your foot. They do this by making use of rolling nodes. Shiatsu Massagers for the feet is based on the concept of the Japanese massage. This involves the usage of fingers/ palms and pressure point massage delivery to both the ankle and foot region. The most realistic massage experience is gained through the use of the Shiatsu massager.

4.Application of heat or no heat

Foot massagers can be found with heat application features as well as those that don’t require heat. Those possessing heat application come in built with heating pads that incorporate their use into the massage mix. Adding heat allows for greater relaxation as well as makes for a wonderful addition to the massage routine.

5.Size- Small or Large

If you’re a jet setter who loves to travel a lot, then a portable massager that is small in size, light in weight as well as easy to carry is just for you. Other massagers that are considerably larger in size work well in function and are great for home use. Users should always strike a balance between weight and durability when making their best buy for massagers.

An introduction into two different types of foot massagers

Electronic Foot Massager

The electronic massagers run on electricity and they are half or fully automatic. They are the most popular product online. Some of the examples include the following.


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1.Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Easy to Use Toe Control and Switchable Heat

This electronic foot massager is a front runner when it comes to delivering effective massages to your feet. Based on the Shiatsu concept of using fingers to deliver massage to pressure point areas, the massager works to give relief to sore and tired muscles along with improved blood flow.

The massager aims to focus on key target areas such as your foot’s front half. This area is known to bear your body’s maximum weight. The product features beds for dual foot massage, complete with a set of rotational heads, aiming to provide simultaneous relief to both feet. The great thing about this product is the fact that it can be controlled in the easiest possible manner, using the toe for power, speed, heat pressure and control. Hence no need for the user to bend down. This electronic foot massager is portable in built, meaning you can travel with it anywhere you desire.

It also contains a heat application feature, passing on heat to each foot that is equivalent to your body temperature. Heat gives that added sense of soothing feels to tense and aching muscles.

2.Med Massager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

This foot is a hardcore mean massager when it comes to foot massages. Being electric in power source, this massager is like no other in the sense that it carries speeds that run between 1000 to 3700 rpm. The Med Massager contains a larger size oscillating pad for the foot, set with an arch bar and targeting surface pressure point.

This Med Massager as the name suggests, is recommended by health professionals and therapists as it possesses the added benefit of stimulating blood flow to the legs and feet. This makes it a great means of therapy for those suffering from Neuropathy and Diabetes. The Med Massager is durable in built and hardcore in construction. It comes with a wonderful added feature of a kit that allows it to be utilized on tiled floors or Harwood.

3.Art Naturals Foot Spa Massager with Heat, Lights and Bubbles

The Art Naturals Foot Spa Massager is definitely a keeper when it comes to buying massagers. From its sleek design and durable built to its multitude of features, this mini whirlpool is worth investing in. The massager aims to relieve and relax tired and ached feet. The product aims to target those who are on their feet all day. Athletes and runners are perfect examples. The Foot Spa Massager contains nodes and rollers to target sore pressure point areas and ease out knots. The product works great with essential oils and salts too to complete the entire spa experience from your home’s luxury. For easy use, the digital display and built in temperature controls are added features for the user’s convenience.

Non- Electronic Foot Massagers

The massagers that are made of natural materials and require the user to manually operate the given device to produce an effective massage. Product examples include the following.


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TheraFlow Dual

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1.TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller Large

All those individuals suffering from medical ailments such as neuropathy and planter fasciitis can greatly benefit from the non electrical design of this massager. Both these conditions are known for causing severe pain to the patient’s heel and foot area. With the TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller, users can experience greater blood flow delivery to areas which are deficient.

The great thing about this massager is that it’s suitable for all feet sizes and both feet can be accommodated at once. The massager has the ability to be carried anywhere with its lightweight design, weighing in at only 1.6 pounds. The design built of this product is sturdy and durable, solid in construction. The material of choice used for its built is the finest quality of Theaceae wood.

