Best Chi Machine Review – Chi Vitalizer Ultimate Buying Guide

///Best Chi Machine Review – Chi Vitalizer Ultimate Buying Guide
Best Chi Machine Review – Chi Vitalizer Ultimate Buying Guide

Chi machines are very useful for relaxing your legs and revitalize your energy levels. Many people are asked to use the chi machine as a therapeutic tool to deal with fatigue. There is nothing fancy about these machines and they are very simple to use as well. The chi Vitalizer is a simple machine with cradles to place your ankles on. The machine then gently rocks your ankles, side to side. The vibration of the ankles causes improved blood flow throughout your body that better oxygenates the vital organs thereby improving your energy.

The gentle rocking motion of the machine not only oxygenates the body but also detoxifies the cells. When the cells in the body absorb the oxygen they throw out the toxins, this is why you feel rejuvenated within few minutes of use of the chi machine. Symptoms of diabetes, ankle inflammation, and fibromyalgia is known to be benefited from efficient blood circulation in the body. This small and compact machine provides you with unlimited benefits. However, buying one on your own can be little overwhelming. There are some considerations to be made before you buy a chi vitalizer machine.

The chi machines reviews can help you select the best machine for your needs. This is why in this review we are going to detail how you can choose a good machine and who can use it. Furthermore, we will list the top six machines available on Amazon for you. Let’s start with the review.

Top Six Chi Machines Available on Amazon

U.S. Jaclean

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Chi Vitalizer

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U.S. Jaclean

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U.S. Jaclean

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Exerciser Elite

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1. Swing Master Deluxe USJ201 Chi Machine 

The Swing Master Deluxe USJ201 Chi Machine is a well designed product. It is a powerful chi machine that is stylish and highly efficient at relaxing and soothing the swollen and tight muscles. You will really appreciate this chivitalizer on a stressful day.

The Swing Master is provided with a powerful motor that can be controlled with a wired remote control that offers you different speed settings. There is a 15 minute automatic timer as well that you can set if you do not want to use the remote during the massage. Most users love how easy it is to use this chi massage machine to restore the blood circulation in their feet. People who are struggling with diabetes are very much benefited. If you are dealing with pain related to arthritis, then you should give this product a try.

On the downside, this 9.5 pound machine is not suitable for people who weigh more than 150 lbs. Also, even after having a thick padding and ankles get some bruising while using the machine.


  • Easy to carry

  • Simple to use

  • Variable speed settings

  • Remote controlled

  • Inbuilt timer


  • The machine has to assembled

  • The ankle cradles are not very comfortable

2. Chi Vitalizer Machine-USJ106 

The most common use of the chi machine is to relieve the muscle pain and the USJ106 Chi Vitalizer Machine is ideally designed for the same benefit. According to most chi machine reviews, the best chi machine is the one that stimulates not only the muscles, but the nerves as well. The Chi Vitalizer Machine-USJ106 is provided with 11 speed settings to target different nerves and muscle groups.

Operating on 110V, this machine is powerful enough to easily loosen the stiff and tight muscles in your back, neck and spine. Most users appreciate how well this machine helps with the lower back pain symptoms. The build of the machine is durable and it will easily last for years. You will love this machine not only for its benefits but also how easy it is to use.

The only drawback is at 17 pounds this chi vitalizer is too heavy to be carried around.


  • A value for money product

  • Very simple to use

  • Speed control makes it more effective

  • 11 speed settings for targeting various muscles

  • Silent operation


  • The machine is heavy

  • There are no weight loss benefits

3. U.S. Jaclean Chi Swing Machine  

The chi vitalizer machine with a durable and effective design is necessary to provide the pain relief benefits. The U.S. Jaclean Chi Swing Machine is one such product which is well designed as well as durable. Whether you are struggling with achy legs, back pain or arthritis pain, using this chi machine you can expect a comforting relief in all such symptoms.

This chi vitalizer machine comes with only one speed setting which is a limitation, however it features an adjustable timer that makes it useful for long period exercising. It is also provided with a remote control for easy use. Most chi machines reviews suggest that it is a very affordable alternative to those expensive back pain treatment machines. If you find it difficult to fall asleep because of achy back and legs then this machine is advised for you. At the price it is offered it is an excellent daily use chi machine.

On the downside, there is no padding to rest your ankles on which can make this machine little painful to use.


  • Remote control

  • Comes with an adjustable timer

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to use


  • There is no padding to relax ankles

  • There is no variable speed setting

4. Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine  

Those of you who prefer to exercise without much stress, this Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine is what you need. This chi machine is made for relaxing your back and legs while providing you with a complete body massage.

