Schick Hydro 5 Shaving Razor Review – Really Worth Buying?

///Schick Hydro 5 Shaving Razor Review – Really Worth Buying?

Schick hydro 5 razor is a product from the Schick Company. This shaving product finds use among men in achieving a clean and smooth close. It comes with a flip trimmer which implies that the side of the blade in use can be turned over, giving access to those shaving areas that seems difficult to shave. Owing to the flexibility offered by this saving product, more areas of the body can be shaved in no time. The blades of this shaving razor takes time to get blunt, thereby users of this shaving product spend less on the purchase of new blades. Once the blades of this shaving razor are exhausted, it can be refilled while the old one is disposed of after use. The blades of this shaving razor are designed in a unique and user-friendly way, such that your skin will be protected from infections which may result from cuts while shaving. With the use of this shaving product, your desired smooth shave is guaranteed. This product has received great reviews online, often due to the balance between price and performance, which it offers.

Strengths of this shaving razor

Rigid, durable and long lasting

On the average, this shaving razor can be more than once before replacement. This men’s shaving razor comes with great strength, the handles of your shaving razor do not just get broken easily unless you decide to break it on your own accord. Irrespective of how tough or stubborn your hair is, the Schick hydro 5 shaving razor is up to the task.

Ease of purchase

The Schick hydro 5 shaving razor is very easy to purchase. This shaving razor can be purchased from the prime store, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. This shaving product from Schick is quite affordable considering its high quality, and the attractive features it offers, it sells for $13.72 on Prime, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart if you’re into online shopping. Local retail prices may vary slightly around this price from area to area, however. This really seems like a good bargain.

Schick Hydro 5 shaving razor

Weaknesses of this product

No Cooling technology

This shaving razor is not the only shaving razor that falls into this category, the Gillette Mach Turbo Men’s Razor also does. This shaving razor does not come with the new improved cooling technsology as compared with the Gillette Mach Turbo 5 series. While shaving your hair you might experience little heat due to friction between your hair and the razor, but this has been minimized with the inbuilt lubricating strips, but can further be minimized with a shaving gel.

Features of this saving razor

This amazing shaving razor comes with fantastic features which stand out among other shaving razors in the market. Some of the essential and important features of this product are highlighted below.

Hydrated gel storage

This product comes with a reservoir for storing hydrated gel. It is a very bad practice to shave the skin while dry because it is very dangerous and non-ethical, it may result to incessant tearing of the skin layer. Therefore the skin needs to be well hydrated by a lubricating substance to ensure smooth shaving. Knowing well that the use of water for shaving is very dangerous because some germs and disease-causing organism may be present in it, and water does not offer a good lubricating effect. There arise the need to use Schick hydro 5 razor which provides a good lubricating effect i.e reducing the friction between the blade and the skin thereby making it very safe and suitable device to use. The gel present in this device is the lubricant, it can spread over 80% of the area of shave. The gel is made of substances that are of importance to the skin. It contains activated aloe Vera which gives the skin a smoothening action and Vitamin-E necessary for the enrichment. Hydrating action of this shaving razor makes the skin looks moist and well hydrated even after 1 hour of shaving. This hydrating value of this product makes the skin tender and smooth after a shave.

Extreme glide blades with skin protectors

The blades of this product are designed in such a way that it can slither through the skin surface. For people who have rough skin surface area, this product is the ideal shaving razor, it offers an injury free shave. All the five blades work together to giving ease and comfort while combined with a frictionless. The guard bar surface is large enough for enlarged skin stretch ensuring clean and smooth shave. Skin bulge may result from using badly arranged blades, bulging of the skin hinders your gliding strokes while shaving. The blades of this awesome shaving razor are perfectly arranged to prevent bulging of your skin.

Ergonomically designed handle

The textured blue rubber grip mentioned above runs around the whole circumference of the shaver to give a strong grasp even if you’re holding it with just one hand, and prevent slipping when you’re shaving regardless of your hands being covered in a slippery leather (water resistant, remember?). This shaving razor comes with great grips, which prevents slipping from your shaving area while in is to be noted that slipping may result in damage to the skin.

Flip trimmer for parts

The Schick hydro makes it possible to access those places that seem uneasy and very difficult to access due to the presence of the flip trimmer. No other shaving device can offer this great features offered by this product. The trimmer is very flexible as it can be flipped by making use of the thumb with ease. Due to the hydrating gel storage of Schick hydro blade, the blades are easily turned over making it have access to anywhere on the skin. The blades of this having razor moves smoothly through the area that is been shaved without stress. The Schick hydro 5 shaving razor is definitely the best among its pairs.

Special features 

  • Schick hydro 5 shaving razor offers you greater comfort and ease of shaving.

  • This shaving razor comes with well-arranged blades that protect your skin from any form of rash, bumps, and irritation. With the regular use of this shaving razor, a reasonable amount of money may be saved from the treatment of infections which may result from shaving.

  • The hydrating effect of this product keeps the skin smooth and tender.

  • Schick razor is safe to use for a fact that all the necessary safety parameters have been put into consideration during the design stage.

  • Another benefit derived from using the Schick hydro 5 razor, is that the pack comes with two additional replaceable blades.

Schick Hydro 5 shaving razor

Reasons to choose this shaving product

There are so many reasons why the product needs to be chosen over all other products. Some of the reasons are listed below.

Ease of use

Unlike other shaving razors, Schick is very flexible and easy to use. From the product dimension (i.e 6 x 5 x 4 inches) it is easy to handle compact to the touch.

Hydrated skin

The constant moist kill offer by the products lubricant is very beneficial to the user of the device in that less injury will be sustained during use.

Time conservation

By using Schick hydro 5 razor lesser time will be spent on shaving due to the dynamic action due to the dynamic action it offers.


The double point of contact of this product makes it possible for the blade of this shaving razor to reach anywhere on the skin effortlessly without the scare of cut or bruises which might result due to the shaving of tight angles of the body, such has the bikini area of a lady.

Long lasting blade

Schick hydro razor blade lasts very long before its usage elapses. So many users of this particular product have attested to the fact. The long lasting blade makes the user spend less money in buying blades thereby conserving their money to do some other relevant things. Therefore by constantly using this product, more of your money will be saved in the process.

Schick Hydro 5 shaving razor

Dual function

This razor is so flexible such that it can a dual purpose. It can be used to shave and as well as to trim. This can be carried out by just flipping the blade to the back. Due to its dual purpose action, less effort is required during its usage. In addition to this, there is an adjustment knob at the top of the blade which gives flexibility to turning while shaving.


The Schick Hydro 5 shaving razor is definitely an option to consider when you want to strike a balance between cost and performance. The features offered by this product is second to none amongst its pairs. There is no need of getting scared of having any irritation, rashes or any other related infections that may result from the use of shaving razor. To tie it all up, this product is exactly what you’re looking for if your requirements are safety, effectiveness, style, and a real close, smooth shave.


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