2.Theraflow Foot Massage Roller- stimulating myofascial release

It is a known fact that myofascial release helps to relieve pain and tension in the muscles. It is this mechanism of action which has granted fame to the Theraflow Foot Massage Roller. Made from the highest quality of Theaceae wood, this massager is great for patients suffering from taut fascia and foot arches such as in Planter Fasciitis and similar ailments. With use of this roller, users can gain from instant relief in the soft tissues of the feet due to delivery of blood rapidly from the kneading massaging effect. Great for use on any flat surfaces, this roller’s stable base will hold it still when you use your feet to roll. It’s also very portable, weighing in at only 4 ounces.

3.BIAL EX Massage Slipper Shoes Rotating Acupressure Foot Slippers- Large

For a product like no other, these massage slippers are in a league of their own. Worn at various points throughout the day, the benefits that can be gained are incredible. These wear proof slippers have a sole that is rubberized with an astonishing 78 rotating buttons for acupoint massage. Built keeping in mind the user’s ultimate comfort and luxury, these massage slippers have numerous silicon massage buttons that rotate, giving you the pin point vital area massage you require.
A special feature allows the Velcro design to be adopted so that the shoe surface can be optionally adopted with great adjustment. These slippers are ideal for those who suffer from leg cramps and diminished body circulation, with its reflexology based massage system. It’s as simple as getting a foot massage done while performing routine home chores such as dish washing or carpet vacuuming.

6 Important things to Consider While Buying a Foot Massager

Before you consider investing in a good massager, a few things should be considered before buying:

1.Whenever you consider buying a massager for therapeutic reasons, always consult your doctor for the best buy

2.Always evaluate the various types of massagers and determine which one is most suitable for your needs

3.You may consider buying at least two massagers, one for office use and one for home use. You can also alternately look into portable massagers so you can carry to and from your workplace

4.Models can be differentiated based on the given features mentioned by their manufacturers.

5.Always assess each feature mentioned carefully, determining whether it’s beneficial or not, before you make the final purchasing decision

6.If your massager is being bought for therapeutic purposes, crosscheck whether or not it’s covered under your health insurance policy.

6 Ultimate Benefits and Usage of Foot Massager

A good investment in a foot massager can help relieve foot pain of various sorts. Let’s take a look at some of the common conditions through which usage of a massager can help bring about relief to your normal everyday life:

A Guide to Choosing the Best Foot Massager that Fits for Different Purposes
  • Improvement of blood circulation- those who suffer from a sedentary lifestyle with little form of exercise can greatly benefit from a massager as it works to greatly improve circulation in the lower extremities.

  • Prevention of ankle and foot injuries- If you’re accustomed to being prone to foot/ankle injuries, a massager is for you. Massage of the feet helps aid joint pain as well as speed up the recovery process after an injury. Stretches and other foot/ankle strengthening injuries should be accompanied for best results.

  • Aids in providing relief against headaches and migraines- Foot massages are a great form of reflexology treatment and for this reason; studies have shown them to be an added source of remedy against headaches and migraines.

  • Anxiety and depression can be reduced- In a great number of studies, foot massages have been shown to help decrease the effects associated with anxiety and depression due to their aspect of reflexology. Users are put into a state of relaxation and serenity, allowing them to feel good about themselves. Frequent treatment sessions have shown users to also bring about positive lifestyle changes.

  • Decrease blood pressure levels- Foot massages are known to decrease blood pressure levels due to their ability of lowering stress levels. Blood pressure is known to be caused by a number of factors and stress is among the top few. Foot massages are a great way to unwind and eliminate stress, hence lowering blood pressure.

  • Form of treatment for flat feet and planter fasciitis- Both these ailments are associated with the feet, causing patients great discomfort. Regular exercise with foot massage is a highly effective form of treatment, recommended by doctors and therapists commonly.

In the day and age we live in today, taking care of one’s feet is just as important as taking care of one’s health. Neglecting your feet can potentially result in disastrous consequences on the overall wellbeing of your body. With the introduction of foot massagers, users no longer have to book appointments and spend money on visits to the spa. You can get that complete spa experience from the comfort of your home with a whole array of foot massagers to choose from in the market. A little research can go a long way and we believe with our guide, you can be assured into selecting the right foot massager that perfectly suits with your necessities.


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