Top Best Straight Razor Review – Ultimate Guide for Men

///Top Best Straight Razor Review – Ultimate Guide for Men
Top Best Straight Razor Review – Ultimate Guide for Men

I always wondered why men usually prefer to have a straight razor shaving rather than use all those automatic razors at home. It won’t be wrong to infer that I was being entirely negligent towards the importance of the best straight razor and how closely it is able to shave. We all know how difficult it is to get a really close shave with a cartridge or an automatic razor. This is why men prefer to use the best straight razor for clean and clear shaving. But, let me tell you that using a straight razor is not an easy skill and you will have to acquaint yourself with the blade as they are way too sharp to be used without care.

Once you are comfortable with straight razor shaving you will never want to use any other shaver ever. However, the right way to get started with this shaving is to choose the best straight razor. I took the liberty to review and list the best six razors in this category for you. Let’s have a look at them.

Top 6 Best Straight Razor List

Equinox International

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Utopia Care

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Parker Safety Razor

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Velvet Forge

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1. Equinox Professional SS Straight Razor  

Designed for professionals, but kept simple for beginners the Equinox Professional SS Straight Razor is simply the best in our list for its ease of use and affordability. Use of high quality and durable stainless steel means you need not to worry about tarnishing or rusting.

The handle design is ergonomic which means you get a comfortable as well as tight non-slip grip. You can smoothly get a clean and close shave with this best straight razor. The 100 single edge Derby blades are included so that you get over 200 pro like shaves without spending a penny.


  • Stainless steel high quality body

  • Disposable blades

  • Non-slip handle grip

  • Suitable for newbies and professionals alike

  • Easy to understand pictorial illustrations to help the user


  • Changing blades is not that easy

2. Professional Barber Straight Razor from Utopia Care  

Straight razors are not that polite on skin as some high end electric razors. If you have a sensitive skin then it is going to be a problem for you. Fortunately, Utopia Care has the Professional Barber Straight Razor for you. This is the best straight razor designed specifically for sensitive skin and leaves you smooth and not irritated after every shave.

It has a chrome plated brass body that makes it suitable for sensitive skin. The metal grip is very comfortable and ensures your fingers do not slip while shaving.



  • Brass body with chrome plating

  • Metal grip

  • 100 derby blades included

  • Flip-able blade cover

  • Blades included dull easily

3. Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor 

If you want a professional shave at home, then the Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor is just for you. As the name suggests this straight razor is designed for professionals, but anyone can use it easily.

Unlike most cheap straight razors the arm of this one is made from high quality stainless steel and not from aluminum. This means you will be using this razor for years without worrying about contamination or rusting. For making it safer for beginners the blade has a round exposure so that you do not cut yourself. Also, the snap & lock blade holder ensures that the blade insertion is secured.


  • Stainless steel build

  • Replaceable blade system

  • Snap & Lock blade holder

  • Easy to use and clean


  • Expensive than other straight razors

4. Sanguine Pure Wood Handle Shaving Razor  

This is one of the classy straight razors that make you experience what it is like to use an authentic old-school razor for shaving. The low price makes it a steal-deal.

Pure wood handle of this razor makes it stand out of the run-of-the-mill straight razors. Undoubtedly it is one of the best cut throat razor for beginners as its wooden handle with jimps provide excellent grip that helps starters to straight shave with much better control. A packet of blades and a Sanguine pouch is included with this razor.


  • Stainless steel body

  • Quality wood handle

  • Can be fine tuned because of adjustable screw

  • Free blades

  • Free leather look pouch


  • Wooden handle is not varnished

5. Velvet Forge Straight Razor 

Titled as the best Straight Razor on Amazon, this product from Velvet Forge is a relief for men struggle with their electric or Gillete shavers. The Velvet Forge Straight Razor leave no hair behind and because of its sharp stainless steel blade you no longer have to deal with problem like hair sticking in the razor.

The blade is foldable that gives it a pro look. You will love how easy it is to have a close shave once you acquaint yourself with this straight razor. The stainless steel blade means you don’t have to frequently change blades.


  • Professional looking sleek foldable design

  • Gives close and clean shave

  • Stainless steel blade

  • Durable construction

  • Blade easily folds that helps with storage


  • Some men will take a few trails to perfectly use it

6. Feather Stainless Steel Japanese Straight Razor 

The handle of the Feather Stainless Steel Japanese Straight Razor is the reason enough to be included in our top 6 list. The resin handle of this razor is super engineered for comfortable control with an excellent grip. The use of stainless steel and gum handle makes this straight razor a quality shaving tool as it resists chemicals and heat. Futhermore, the stainless steel ensures that there is no contamination in the razor.



