Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper

///Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper

Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper1

The Wahl Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper comes with the most advanced, powerful and durable super motor that gives the haircut clipper a lifetime of superior performance. This shaving clipper from Wahl is equipped with the finest of self-sharpening blades, which stays sharp as long as possible to cut your hair to any desired style. Unboxing this haircut clipper, you will find a stainless comb specifically designed to give smoothness to your haircut and as well making it easy to have your haircut style and cut to any desired length. This awesome electric haircut shaving clipper comes with the following attachments to meet your haircut shaving needs, the attachments are: The multi-cut clipper itself, clipper blade guard, storage case, 10 guide combs of different sizes, blade oil, a cleaning brush, large styling comb, stainless steel scissors, scissors case, nylon barbers cape, cord wrap, English/Spanish user guide and as well as a styling guide. It is to be noted that this haircut clipper by Wahl cannot be used outside the United States of America due to the disparity in voltage supply in the USA with other countries of the world, most especially in Africa. However, this clipper may be damage or suffer a reduction in performance if used outside the United States, most especially countries with the high voltage difference to what is obtainable in the United States.

Strengths of the Wahl 97602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper

High performance

Owing to the several features offered by this product, the performance, and efficiency of this shaving clipper is on second to none. You get your shavings done in no time, without nicks or snags which might be experienced with other clippers in the low-performance cadre. Shaving with this clipper comes with little or no effort, all you have to do is get the clipper running. The clipper takes care of your haircut, leaving you with a dashing look.


Despite the numerous attachment to this shaving kit, a lot of online reviewers found this electric shaving haircut clipper less bulky and comfortable to carry. This Wahl’s electric Haircut clipper kits are made with materials of great strength with relatively light weight, making it very easy to handle while having your hair cut or while walking to your barber’s shop.

Weakness of the Wahl 97602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper

Restricted to use in the United States

Due to the disparity in the voltage supplied by different countries of the world. This shaving razor is restricted to use alone in the United States. This is a major disadvantage of this haircut clipper. What if this the only this is the only shaving clipper I have? and I’m to travel to Nigeria the next day from the US, this implies that I’ll have to purchase I a new shaving clipper on my arrival in Nigeria. This is definitely not economically or pocket-friendly at all. Buying a clipper anytime I leave the States is definitely not cool, I feel Wahl should review this feature and make this awesome clipper compatible for use in many countries.There is a crude solution to this problem, which is to use the clipper with a step-down alongside with the clipper while in other countries of the world. Note that this does not always work and might damage the clipper when used wrongly.

Features of the Wahl Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper

Self-sharpening blades

This shaving haircut clipper from Wahl would not be needing regular sharpening of the blades because the blades are self-sharpening to give smooth cutting experience with any kind of hair. From all the shaving clippers produced by Wahl. The blades of this electric Haircut clipper stays sharp for a longer period of time that any other shaving clipper by Wahl.

Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper2

Guide combs

The combs that come with this shaving haircut clipper is 70% stronger than any other combs produced by Wahl. With the stainless steel attachment to this clipper, your safety is guaranteed. While shaving because the shaving comb will at all time’s remains glued to the head of the clipper. No falling off of the shaving comb, which might lead to chopping off of your hair in an undesired location.lol

Long heavy duty cord

Due to the performance of the motor equipped with this shaving clipper, a lot of energy is dissipated while shaving which might burn the cord of the clipper if not strong enough. However, the Wahl Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper comes with an 8-foot industrial heavy duty cord, which can withstand any current supplied to the clipper from the mains.

Adjustable taper lever

With the adjustable taper lever from this shaving clipper, blending of your hair while shaving is at your fingertips, all your need do, is to adjust the lever to the desired position and lock it down, then blending of your hair goes on smoothly.


The power rating of this shaving clipper is on the high. The high power rating of the Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper perfectly eliminates snags which are frequently be experienced while using an haircut shaving clipper with a low power rating. The power rating of this shaving clipper is about 15% higher than another shaving razor from wahl.

Reasons to the Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper


In case you are skeptical that this shaving clipper will develop faults sooner than expected from the time of purchase. Well, you need not bother yourself, the Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper comes with a lifetime warranty for the clipper. It also comes with a five-year warranty cover for the blades of the shaving clipper.

Special products features

This shaving clipper from Wahl comes with features which put the styling of your hair at your fingertips. If you are a professional barber, this shaving clipper on use for your customer’s haircut shave will deliver a touch of genius which all your customers are really on the lookout for. You want to keep your customers longing for more and coming back to have the hair shaved at your shop, the Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper is what you need.

Premium storage case

The way and manner with which you arrange and store your shaving razor is of great importance and is has significant effects on the lifespan of your shaving razor. This ultimate shaving kit comes with a premium case, making it so easy store attach other attachments of the shaving razor in the same compartment. This Premium storage case is made of a material with high water resistance, making the shaving clipper less prone to damage due to water or any other fluid spillage.


In case you run into some troubleshooting errors while handling this shaving razor, all you have to do is contact Wahl’s support team, rather than contacting a local electrician who might wrongly diagnose and damage your clipper. Contact the Wahl 97602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper support team in case any fault arise during use. I’m very positive they will respond swiftly with specific solutions targeted towards the faults

Relatively cheap

If you really don’t want to spend much and at the same time you are on the look for quality and better shaving experience, this haircut clipper is the answer. This clipper can be purchased around $25 in local stores. You can also get it at a cheaper price on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. With the discounts and free coupons offered by some of this big online stores and supermarkets, on the average, you should not spend more than a $20.

Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper3

Skin safety

With the Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper, you are less likely to sustain bruises or cuts, this shaving clipper comes with a self-adjustable lever, such that even if you are the carefree type, you might not sustain injury. The self-sharpening blades of the Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper are so sharp, such that on just a single gliding strokes, it gives you your desired result. The sky is the limit with the use of this shaving razor in shaving your haircuts.

Styling versatility

This product is up to the task for in shaving your beard/mustache with the traditional shaving razors which are not really suitable for shaving your hair. The Electric shaving clipper offers flexibility to any desired style, which makes your shaving life a lot lesser stressful.


The Wahl 79602 Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut clipper is definitely an option to consider when you want to strike a balance between cost and performance. This shaving clipper is definitely a good buy, but the only disadvantage is that it can only be used in the United States. The features offered by this product is second to none amongst its pair. With this great features and attachments, be rest assured of the great of a clean close smooth shave. There is no need to getting scared of having any irritation, rashes or any other related infections that may result from the use of clipper. With this electric shaving haircut clipper, your safety is guaranteed.


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