This is the best chi machine because it comes with fourteen different speed settings that vibrate your feet between 95 to 175 rotations thereby providing relief from muscle pain and soreness. If you want, you can use the different programs pre-installed in the machine. The programs vary from 5 minutes to half an hour and you can switch between them using the remote control that is included with the machine. Most chi machine reviews rate its product as the best because of its design, effectiveness, and performance. You will like how easily it relieves pain from muscles without any stressful workout. After using the machine you will feel rejuvenated and fresh.

However, some of the users complain about the ankle resting area of this chi massage machine is claimed to be too small that can be painful to use.


  • Comes with already timed programs

  • 14 different speed settings

  • Easy to carry and use

  • Remote control

  • Lightweight and portable


  • There are no instructions

5. U.S. Jaclean’s Vitality Swing  

The thing about choosing the right chivitalizer is that it helps you rotate the chi throughout your body that throws out the toxins and revitalizes your energy. The U.S. Jaclean’s Vitality Swing is designed to achieve the same goal without being expensive. This swing master machine is designed to provide relief to your stressed and swollen muscles while relieving your body pain. This product comes with auto digital timing option so that you can easily set for how long you want to use the machine. It is a cheaper alternative to chi machines with preset programs.

It has all the advanced features you would expect from a powerful and effective chi machine like the variable speed setting between 90 to 150 rmp. The comfortable ankle padding ensures that you do not feel any pain or get bruises while using U.S. Jaclean’s Vitality Swing. The robust motor of this machine provides excellent side to side motion to relax achy muscles.


  • Auto digital timing

  • Variable speed setting

  • Think ankle padding

  • Robust motor

  • Years warranty


  • The ankle space is too narrow and you need to consider it before ordering the machine

6. Exerciser Elite Circulation Machine  

The last product in our top six list of best chi machines is the Exerciser Elite Circulation Machine. This chivitalizer is ideal for people who want to do light exercise to improve their blood circulation without spending too much time outside doing stressful workouts. This chi machine will provide you with the much needed extra energy for the day if you use it in the morning or will relieve your stress and body pain if you use it after a stressful day.

With a 5 speed variable control and a 16 minute automatic digital timer you can use this machine for effectively circulating the chi throughout your body. Also, chi machines are safe alternatives to many other stress-related therapies. The gentle and consistent motion of this machine will give you a relaxing and meditative massage. It will be useful if you are having trouble falling asleep as well.

However, some users complain of restricted ankle space in this machine.


  • Variable speed setting

  • 16 minute digital timer

  • Cushioned wide ankle rest

  • Safety shut-off

  • 2 years warranty

  • Heavy duty motor


  • Small ankle rests make it painful for ankles

How to choose a good chi machine?

A chi machine can save you from a lot of pain and stress. There are many benefits of using chivitalizers that extend from muscle pain relief to weight loss. Chi machines improve the blood circulation in the body that results in improved energy. This, in turn, helps you relieve the pain and stress. However, to avail all these benefits you need to ensure that you are choosing the right chi machine.

First of all you need to pay attention to the design. There should be enough space to put your ankles comfortably. Padded ankle cradles are more advised. A machine is with variable speed setting is better as compared to others. Also look for the effectiveness of the machine. Not all chi machines provide the same benefits, especially when you are looking for weight loss goals.

Who needs a chi machine?

Anyone can use the chi vitalizer, but people who have limited mobility are known to be most benefited from its use. If you suffer from any form of pain or injury that restricts your motion, the using this machine you can deal with pain and swelling of the limbs. The rocking motion of the chi machine is said to not only improve the blood flow in the body, but is also claimed to relax sore and tight back muscles as well as realign the displaced spine. The side to side motion of the ankles mimics the aerobic exercises which also result in improved metabolism. Those patients who suffer from vision problems due to some traumatic injury to the craniosacral fluid also claim to experience an improvement in their ability to process motion from the use of the swing exercise machine for a period of few weeks.

Not only for patients, but for people who are involved in jobs that require them to sit for long hours often experience swollen legs that can be painful. With the use of a chi machine such people can reduce the inflammation and pain in the legs. Furthermore, these machines are compact and light weight so you can take them wherever you go. You can also use the chivitalizer for elderly people who face mobility issues. Restricted movement in such people can result in swelling of the limbs and soreness of the back muscles. Using the machine such elderly people can compensate for the loss of movement, as experts claim that 15 minutes use of chi machines is equal to 90 minutes of walking.

Therefore a chi machine can be used by anyone irrespective of their age. Patients with diabetes and arthritis are benefited from the rocking motion of the machine as well as younger healthy adults who spend too much time sitting on working desk. If you are looking for an alternative to western medicine to deal with sore and tight muscles then a chi machine is an ideal solution.


Chi machines can be very effective in pain relief and management. Choose the right machine as detailed here and you will appreciate the benefits.


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