  • Stainless steel sharp razor

  • Super engineered and heat resistant resin handle

  • Shaving head is rounded for optimal exposure for blade

  • Head can be cleaned easily as it can be dismantled

  • Autoclavable razor

  • Changing blade is easy

  • Not suitable for you if you shave hurriedly

How to shave with a straight razor?

All stylish and grooming experts agree to the fact that straight razor shaving is the best, whether you keep a beard or are clean shaved. That being said, shaving with this holy grail tool is not for everyone as it needs practice and above all it needs an appropriate technique to be used.

We want you to know that you should never start shaving even with the best straight razor if you haven’t gone through this how-to-shave guide that we have put together to make the fundamentals of straight shaving clear to you. Just start with first step and make sure you do not rush to things.

Prepare the razor

Before shaving, you need to prepare the straight razor as well as your beard hair. It all comes down to two steps. First, you need to sharpen the blade of the razor using a quality razor stone or a leather strop. This step is necessary, unless you are using the straight razor with a replaceable blade. Second, for easy and flawless straight shave, soften your whiskers using warm water.

Lather up

Most guys create blunder at this step. Lathering up is essential for a perfect shave. Ideal way to use a shaving cream or a gel is to apply it with a shaving brush on your face. If you are using your fingers then make your to apply the cream or gel deeply do that the lather reaches the root of every whisker.

Holding the razor

Every person holds the best affordable straight razor as per their preference but the ideal way to use such a razor is to rest first 3 fingers on the spine of the blade while the pinkie is on the tang of the razor. Your thumb should be on the side of the razor blade.

Shaving stroke

When you use a straight razor, you make use of even and slow strokes, especially when you are learning to use the razor. Rule of thumb is to shave with this type of razor in the direction of your beard hair growth.


You should start with the side of your face when you are shaving with a straight razor. Use your other hand to stretch the skin upward, starting from the cheek’s top and moving downwards. Then shave under the jaw line followed by the upper lip and then under the chin. Tilting the head backwards will help when you are shaving with this type of razor.

How to recognize the quality of straight razor?

A straight razor is more than what meets the eye and you need to know how to predict the quality of a razor on the first look. There are a few parameters that can help like:

The material used in the construction of the straight razor blade is important. Mostly, quality razors use stainless steel as it is rust resistant. However, if you have a sensitive skin, it is better to look for brass body straight razor that has chrome plating. Another important consideration is to make sure you do not buy a razor with a plastic handle as it tends to have loose grip. A quality razor will have metal or wood handle that provides excellent grip. The ease of use is another important quality. If a razor is hard to use or clean or have tight joints, this signifies low quality.

Other than these attributes, you can also know about the quality of a straight razor from the customer reviews. The top 6 best straight razors we have listed are the quality products that have high positive reviews supporting their quality and build.

What to consider before buying best straight razor

We already listed the best straight razor kit for beginners, but you need to know what all features make a reliable straight razor. Consider these factors before you buy a razor:

The Grip

You cannot compromise on the grip of the razor and it has to be the best and most comfortable. Right grip is the key to get a close and clean shave. Grip design determines how easy it will be for you to use the straight razor. As we already mentioned that the blades of these razors are extra sharp you need to find the right grip.

Blade Type

A straight razor is incomplete without the best blades. For a clean and close shave you need a blade that is sharp and remains the same through the shaving. A blade that gets dull too often will force you to sharpen or swipe blades in the middle of beard shaving. The best straight razor blades are the ones that remain sharp for long as well as are able to shave the hair of all textures and sizes.

Material Quality

Straight razors are different from other razors as they are mostly built from metals and not high grade plastic. This why it is necessary to make sure that you choose a razor which is built from quality material that is rusting resistant as well as rigid.

Ease of Use

As mentioned before straight shaving is not for everyone and it can become more difficult if you end up with a straight razor that is high maintenance. Choose a razor that is easy to clean and its blade can be replaced easily.

For some people price of the straight razors for sale is important, so if you are on a tight budget, then the razors we have listed are suitable for you as they are affordable.


For those who like close and clean shaving, the straight razor is a must have tool in their grooming kit. Leave people around you wondering how you much such a nice beard and hair all the time. The straight razors we have reviewed are top notch in their niche and are available at affordable prices on Amazon.


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