The Ultimate Guide to Straight Razor Shaving

///The Ultimate Guide to Straight Razor Shaving

Those days are gone when most of the people had only a shaving cream and basic razor as a part of their kit. Nowadays, various individuals opt for the best straight razor shaving kit to fulfill their requirements.

The straight razor shaving requires the forethought, deliberation, and appreciation of tradition. You feel like a man when shaving with a straight razor and it is right for you because the balanced mental attitude is equally as important as your appearance.

Straight Razor Essentials

There is always a learning curve in the selection of straight razor kit. If you are a beginner, then it is important for you to get in touch with the customer services or barbers that specialise in complete shaving supplies. With the help of their guidance, you will be able to select one of the best supplies according to your needs. Shaving with a straight razor is not an activity that you can be so timid about.

Why should you choose a straight razor over a regular one?

  • A straight razor is more durable
  • A much closer and long lasting shave
  • Less likely to slip and can be sharpened every time

Various Styles of Straight Razors

You can find a wide variety of styles with each & every one differs in subtle ways. It doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other. Every straight razor comes with a speciality, and it entirely comes down to what you choose. There are three main types of straight razors, and each one of them has the same purpose.

  • Asian straight razors

These type of razors are very delicate and can be used in small places such as around the ears, or under the nose. You can also find the disposable models which is mounted with a blade and the ones you can change. These straight razor blades can be quite expensive but they worth every penny.

  • European straight razors

The European straight razors consists of a blade that is mounted on a pivot pin.This makes it very safe to use especially who are unwary and are prone to use it carelessly. These straight razor blades come in various tip shapes and grinds. These razors give wonderful shaves and can inevitably become the treasured family heirlooms.

  • Shavettes

Shavettes are usually preferred by those individuals who don’t want to waste time or simply don’t like maintaining the blades on a regular basis. A shavette not only provides a close shave, but also a professional grade shave. A shavette consists of a double edged razor that is mounted and attached to the handle.This allows the blade to rotate into a handle just as a straight razor. The blade will last for a long time and are convenient while travelling. Also, they are trendy among the health care professionals because the blades are used only once.

Strop and hone

Sometimes honing and stropping to be intimidating at first, but it is not that bad as it looks like. You strop so as to get a sharper edge in order to get a cleaner cut. Most of the people give up on the straight razors because of the inability to achieve an excellent sharpness. This often happens when you are using a poor quality strop. You can find a wide range of crappy strops in the market which is made up of synthetic leather. You should only use a high-quality strop that is stiff and made up of genuine smooth leather.

A razor needs to be honed once in a year or otherwise depending upon the usage. A sharpening stone is usually used and come in two types- oil stones and water stones. You may also want a water stone for your razor because of their hardness and allow a much more finer edge. It is recommended to use Coticule and Belgium Blue stones because they are of high quality.


It is true that the straight razor shaving is a great delight. The smooth cutting through the whiskers gives you confidence which is totally worth the time. The traditional wet shaving and the straight razor kits are perfect for those individuals who were initially hesitant or didn’t know where to begin. You can find new razors on the market, which are less known or just not recommended. Even today the modern straight razors remain as the widely used and still the best shave you can ever get.


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