Top Best ENail Kit Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Top Best ENail Kit Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Top Best ENail Kit Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

As we know, an enail kit is certainly among the most effective tools to vaporize medicinal cannabis. Over the recent years, we have witnessed a significant growth in the industry of marijuana and many people find it is practically easier to smoke marijuana with an enail kit compared to other methods. The mechanism of an e nail kit majorly depends on heat; the best enails generate a significant amount of heat (up to 8000F). Further, the heat level of the e nail kit you have should be perfectly adjustable to heat the extracts precisely. Nevertheless, there are many models under different brands in the modern market and therefore, we recommend you to read this enail review before shopping around.

Best ENail Kit Review – Top Six brands

We have handpicked the best enails for you and listed them with the respective features. We have emphasized their unique features, pros, and cons so that you will be able to distinguish the best enail out of the rest.


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Vapecode TN01

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01.710 Life enail / PRO Aromatherapy Diffuser 

You may arguably consider 710 Life enail to be the most impressive product on the list. This device is powered by AC and it has already won several awards as a handy tool that helps aromatherapy. The affordable price tag is among the most significant benefits associated with this product. Despite the superb functionality this best enail kit delivers, you will find that its parts are widely available throughout the market. It is made with durable materials to provide you a lasting service. 710 life enail is made to be compact in size; this special structure ensures that you carry it wherever you like with less effort. To be more precise about the size of this device, it can practically fit in your palm. However, this e nail kit does not have an automatic shutdown feature and therefore, you should store it safely when not in use (to prevent accidental activation).


  • An award-winning product with perfect performance

  • Highly portable design with compact size

  • Digital display to notify accurate temperature levels

  • Grade 2 titanium make


  • May malfunction if water gets in

  • Leaving unattended can be risky

02.Colori Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit/enail kit 

If you are looking for a pro level enail kit that does the job for the perfection, Colori Diffuser is a product you should never miss. It is manufactured to last long and work perfectly thanks to the grade 2 titanium metal. It is powered by AC and the connection is perfectly reversible depending on your need. Being one of the best enail kits in the market, this product can practically offer you a whopping temperature up to 1300 degrees. The temperature can be perfectly adjusted according to your need. More importantly, this device has a display unit show you the current temperature and let you enjoy a precise heating. The temperature can be displayed either in Celsius or Fahrenheit depending on your personal preference.


  • Can generate heat up to 1300 degrees

  • Perfectly adjustable temperature levels

  • Grade 2 titanium to assure healthy operation

  • Interchangeable temperature units (from Fahrenheit to Celsius)

  • Digital display unit

  • Reversible connection


  • May get damage in the event of being contacted with water

03.Vapecode Aluminum Alloy Cased Pelican Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit 

If you are in the quest of acquiring the best enail kit in the market, we recommend that it is worth checking this product. It also has protective measures; made with Grade 2 titanium to offer precise heating. This special product comes as a full kit that includes a 20 mm barrel coil in addition to the Ti nail. The connection is reversible and it is universal; works perfectly with 10, 14 and 18-millimeter connections (no matter if it is male or female). In order to make things easier, it comes with a memory to remember the last temperature used; it saves time. It is made maintaining greater quality. The titanium e-nail is considered to be a 6-1 unit. Overall, an excellent product that can practically does its job.


  • Universal, reversible connection facilitating 6-1 model

  • Compatible with both male and female connections

  • Smart device that can memorize the last used temperature

  • Titanium parts to assure a healthy operation

  • Comes with a full kit

  • Provides a heat up to 1300 degrees


  • May malfunction if contaminated by water

04.REANICE NEW (POWER A) Intelligent Temperature 

This enail kit is offered to you under a renowned name in the industry. In this enail kit review, we would like to mention that this product is best when used with temperatures around 700 degrees (F). It has an impressively tough casing (which is made of a thick steel outer shell). Thanks to this special casing, you don’t want to worry about the safety of the internal items. In other words, you can expect better usability from this enail kit even under tougher conditions. In order to assure better quality and longer lifespan, each and every item under this brand is handmade. Due to the very reason (since they are handmade), one item may slightly differ from the other. Intelligent temperature PID controller together with titanium nail ensures a better usability. In addition to the supreme functionality, this device can practically offer you a visual enjoyment (as you can see how the smoke passes through).


  • Handmade item to guarantee better quality

  • Visual enjoyment

  • Durable and strong steel casing

  • Intelligent temperature PID controller and titanium nail

  • Long lifespan


  • There can be slightest differences on each product (as they are handmade)

05.Vapecode TN01 Battery Powered Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit 

Next on our enail reviews is a battery powered item; Vapecode TN01. This is a portable enail kit that does not need any wall power outlet as it is operated by batteries. It is still capable of providing a temperature of 9000 degrees; more importantly, it can achieve its optimal heat within 2-3 seconds after switching on. The battery is quite impressive; you can use it for about 300 charges on average and once the battery is fully charged, you can complete about 30 uses until the battery runs out.


  • No need wall outlet (it is battery operated)

  • Long battery life

  • Heats up quickly


  • Battery replacement may cost you some money

06.ABLAZE Intelligent Temperature PID Controller Aromatherapy Diffuser  

This is another impressive enail kit that works with all the 10,14 and 18 mm connections. It comes as a complete package to impress you. The digital display and the adjustable heat makes this device more useful. It is a compact design with time proportional PID controlled output for precise operation. The temperature can be viewed either in Fahrenheit or Celsius as you prefer.


  • Proportional PID controlled output

  • Universal connection

  • Compact size

  • Heats quickly

  • Digital display


  • May end up with damages if water gets in the circuit

What to consider before buying ENail kit

Now that you have read the enail reviews here’s what to look for when buying an enail.

  • Be sure that your product is portable. Large, bulky devices should be kept away

  • If you prefer a battery operated one over AC powered device, you can go for such product. However, you should be ready to bear the cost of replacing the batteries occasionally.

  • Your product should heat pretty quickly (within a couple of seconds maximum)

  • Don’t go for too cheap products; you get what you pay for!

  • Read the comments (or enail review) left by the past customers

  • Avoid too fragile products that cannot tolerate simple everyday impacts

How to use an ENail

Well, using an enail is not rocket science after all. You can simply power the unit up accordingly (either by plugging it to the wall socket or using batteries), plug the connector to the heater and press the button to switch it on.

You will, however, need to set the required temperature (which is a personal preference and may fall in a range between 500-800 degrees range in most of the cases). Most of the enail kit products remembers the previously set temperature for you.

When you have finished using your enai kit, make sure to keep it unplugged and away particularly from children and strangers in order to prevent accidental activations.


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