Sleep Styler Reviews – My Own Experience of Getting Big Curls

///Sleep Styler Reviews – My Own Experience of Getting Big Curls
Sleep Styler Reviews – My Own Experience of Getting Big Curls

I must tell you that one of my biggest concerns when it comes to hair curling is the immense heat applied on the hair using the iron. Recently, sleep styler was introduced as a heatless hair curling alternative, I badly wanted to check how it works. Now, you are about to read the realistic experience I had with shark tank sleep styler (I saw the sleep styler video on shark tank). I was intrigued by watching the sleep styler video and wanted to give it a try – (after all, according to what I saw about the shark tank sleep styler, I believed that nothing bad can happen to my hair with it!).

How did I use it?

As a result of my curiosity, I decided to try sleep styler. So, I did buy sleep styler and started to read the instructions carefully. In fact, I wanted to follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer precisely and see does the sleep styler work as they claim. I was pretty happy to try this sleep styler shark tank as I had nothing to worry; no chemicals or heat involved with this option. Okay. Here are the steps I followed (precisely like they have asked the users to do).

  • I took a shower in the evening
    I took a good shower in a pleasant evening and washed my hair with the usual condition I use. There is nothing special about this step despite the excitement I had in mind as I am about to try a trouble free, heatless hair curling option. Apart from the condition, I didn’t use any chemical on my hair. In fact, this is a plus fact related to this product as I feel. After the shower, I didn’t use the dryer to dry my hair; I used the towel only to get rid of water.

  • I wrapped my hair with plush rollers
    I went for the mini sleep styler that had 12 individual (each with 3” length) rollers. The large version of the sleep styler shark tank had 08 pieces of six-inch long rollers. So, I got it all prepared. I left my hair damp as instructed. In my sleep styler review however, I must mention that it was slightly uncomfortable for me to sleep with damp hair (usually I dry my hair completely after taking a shower). Next, I divided my damp hair into several sections carefully and wrapped them around the plush rollers. The rollers were able to hold the hair sections nicely without letting them go. I think the Velcro technology is very appropriate in this case.

  • I went to sleep (with curiosity, of course)
    Well, this was the hardest part of the process just like many sleep styler reviews emphasize (I saw a large number of sleep styler reviews written criticizing the uncomfortable experience users have had). My sleep styler review is no difference to the majority; it was very difficult to sleep when your hair is wrapped around several objects; they are pretty tangible when you place your head on the pillow. To be frank, sleeping comfortably with the foam rollers tangled around your head is NOT the most pleasant experience! In fact, this is the point in which I started to get some bad impressions about the product. Do I really have to sacrifice a significant portion of my sleep to get my hair a couple of curls? Why do I have to wear these rollers overnight? Don’t they have a faster alternative? ; Those are the questions I asked my self during that long night. I had to pay special attention to the head position I maintain. At this point, I have to agree with the sleep styler reviews left by many other users.

  • I woke up in the morning to see my curly hair
    After a somewhat difficult night, I woke up in the morning with high hopes. Like most of the sleep styler reviews suggest, however, the result was below par. Out of the 10 sponge rollers I used, three rollers were completely separated from the hair and three more rollers were barely hanging at the edge of the respective hair sections. So, I had only 4 hair segments wrapped around the rollers as they were. This was a frustrating experience of course. Then, I slid the remaining rollers carefully to see if my hair got curled. Well, the end result is not that satisfactory (particularly considering the amount of sleep I sacrificed last night). Just like any other sleep styler mini review, my hair had some dents here and there. However, I must say that I have very thick hair and perhaps, this shark tank hair curlers may work on thin hair. Even the hair segments that were wrapped around the rollers were not that curly and I saw the same issue had been pointed out on a couple of other sleep styler reviews amazon.

Test and Results

Let me emphasize the test and results for you in this sleep styler mini review.

  • Test
    The test was carried out to see does the sleep styler work as claimed by the manufacturers. As they say, it is made to apply on your hair after taking a shower and before you go to sleep. All I have to do is to let the rollers rest with wrapped hair and wake up in the morning with bouncy, curly hair. So, did exactly as they instructed (as it was in the shark tank hair curlers). Although the manufacturers ask the users to have those soft rollers wrapped with hair overnight, it is practically difficult. When I turn the hair while I am asleep, the rollers tend to dislocate and make the overall process inefficient. Trying to maintain a head position that supports the rollers is a pretty difficult task. In fact, I, by myself, experienced a tiresome night with the sleep styler amazon because of this inconvenience.

  • Results
    Like most of the sleep styler reviews amazon, I am not entirely happy with the results. Virtually I got no curls on my hair (I don’t know if it is because of the extra thickness of my hair). Instead, I ended up with a hair that had some twists and dents in the morning. To get some curls before I leave the house, I had to rely on the conventional iron once again. The overall end result of the curling process with the sleep styler amazon is less efficient than I expected. However, I am still not sure if this sleep styler could bring any results for those who have thinner hair.

Comfortable when sleeping?

For me, I found this process to be a less comfortable when it comes to sleeping. However, I believe, things can get better if you get used to the feeling or soft rollers. I happened to read a couple of sleep styler shark tank reviews and most of them emphasize this fact just like I do. The rollers tend to slip off the hair when you move the head against the pillow and that can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the process. If you need to keep them in place, you have to put some extra effort and maintain a steady head position; needless to say that it is pretty uncomfortable right? So, I should mention in the sleep styler review that my overall experience in terms of comfort is not to the entire satisfaction. When I got up in the morning, I felt like I have sacrificed a good portion of my sleep.

Conclusion – Should I Buy the Sleep Styler?

Purchasing a sleep styler may be helpful for those who have thinner hair varieties. For me, just like the majority of sleep styler shark tank reviews, this product delivers less results than expected. However, because of the affordable price tag it comes with and the heatless (and chemical free) operation it delivers, trying a sleep styler is not the worst decision you could make as a customer. Even though it didn’t work for me overnight, I think it can work on thinner hair. If it works, however, it will be a huge win for you; you can protect your hair from immense heat and from chemicals.

Where to buy?

If you intend to buy sleep styler, the best place would be Amazon. It gives you an opportunity to read the reviews left by the other users and decide whether it works for you. This product has received mix comments (some praise it while others criticize it). Just like I mentioned in the sleep styler review, this product may work on some hair. If you intend to buy this sleep styler, click the Amazon button to read more product information.


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