Best Leg Rest Pillow Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Leg Rest Pillow Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Leg Rest Pillow Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

Using a leg rest pillow is a practically effective way to find considerable relief for those who are suffering from back pain, varicose veins, phlebitis, restless legs, knee pain etc. An elevated leg rest can lessen the pressure applied on your lower back, legs and knees. The main purpose of an elevated leg rest – just like the name suggests – is to keep your legs elevated at a proper angle while you are asleep. In fact, leg elevator pillows are significantly effective compared to the ordinary pillows you use to rest your head. Using leg elevator pillows is pretty simple; just place one of those pillows at the foot-end of your bed and place your legs over it. Usually, a good leg rest pillow keeps your legs elevated at an angle of 300.

Top five leg rest pillow brands

We have reviewed the top 5 foot elevation pillow products on the market today. These pillows for legs are chosen considering a range of aspects that help to serve the purpose.


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MABIS DMI Healthcare

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Sleep Jockey

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01.Hermell’s Zero Gravity Elevated Leg Rest Pillow 

This foot elevation pillow is designed to provide the perfect angle required to release the tension around the tailbone. Hermell’s pillows for legs are capable of creating just the right kind of pelvic tilt. This is the exact position recommended by health specialists; the natural curvature of the lower spine helps to alleviate back pains, restless legs syndrome, varicose veins and phlebitis. This pillow elevate legs above the heart at the precise height and you don’t need to worry about stacking pillows under your legs anymore. One of the most notable differences associated with this legrest is its extra-large size. This respective pillow is larger than most of the standard sizes in the market. Because of this extended size, you will have more space to place both the legs comfortably. This legrest is assembled in the USA and therefore, the quality is guaranteed. This pillow elevate legs above the heart and make sure that the circulation is improved. Apart from the superior comfort and perfect angle it offers, this product is easy to clean. The covers can be removed and put back easily.

Features we like

  • Maintains perfect pelvic tilt for your body

  • Relief for back pain

  • Boosts blood circulation and alleviates pains associated with varicose veins

  • Assembled in the USA

  • Washable easily

02.DMI Ortho Bed Wedge Elevated Leg Pillow 

If you are looking for a perfect bed wedge for legs that gives adequate comfort while facilitating the perfect position, DMI Ortho Bed Wedge can be a prime choice. These legs pillows wedge are designed to provide you the perfect angle while you are asleep to improve your blood circulation and increase the blood supply to your brain while lessening the pressure on your back. The outer cover of this bed wedge for legs is made of polyester and cotton; the polycotton cover is perfectly washable therefore. Thanks to the quality foam material used to manufacture this legs pillows wedge, it keeps is shape for a long time without getting flattened. These wedge pillows for legs can help alleviating discomforts associated with back pain, knee pain, varicose veins, restless leg syndrome, phlebitis etc. these wedge pillows for legs take off the pressure from your body effectively and help you to wake up refreshed in the morning. It is among the best leg pillows for edema.

Features we like

  • Made with superb foam material to last long with original shape

  • Offers the best angle to maintain a natural posture

  • Machine washable cover

  • Best leg pillows for edema

03.CozyZone Memory foam bed wedge pillow for legs 

CozyZone leg elevation device is made with supreme quality memory foam and it helps you to maintain the perfect angle of your body. Using one of these leg elevation devices is a very effective way to ensure a better blood circulation throughout your body, alleviate back and hip pains, offer great relief for discomforts associated with knee and make sure you get perfect rest during the sleep. In addition to that, this leg elevation device (or leg elevation cushion) can help you to avoid snoring and assure better comfort. Thanks to the top quality foam material used to manufacture these leg elevation devices, you can expect better lifespan compared to various other products in the market. This leg elevation cushion doesn’t get flattened even after long use. Thanks to the machine washable cover, you can maintain the cleanliness of this wedge even in the long run. This leg wedge pillow comes with a money back guarantee to assure the quality standard of the product.

Features we like

  • Comes with a money back guarantee upon any dissatisfaction

  • Long lasting memory foam that doesn’t flatten easily

  • Provides the best angle for the body and reduce pain

04.Sleep Jockey Premium Therapeutic Grade leg elevator cushion  

This leg wedge pillow is an exceptional product that can help you to alleviate a variety of pains associated with your legs, back and hips. These leg elevator cushions are capable of reducing swelling in the legs too. It is capable of improving your blood circulation and helps pregnant woman and those who undergo surgeries. One of the obvious results of using this leg rest pillow is better to sleep; you get it as a result of increased blood circulation and alleviated pain. The cover of this elevating leg wedge is made with superb Egyptian cotton and that adds more value to this product; the comfort and the softness it offers is pretty impressive.

Features we like

  • A top quality elevating leg wedge with better lifespan

  • Cover made with Egyptian cotton

  • Offers better sleep

  • Improves blood circulation and alleviate pain

05.FootSmart Leg Elevator 

This leg rest pillow is among the most popular leg elevators in the market today. If you are looking for relief from swollen or achy legs and feet or you continue to experience leg cramp or any other condition related to venous insufficiency, these leg elevating cushions can be among the best options. These leg elevators are made with an anatomically shaped foam support for better efficiency and durability (thanks to the urethane foam). More importantly, the inner wedge of this leg elevating cushions are made to be perfectly adjustable; it enables you to find the perfect fit. The 100% cotton cover of Footsmart leg elevator is made to be machine washable, leaving your worries away about the cleanliness.

Features we like

  • Machine washable cover made with 100% cotton

  • Adjustable inner wedge to fir your perfectly

  • Long lasting foam without losing its shape

  • Best value for money

Why do you need a leg rest pillow?

You may need support pillows for legs due to various reasons. If you have undergone a surgery (lower extremity) and now in the recovery mode that probably might be one of the best reasons to purchase support pillows for legs. However, before you purchase a leg rest pillow, it is better to ask from your doctor (in most of the cases, they recommend you to purchase these pillows even before you ask).

Apart from surgeries, if you suffer from medical conditions associated with back, hips and varicose veins, you should probably look for a good supportive pillow. If you experience swelling in your legs or feet, you can find great relief by using one of these pillows. You may use such pillow either when sleeping or getting some rest during daytime.

Improved blood circulation is another obvious benefit associated with these pillows. Therefore, if you need better blood circulation and feel fresh when waking up in the morning, you may use one of these pillows. When you purchase a pillow, however, you must read the reviews left by the other customers and analyze the quality of the product.


Can everyone use a supportive pillow?

Yes. However, if you suffer from special medical conditions, it is better to ask your doctor.

Can I wash the pillowcase?

Most of the products in the market comes with machine washable pillow cases. You can simply unzip the cover and put it in the washing machine.

What is the best pillowcase material to select?

Cotton is the best product for a pillowcase; they are breathable, comfortable and machine washable.

Can I use these pillows during the rest time?

Of course! Those who suffer from swelling of the feet or legs can use these pillows during the rest times.

What are the benefits of using a leg rest pillow?

In fact, a leg rest pillow delivers a variety of benefits including relief from swelling, back pains, leg pains, hip pains, varicose pains etc. Apart from that, it can improve blood circulation.

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